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Travis Goodreau

What Sets Amcrest Apart

While most security companies focus on their equipment offerings, a large part of Amcrest’s marketing is focused on their cloud storage services. In fact, the Amcrest Cloud services page is the most developed and informative part of their website.

Like many of their competitors, Amcrest is not Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited but they still have a BBB grade, B+. They also have a BBB history of customer complaints and reviews that show a struggling and underdeveloped customer service department.

They manufacture their own products and pride themselves on the time spent ensuring their quality. Often months and even years are spent on developing and testing of each product before it is released for purchase. In addition, they offer free enhancements and updates via their website.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • Live View
  • DIY Installation
  • Mobile Alerts
  • Wireless
  • Remote Control
  • Local & Cloud Storage

Amcrest Price & Packages

Amcrest offers customers a wide variety of home security equipment options from which to choose. In addition to a wide variety of traditional technologies such as indoor or outdoor POE and Wi-Fi cameras, NVRs and DVRs, and video surveillance systems that combine these components. They also offer a range of products to enhance the customer’s security system such as:

  • Trail Cams: These allow the user to capture footage in remote locations and view it in real time or review the footage stored to the Amcrest Cloud.
  • GPS trackers: Keep track of the people and possessions that mean the most with GPS trackers that enable users to follow the path taken.
  • Baby Monitors: Keep a careful eye on baby while going about the tasks of the day such as doing laundry, answering the door, or cooking dinner.
  • Drones: With Wi-Fi cameras, these devices enable Amcrest customers to capture video of areas and from angles that would otherwise be impossible.
  • Mini Spy Cams: Sometimes the only way to catch somebody doing something wrong is to allow them to think that nobody is watching. With these discreet fully functioning cameras, customers can keep an eye on what matters most to them without letting others know they are being observed … and recorded.

In addition to their variety of surveillance equipment, Amcrest also offers Amcrest Cloud storage capabilities. The Amcrest Cloud goes beyond the basic cloud storage capabilities offered by many other surveillance companies. One of the most outstanding of these features is the HD Intelligent Timeline Playback. This allows customers to seamlessly review footage that is recorded via scrolling through the event timeline created by the system.

Furthermore, included in the Amcrest Cloud service are features such as live video, motion detection, scheduling, and cloud recording, of course. All cameras are streamed in high-quality 1080p resolution and Amcrest Cloud is usable for all devices in a system. This is all offered via a secure, easy to use system with plug and play installation and simple expansion.

Amcrest Cloud plans all include unlimited live streaming. Among the Amcrest Cloud plans available to customers are:

  • 7 days for $6 per camera per month
  • 14 days for $10 per camera per month
  • 30 days for $15 per camera per month
  • 60 days for $23 per camera per month
  • 90 days for $27.50 per camera per month

Current Deal

Amcrest offers a free trial of their Cloud services. This free trial is for four hours of recording on one camera and is designed to give customers a real-life example of what storage in the cloud can do for them.

About Amcrest Security

Amcrest is based in Houston, Texas and sells security surveillance equipment and systems for personal residences and businesses of any size. They manufacture and distribute top rated security products globally with their strongest markets being in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Germany. Each of these areas hosts its own warehouse to ensure that all orders are shipped locally and thus, received within 48 hours. Plus, all shipping is free of charge to the customer. Check out the full review of Amcrest here.

Mobile Alerts
Mobile Alerts

Customized alerts can be set up to notify customers when motion is detected, or other incidents occur. They are then sent via email, the mobile app, and directly to the customer’s registered cellular phone.

Wireless Equipment
Wireless Equipment

With wireless equipment, there is no need for tools or professional installers to set up an Amcrest home security camera system.

DIY Installation
DIY Installation

Amcrest offers customers with convenient plug and play installation so that they never need to pay additional charges for installation.

Remote Control
Remote Control

The Amcrest App allows users to completely control and monitor their systems. This includes the ability to activate and deactivate the system, operate individual cameras, and viewing live feeds from all the cameras within a system.

Surveillance Cameras
High Definition

Video is recorded and streamed in 1080p resolution or better. This helps to ensure that anything that is caught by the cameras is clear and easily recognizable.

Motion Detection

All of Amcrest’s IP (Internet Protocol) cameras come with full motion detection as well as motion activated recording features. This motion detection is designed to eliminate false alarms triggered by house pets via advanced intelligent detection technology.

Address Change Verification
Cloud Storage

The Amcrest Cloud offers customers a way to store the images captured by their cameras systems that are only able to be accessed by them. Cloud storage enables retrieval of camera footage even if the camera and its local storage are stolen or destroyed.

Sex Offender Registration
Live Streaming

As long as there is Internet access, customers can watch a live feed from their video cameras from anywhere in the world.

Voice Response
2-Way Voice

This feature allows customers to communicate with other family members within the home, pets, and visitors even if they are around the world on vacation.

Social Media Monitoring
Night Vision

Cameras with night vision capabilities allow for clear video feeds even in the middle of the night or when there is no available light source.

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