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Last Updated On: April 17, 2019
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6.8 SecureScore™
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D-Link Security Camera Ratings

A plug-and-play Wi-Fi camera for under a hundred bucks? That’s the name of the game for D-Link. These easy-to-use cameras are ideal for smart-home enthusiasts and budget-shoppers who want maximum customization at minimal prices. The cameras boast HD image quality, infrared night vision, seamless integration with automation platforms, and more. While setup isn’t always a cinch, D-Link might suit your needs. Read our experts’ thoughts in our D-Link review.

  • Affordability
  • Seamless integration with home automation
  • Easy third-party compatibility
  • Infrared night vision
  • Simple setup for most users
  • Remote viewing through app
  • HD image quality on most models
  • Cloud storage plans
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Products widely available from Amazon or big-box stores

  • Setup can be complicated if using all features
  • No ultra-HD models
  • No outdoor models for homeowners


D-Link has long been a leader in offering networking solutions like modems and routers, and it’s becoming a go-to company for many home-automation enthusiasts. D-Link’s fleet of automation products like smart plugs and sensors allows homeowners to do everything from toggle lights off and on to detect a water leak from miles away.

So it’s no wonder that the company’s suite of Wi-Fi cameras is just the next evolution of D-Link’s product offerings.

All of D-Link’s cameras integrate smoothly into existing home-networking systems you may already enjoy, and even for those with third-party systems, D-Link’s cameras should fit right in, though setup may take a bit longer.

With five new cameras released in the past few months, D-Link is poised to tackle 2019 with low-cost HD cameras that will have homeowners up and running in no time. For most users, the wallet-friendly price point of D-Link’s offerings will put the company at the top of the list.

D-Link’s model 8525LH is a full-HD, pan-tilt-zoom Wi-FI camera starting at just $99 that not only will integrate with existing home automation from D-Link and others but plays well with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

For users who want to set up motion alerts and notification, the out-of-the-box settings will need to be tweaked, but with D-Link’s mydlink mobile app to guide you along and video tutorials aplenty on the website, you’ll be able to make your cameras do exactly what you want when you want it.

D-Link also offers local and cloud storage options, so you don’t have to worry about losing crucial footage, and for business customers, D-Link’s great features and affordability also come in power-over-ethernet outdoor models.

Ideal for home automation enthusiasts, home security beginners and budget-conscious buyers, D-Link’s cameras may not offer eye-popping specs compared to some higher-priced competitors, but the image quality and feature set are more than worth the price of entry.

Features & Technology

Full HD Resolution

All of D-Link’s new home security cameras offer up to 1080p HD resolution so you don’t have to sacrifice image quality for a low price.

Two-Way Audio

Several models offer two-way audio, allowing you not only to see and hear what’s happening but to be able to communicate with those on the other end; now your teen has no excuse for not getting their homework done.

Live Remote Viewing

Stream your footage live, so you know what’s going on moment-by-moment, and even cast to an enabled device so you don’t have to squint to see what’s happening on your phone.

Local & Cloud Storage Options

Cloud storage is free for 24 hours, or you can use an SD card to store footage. Need more storage? No problem, just sign up through the mydlink app for a monthly subscription plan starting at just $2.49 per month for seven days of storage.

Push Notifications & Email Alerts

Fully customize why and when you receive notifications or alerts so you’re not being constantly bombarded with push notifications you don’t care about.

Wide-Angle Viewing

See more of what’s going on; D-Link’s home cameras boast wide-angle viewing up to 180 degrees.

Infrared Night Vision

Action in your house doesn’t just take place during the bright light of day. Keep an eye on what’s happening after-hours with 16-foot IR night vision.

Pan, Tilt & Zoom

With multiple PTZ models, D-Link will let you see even more with just a few gestures in the app.

Maximum Customization Via App

Tweak the sensitivity of sound and motion detection as well as the frequency of notifications with just a few taps in the mydlink app.

Ease of Use

For homeowners who already use D-Link products, such as modems and routers, smart plugs and sensors, setting up your cameras will be a snap. Simply take the camera out of the box, plug it in and add it to your mydlink app.

New to D-Link’s product fleet? No problem; the first two steps are the same, but you’ll just scan a QR code to download the app and before you know it, you’ll be flying.

With a recently refreshed app, you can customize everything about your new camera, and you’ll likely want to, as a few features may not be ideal for you. For instance, push notification is not enabled right out of the box. But it just takes a few taps to set it up, and once you’ll do, you may find you rest easier knowing exactly what your camera is programmed to do.

For those who are familiar with either D-Link or other home-automation systems, the broad customization options will be welcomed, and even beginners likely won’t find the system too difficult to navigate, especially for the price.

Plus, if you get too stuck, simply visit D-Link’s website for tutorials or support.

Customer Service

D-Link’s home security products are designed to be easy to use, so most homeowners likely will have no need to consult customer service, but you can find help on D-Link’s website or in the mydlink app, and with the widespread use of D-Link’s products, there’s an entire online community of support out there.

With products designed specifically to work well with third-party gear, D-Link works hard to make sure users aren’t frustrated.


You’d be hard-pressed to find a plug-and-play Wi-Fi camera for your home for under a hundred bucks, but that’s exactly what you get with D-Link.


With four new products leading the way, D-Link’s line of home cameras surely offers a solution that’s right for you.

DCS-8525LH – $99.99

The most full-featured of D-Link’s new products, the 8525 camera offers 1080p image resolution, pan and tilt functionality and two-way audio. Plus, you’ll get 4X pinch-zoom and 16 feet of night vision that you can live-stream and cast to an enabled TV. And with a 114-degree field of vision, you will not miss a thing.

DCS-8300LH – $89.99

Similar to its slightly more expensive cousin, the 8300 offers most of the same specs minus the PTZ form factor. Still, you get full 1080p HD image quality, 16-foot night vision and motion/sound detection. Plus, with a 130-degree angle, you may not miss the panning ability anyway.

DCS-8010LH – $59.99

An even more affordable option, the 8010 camera offers many of the same features as the first two cameras on this list, but the image resolution is slightly lower at 720p, though that’s still high-definition. With a simply unbeatable price point, the 8010 is an ideal solution for those who don’t need full-HD images. Plus, you still get the robust feature set that includes sound and motion detection, night vision and remote viewing.

DCS-8000LH – $89.99 (2-pack)

Offered as a single but more frequently coming as a two-pack is D-Link’s 8000 series, which packs quite a punch in its tiny body. Boasting a 120-degree viewing angle, 16 feet of infrared night vision and 4X pinch-zoom, these little cameras are anything but wimpy. With 720p image resolution, remote viewing and push notifications, these cameras prove size isn’t everything.

DSH-C310 – $129.30

The HomeKit-enabled Omna 180 is the perfect camera for Apple fangirls and fanboys, as it’s ready to pair with other HomeKit-enabled devices right out of the box. And it certainly doesn’t skimp on other features, offering an incredible 180-degree view, 1080p full-HD resolution, two-way audio, motion detection and live viewing through the free Omna app.

DCS-5030L – $67.86

From D-Link’s previous generation, the 5030 is a 720p camera with pan and tilt capability. This is the ideal camera for those who aren’t ready to purchase D-Link’s newest products but still want most of the features, as this camera simply lacks the full-HD 1080p resolution of some newer offerings.

DCS-2530L – $40.98

A full-HD 1080p camera offering a 180-degree viewing angle, the 2530 is a mainstay of D-Link’s suite, and for good reason. Take advantage of robust storage options with a 128GB microSD card slot and maximize video quality with unique de-warping capabilities.

DCS-2630L – $59.99

Closely related to the camera right above, this option ups the price point just a bit but adds better Wi-Fi guts inside the camera and offers a crazy 8X pinch-zoom so you can see all the fine details of your footage. And, of course, you still get two-way audio, push alerts and remote viewing thanks to the mydlink app.

DCS-936L – $39.99

An incredibly budget-friendly option, the 936 doesn’t skimp on the features. With 720p HD resolution, sound and motion detection and 16 feet of night vision, don’t let the low price point fool you. You may not have full-HD image quality with this camera, but for the money you’re saving, will you really miss it?

DCS-5222L – $89.99

Offering both Wi-Fi and wired connections, the 5222 is not only one of D-Link’s most flexible options, but it’s also one of the most robust, offering pan and tilt capability, 26 feet of night vision and remote viewing.

DCS-935L – $29.95

Though it has the lowest starting price of any of D-Link’s cameras, you’d be wise not to underestimate the 935, as it comes with 720p HD image quality, 16 feet of night vision, sound and motion detection, and live remote viewing.

Business Cameras – $164.25-$1,019.99

With indoor and outdoor options, weatherproof ratings up to IP66 and power-over-ethernet setup, D-Link offers more than a dozen cameras in its Vigilance line of products. Get image resolution up to an eye-popping 5MP, infrared night vision up to 90 feet and five-year warranties to make sure your business is covered for years to come.

Cloud Storage Plans – $24.99-$99.99

Need to keep your hands on your footage for longer than 24 hours and sick of swapping out SD cards? No worries; D-Link has a cloud storage plan that will work for you. Seven days of storage from up to three cameras starts at about $2 per month; move up to 14 days of video from as many as five cameras for as little as about $4 per month; or store feeds from as many as 10 cameras for a full month for just under $100 per year, or about $8.35 per month.


  • mydlink Network Video Recorder – $196.99
  • mydlink Camera Recorder – $295.88

Note: Equipment prices retrieved from Amazon in early January 2019; D-Link does not sell cameras directly through its website. Cameras also can be purchased at Best Buy and other retailers.


The average homeowner has simple needs when it comes to indoor home security — sound and motion detection, easy setup and remote operations. D-Link’s fleet of residential cameras offers that and much more at an incredibly affordable price.

While it’s true that none of D-Link’s home cameras offer the ultra-HD image resolution found in products from a few other providers, few homeowners truly need that kind of image quality, and the ones who get will pay a high price for it.

Whether you’re a longtime D-Link user and are ready to add the company’s cameras to your home’s network or you’re completely new to home security cameras, D-Link’s products offer the must-have feature set with a price that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. Plus, D-Link’s healthy suite of business-focused cameras means that those who truly need ultra-HD quality will be able to find it at still-reasonable prices.

With widespread availability at Best Buy and Amazon, you’ll also be able to rest assured knowing you’re getting a good-quality product from a reputable store and not ordering from a website you’ve never heard of.

If you’ve shopped for home security cameras, you know the process can be painful, both for your brain and your wallet. D-Link takes care of both by offering high-quality, easy-to-use cameras at surprisingly low prices.

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  1. Moby says:

    The iOS myDlink app is garbage.

    1. NOT user-friendly. There are ridiculous hoops you have to go through to use individual features. For example, that pointless slider just slows you down and you have to slide, click in and do the reverse to go back and forth between features.

    2. The SOUND gets disabled on all your cameras if you use the MIC just once.

    3. It loads slow. By the time you click on the alert and FINALLY get to the live feed, whatever was happening is already over.

    4. The D-LINK cameras all have an annoying clicking sound. What is that from? Are you using old-timey camera technologies with miniature reel-to-real tape?

    5. Seriously, the APP is dead on arrival. And now, newer cameras do not even work on the web interface, which was lame to begin with.

  2. Sabreen Al Kayyali says:

    It is slow. Keeps disconnecting or gives an Error. User unfriendly. Very disappointed and regret that we bought two cameras.

  3. Lavinia Manganelli says:

    I need some assistance in retrieving vandalism activity directly outside the window where my DLink is facing. Originally, I was able to view the camera on my cell phone but for some reason it is no longer available. I am not too up on the newest technology today and would like some assisstance in getting it reconnected to my cell phone and also and more importantly retrieving any activity it may have recorded and/or saved.

    1. Lward says:

      Hi Lavinia,
      You’d need to contact D-Link directly for technical assistance. Good luck!

  4. SGB Cle says:

    My D-link cameras have always worked well for me with Blue Iris and with phone apps like IPCam Viewer. I don’t use the D-Link app, but the cameras themselves are great. It takes a bit of reading to understand how to set them up with a third party app, but well worth it.

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