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A plug-and-play Wi-Fi camera for under a hundred bucks? Well, D-Link has several of those in their lineup. We recently got a hold of these cameras to see how they measured up against the competition. And we’re happy to report we like what we see (well, for the most part).

In our experience, D-Link security cameras are easy to use and ideal for smart home buffs. They work great with Alexa and other platforms, and they offer just enough features (like night vision, 1080p resolution, and two-way talk) to keep most people satisfied.

FYI: We were drawn to D-Link’s new mydlink app, which allowed us to build out a complete smart home ecosystem.

But there were a handful of things we didn’t love about D-Link. For starters, we think the product names (model numbers!) are confusing. Also, we weren’t able to buy the cams directly from the company. We had to search high and low to cobble together a D-Link camera system. But still, there’s a lot to like about the brand. So let’s see if D-Link is a good fit for you and your family.

  • Relatively affordable cameras
  • Smartphone controls with mydlink app
  • Smart home automation
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Infrared night vision
  • Easy DIY setup
  • HD resolution
  • Cloud storage plans
  • Products widely available

  • Confusing product names/model numbers
  • No ultra-HD camera models
  • D-Link does not sell direct
  • Some models discontinued or out-of-stock

What is D-Link?

D-Link has been around since Reagan was in office. Called Datex Systems at the time, the Taiwanese company got its start selling networking solutions like routers and modems. They still sell these products today, but in 2012 they started focusing on home security cameras and smart home products. The D-Link website claims they’re an “award-winning brand that employs 2,000+ people across 60 companies.”1 From what we’ve seen, it’s a reliable company that you can trust.

Did You Know: One feather-in-the-cap for D-Link is winning the prestigious iF Design award in 2020.2

D-Link Camera Costs

We were mostly pleased with D-Links prices, which hover in the $30-$100 range for indoor and outdoor cameras. This is cheaper than some of the best home security cameras on the market, but they also lack some of the advanced features that brands like Ring and Arlo offer. Don’t worry — we’ll discuss the features in just a bit. For now, you should know that D-Link is a budget-friendly camera system for both indoor and outdoor use.

Even D-Link’s more advanced cameras, like the 8525LH model, offer HD resolution and pan-tilt-zoom functionality. This particular wireless cam starts at just $99. It also plays well with Alexa and Google Assistant. If you ask us, that’s a pretty good deal for under a hundred bucks. Needless to say, you won’t break the bank with D-Link.

Keep in mind that the “8000” series (below) are D-Link’s newest cameras.3 You might also find their older 2000 and 5000 series sold on Amazon or in big-box stores like Best Buy. Also note that D-Link camera costs can vary depending on where you purchase them, so it’s hard to nail down an exact price per camera. But here’s what we found as far as selection goes.

D-Link Camera Features Snapshot

Camera TypeKey Features
DCS-8526LHIndoorFull HD, 360-degree pan & tilt, motion tracking, ethernet port
DCS-8525LHIndoor1080p HD, pan & tilt, two-way audio, sound/motion detection
DCS-8300LHIndoor1080p HD, night vision, 2-way talk, 137-degree viewing angle
DCS-8010LHIndoor720p HD, two-way talk, night vision, 120-degree viewing
DCS-8000LHIndoorMotion/sound alerts, small frame cam, 120-degree views
DCS-8600LH/LTOutdoor1080p HD, works with Alexa, IP65 weatherproofing
DCS-8600LHOutdoor1080p HD, weatherproof, two-way audio, 7m night vision
DCS-932LIndoor720p HD, sound and motion detection
DCS-5030LIndoor720p HD, pan & tilt, night vision, app-based controls

Cloud Subscriptions

We like that we didn’t need to purchase a cloud plan with D-Link. It’s totally optional. Without a plan, we still enjoyed a full day of video history on up to 3 cameras, which is actually pretty good. But the company also has a few paid plans to choose from.

FYI: Compared to other cloud subscriptions we’ve used (and we’ve tried lots!), D-Link’s plans are definitely on the cheaper end.

Cloud plans start at only $2.49 per month, and they top out at just $10 per month. You can also pay for a full year upfront to save even more money, which we recommend doing since the plans are so inexpensive to begin with.

Here’s how it shakes out: You can get seven days of video storage on up to three cameras for $2.49 per month; move up to 14 days of video with as many as five cameras covered for $4.99 per month; or store video from as many as 10 cameras for 30 days for only $9.99 per month. Note that D-Link is similar in price to Blink cameras, a great brand that makes our top 10 list. Here’s a handy chart that details exactly what you get.

D-Link Cloud Plans Analysis

Video History1-day7-days14-days30-days
Number of CamerasUp to 3Up to 3Up to 5Up to 10
Monthly PriceFree$2.49$4.99$9.99
Yearly PriceFree$24.99$49.99$99.99

Roundup of D-Link Camera Options

Keep in mind, D-Link does not sell directly through their website (we’ve seen this with other big brands like Samsung Wisenet and Ezviz cameras). So some of these products may or may not be available. That said, below are the types of cameras and features that you can expect from D-Link.

Also note that with the mydlink mobile app, you’ll get instant notifications, live-streaming, and full remote control of your cameras from virtually anywhere. In our experience, the mydlink app is stacked with neat options, easy to use, and on-par with Vivint’s award-winning SkyMobile app.

The full-featured 8525LH camera offers 1080p video quality at a price of $99.99. It includes pan and tilt functionality, two-way audio, 4X pinch-zoom, night vision, and live-streaming that you can cast to an enabled TV. We think it’s a solid price for a pan & tilt cam with high resolution.

Similar to its slightly more expensive cousin, the 8300 offers most of the same features for $89.99. You get full 1080p HD image quality, 16-foot night vision, and motion/sound detection. Plus, with a 130-degree viewing angle, the pan & tilt function isn’t as important anyway.

An even more affordable option at $59.99, the 8010 camera offers many of the same features as the first two cameras on this list, but the image resolution isn’t as great at 720p HD. We think the 8010 is an ideal solution for those who want quality indoor surveillance on a budget. You’ll still enjoy features like sound and motion detection, night vision and remote viewing.

DCS-8000LH (2-pack)
Offered individually and in a two-pack for $89.99 is D-Link’s 8000 series, which packs quite a punch in its tiny body. These cams offer 720p resolution, a 120-degree viewing angle, 16 feet of infrared night vision, and 4X pinch-zoom. We like these cameras, and we think the two-pack is a good value.

From D-Link’s previous generation, the 5030 is a 720p camera with pan and tilt capability, selling around $68. We think this is the ideal camera for those of you who aren’t ready to purchase D-Link’s newest products but still want the best features like full-HD 1080p resolution.

Pro Tip: We found the lowest prices for D-Link’s older cameras on Amazon.com. But you might also find deals and steals in big-box stores like Best Buy. Finding a D-Link cam is half the battle!

Offering both Wi-Fi and wired connections, the 5222 is one of D-Link’s most flexible and high-tech options, offering pan and tilt capability, 26 feet of night vision, and remote viewing. This camera sells for $89.99 if you can find it.

Another product from a previous generation of cameras, the 935 is priced at only $29.95 and comes with 720p HD image quality, 16 feet of night vision, sound and motion detection, and live remote viewing. It’s fairly bare-bones, but if you ask us, you can’t beat the price. But with that said, for only $10 more, we like Zmodo’s 1080p Indoor/Outdoor cameras with 65-feet of night vision, motion zones, the whole bit.

Business Cameras
With indoor and outdoor options ranging from $165-$1,000+, these weatherproof cameras include a power-over-ethernet (PoE) connection, incredibly crisp video quality at 5MP, night vision up to 90 feet, and a five-year warranty (one of the best warranties we’ve seen). D-Link offers more than a dozen cameras in its Vigilance line of products for businesses.

Our D-Link Camera Experience

Installation and Setup

If you already use D-Link products, like their high-performance modems and routers, or smart plugs and sensors, then setting up your cameras will be a snap. Simply unbox your cameras, plug them in, and add them to your mydlink app. That’s all there is to it.

But even if you’re new to D-Link products, the first two steps are the same as outlined above, but you’ll also want to scan the QR code to download the app. Then you’ll just follow the simple set up guide.

FYI: If you’re new to D-Link’s product fleet, don’t worry, you’ll still be up-and-running in just 5 minutes or so. We had no problem installing the cameras. But that’s par-for-the-course with DIY home security products.

With a recently refreshed app, we were able to customize everything about our D-Link cameras, and we recommend you do the same. For instance, push notifications weren’t enabled right out of the box. But it just took a few taps to set it up. Once you have this feature and others set to your liking, you’ll rest a little easier knowing that all of the controls are at your fingertips.

D-Link Features and Technology

Although we enjoyed using D-Link cameras on a daily basis, nothing stood out to us as particularly innovative or exciting. Don’t get us wrong, the features are great — like the 1080p HD image quality and pan & tilt functionality. We also really liked the smart home integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and IFTTT.4 If you’re a smart-home aficionado, we think you’ll appreciate the mydlink central command center.

That said, we’ve seen all of these features in other products. We like it when a company innovates new technology — like Nest Cams “Familiar Faces” or Kuna’s elegant smart light camera combo. We’re always looking for something unique to sink our teeth into. But alas, our experience with D-Link was nothing to write home about. We think it’s a solid camera setup, but it just doesn’t offer a sharp competitive edge that sets it apart from the competition.

D-Link Customer Service

We found that D-Link’s security cameras are designed to be easy to use, so you probably won’t have much reason to reach out to their customer service team. But if you hit any roadblocks, you can find help on D-Link’s website or in the mydlink app.

The limited interaction we had with their customer service team was positive. The company also offers firmware downloads, along with downloads for different drivers, software, manuals, and more. And we think you’ll also like the live-chat service feature they offer on their website.

Did You Know: D-Link also has an online support community that you can tap into for troubleshooting help. We think customer service is one of D-Link’s strengths.

Our Verdict & Recommendations

Overall, this is a decent camera system, especially considering most of D-Link’s products are under $100. They offer a simple plug-and-play installation, and they have just enough features to keep the techies among us happy. But we do have a few gripes about the brand.

For instance, we wish they would sell directly through their website and rename their cameras so it doesn’t feel like playing bingo (B-37 anyone?). This would take the headache out of finding a camera that works for us. Also, we’d like to see an ultra-HD camera in their lineup. As it stands, many of their cameras only offer 720p HD,5 which is fast-becoming obsolete in the industry.

Now, D-Link might be a great fit for some folks — especially people who are already running D-Link products (modems, routers, and the like). We also think it might be a good fit if you’re building out a home automation ecosystem, as D-Link works with all sorts of third-party smart platforms. But for most people, we’d recommend shopping around and really exploring our top picks for affordable, high-quality security cameras.

D-Link Security Cameras FAQs

Does D-Link work with Alexa?

Yes, the cameras are Alexa and Google Assistant compatible. And they even work with IFTTT.

Are D-Link cameras easy to install?

Yes, we found that these cameras offer simple, DIY installation.

Does it have night vision?

Yes, most of D-Link’s indoor and outdoor cameras offer infrared night vision.

Does D-Link offer cloud recording?

Yes, the company offers three cloud subscription plans — one for 7-days of video history, one for 14-days of history, and one for 30-days of video history.

Is it easy to find D-Link cameras?

Not really. While D-Link is widely available on Amazon and in big-box stores like Best Buy, we found that many of their cameras are discontinued and the product names (which are actually just numbers) make finding a camera pretty frustrating.

SafeHome only uses high-quality sources to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.
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  1. Avatar Lavinia Manganelli says:

    I need some assistance in retrieving vandalism activity directly outside the window where my DLink is facing. Originally, I was able to view the camera on my cell phone but for some reason it is no longer available. I am not too up on the newest technology today and would like some assisstance in getting it reconnected to my cell phone and also and more importantly retrieving any activity it may have recorded and/or saved.

    1. Andrew Garcia Andrew Garcia says:

      Hi Lavinia,
      You’d need to contact D-Link directly for technical assistance. Good luck!

  2. Avatar SGB Cle says:

    My D-link cameras have always worked well for me with Blue Iris and with phone apps like IPCam Viewer. I don’t use the D-Link app, but the cameras themselves are great. It takes a bit of reading to understand how to set them up with a third party app, but well worth it.

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