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SecureScore™: 9.3/10

SecureScore™: 8.4/10

Note: Google has discontinued Nest Secure. So we recommend checking out our list of the best home security systems to explore your options.

Nest Secure is one of the most advanced of all home security systems. It offers tools to help you to keep your home safe from intruders while making it easy to live in at the same time. The company does this through a number of equipment options including the Nest Guard, an alarm, motion sensor, and keypad with Google Assistant built into it, the Nest Detect, which works as a door, window, and room sensor, and the Nest Tag, an easy way to arm and disarm systems without the use of a passcode. Nest is known for its advanced equipment and smart home tech from the Nest Hello to the Nest Cam and much more.

Nest Secure is an excellent tool for its easy-to-use design. It provides advanced features such as cellular backup in case your Wi-Fi goes down. It also offers UL-certified security and excellent equipment quality. The company gets high marks for being one of the most customer-oriented of options. And, it works hard to offer the most innovative products out there. Still, there are a number of competitor options that are right on its heels.

For those who are unsure if the Nest Secure is the right option, it’s important to take a closer look at a few top competitors to learn how well these may help by comparison.

1. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is a competitor for Nest Secure because many of the features and equipment options are comparable. Both companies have competitive pricing as well. SimpliSafe is also a DIY installation – unless you want to purchase professional installation. Both systems provide indoor and outdoor cameras, and both systems are very reliable. Video quality is excellent, too. Another nice benefit is that neither system has a big contract requirement, which makes them good options for those who do not want to be locked in for the long term.

There are a few notable differences, though. As noted, Nest Secure links to Google Assistant, which means if this is the type of home automation you want to use, it’s easiest to purchase the Nest Secure. SimpliSafe does work with a variety of smart home tech, including some of the Nest components. Another key difference is versatility. You’ll have more package and equipment options to choose from (along with a number of pricing options) with SimpliSafe.

When it comes to costs, both companies offer several options. Nest Secure has packages starting at $399 with a $19 a month monitoring cost through Brinks. SimpliSafe is a bit less expensive with the least expensive package starting at $250 and month-to-month costs for monitoring available for $14.99.

2. Frontpoint

There are a few things that help Frontpoint, one of the leading whole home security solutions, compete well with the Nest Secure system. For example, both offer operation DIY installation. While you can hire a pro to install it, you don’t have to do so. Both companies provide professional, 24-hour home monitoring for your security. Both systems also allow you to link home automation into your security system, giving you control over your home’s doors, alarms, and other equipment from a distance. Additionally, both systems provide a range of customization options including indoor and outdoor security cameras.

There are differences, though. First, there’s no required contract with Nest Secure. Frontpoint requires a 12 to 36-month contract. With Nest Secure, you’ll pay month-to-month for the initial equipment cost. Frontpoint’s packages are $199.95 with an additional fee for monitoring. The Nest Secure system costs $399 and has a lower monthly monitoring cost (monthly monitoring is provided through Brinks Home Security).

In terms of equipment, both companies offer top-notch products. Options range from control panels and door sensors to motion sensors and high-tech cameras. Both companies allow you to add-on with additional equipment. If you want to use Google home automation, Nest is the best option for its connectivity options.

3. Brinks

As noted previously, the monthly monitoring service available through Nest Secure comes from Brinks. You do not have to purchase Brinks home security equipment outright, but you can. Brinks is a fully packed system with mobile alerts, 24/7 monitoring, surveillance cameras for outside and inside the home, and much more. Much like the Nest Secure system, it’s designed to be highly reliable and easy to use.

A few differences exist. If you purchase the Brinks secure system, you will need to have it professionally installed. It’s a bit more complex, and while some may still install it themselves, others may want a bit of help. Both companies offer add-on equipment, but Brinks offers a larger selection of smart home tech. Brinks systems, start at $399 and have a $29 month-to-month monthly monitoring fee. Brinks offers a bit more customization in terms of its overall setup and costs as well.

Both companies have sound customer service and reliability ratings. And, both companies work well for those who are just starting out with home security or with it in place and looking for an upgrade.