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Last Updated On: June 18, 2019
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6.7 SecureScore™
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Amcrest Security Camera Ratings

Another contender in the arena of home security cameras, Amcrest seems to have it all even baby monitors and walkie talkies (Roger that?). The company offers a range of cameras starting around $75, with certain feature-rich systems reaching into the 4-figures. However, their ever-popular Pro HD indoor camera is where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. So… should you go with Amcrest and forget the rest? First see what our experts say in our Amcrest review.

  • Affordable
  • Full-HD image resolution
  • Infrared night vision
  • Up to IP67 weatherproofing
  • Cloud storage plans
  • Two-way talk
  • Smartphone & email alerts
  • Wireless and wired cameras
  • NVR & DVR storage devices

  • Limited third-party compatibility
  • Complex setup process for some models
  • For systems with multiple cameras, cloud storage could get pricey


From its best-selling Amcrest Pro HD indoor camera to its 2K 3MP outdoor cameras to ultra HD 4K camera options, Amcrest’s product line is marked by a balance between affordable pricing and loaded feature sets.

Amcrest is most known for its Pro HD indoor camera, and it’s not hard to see why. In both black and white versions, the Pro HD indoor camera is incredibly affordable considering the features it comes with. A wireless camera with pan and tilt functionality, the Pro HD features infrared night vision that casts up to 32 feet with a 90-degree viewing angle. Store your footage on a removable SD card, connect to available NVR or DVR devices or back everything up to the cloud. All of this for around $100 when the cameras aren’t on sale, which they usually are.

Some users have had difficulty setting up a few of the Pro HD’s features, but Amcrest offers a trove of helpful material, including video walkthroughs for each step in the process, so if you get stuck, help is just a few clicks away. And many users will prefer the longer setup options, as it gives them a chance to fully customize their setup.

Amcrest Pro HD has the inside of your house covered, but what about the outside? Amcrest has you covered there, too. Offering both wired and wireless outdoor functionality, most of Amcrest’s outdoor cameras record in at least 1080p, with some offer ultra-HD 4K resolution. With IP67 weatherproofing and up to 130 feet of night vision, you’ll never miss a thing inside or outside your home or business.

Cameras aren’t the only things Amcrest does well. Fill out your security resources with GPS tracking and two-way radios in addition to drones and hunting cameras.

And don’t bog yourself down with storage devices, as Amcrest also offers several monthly cloud-service packages, with the entry-level plan starting at the price of free.

Features & Technology

Ultra HD Resolution

Amcrest’s newest products offer incredible image resolution, with a few 4K/8MP options and several 4MP and 5MP cameras. The non-4K cameras are no slouches, however, and most of Amcrest’s products get at least 1080p.

Night Vision

With up to 164 feet of infrared night vision, Amcrest’s indoor and outdoor cameras won’t miss a thing, and you’ll be able to see it all (almost) clear as day.


Most of Amcrest’s outdoor cameras carry an IP67 weatherproofing rating, meaning they can stand up to being temporarily immersed in water.

Two-Way Audio

Why use one sense when two will do just as well? See and talk through an embedded speaker and mic in Amcrest’s indoor cameras.

Alerts & Notifications

Set up mobile and email alerts and notifications so you never miss an important event.

Wide Viewing Angles

Get the whole picture by seeing in up to 120 degrees.

Cloud Storage

With several cloud storage plans, including the lowest level plan for free, your security doesn’t have to be tied to a single device.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Cut some wires by connecting your cameras to a Wi-Fi network.

Storage Options

For those who prefer physical storage, Amcrest offers several DVR & NVR devices, and many of the cameras are equipped with SD card slots, so your footage can be portable.

Depth of Products

With products meant for inside and outside, wired and wireless, bullet and dome, there’s no doubt Amcrest has camera options that are right for you — and that’s just the cameras. Amcrest’s security catalog is deep and wide.

Ease of Use

Some users have reported difficulty with setup of the Amcrest Pro HD, which is one of the simpler products the company offers. However, with a little help from their friends at Amcrest, almost all users are quickly up and running, and once they are, most users are impressed by the easy operation of their cameras.

Access your camera’s controls through your smartphone or a web app, and view your stored footage easily with a user-friendly timeline interface that lets you get right at what you need to see.

Customer Service

With a massive amount of support information, tutorial walkthroughs and a 24-hour-a-day chat service, Amcrest wants to make sure your cameras are working for you, not the other way around. The company also offers rapid shipping so you’re able to equip your system just a couple of days after you order it.

The cameras don’t offer much third-party compatibility, as Amcrest’s Wi-Fi cameras can be paired with Foscam devices only when using the company’s cloud or NVR, Blue Iris on PC, Live Cams Pro on iOS or TinyCam Monitor on Android devices.

If that’s too much, an online forum community also offers quick answers and tips, and an intelligent search function on the Amcrest website helps you get the information you need do you can reduce system downtime.


For the money, you’d be hard-pressed to beat Amcrest’s offerings. You may not find every bell and whistle among these products, but Amcrest’s cameras and systems provide the must-have features at a price that will please even the most budget-conscious buyer.

Whether you need an indoor monitor ($64.99 for Pro HD) or some outdoor peace of mind ($84.99 for 2K 3MP Wi-Fi) or you’re ready to jump straight into a serious camera relationship (under $250 for four cameras and a recorder), Amcrest should be your first and last stop.

With feature sets that rival some of the pricier offerings in the industry (full HD, night vision, smartphone controls), Amcrest is definitely one of the most consumer-friendly options, so users shouldn’t worry that they’re sacrificing too much for the sake of their wallets.


Amcrest’s fleet of products is vast, encompassing both wired and wireless dome- and bullet-style cameras but also DVRs and NVRs, baby monitors, GPS trackers, dashcams, hunting cameras, drones and cloud storage plans.

Wi-Fi cameras – $59.99-$369.99

With entry-level indoor cameras featuring 1080p HD resolution, infrared night vision and two-way talk all the way up to outdoor cameras outdoor cameras featuring 4MP resolution, IP67 weatherproofing and 120-degree viewing angles, Amcrest’s suite of Wi-Fi cameras offer plenty of options for indoor and outdoor use for those who want to go wireless.

PoE cameras – $64.99-$409.99

For those who want to use power-over-ethernet connectivity, Amcrest’s wired cameras offer similar specs as the Wi-Fi cameras, but the company offers many more options in this category than in wireless cameras. With multiple PoE options that can return 4K ultra HD image resolution, as well as several that are weather- and vandal-resistant, Amcrest’s PoE fleet is the company’s most expansive, though budget-conscious consumers still have many options.

Outdoor cameras – $45.99-$369.99

With outdoor-rated options that get up to 8MP resolution, up to 164-foot night vision range, IP67 weather resistance and more, users need not sacrifice features for weather-friendliness. And with a 2MP outdoor camera starting under $75, Amcrest’s outdoor camera fleet surely will have options for everyone.

Camera systems (cameras + NVR) – $319.99-$3,129.99

Customers who are ready to roll with a full system also have a huge range of options, from under $400 for an entry-level system (four cameras and an NVR) to $3,000+ for more cameras and a more powerful recorder. Users also have the option for analog camera systems, if they wish, but the fleet of digital options is the star. Choose as few as four cameras or as many as 16 to fill out your home or office system.

NVRs/DVRs – $49.99-$739.99

For those who don’t need quite so many cameras, Amcrest also offers standalone NVR/DVR devices to ensure secure recording of footage. With both new and refurbished systems on offer, as well as smartphone footage access on most models, options are available for both the budget-conscious as well as the tech-obsessed.

Cloud storage – free-$27.50 per camera

One of the few somewhat pricey products you can buy from Amcrest, the company’s cloud storage solutions could become expensive for those with several cameras who need to store their footage for lengthy periods. But, like with just about every other Amcrest product, you have tons of options. For those with a single camera who need to store footage for a week, the monthly cost is just $6, less than a quarter per day. And for those who don’t need any overnight storage, you can get four hours of free storage for one camera. Not too concerned about the budget? Three-month storage for four cameras will only cost around a hundred bucks a month.

GPS trackers – $64.99-$119.99

Get real-time GPS trackers with geo-fencing, unlimited email and text alerts and batteries lasting up to 14 days. Amcrest also offers cases and accessories for its trackers.

Baby monitors – $59.99-$84.99

Keep an eye on the baby, nanny or elderly parent with an easy-to-setup monitor camera. Get up to 3MP resolution, night vision, two-way audio, pan and tilt and up to a 90-degree viewing angle.

Two-way radios – $32-$39.99 (single pair)

Use walkie-talkies to stay in touch with your team on up to 16 channels, and with an upgraded battery, you can stay in touch for longer. With an emergency alarm and flashlight functionality, these radios are especially useful in high-pressure situations.

Hunting & trail cameras – $62.99-$129.99

Get up to 12MP resolution, 65 feet of infrared night vision, motion detection and a laser remote so you never miss a shot on the trail. An LCD screen lets you see what’s happening in real-time.

Drones – $64.99

Amcrest offers a kid-friendly entry-level drone with a 2.4 GHz ergonomic remote that reaches more than 300 feet away. More adventurous users can perform flips and rolls with this 5-pound drone.


  • Two-way radio battery – $6.99
  • Magnetic waterproof case for GPS tracker – $19.99
  • Car dashcam GPS module add-on – $23.99
  • Analog security camera power supply – $19.99
  • All-in-one video and power cable (100 feet) – $22.99
  • Active PoE injector adapter – $19.99
  • 5-volt extension cable (10 feet) – $9.99
  • Waterproof junction box for dome camera – $25.99
  • PoE five-port switch – $44.99
  • PoE uplink nine-port switch – $84.99
  • 12-volt wire-cooling fan – $9.95

Note: Prices collected in mid-December 2018; sales are frequent, and prices will fluctuate


Some security camera companies focus on form, while others can’t wait to stuff NASA-like technology into their cameras. While still others just want to make the cheapest devices possible. Amcrest isn’t any of those, but it doesn’t skimp on any of those areas either.

Amcrest’s cameras are good-looking, there’s no doubt, but they don’t come in the alien-looking form of some trendy competitors. They’re packed with the right amount of features that will please the novice camera owner but will also allow more savvy users to get the most out of their devices through customizing settings. And while you won’t need to take out a second mortgage to afford them, you’ll know your money is worth it.

While some users have had minor difficulty with setup, for most users, the need to tweak and customize settings will be a good thing. After all, your home or office is unique, right? Why should your settings be the same as that of the person down the street? You won’t need an engineering degree to get your system up and running, but once you work through the setup process, you’ll certainly know your system better than the person down the street knows theirs.

And Amcrest’s biggest strength is the sheer number of products the company offers, from indoor and outdoor cameras, to security accessories like walkie-talkies to every parent’s best friend — a high-tech baby monitor.

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  1. Charles says:

    I have six of these installed for the last 9 months Amcrest 3-Megapixel Outdoor POE Security Camera – ProHD IP Camera POE Bullet, 98ft Night Vision, IP67 Outdoor, 2048x1536P, IP3M

    The night time LEDs have basically stopped working. I’m really disappointed with the cameras and even more with their support organization.

    I would stay away from Amcrest.

  2. Arnold W says:

    I have had these for over 2 years.
    The camera is good and the tilt pan and zoom are a very nice feature.
    Unfortunately I cannot play back a single thing and so they act as monitors only.
    The record and playback has to be greatly improved for this to be worth owning.

  3. Roberto L Ramirez says:

    I have 2 models of wireless cameras. The out door fix (no zoom or pan or sound) camera has great picture and if lose power or internet it reboots itself fairly quickly. The indoor pan zoom with mic and sound if lose internet will not boot for several days if at all to get back online. You can unplug them and replug and they reboot or if you there and view with phone on same internet they sometimes come back. These wireless, great picture and controls but need use with wireless plug so if lose internet can turn plug on and off to restart cameras. Lose power they come back on their own but lose internet need turn off power for them to work again (unplug). Great price great picture and function just the need to unplug to restart problem but can get good remote controlled plug to solve that.

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