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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Ring Alarm.

SecureScore™: 8.2/10

Ring and Nest Secure home security systems offer the best options when it comes to equipment and monitoring plans. Both companies use advanced technology and offer devices that are designed to offer the highest level of security possible for an affordable price.

Overview: Nest vs Ring

Ring and Nest are highly competitive, fully-featured systems with a wide range of products on the market for consumer home security. Both companies offer do-it-yourself solutions for most needs. They also offer features such as professional monitoring. Overall, compared to other types of home security systems, both Ring and Nest are competitively priced. They do offer some of the most advanced security solutions and tech.

Both products are competitive, but there are differences to know about before making any purchase.

  • Both companies provide do-it-yourself installation and professional installation options.
  • Nest pairs well with Google-based smart home features but also works with Amazon Alexa systems.
  • Ring pairs well with Amazon Alexa-based smart home features. Ring is compatible with Nest, too.

It’s possible to find solutions for a variety of needs, including home security, doorbell cameras that stand along, and security cameras for the home.

Similarities: Ring vs Nest

These two systems are highly competitive. You can bet when one launches a new solution or tech advancement; the other is close behind. That’s why it’s important to verify any information before making a purchase (updates are always coming!) Here are some of the key similarities between these systems.

  • Both systems offer 24/7 professional monitoring for intrusion detection as well as environmental hazards.
  • Both systems connect with home automation systems, allowing you to control them through an app.
  • Both companies offer a large selection of products to choose from, including doorbell cameras, thermostats, security cameras, and more.
  • Indoor and outdoor solutions are available from both companies.
  • Both systems are competitively priced and often more affordable than other home security systems.

Differences: Ring vs Nest

As noted, things change fast. However, there are a few key things you can expect to be different when purchasing either one of these devices. Here are some differences to keep in mind (though be sure to read the details below for more insight!):

  • Nest products tend to cost a bit more, but they also offer more features and more advanced tech in some cases (especially in the Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell).
  • Ring definitely offers a large selection of each of its products, giving you more options. This includes solar power for some devices.
  • Both company’s products are easy to install, but Ring has designed their products to be a bit easier overall. Some of each, though, will require professional installation.
  • Ring’s products may be a better fit for those in an apartment or shared building (especially the doorbell cameras).

System Options

The best way to compare these systems is to look at the specific systems you are interested in. The good news is there is a solution for most needs. Here’s a look at a few key aspects of Ring vs Nest

Home Security Systems: Ring Alarm vs Nest Security

Google Nest Secure Alarm is the company’s office alarm system. It is managed with Google Assistant (which most Nest systems are automatically linked to.). Ring offers a home security system, as well. One of the nice features of the Ring system is that you can customize it right from the start, adding the features you desire overall. Here is a look at some of the product options available through these systems.

Google Nest Secure Alarm

The Google Nest Secure Alarm system is an easy-to-use security system that’s very customizable – and also easy to live with. It’s all managed through Google Assistant, which is the company’s voice assistant. You can also manage the system in the keypad and on the Nest app. The system can be installed yourself, or you can use a Nest Pro to help you.

Key features of the Google Nest Secure Alarm include:

  • Nest Guard – This is Nest’s main system. It includes an alarm, keypad, and motion sensor. Each one has Google Assistant built into it.
  • Nest Detect –  The Nest Detect is a sensor that is placed to monitor for motion outside of windows and doors. It can also look for movement in rooms. Other features including Quiet Open to keep the alarm silent when you open it and Pathlight, which helps you find your way at night. Dog Pass is a nice feature that helps minimize your pet from setting off the alarm.
  • Nest Tag – A Nest Tag allows you to easily arm and disarm your sensors using your location (if you have a Tag device on you). You don’t need a passcode to access them.
  • Nest App – Everything is managed through the Nest app. It’s very easy to use and easy to update to add new components to over time as you advance your system.

The entire system is monitored through Brinks Home Security. This provides 24-hour professional monitoring of your home. When an alarm occurs for any reason, the Brinks’ team can access the system, see what’s happening and get people to your home right away if needed.

Ring Alarm

Ring Alarm is a type of whole-home security system. Ring is one of the most well-recognized names in home security devices, but the whole-home system is also exceptional. It is very easy to install and use. It can provide a lot of customization, too, making it possible for you to create a system that fits your goals.

The system is managed through a base station and comes with a keypad. You can then choose from one of several kits – or packages – of additional features. Most of the kits include sensors and motion detectors, along with a range extender (that can improve connectivity). Choose which kit is right for you based on the size of your home, the number of entrances you have, and the features you feel are important.

Here are some of the key features of the Ring Alarm system:

  • Contact sensors for windows and doors are a key component of this system. They help detect when a door or window opens.
  • Alarm Motion Detector is another common component of most kits. It is a motion detector designed to detect movement but doesn’t alarm to pets or animals.
  • Alarm Smoke and CO Listener is an environmental sensor that picks up on carbon monoxide and smoke in the home, sending an immediate alert to you and sounding an audible alarm.
  • Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor: This is a reliable solution for picking up on a significant drop in temperatures that could lead to frozen pipes, as well as flooding risks.
  • The Alarm Panic Button is a simple-to-use device that allows you to press and hold it for 911 to be called to your home. It also creates an audible alarm.

For Ring Alarm, there is a monthly subscription cost for the system. The monthly cost is available in two forms – Protect Basic and Protect Plus. Both will provide 60-days of video recording, reviewing, and sharing. The Protect Plus system also provides unlimited Ring Camera coverage – to include all cameras you have.

Doorbell Cameras: Nest Hello vs Ring Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras are available from both Ring and Nest. You could say that the Nest Hello Doorbell and the Ring Video Doorbell are perhaps the biggest names on the market when it comes to home automation and security. Both are very easy to use, too. Again, you have two very similar product options here, all of which are designed to provide you with easy use, easy install, and reliable function. Compare the two options.

Ring Video Doorbells

Ring has several doorbell options for you to choose from, each building on the other in terms of features and quality. Here’s a rundown of the options.

  • Video Doorbell: The base model, it is a fully-featured video doorbell. It is a battery-powered option that is designed to work on any home with a doorbell. It features motion-activated alerts, 720HDS video, and two-way talk with noise cancellation. You can see, speak, and hear to anyone outside of your door. Set custom motion zones. It also offers infrared night vision.
  • Video Doorbell 2: This is an upgraded version that comes with an available solar charger. Two key upgrades from the previous model include a quick-release battery and 1080HD video improving vision.
  • Video Doorbell Pro: This model is a sleeker-looking model with the same features overall. The biggest difference is that it is hardwired into place. You need doorbell wiring in place to use it (but once in place, it’s easy to use).
  • Video Doorbell Elite: This model is an even more impressive-looking option with a flush-mount. It is hardwired with Power over Ethernet. You’ll likely need a professional to install it. Its connectivity option makes this a more reliable option.
  • Peephole Cam: If you live in an apartment and don’t have a doorbell, but want video door access, the Peephole cam works well. It’s very simple to install.

Google Nest Hello

The Google Nest Hello is an excellent video doorbell option as well. It offers many of the features of Ring, with the only real difference being that the company offers a single option rather than a lineup of options to choose from. The Google Nest Hello offers key features, including the following:

  • 24/7 streaming and continuous video recording is available, which means it does not record just clips of activities occurring when motion triggers them (which is what occurs with the Ring)
  • 4:3 HD video – a key feature because it shows more of the person standing in front of your door for better recognition.
  • HDR video quality is good on the Google Nest Hello. It is a bright, clear image, even in the dark.
  • Alerts are triggered by motion, people, and sounds, which means if it detects a person, it alerts you not just if there’s motion.
  • Google Nest Hello also recognizes the difference between people – which means it will not alert if you program it to recognize specific people.

The Google Nest Hello uses Wi-Fi connectivity. It offers two-way talk, noise and echo cancellation, and prerecorded messages (that’s something Ring does not do). A key concern for some is that this model is wired into place, which means it requires a current wired doorbell, a chime, and a transformer to ensure it can work. Professional installation is recommended.

Security Cameras: Nest Cameras vs Ring Cameras

Both companies offer a wide selection of cameras, each offering different features and functions. Take a look at both options here.

Ring Cameras

Ring has a line of cameras for almost any need. When comparing options, take the time to look at how well each design may work in your area.

  • Indoor Cam: The most basic version, the Indoor Cam, is just that – a quality camera used for the inside of the home. It is compact and easy to put just about anywhere you can plug it in. It offers HD video, plug-in power, two-way talk, and night vision. It sends motion-activated notifications to you if it picks up on something. Point it at any area of concern.
  • Stick Up Cam: The Stick Up Cam is available in battery, plug-in, or solar-powered versions. It works in both indoor and outdoor situations. This is a quality product for those who want a wire-free version and who want to place it on a flat surface or mount it on the wall. It offers the same features along with a removable battery pack (depending on the version selected).
  • Spotlight Cam: The next version is the Spotlight Cam, which is available in a battery, wired, mounted, or solar version. It is an outdoor security camera that has lights on it. The LED lights are bright and instantly shine light on the area when motion is detected. This camera also has a built-in siren to scare people away. It offers 1080HD video with a wide-angle camera lens, giving you more control over the exterior of your home. You can also set up adjustable motion zones and schedule the service for when you want it to alert you.
  • Floodlight Cam: The Floodlight Cam is a higher-powered option. It is an outdoor camera that is designed with two ultra-bright LED floodlights on it and a siren. This version is only available as a hardwired option. It offers a lot of the same features as the Spotlight Cam, but with more light and with a larger wide-angle motion sensor range. It also offers a zoom-in feature.

Nest Cameras

Nest also offers a large selection of cameras to choose from for your home. Each one offers a bit of a different design, but all are rather easy to use and fully reliable. Here’s a closer look:

  • Nest Cam Indoor or Outdoor: The indoor and outdoor Nest Cam is the base model camera from the company. It offers 1080p HD quality video that’s very clear. It also offers 24/7 live streaming to ensure it always captures what is happening.  The indoor model plugs in for more reliability. It offers person alerts with Nest Aware to recognize people. You can create and share clips with others and set up activity zones with Nest Aware.
  • Nest Cam IQ Indoor or Outdoor: Nest Cam IQ is available as both an indoor and an outdoor model (the models are not interchangeable!) The Nest Cam IQ incorporates Google Assistant into the camera. This includes a 6-core processor so that it can improve the recognition of people and things. It has a 4k sensor, close-up tracking view, and a higher level of communication. That comes from the 3-microphone array, powerful speaker, and the noise and echo suppression features.

Which One Is Best?

Overall, both Google Nest and Ring products are comparable in terms of overall function and features. You may find one product a bit more cost-effective than the other, but in either situation, you will find the company’s offer reliable customer service, outstanding product selection, and new products rolling out on a continuous basis (in case you plan to advance your protection down the road). See how these 2 fared in our 2020 best home security system list.

FAQs About Ring and Nest Comparisons

Do Ring cameras work with Nest Secure?

No, Ring cameras do not work with Nest Secure.

Do Nest cameras work with Ring Alarm?

No, Nest cameras do not work with the Ring Alarm.

Do Ring doorbells work with Nest Secure?

No, Ring doorbells do not work with Nest Secure.

Does Nest Hello work with Ring Alarm?

No, Nest Hello does not work with Ring Alarm.

Do Ring Alarm and Nest Secure need an Internet connection?

An Internet connection is not required, but both devices work best when connected to the Internet. Some features will not be available otherwise.

How much is each system per month?

That depends on what, if any, professional monitoring package you choose. Ring’s Protect Basic plan is $3 a month, while the Protect Plus plan is $10 a month. The Basic plan only covers one camera, while Protect Plus covers unlimited cameras.

Nest Secure’s professional monitoring is provided by Brinks. It costs $19 a month if you sign up for a three-year agreement. If you’d prefer a month-to-month agreement, the cost is $29 a month.

How are these systems installed?

Ring products are designed for self-installation. Professional installation is not offered by Ring, probably because there’s no hardwiring required. Nest also has a DIY installation option, but if the wiring is too tricky, you can pay for a professional to come out and install it.

Which is cheaper, Nest or Ring?

Ring’s doorbell camera and security system are both cheaper than their Nest counterparts.

Do Nest and Ring require contracts?

Nest Secure requires a contract if you want to use professional monitoring. Ring Alarm does not require a contract, but does require a monthly service fee if you want professional monitoring and live streaming capabilities.

Do Nest and Ring use cellular backups?

Yes, both systems can use cellular connections in case of a power outage.