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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Ring Floodlight Cam.

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Ring’s Floodlight and Ring’s Spotlight cameras are two great options for people looking to shore up their security while shining a little light on things at the same time.

When you’re shopping for a security camera that can help illuminate your property, there are a few considerations you’ll want to make. Do you want a blinding spotlight that’ll stop a burglar in their tracks, or do you need some soft illumination to help you carry in the groceries at night? Do you want a hardwired solution, or a battery-operated one? And how many of these units are you going to need?

To help you narrow the field, we’re going to be looking at two great options for people looking for security cameras with built-in lighting: The Ring Floodlight and the Ring Spotlight. Both are solid choices, but they are far from interchangeable.

Which one of these cameras is better? Better yet, which one of them is the right choice for you? Don’t worry — we have the full breakdown below.

Right off the bat, though, we do want to say that there are different use cases with these two Ring camera models. The Floodlight Cam is designed to illuminate large areas with extremely bright light. If you want to stop an intruder dead in their tracks, this is probably the camera for you. If you’re looking for a more nuanced approach, or want a lighting solution that will make it a little easier to walk up your front stairs at night, the Spotlight camera might be a better choice.

Ring Floodlight vs Ring Spotlight: Similarities

One of the first things to know is that the Floodlight and the Spotlight both use a similar type of camera and both offer the same video quality Ring offers with all of its other devices (read our full roundup of Ring Cameras and pricing for more).

Both pieces of equipment offer two way communication, live views, and cloud storage that will help you keep track of what's going on around your property. There are also “Plus” and “Pro” models of both cameras, as well as a variety of options for running power to the devices.

Ring Spotlight vs Ring Floodlight: Differences

We’re going to get into the nitty gritty of the technical differences between these cameras in the features section, but first we want to step back and look at them holistically.

Pro Tip: Regardless of which product you choose, you can’t go wrong with adding additional lighting to your property. Security lights are one of the best ways to fend off burglars, after all.

The main difference between the Spotlight and the Floodlight have to do with application. The Spotlight is a more universal product. Yes, it’s a security camera with onboard lighting, but we feel like it’s use is a little more universal. It would be just at home on your garage, gently lighting the way when you come home at night as it would be on a fence post in your back yard, making sure intruders don’t think about hopping over to make off with the tools from your shed.

The floodlight, on the other hand, is all security. When those 2000 lumens kick on, it’ll light up your backyard like the Vegas strip. And the 105 dB siren will sound like a jet landing at Harry Reid International. You really wouldn’t want to install this piece of equipment on your front porch, unless you want to be blinded bringing in the groceries once the sun’s gone down.

With that in mind, let’s talk features.


Each of these cameras comes with a distinct set of features. Some overlap, and some are unique. Here's the breakdown

Spotlight Cam Plus

  • Color Night Vision
  • Customizable Motion Detection
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Motion Activated Notifications
  • Built In Siren

Spotlight Cam Pro

  • 3D Motion Detection
  • Enhanced Audio
  • Dual-Band WiFi
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Built-In Siren

Floodlight Cam Plus

  • Color Night Vision
  • 2000 Lumen Floodlight
  • 105 dB Siren
  • Motion Activated Notifications
  • Two-Way Talk

Floodlight Cam Pro

  • Color Night Vision
  • 3D Motion Detection
  • Dual-Band WiFi
  • Enhanced Audio
  • 105 dB Siren

Also something worth noting: Each of these cameras offers multiple options when it comes to how they’re powered, dramatically increasing their flexibility. The Floodlight models can be plugged in or hardwired. The Spotlight models include plug-in, hardwired, battery-operated, or solar-powered versions. Keep in mind that you may need to place your camera in a different location depending on the particular model and version you choose. This could ultimately influence your decision about which one to purchase.


As you’d expect, the pricing on these devices differs based on which model you select and which power source you want to use. Here’s a quick breakdown of what that looks like:

Camera Battery Hardwired Plug In Solar
Spotlight Cam Plus $169.99 $199.99 $169.99 $199.99
Spotlight Cam Pro $229.99 $249.99 $229.99 $249.99
Floodlight Cam Plus N/A $199.99 $219.98 N/A
Floodlight Cam Pro N/A $249.99 $269.98 N/A

And while we’re talking about prices, here’s something to keep in mind — Ring is known for discounting their cameras pretty frequently. While none of them are currently on sale, check back soon. You can probably grab a discount in the coming weeks or months. Or you could always bookmark our guide to Ring’s sales and discounts; there you’re going to find the most up-to-date information we have for saving on Ring security cameras.

What We Think

When it comes to home security, it’s tough to go wrong with Ring. They offer some of the best security cameras on the market today, and some of the most affordable as well. If you’re looking specifically for a security camera with an illumination option, both the Spotlight and Floodlight camera are great choices, depending on how you’re going to use them.

If you need straight up security, go with the Floodlight Cam. Its extra bright lights and super loud siren are perfect for warding off would-be intruders. If you’re looking for something a little less severe and a little more universal, the Spotlight Cam might be the better option.

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Our pick is Ring Floodlight Cam
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