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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Lorex.

SecureScore™: 8.4/10

When it comes to security cameras and home security systems, both Lorex and Amcrest offer a large selection of options for you to choose from. While the Amcrest line seems to be a little cheaper, both offer features that make each system stand out. High-quality devices and sharp video images are at the top of the list. Both also offer homeowners to fully customize their system in terms of what they want and what they need to fully protect their home from a variety of mishaps or unwanted intruders.

Overview: Lorex vs Amcrest

Lorex and Amcrest are camera-based home security systems that require no contracts. Systems are installed by the homeowner. High-definition video and images are offered with all devices. Each system offers a wide variety of features and devices that are designed to fully protect your home from unwanted intruders while, at the same time, providing you with a sense of security that will allow you to feel safe at all times.

  • Both offer infrared night vision
  • Includes two-way voice communication
  • Amcrest offers systems that are wired and wireless
  • Lorex offers dome and bullet-shaped cameras
  • Mobile alerts are available with both systems

Similarities: Lorex vs Amcrest

Lorex and Amcrest each have an extensive list of devices that can be used to build a multi-level, home security system. Because of the comprehensive list of devices and features offered by each company, both are capable of putting together a well-rounded and completely effective security system that is capable of protecting large properties. Each system offers various types of recording and storage options that allow you to choose how you monitor your system. Neither requires professional monitoring but both offer mobile access through a downloadable app.

  • No contracts
  • No professional installation
  • Both systems come with detailed instructions for installation and set up
  • Multiple storage options
  • Systems can be extremely expensive

Differences: Lorex vs Amcrest

Lorex and Amcrest have several differences. Amcrest offers a wider selection of equipment outside of its camera line-up. While Lorex sticks to primarily wireless options, Amcrest offers both wired and wireless devices that allow you to tap right into your homes' wiring. Amcrest also offers weatherproofing for their equipment. While Lorex focuses on local and SD card storage options, Amcrest offers both NVR and DVR cloud storage options.

  • Amcrest offers IP67 Weatherproofing
  • Lorex offers storage using SD cards and security grade external hard drives
  • Amcrest offers wired systems as well as wireless
  • Lorex offers 4K video quality
  • Amcrest is limited in terms of compatibility with third parties


Lorex has multiple features that work together to provide top-level security systems. A few of the features included are the cloud security camera app, the mobile app, local storage using security-grade external hard drives, night vision, two-way communication, and temperature sensors.

Amcrest also offers a variety of features including cloud storage, mobile apps, NVR/DVR storage, full HD image resolution, two-way communication, video doorbells, wide viewing angles of up to 120 degrees, and WiFi connectivity.


Neither company requires a contract or service agreement.


Lorex offers a 60-day refund on any items purchased. The cost for the cameras starts at less than $100 with entire security systems costing well over $3,000. Systems are personalized to the needs of the home so costs for the system and cloud storage will range from home to home.

With Amcrest, indoor monitors start at $65. Outdoor cameras start at $85. Other cameras start at around $250 and continue to go higher depending on the type of cameras and the number you purchase of each one. System and cloud storage costs can be well into the thousands of dollars to provide security for an entire home.


All of the cameras offered by Lorex come in one of two distinct shapes, either bullet or dome. They offer indoor and outdoor camera options. Dome cameras offer a 360-degree field of view. Temperature sensors are also offered.

Amcrest offers many different devices including indoor and outdoor security cameras, baby monitors, video doorbell viewers, as well as other types of devices. They offer DVR/NVR, dash-cams, GPS trackers, drones, and hunting cams for additional coverage.


Lorex and Amcrest systems include highly detailed instructions so that they can be installed and set up by the homeowner. Even large systems can be installed rather quickly, sometimes in less than an hour.

Emergency Connections

Both Lorex and Amcrest are self-monitored systems. With their cloud storage capabilities and DVR/NVR capabilities, the systems are designed to be monitored by the homeowners. Each system, however, does send notifications if alerts are triggered. It's up to the homeowner to notify the authorities.

Summary: Lorex vs Amcrest

Lorex offers some of the most technologically advanced equipment on the market. If you are looking for a state of the art, camera-based system with cloud storage and other benefits, Lorex is a good choice.

Amcrest is the best choice if you want access to all of the top of the line gadgets including GPS trackers, dash-cams, drones, and all of the security camera options.