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The pioneer of smart doorbells, Amazon’s Ring offers DIY installation and best-in-class technology.

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9.2 SecureScore™
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Ring Doorbell Ratings

Step into the Ring with this heavyweight contender in doorbell cameras. Sure Ring has dominated with doorbell cams, but they’ve since branched out with an impressive lineup of home security solutions. We’re talking smart devices, seamless integration, simple DIY install, and total home protection with no long-term contracts. See for yourself the value of Ring…

  • Established smart home company
  • No contract needed
  • Affordable monthly plans
  • Dual power options for many devices
  • Discounts for multiple camera purchases
  • Video sharing

  • Lacks advanced security features
  • No scheduling features for lights
  • Limited home automation
  • Expensive upfront cost

Getting to Know Ring

Ring got its start as a smart doorbell company, but it naturally expanded into other home security products over time. They took what they learned from the usage of the video doorbells and started developing natural complements to this equipment. Home security cameras and a comprehensive security system are the result of this work.

Ring products work without a monthly subscription or you can opt for the low-cost premium plan for additional features. The upfront cost is more than many security companies as these plans don’t include any hardware, but the price balances out in the long-run.

The Ring app is available on more platforms than many home security apps, including mobile and desktop devices. DIY installation is straightforward and dual power options for many of the products ensure that the home security system is always available.

The Lineup of Features and Tech

Instant Alerts

Anytime someone activates one of the motion sensors on your Ring devices or they press the video doorbell, you get a notification sent to the app. You can switch to the live-view to assess the situation and determine the best plan of action.

Two Way Talk

Answer people at your door without being anywhere near it. Whether you want to greet guests or scare off someone trying to break in, this is a handy feature with all of the Ring devices.

Customized Motion Sensors

False alarms can make it frustrating to use a home security system. You can customize the motion sensor zones on your Ring device, so it’s covering the areas that are most important.

Infrared Night Vision

Get a clear view outside your house even in the middle of the night with infrared night vision.

Multiple Power and Installation Options

You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the connection options for your Ring devices, allowing you to use them as a homeowner or a renter. Solar, battery and hardwired devices are all available.

Neighborhood Watch

One of the most interesting features of the Ring service comes through video sharing. You can choose to share videos locally with other Ring users in your neighborhood. Since many criminals are trying to find multiple targets in a neighborhood, showing this video to your neighbors may help stop their activity.

Support for Mobile and Desktop Devices

Most home security systems that send notifications to an app only support mobile devices. Ring also sends notifications to Windows 10 and Mac computers, allowing you to use the device that is most convenient for you.

Camera Previews

View recent snapshots from all Ring devices in the Ring app. Control device features from a single, easy to use dashboard.

Event History Timeline

All events recorded from Ring devices can be viewed in the Ring app by scrolling back in time.

Is it Easy to Use?

Ring devices and home security systems are easy to set up. You don’t need a professional installation team to help you with most of the devices. In the case of hardwired equipment, you may want to consider bringing in an expert so everything is properly connected to the existing wiring.

The app has a straightforward and streamlined user interface. Moving between Ring devices, accessing stored videos, watching the live cameras and communicating with two-way talk is easy.

The Customer Service Experience

An extensive self-service section on the website acts as your first stop for customer service. Ring also has phone and live chat support available for your questions. The company offers a reasonable amount of resources for customers who are trying to figure out their home security system.

Ring also offers a premium support service for $39.95, called Ring Assist Plus. You get a VIP support hotline to get instant help, access to the highest tier agents, a 2-year extended warranty and lifetime free part replacement. The last two benefits apply to all Ring devices that you purchase.

Stacking the Value

You may choose to buy Ring home security hardware and not get a monthly plan to go along with it. The basic features of the devices work fine, but you’ll only be able to view the live stream. You also can’t automatically alert 911 if you end up having an emergency.

Ring has two paid plan options.

The Protect Basic covers video recording storage. You get 60 day storage for your Ring videos, the ability to review videos even if you miss the alert, and video sharing functionality. It costs $30 per year or $3 per month per Ring device.

The Protect Plus plan is a good fit if you want to use a lot of Ring cameras, as it covers unlimited devices. You get all the features of the Protect Basic plan, along with a 10 percent discount on Ring hardware, and an extended warranty. You pay $100 per year or $10 per month.

Ring Protect PlanNumber of CamerasMonthly Plan CostAnnual Plan Cost
Protect Basic1$3.00$30.00
Protect PlusUnlimited$10.00$100.00

You get a free 30-day trial to test out this service and see whether the features are worth the low monthly cost. It’s worth mentioning that plans automatically renew after the chosen period ends.

A Ring home security system can get pricey, as you need to pay upfront for the devices. The plans are straightforward, so you won’t run into any confusion there. The low monthly cost of the plans makes the premium features accessible for any budget, especially if you only have one or two Ring devices. The real question is whether Ring offers enough value compared to the other systems on the market. If you’re willing to take a more DIY approach with installation and you don’t mind a lack of home automation features, then the Ring is a contender.

The Goods

Alarms and Sensors

Ring has recently introduced a complete home security system solution, Ring Alarm, that works well on its own or in combination with other Ring products. The Alarm Keypad is $50 and allows you to quickly arm and disarm your system when needed.

The Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor is $35 and tracks whether you have freezing temperatures inside your property or floods. If it detects one of these conditions, you receive a mobile alert so you can quickly react. This option is ideal for tracking conditions at vacation homes and other remote properties.

The Alarm Smoke/CO Listener is $35 and gives you mobile notifications if it hears your other smoke and CO detectors going off.

The Alarm Contact Sensor is $20 and sends you alerts if a door or window opens up.

The Alarm Motion Detector is $30 and looks out for movement indoors. If it detects anything, you get an alert sent to your phone.

The Alarm Range Extender is $25 and helps you cover more ground with your Ring security system. Sensors, keypads and motion detects can be farther away from the base station with this accessory.

The Alarm Indoor Security Kit is $199 and gives you a complete starting bundle to protect your home with. It includes the base station, alarm keypad, motion detector and alarm contact sensor.

Video Doorbells

The video doorbell is what Ring is known for. This smart doorbell and home security camera lets you answer people at your door remotely and keep an eye on what’s going on at your house. You get alerts whenever someone pushes the doorbell or when the motion sensor registers activity. The live view shows you what’s going on and two-way talk lets you communicate through the device. It holds up well in many conditions with its weather-resistant design. Ring’s video doorbells are also equipped with night vision.

The original Ring doorbell has 720 HD video and costs $99.99. You can power it with a rechargeable battery pack or hardwire it to your home’s doorbell connection. The second version of the video doorbell costs $199, comes with a rechargeable battery pack, two faceplates, and has an improved 1080HD video quality.

The Video Doorbell Pro is $249 and offers an ultra-slim style with four customizable faceplates. This 1080HD video home security device blends in with the rest of your exterior fixtures. You can only use your doorbell wiring for this model.

The Video Doorbell Elite is $499 and is the slimmest Ring Video Doorbell model. It’s flush mounted for a a seamless look and uses a Power over Ethernet connection so you don’t need to rely on a Wi-Fi connection for your video streaming. This device works with a standard junction box.

Ring vs Ring Pro

If you are considering a Ring doorbell, you are probably trying to decide if you want to purchase the original Ring video doorbell or the Ring Pro doorbell. If that is the case, we can help. Check out our Ring vs Ring Pro comparison here.

Security Cameras

Ring also offers traditional security cameras to add to your home security configuration. They feature custom motion sensors, strong motion sensing technology and multiple power options to fit your requirements.

The Spotlight Cam Battery costs $199 for 1, $348 for 2, $479 for 3 and $599 for 4. It records in 1080HD, has LED spotlights, uses a rechargeable battery for power and comes equipped with a 110-decibel siren. Since it’s completely wireless, you can install it nearly anywhere on your property.

Protect every corner of your home with Spotlight Cam Battery, a versatile wire-free HD security camera that lets you see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from your phone, tablet and PC. If you prefer a hardwired version, the Spotlight Cam Wired has the same design and features at the same price.

Prefer solar power? The Spotlight Cam Solar is $229 and connects to a solar panel for continuous power.

The Stick Up Cam is another addition to the Ring lineup that offers flexible usage and placement throughout your home.

Finally, the Spotlight Cam Mount is $249, has three options for mounting it to your home, works with your existing outdoor electrical boxes and delivers the powerful features that the other versions of the Spotlight Cam offer. This device includes 3 brackets for flush mounting it.

The Ring Floodlight Cam gives you the maximum amount of illumination when activity is detected. You can purchase this device at $249 for 1, $448 for 2, $649 for 3 and $849 for 4. The two LED floodlights make it impossible for someone to sneak around without getting a clear view of them. The Floodlight Cam uses two sensors for detecting people and objects, with an ultra-wide angle field. You can zoom and pan with the camera for a closer look if you’re not sure what you’re seeing.


Ring offers a range of accessories to go along with the video doorbells and security cameras.

  • Quick Release Battery Pack: Get another battery pack for the Video Doorbell 2 and Spotlight Cam Battery for $29
  • Solar Panel: You can get solar panels for the Spotlight Cam Battery, Video Doorbell and Video Doorbell 2. It costs $49.
  • Ring Chime Pro: For $49, you get a Wi-Fi extender and an indoor chime that lets you know when you have Ring notifications. This accessory is particularly useful if you have a lot of Ring devices in a larger home, as it helps you eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots that could prevent important notifications. You can change the alert tone, adjust the volume and put it on a Do Not Disturb mode. If you just want the chime capability without a Wi-Fi extender, the Ring Chime is $29.
  • Solar Security Sign: Let the world know that you have a Ring security system protecting your home for $49. It’s weather resistant and lights up, powered by solar.
  • Mounting Kits: You can get corner and wedge mounting kits that angle your Video Doorbell, Video Doorbell 2 or Ring Pro for better visibility. These kits start at $19.
  • Silicone Sleeve: You can help your security cameras blend in seamlessly by adding a weather resistant silicone sleeve.
  • Pro Retro Fit Kit: You can hide the mounting hardware of the original Video Doorbell with this $10 kit. It’s designed to upgrade your mount for the Ring Pro.
  • Plug-in Adapter: Plug your Video Doorbell Pro into power with this $29 adapter.
  • Hardwired Transformer: Connect the Video Doorbell Pro into your hardwired doorbell system for $29.
  • Replacement Parts Kit: If you have a part fail on your Ring products, you can pick up a spare parts kit for $20 rather than replacing the entire device.

The Last Word

Ring offers a flexible home security system with a lot of accessories and configuration options. You don’t need a monthly service plan to use Ring devices, although the plans are incredibly affordable. Ring doesn’t have a lot of advanced security features, so it’s best if you’re looking for a bare bones system with a few unique features.

Questions to Ask When Considering a Ring Doorbell

Does Ring work with Alexa?

Yes, Ring works with Alexa. This is the most direct option for connecting your Ring device to any type of home automation. Connectivity with Google Home and Apple HomeKit are more limitedly available.

How does the Ring doorbell rate for security?

Ring is known for its high-quality home security equipment. It has also developed a strong following for its high-tech features. Because you can link professional monitoring and have both indoor and outdoor monitoring, Ring rates highly for security overall.

Will Ring work with the Echo Show?

Yes, Ring works with the Echo Show. The Echo Show is an Amazon device that uses Alexa for voice commands. Most Ring models connect with Alexa, creating a seamless process to see who is at your front door using the Echo Show.

Does Ring have a monthly fee?

Yes, Ring has an optional monthly fee. There are several plan options available. The basic plan fee is $3 per month, or an annual plan costs $30.

How long does the battery last on a Ring doorbell camera?

The battery on a Ring device will typically last between 6 and 12 months. This depends on the model and how frequently it sends notifications. Ring states that the battery will provide about 1,000 notifications before requiring replacement.

Can you hear a Ring doorbell inside the house?

Yes, you can hear the Ring doorbell inside your home if it is connected to where your traditional doorbell was located. You can also connect it to the Ring Chime. This is a wireless unit that you can place in your home that has sounds if the Ring is depressed.

How long are the videos stored on a Ring doorbell?

Ring stores videos it captures for up to 60 days. This includes all instances in which the doorbell is pressed as well as all motion-triggered events captured on camera.

How many phones can I connect to my Ring doorbell?

You can connect multiple devices to your Ring doorbell camera. To do so, download the Ring app onto the device you wish to use. The company does not limit how many times you can do this or on which devices you can use it.

Is the Ring doorbell wireless?

Yes, some Ring doorbells can be wireless. There are some models that need to be hardwired into place.

Is the Ring Weatherproof?

Yes, Ring doorbell cameras are designed to be weatherproof. However, they are not waterproof. They need to be used properly within their provided housing to maintain this type of protection.


  1. Avatar Edmund G Mehlig says:

    Does ring have a water sensor in the event a water heater starts to leak?

  2. Avatar Fido says:

    They have water sensors yes!

  3. Avatar Debbie says:

    What is the range of this system?

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Debbie,
      It can detect motion from up to 30 feet away.

    2. Avatar Sherri says:

      I just bought the Ring. Having issues understanding and hearing through the speaker? Also, I have taken motion down all the way and still getting 60 to 70 motion alerts a day?

      1. Avatar Beck says:

        I’ve reset the motion field so many times and I still see every car that passes on the street but do not see any people until they are on my doorstep.

        1. Avatar Cierra says:

          Me too same issue

          1. Avatar Lisa says:

            I’ve been too patient, my audio is horrible, if I get notifications I click to open and it’s a black screen or no video available it takes 5to 10 minutes to get it to actually open up. Wifi is good they’ve told me to uninstall and install. It’s sad, 3:15 am someone jumped my fence came all the way to door and ring never caught any of it. But, it will catch the wind blow a leaf. I’m going to look into arlo and nest something has to be better. Totally annoyed.

        2. Avatar Becky says:

          I have the exact same issue. I called Ring support and they did troubleshooting and found it was defective. They sent me a second one, under warranty, and after four months of the new one, I’m having the same issue. What’s the point of having it, if it won’t detect people on my property. It picks up every time the wind blows, but no motion in my driveway or yard.

        3. Avatar Herbert R Knowles says:

          I have the same problem. Not very happy with this product.

        4. Avatar Gina says:

          Same issue. Too many videos of trees blowing in the wind, Not of People walking by, and VERY BAD PHOTO quality . I only have the Ring 720 HD but plan to return it.
          I do not have time to review a hundred bad videos of tree shadows and cars every day. My house faces the street.

  4. Avatar Kate says:

    Can the doorbell tolerate being exposed to sun and intense desert heat?

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Kate,
      The Ring doorbell works at temperatures of up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

    2. Avatar Lisa says:

      I had mine installed by the ADT technician and he put it facing Southwest. When the afternoon sun hit it, it took NO video but black. and it seemed for no reason. I also found that once you recharge the batteries- they dont want to hold a charge.

  5. Avatar Amber D Brown says:

    Does ring offer back up cellular battery in case someone cuts off WiFi/power? Front point has this and it makes us feel safer. I can’t find anything in this service for ring. That would be our deciding factor.

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Yes, Ring does offer a cellular backup, but you need the Ring Protect Plus plan to use it.

    2. Avatar Peter says:

      My ring cameras were periodically going offline a few times during the week requiring the router to be manually reset. I found this product called Router Restart (around 22.00, amazon) that I plug my cable modem/router into and I program when it resets daily, or I can just reset via the free app anytime I want, works like a charm. For the period that the Router is resetting, Ring goes into “cellular data mode” and tells me via the Ring app. Once the router reboots, Ring returns to 2.4 GHz WiFi. The ring control panel has battery backup built-in (mini-USB charge cable) and I plug my control hub (also with chargeable battery internally) into a small UPS Battery supply, works well keeping the activation (keyboard entry) panel and Ring hub on trickle charge all the time, then it is ready for thunderstorm outages if you don’t have an external UPS Battery. Good luck

  6. Avatar K hawkey says:

    I find that the motion sensor on the door bell is very slow to be activated and once activated video recording is always 30-31 seconds. By the time recording starts the person has already reached my front door (30 feet from the gate). I was expecting recording to last as long as there was movement. Also it a useful improvement to the motion sensors would be to have better ‘person’ detection.

  7. Avatar Carol Kirby says:

    I have 2 ring doorbell device that are not working consistently due to rain getting into the devices. Customer Service refuse to replace saying I’m out of warranty. So 2 x devices not fit for purpose. Disappointed to say the least

  8. Avatar JB says:

    I live in Minnesota where winters can be brutal with absolute temperatures of -20 to -30 degree and wind chills to – sixty degrees. Will Ring door bells work effectively in these temperatures. I read the doorbell works between -5 to +120 degrees. Not concerned with the upper limits as it rarely gets into the nineties during the summer months.

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi JB,
      The doorbell is not designed to work at temperatures below -5. If it gets below that, you might have to take the doorbell inside temporarily.

  9. Avatar DP says:

    I love the ring doorbell! A very good deterrent for burglers. We’ve had attempted break-ins in the past so decided to but the ring 2 doorbell as a security measure as well as having a camera system and burgler alarm.
    We had another attempted break in just last week at 3.30 in the morning whilst we were sleeping upstairs. They came up to the door and they must have heard the chimes go off in the house which made them ran away. It woke me up immediately and I had a quick look to see what set it off. Called the police straight away.
    I would hugely recommend this product to anyone, it just keeps my mind at ease when no one is in the house or we are sleeping upstairs.

  10. Avatar Gail Torres says:

    Do not order anything from! The cameras work well but buy at a brick and mortar store. Returning items is easy enough but actually getting your money back is not. I have been waiting 13 business days so far since THEY received the cameras I returned back and still no refund. I call and get “they will send refund in 3-5 business days” but there is no phone number for “them”.

    1. Avatar Wayne says:

      Gail Torres, Why did you return the cameras – a problem?

  11. Avatar Neil Cudmore says:

    When it worked the picture quality was an improvement on the original Ring doorbell, but since ‘upgrading’ to the Doorbell 2, my second Video Doorbell 2, has now died. no response with a fully charged battery or replacement battery. This is the second one I’ve had after the first was replaced for the same reason. First one had a solar charger connected and thought that may of be a cause so, with the second one, I got an additional battery and swapped these over when the charge dropped to about 30%. Wish I’d kept the original basic one, at least that worked.

  12. Avatar Wayne says:

    I hear that you can’t access the internet in Australia for this product. After 30 days it drops out and you only get alerts when someone rings the doorbell?

  13. Avatar Gdc says:

    Do NOT purchase the device . I thought I loved this product… until only after 18 months it heated up and did not work anymore . As per my conversation with this company my warranty only lasted 1 year . They will not replace this product , even though it is clearly defective. They will only offer a discount , after we already spent $200 . I’m highly disappointed with this company and the quality of their product that will not last you over 1 year . Quantity vs. quality …. and a company that will not stand behind their product is not a company I will endorse .
    Completely dissatisfied…

    1. Avatar Tim says:

      I’ve had a Ring doorbell camera for over 3 years and it’s working as well today as it did the day I purchased it.

    2. Avatar william stewart says:

      i also had my ring doorbell malfunction and quit. I had invested in directional wedges and a solar charger and now have no workable doorbell. don’t recommend to anyone. they don’t stand behind their products!

  14. Avatar David Dyal says:

    How long before having to charge the batter on ring. I know it depends on usage but there should be a range of time?

    1. Avatar Safe Home says:

      Hi David,
      A charge should last from 6 to 12 months.

      1. Avatar Tony says:

        I only get about 4 weeks.

        1. Avatar Lisa says:

          That’s about what I get too.

  15. Avatar Jim W. says:

    I have to tell you up front this doorbell is horrible. It was difficult to set up and difficult to keep it set up. I have a screaming down and up speed on my mesh home internet. On top of that, the customer service is a bit like talking to your step mother. They talk down to you and do not listen to the concern you have. I chatted with a service person and the issue was ghost rings, yes you will have that problem also. The problem was the doorbell rings on it’s own and there is no one there. The service person asked, is it you are just getting too many notifications. No! I just said it was ghost rings with no recording. If it were a notification problem I would have said that, or made an adjustment to the setting. Back to ghost rings, guess what you can expect at 2 AM in the morning? That’s right doorbell rings!!! No one there. Take a look at what you get for the money and do some homework on the reviews across the board. I do not recommend it, there are similar options with fewer problems.

  16. Avatar Kathy Rerider says:

    I have a ring doorbell 2 and I loved it at first but this past month I’ve been having a lot of issues with the chime on it. Every time my phone updates now I have to turn my phone off and turn it back on then I ring my ring doorbell to get the chime to work on my phone. This just started. I have an android phone. This just started here recently I don’t know why it’s getting to be a headache.

  17. Avatar Michelle says:

    Does the Ring notify the police if there is a break-in at your home?

    1. Avatar Safe Home says:

      Hi Michelle,
      That depends on your particular setup. The basic Ring doorbell sends you an alert on your app but leaves it to you to call the police.

  18. Avatar Tommie L Collins says:

    I have the Ring Doorbell 2 and I live in Central NY and it some times gets below 20 will this device still work ?

    1. Avatar Safe Home says:

      Hi Tommie,
      Unfortunately, the doorbell is not designed to work at temperatures below -5.

  19. Avatar Brenda Stanford says:

    The new update is awful, it doesn’t show people walking up your steps, but show the back of them walking away. It shows cars driving by trucks driving by, but people can walk on your property and you never see them coming. The update is awful…live feed doesn’t show people approaching.

  20. Avatar Thomas Delellis says:

    ive had the pro for 3 months and have had tech support 3 times and i can run around the block twice before live view opens up and i can talk to the mailman (of course hes gone by then) , i was thinking about the whole security system for my home and a couple of cameras for outside but that would mean more time with tech support ,i don’t think i have the time for all of that

  21. Avatar AG says:

    I’ve had the Ring Doorbell 2 for a little over a year now. No major issues. However, when I decided to order a camera for the backyard, it all went downhill from there. The camera was working while it was laying in my windowsill and the going live test to make sure the location was successful too. But once installed, I couldn’t go live, it didn’t have any motion detected, and now the the front doorbell won’t work! It says it is online, they both say that. But the front doorbell is “stuck” in nothing mode. The device health was showing all was good but was stuck and wouldn’t update it. Now it finally shows it being offline. I’ve lost 5 hours of my time so far on this. I chatted with 4 different people and the chat got disconnected every single time. You then have to start over from scratch with the next person. NOT happy. I asked no less than 10 times to begin the return process with none of them every helping me start that process.

  22. Avatar Ramona says:

    My ring doorbell worked exceptionally well during the trial period but after I paid for a year of video recording everything is now delayed and slow. When I try to retrieve a live active alert, it tells me that the video is not available and this is a security concern for me. If the the recording is delayed its useless and also will not allow me to speak to anyone at my door if I’m not home because by the time I’m able to view it their gone. Why did I not have this problem before

  23. Avatar An Nguyen says:

    Will ring floodlight camera use in my home in Vietnam ?

    1. Avatar Lward says:

      Hi An,
      We’re not aware of any functionality in Vietnam.

  24. Avatar Cleveland Perkins says:

    I have a Ring Pro and they downloaded an update recently which affected my cell so I no longer get sound alerts on it. Even when I change the alert sound the phone sounds the chime/alert loud but ringing the doorbell or when there is motion the phone has a soft one time beep. Customer service says they are aware of this problem and are working on it. Incredible, they do NOT have an UNINSTALL procedure. DOES ANYONE ELSE NOW HAVE THIS PROBLEM?

  25. Avatar Crystal D Bearthes says:

    So my Ring worked great at first. We have paid for our yearly subscription so we’re able to continue recording and viewing video. Initially, Ring worked great. After I paid for it, it stopped recording. It no longer notifies me when someone is at the door or even near the door unless the doorbell rings. I am truly unhappy with this product. We have tried to reset it but now it doesn’t work at all. Great for all of you who have purchased a Ring and it works properly but I am not impressed.

    1. Avatar Becky says:

      Same for us. I’m on my second Ring, under warranty, and both have done the same thing. I’m ready to find another doorbell, that works.

  26. Avatar Bertha L. Joseph says:

    once I got my ring doorbell 2 started, it was working fine. Now when I am away from home I cannot view anything from my Iphone regarding my ring doorbell. It also seems like I can get no help from Ring. Only the first person I spoke with tried to help me but the rest just leave me hanging. I do have a service contract.

  27. Avatar Ken says:

    Well I read a few negative comments including latency, on the Ring video doorbell, but the fact it could be wired into the existing doorbell switch, still ring the same doorbell as well as being powered from the existing transformer with only 2 terminations of the existing wires sold me on it. I bought the basic 720p model (after confirming the return policy) and installed and configured it in about an hour total. It was pretty straight forward, the only thing I didn’t do the first time was remove the warning labels on the back that covered some terminals….I didn’t read the instructions that said to remove the labels. To me it is amazing, when the doorbell is pressed I get a notification on my phone immediately even while away from home. Audio and video is very clear and I can very quickly see the video of the person at the front door and talk to them…no signs of latency. Of course I wasn’t able to respond fast enough to the real time motion detection (paper drop off) that took only a few seconds from start to finish but I simply looked at the video history and see the paper being delivered as it happened and now I know what set the motion detector off. Overall very impressed with what this device does. This morning we had a package dropped off and the courier didn’t ring the doorbell but he left the package there and this activity was picked up by the built in motion detector and sent me a notification and I reviewed the video, the package would have been there all day with the risk of being taken….now I called a neighbor to pick it up. I also got to see the ‘real time’ my son got in last night:)

  28. Avatar KRISTEN WOODIEL says:

    The security set screws that come with the device WILL STRIP. I was unable to remove one, but was able to remove it from the plate. However I am now unable to use the device since I can not remove the screw. I called ring for help, they said use rubber band or glue to remove it. Did now work. And screw extractor kit did not work. Other reviews used a dremmel to turn screw head into a flat head successfully. I asked if I could send my doorbell to them for them to remove the screw since it’s ‘easy’ according to them, but ring declined. I now have a working device that I can not use because of the screw.

  29. Avatar John Finnigan says:

    Utter rubbish, over the last month I have not been able to save or send any videos. Asked support and the instructions they sent do not correspond to my devices, mobile or laptop. It use to be so simple, click on video, right click, select email or twitter and done. Now that option does not work, right click and you don’t get the options for email or twitter. I am now looking for alternative security systems that don’t screw up after 12 months. I am sorry I ever bought this system and even more sorry I recommended it to family and friends. I will now be recommending people not to buy this junk.

  30. Avatar D Clark says:

    I don’t understand why you can not have a business ring doorbell with a business email and a home ring doorbell with a personal email and not be able to access them both on the same device. Not very smart thinking on rings part. I do not want my business and my home on one account. I want 2 different accounts. But apparently that is not possible. ‍♀️ That needs to be fixed

  31. Avatar Renan says:

    We just bought the ring and are not very happy with it. There are many issues:

    1. From what tech support told us, the doorbell and/or motion alert is not simultaneous with the video. When we get an alert, it takes time for the video to come up. Tech support told us that’s the way Ring works. From the time someone rings the Ring bell to the time the video comes up, the person is already gone. We have never actually not been able to talk to someone at the door because by the time the video comes us, they are already gone. Tech support says that’s the way Ring is. That you are just supposed to get a video recording of the person at your door. This makes no sense to me.

    2. Many times the video just never connects.

    3. The motion detector goes off very often for no reason. We have sensitivity turned down, still it goes off and there is no one there.

    4. The night video is not good.

    5. The sound is not great.

    I think this product needs much improvement. I would not recommend investing in it until they get all these problems worked out. At the very least, the device should work they way it does on TV…someone rings the doorbell, the video comes up on your phone instantly allowing you to easily communicate with the person at the door.

  32. Avatar Bette Wechsler says:

    I’m having the same problems as many. I can see someone walking away but not approaching … yet it picks up large trucks moving slowly. Also several false readings daily. Had to turn off the motion alerts which defeats the purpose. A disappointment for sure.

  33. Avatar Dave says:

    I would not recommend the ring doorbell. It works great for the first year or so. After the first year you will experience nothing but issues. I would invest in a different product. My doorbell rings several times a day when no one is there. If I try and do a live view it freezes after 2 seconds. I have to go back and view it after to actually see anything. It’s a shame because for the first year I was the biggest advocate. I wonder how many people I have screwed over

  34. Avatar Rudy De Perio says:

    My video component didn’t work when I installed my video door bell. Went through all kinds of process to get it working. Even purchased the chime pro to extend my router capabilities. Still didn’t work! Went through the slow chat process to see if they can get it to work and it still didn’t work and after so long on chat I had to get off to go to an appointment. Tried thru e-mails to get it to work. Waste of my time and money. Wasn’t happy with the support at all. Returning the chime pro and looking for another product that is not Ring.

    1. Avatar Ola says:

      Sometimes it’s your broadband provider. It’s funny, when I moved from the purple provider to the national giant provider who owns most of UK network somehow all over sudden the Wi-Fi extended worked on Ring. The issue maybe connected to your external fibre or broadband line into your home.

  35. Avatar Tori J says:

    I hate the new Event Timeline History (Snapshot Capture) feature, it slows to load on live view and the videos are only stored for 7 days. I was trying to disable this feature, but they removed the New Features from menu options. Please bring back the original live view feature.

  36. Avatar Julie says:

    I bought a Ring device for my front door, because I was being harassed by someone who I had previously hired to do my lawn. I later found out he is a high-risk sex offender. Since getting this device, he hasn’t come back to my house. I still get jumpy when I hear noises outside my house, but I’m glad this has been a deterrent.

  37. Avatar Tom Hopkins says:

    Waste of money. I have had one installed for a couple of months, have tried every possible setting, even had “help” from Amazon; and they sent me a wedge for free to improve the performance, but it did not. From over 75 alerts per day (mostly for blowing leaves) to no alerts, depending on the setting. Currently set for people only with minimized motion zones, aimed directly at my 70′ long drive, medium frequency. Still will not alert a delivery (except maybe when the driver is leaving), has missed numerous times when the postman or visitor comes to the door until the bell is rung. Have not had any alert for a few days. Did I say it was set for people only? Last alert was my wife backing out of the garage in her car, no person visible. And they want me to pay a monthly fee to access recorded events.

  38. Avatar Andrew Belmarez says:

    I have three Ring devices. Purchased the latter two about a month ago. I just had to pay for the subscription for the new devices after the free trial. After paying 100.00 early in the morning the was an 1169.00 charge from from someone not far from the payment center. Payment went to Santa Monica, Calif. and the fraudulent charges a few hours later were in Los Angeles, Calif. Of course Ring denies any responsibility. The devices work well but this payment system needs to be better. We do have fraud protection.

  39. Avatar Russ Culler says:

    Read reviews of the app before you decide to buy. The devices are only as good as the app you use for alerts and control and it has major flaws that affect the actual functionality of the doorbell. I wish I had researched the app before buying and saved my money.

  40. Avatar GT says:

    Glad I won my RING device from a raffle. I wouldn’t be very happy about paying for one. Night vision has been a problem with no method to disable it. The resulting images are fuzzy and useless and can only be fixed when RING support reboots the device remotely (don’t understand why they don’t have that as a customer option short of powering the device down). I’m being told new firmware is currently in beta test by their support. I hope it comes out soon.

  41. Avatar Gerry says:

    For those that live in colder climates beware, the Ring doorbell system does not work at temperatures below about -15 deg C. The doorbell works but the camera and motion sensor do not.

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