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Purchasing a home security system can be a daunting prospect — particularly when you consider that a lot of the big-name providers offer one-size-fits all approaches that will likely have you paying for equipment you’ll never need or use.

That’s where abode does things a little differently.

This no-frills, DIY-friendly security company specializes in well-designed, easy-to-use equipment that isn’t going to break the bank. Choose between professional and individual monitoring, integrate with your smart home automation platform, and scroll through the bottomless list of add-ons. No long-term contracts are required, and the prices are surprisingly affordable.

Sure, there are a few drawbacks to consider. But don’t worry, we’re going to get into the details about the equipment, pricing, and features. But let’s first talk about what differentiates abode.

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What Sets abode Apart

Abode is relatively new in this space, but they’re already making an impact with their DIY-forward approach, affordable equipment, and endless customizations. Choose between professional and individual monitoring, integrate with your smart home automation platform, and scroll through the bottomless list of add-ons. No long-term contracts are required, and the prices are surprisingly affordable. But if you want total home protection, be ready to shell out a pretty penny for upgrades. See what our experts say in our abode review.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • Wireless System
  • DIY Installation
  • Home Automation
  • Low Monitoring Fees
  • Environmental Protection
  • Cellular Backup

Abode Price & Packages

Insider Tips: Abode Security doesn’t have any long-term contracts nor do they require any monthly fees to use their equipment, just a one-time purchase of one of their home security kits. They also offer on-demand professional monitoring with a 4G cellular backup option, so you don’t have to worry about losing your service if your Wi-Fi goes out.

Abode offers numerous ways to mix and match your security equipment to best fit your needs, and their products are all relatively affordable — most bundles are between $150 and $330, depending on what you need. Their optional on-demand monitoring plan costs $21.99 per month, or $219.99 per year. They also have a 30-day return policy, fast shipping, and a long term warranty.

Abode Security Package Costs

Abode offers three home security packages: The iota All-In-One Security Kit, the standard Security Kit and a Customizable build-your-own package. The iota Kit retails for $329, the standard kit for $279, and the customizable package starts at $189.99.

Pro Tip: Abode’s security systems are all currently on sale. The iota is marked down to $269.99, the standard kit to $179.99, and the customizable kit starts at $168.99. If you’re interested in an abode home security system, this might be your sign to buy.

Abode Security

With abode, you purchase one of the home security kits up-front. There are no contracts and monthly monitoring is not required. Monitoring is available as an option, but not necessary to operate the system.

All home security systems come with fast shipping and a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy. Plus, the equipment has an unlimited warranty while users are signed up with the annual Secure plan.

Check out the most popular home security equipment bundles from abode below to find the best option for your home or apartment.

Smart Security Kit

The Smart Security Kit includes everything that you need to secure and monitor your home or apartment. The heart of the system is called the Gateway and it is the central hub that connects all of the rest of the devices. The Gateway supports a variety of third-party integrations. So, if you want a greater deal of security or home automation, you can add optional accessories and sensors to this alarm system at any time. The Smart Security Kit starts at $199 and includes the following equipment:

  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 1 Key Fob
  • 1 Mini Door/Window Sensor
  • 1 Gateway
  • 1 Secured by abode sticker

iota All-In-One Security Kit

The iota All-In-One Security Kit is the newest system from abode and is a great all-in-one security solution for those who are looking for a complete security offering for their home. The iota All-In-One Security Kit includes the following equipment:

  • 1 HD Streaming Camera in All-In-One Security Device
  • 1 Key Fob
  • 1 Mini Door/Window Sensor

Abode Security Unboxing

Abode Equipment Costs and Price List

Abode offers a huge array of security equipment that you can add onto a customized package or as standalone products to protect your home in unique ways. And a lot of this equipment is currently discounted. We’ve got the breakdown here:

Abode Equipment Sale Breakdown

Equipment Retail Price Sale Price
Abode Cam 2 $59.99 $29.99
Slim Strip Sensor $49.99 $29.99
Recessed Door Sensor $40 $29.99
Glass Break Sensor $50 $25.99
Motion Sensor $55 $29.99
Keypad $99 $65.99
Smoke Alarm $58.99 $34.99
Outdoor Siren $109 $69.99
Panic Button $35 $21.99

Abode Security Monthly Prices & Plan Costs

Abode offers self monitoring plans as well as Standard and Pro protection plans. The Pro Plan is the only one that offers professional monitoring, so if you’re interested in having abode’s emergency alert technicians always at-the-ready, that’s what you’re going to want to go with. It’s a little pricey at $219.99 per year, but when you consider the peace of mind knowing that a professional is keeping an eye on things, it makes a little more sense.

Features No Plan Standard Plan Pro Plan
Cameras Supported Individual Unlimited Unlimited
Live and Recorded Video Yes Yes Yes
Motion Detection Yes Yes Yes
Image Capture Yes Yes Yes
Notifications Yes Yes Yes
Video Storage No Yes Yes
Timeline No Yes Yes
Home Automation No Yes Yes
In-App Panic Alarm No Yes Yes
Premium Support No Yes Yes
Person Detection No Yes Yes
Exclusive Deals No No Yes
Cellular Backup No No Yes
24/7 Professional Monitoring No No Yes
Monthly Price Free $6.99 $22.99
Annual Price Free $69.99 $219.99

Self Monitored

This plan is for folks who are comfortable with the standard features of their equipment and don’t need the added features or protection of self monitoring. You’ll save some money, but you’re ultimately responsible for keeping an eye on everything.

Standard Plan

With this plan, you’ll get more out of your equipment like home automation features, person detection (if you’ve included cameras in your home security system) as well as video storage and an in-app panic alarm. It’ll cost $6.99 per month, or $69.99 per year.

Pro Plan

This offers all of the features of the Standard Plan, but adds professional monitoring and cellular backup, and access to exclusive deals. It’s abode’s most expensive plan at $22.99 per month or $219.99 per year.

Pro Tip: If you purchase a security package bundle right now from abode, you’ll get one month of professional monitoring for free.

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About abode Security

Abode Security first introduced their products to the home security industry about three years ago. And within that time they have built a positive reputation for themselves mainly due to their simple 15-minute installation process, low-cost products with no long-term contracts and no required monthly fees. In addition, their products are compatible with a wide variety of third-party devices and can be voice controlled using Alexa or Google Assistant. They also offer a 30-day return policy, fast shipping, and a long term warranty on their equipment.

Mobile Alerts

Abode will send you alerts based on the notifications you customize.

24/7 Monitoring

Abode has unique monitoring options that allow you to choose on-demand monitoring or take advantage of their 24/7 professional monitoring services. They also offer a 4G cellular backup system at an additional monthly charge depending on the package you choose.

Wireless Equipment

Abode's equipment is 100% wireless so you never have to worry about losing your service if the lines are cut.

Surveillance Cameras

Abode doesn't include surveillance cameras with their packages; however, there are a variety of them available as add-on items.

DIY Installation

The Abode Security systems are all DIY installations which means they are portable. They are also very easy to setup.

Smart Home Options

Abode Security systems also offer home automation features with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, and Abode RF connectivity. They also include voice control options using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Disaster Protection

This system has a full range of disaster protections available for purchase which include smoke alarms, and temperature and water leak sensors.

Remote Control

A remote key fob is included with the Abode packages. These can be used to remotely arm/disarm your security system, and more.

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