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Between these two security systems, our favorite is ADT.

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Note: Google has discontinued Nest Secure. With this in mind, we recommend checking out our top-rated home security systems to explore your options.

ADT and Nest are both highly innovative and reliable systems. ADT's decades of experience and the depth of its technology have proven it to be one of the best home security systems available. Nest offers devices that are also technologically advanced. Its affiliation with Google gives it a distinct edge when it comes to home automation and convenience.

Overview: Nest vs ADT

Although their pricing is similar, the fact that Nest is a do-it-yourself system offers homeowners and renters a higher level of technology than most. With ADT's prices, the additional cost is justified because of the professional level of service that is offered with the installation and 24/7 monitoring.

  1. Both systems offer full, home automation
  2. ADT and Nest offer mobile apps and key fobs for remote arming/disarming
  3. ADT requires both a lengthy contract and professional installation
  4. Nest technology is affiliated with Google
  5. Both systems offer an immediate response to all types of alerts

Similarities: ADT vs Nest

The price of each system is considerably higher than others in their respective classes. While ADT is considered to be professional and Nest more do-it-yourself, both are technologically advanced and offer a level of convenience that makes them appealing to homeowners. ADTs brand is well-known and respected. Nest, on the other hand, has associated it with well-known brands like Google and T-Mobile.

  • ADT and Nest offer indoor/outdoor cameras
  • Both offer motion sensors for windows and doors
  • Both offer environmental hazard detection
  • Both offer remote activation and disarming through mobile apps and keyfobs
  • Both offer cellular backup and 24/7 monitoring

Differences: ADT vs Nest

Differences between the two systems occur on almost every level except price. ADT offers professional service from start to finish. The Nest system is more of a do-it-yourself system and offers little in the way of professional servicing. Nest does not require a contract and the homeowner purchases all of the equipment from the beginning.

  • Nest offers the ability to disarm a single window or door instead of the entire system
  • Nest uses Google, T-Mobile, and Brinks to support their system, while ADT is self-sufficient
  • ADT requires a 3-year contract as well as professional installation
  • Nest is a DIY system that takes less than an hour to install and set up
  • Nest may not work with all wireless routers
  • ADT offers a lifetime warranty


Both ADT and Nest offer voice-activated home automation and environmental detection for CO, smoke, fire, freeze, and water. ADT also offers medical alert devices that can be used within the home or when you are away.

Nest thermostat works in conjunction with Google Home to provide automation to smart devices within the home. ADT can be either hardwired or backed up with cellular service. Nest only offers cellular backup that is provided by T-Mobile.


ADT requires a 3-year contract and a six-month, money back guarantee. If you decide to cancel within the first six months, the equipment can be returned and monitoring expenses will be returned. If the contract is canceled after the initial six-months, hefty fines and fees may be applied.

Nest does not require a contract. It does require an agreement with T-Mobile to provide for the cellular service to back up the system's ability to connect with you and local authorities when an alarm or alert is triggered.


ADT offers multiple price packages that provide varying degrees of coverage over multiple devices. The cost can range from $10 a week to $54 a month for complete protection on all devices. Additional devices can be added and are charged accordingly, but installation is free and activation is included in the setup.

The starter pack for the Nest Secure system is $399. Additional equipment can be purchased and added to the system as desired by the homeowner. Professional monitoring is available through Moni, but pricing for particular packages is unavailable at this time. Fees for cellular service through T-Mobile will depend on their package prices.


ADT equipment is protected by a lifetime warranty. Basic packages include motion sensors, a siren, control panel, keychain remote, a backup battery and signage that warns intruders that the home is protected by ADT. Cameras and environmental hazard detectors can be included for ultimate protection. ADT also offers the video doorbell with two-way voice communication.

The Nest Secure system includes a hub, control panel, window/door sensors and “tags”. Indoor/outdoor cameras and the Nest thermostat can also be added. You will also need a router that is compatible with the Nest system.

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Professional installation of an ADT system is free with a 3-year contract. Because of the nature of the advanced technology, all ADT systems must be installed by professional technicians. They do not offer a do-it-yourself option.

Nest offers DIY installation on all of the products it sells. Pieces can be purchased and added to the system as desired by the owner. In most cases, no other assistance is required unless an HVAC tech is asked to install the Nest thermostat.

Emergency Connections

ADT's 24/7 monitoring provides immediate response when notifying both you and the local authorities of a triggered alarm or alert. This includes triggers involving environmental sensors.

The Nest system also offers emergency contact when it is paired with Google Home and has sufficient cellular backup. When the homeowner signs up with Brinks for 24/7 monitoring, they also have full emergency connectivity with local authorities.

Summary: Nest vs ADT

If you want state of the art, top of the line home security and don't mind paying a little extra, ADT offers everything you could want in a quality home security system. It is one of the most expensive on the market, but it is also one of the most well-known and most reliable.

While Nest is rather new in comparison to ADT, it offers a highly sophisticated system. With the Nest thermostat and other devices offered with the system, you can have a fully automated home if you don't mind paying for it. It's an ideal system if you are looking for high-tech sophistication at a moderate to high price.

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