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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are finally here, so get your shopping lists ready! And if home security cameras are on that list, you’ll want to check out Blink. Not only is Blink one of the first to drop Black Friday deals, it also offers some of the most affordable security cameras. We have an in-depth Blink review that goes into all the specifics, but suffice it to say, Blink is one of our favorite affordable security camera choices.

We’re going to get into what Blink deals are available now, so get your Amazon shopping cart ready because this Amazon-owned security camera is likely going to sell out fast.

FYI: Black Friday’s history is a little darker than you’d expect. Back in the 1950s, police in Philadelphia used it to describe the chaotic wave of suburban shoppers that flooded the city in advance of the Army-Navy football game. Retailers saw huge booms, though, and the name and tradition stuck.

When Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2024?

Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday follows immediately after. So that means this year’s Black Friday falls on November 24, and Cyber Monday follows on November 27. That doesn’t mean, though, that sales will be occurring only on those specific days. This year, Blink Black Friday deals have been out since the second week of November. Plus, we’ll likely see them stay all the way until Cyber Monday. We have a pretty big window to shop, but as they say, the early bird gets the early worm. So let’s see what’s available now.

Where To Look For Deals

Unlike its sister company Ring, Blink doesn’t have its own online store. You’re going to need to buy from a third-party retailer, but lucky for you, Amazon owns the Blink brand. And as we all know, Amazon is great with discounts.

Currently, we’re seeing deals on both individual Blink cameras as well as multi-camera bundles. The former is for those who are looking to add just one or two cameras to their home. Perhaps you already have Blink cameras and you want to supplement them with new ones, or maybe you want to upgrade your Blink Outdoor to the Blink Outdoor 4, which was released just this year.

Here’s Amazon’s current pricing for the Blink cameras, all of which come with a 40- to 50-percent discount compared to retail price.

Camera options from Blink Amazon Black Friday price 2023
Blink Mini $19.99
Blink Mini Pan-Tilt $29.99
Blink Outdoor 4 $71.99
Blink Wired Floodlight $49.99
Blink Video Doorbell $29.99

On the other hand, multi-camera bundles are a great way to quickly build out a Blink security camera system. Amazon has packages that include multiple counts of the same Blink cameras as well as bundles of different Blink cameras combined together. For example, there’s a package called the Whole Home Bundle that includes an indoor camera, an outdoor camera, and a doorbell camera. That one is currently over 50-percent off, from its $215 original price down to $101.98. Here are other bundles we’re seeing:

Blink Bundle Bundle regular price Special Black Friday price Black Friday savings
Whole Home Bundle (Blink Mini, Video Doorbell, and Outdoor 4) $214.97 $101.98 51%
Blink Mini (2 cameras) $64.99 $39.98 38%
Blink Mini with Blink Video Doorbell $94.98 $49.98 47%
Blink Wired Floodlight Cam with Blink Video Doorbell $159.98 $79.98 50%
Blink Outdoor 3 (2 cameras) with Blink Video Doorbell $239.98 $119.98 50%
Blink Outdoor 4 (3 cameras) $269.99 $134.99 50%
Blink Outdoor 4 (4 cameras) $179.99 $359.99 50%

That’s just a sampling of Blink’s deals. There’s more on Amazon, so be sure to check out Blink’s Amazon store for the full list. And once you’re done checking out Blink, take a look at Ring’s Black Friday Deals as well. Ring and Blink are both owned by Amazon, but Ring offers a wider range of equipment. Besides having more security camera options – including a few that come with integrated spotlights or floodlights – Ring also sells a number of video doorbells plus security systems with affordable professional monitoring starting at $20 per month.

Pro Tip: Cameras are an important part of your home security posture, but you might want to add a layer of protection. Maybe consider checking out our roundup of the best home security systems of 2024. That’ll help you get a solid foundation.

The Blink Outdoor 4

The Blink Outdoor 4

Post-Black Friday: Year-Round Blink Deals

Blink is known for manufacturing high-quality cameras at reasonable prices — more on that in our guide to Blink’s pricing and products — but even outside special shopping days, you might be able to spot a deal or two from Blink. The best place to look is, once again, Amazon.

This year, for example, we saw the price of the Blink Mini fluctuate from its regular $34.99 retail price down to about $20. There are also refurbished Blink cameras, if that’s something you’re interested in. Refurbished or open-box items are checked extensively before going on sale again, and they are covered by the same warranty as brand-new items.

Lastly, multi-camera bundles are on-sale year-round. The prices aren’t as good as Black Friday bundle prices, but you can usually shave off around 10- to 20-percent from the retail price if you buy a multi-camera bundle.

That said, even though you can get discounts outside Black Friday, Blink’s prices drop to all-time lows on special shopping days, so if possible, take full advantage and buy as many Blink cameras as you need on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Pro Tip: 1080p? 4K? Ultra 4K? The jargon can get a little confusing. So if you’re not sure what you need when it comes to security camera equipment, don’t worry. We wrote the ultimate guide to security cameras to get you up to speed.

Conclusion: Deal-Hunting Tips for Black Friday 2023

We recommend setting up Google alerts for the products you’re looking for, or check Amazon’s Black Friday page regularly. As an Amazon product, Blink is usually top-of-the-list on that page. Amazon also has Deals of the Day this year, so keep an eye on that as Blink might be featured.

Better yet, you can bookmark this page. We’ll keep you abreast of all the Blink deals as they are announced, so you can be sure you’re getting the most up-to-date Black Friday and Cyber Monday information.