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Haven’t heard of Geeni yet? You will. They offer a huge lineup of affordable security and home automation equipment

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If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? Would one of them be affordable home security and home automation products?

No? Just us?

Regardless, you don’t have to find some mythical demigod living in a lamp to secure some rock-solid equipment at rock-bottom prices. All you have to do is check out Geeni.

If you’re looking for high-tech features, mega-high resolutions, or off-site storage options, you should probably keep moving. But if you need affordable home automation or a wide selection of cameras that cover a ton of use cases, you might want to keep reading.

We’re going to take a quick look at some of Geeni’s most popular products and the costs in just a second; but first, let’s break down what makes this brand stand out.

What to Expect From Geeni

If you decide to go with Geeni equipment to secure and automate your home, here’s what you’re going to be seeing across the board:

  • A huge selection of products
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • An easy-to-use app experience
  • Comprehensive integrations
  • No hub required for home automation products

This sounds about right, but let’s contrast that with some of the not-so-positive aspects of this brand:

  • Very few advanced features
  • Low resolution on cameras
  • A difficult return policy
  • A brand that lacks transparency and reputation
  • No security products beyond cameras

Hopefully, this gives you a 30,000-foot overview of what Geeni is all about. We always want to show you both sides of the coin before we start talking in-depth about products, which is what we’ll do right now.

A Breakdown of Standout Geeni Products

Like we alluded to above, Geeni has a massive selection of security cameras as well as quite a few pieces of home automation equipment — all at reasonable prices. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more popular items.

Freebird Outdoor Camera

The Geeni Freebird

The Geeni Freebird

This $89.99 battery-operated camera is a great addition to any home’s security posture. It might be lacking a little when it comes to advanced features, but it more than makes up for this deficit in terms of reliability and affordability. We spent several days testing the Freebird, and when all was said and done, it outperformed cameras that cost twice as much.

Keep in mind that this camera is battery-operated, which means you’re periodically going to have to take it inside for some more juice. Geeni says it’ll last about three months per charge, but if it’s mounted in a high-traffic area, you might find yourself recharging more often. For more information on this, check out our guide to placing security cameras.

Look Indoor Camera

The Geeni Look

The Geeni Look

If you’re looking to keep an eye on things indoors, the Geeni Look is a camera to keep an eye on. At just $34.99, it’s hugely affordable. Its diminutive stature and discrete design also ensure it’ll fit on just about any bookshelf, mantle, or TV cabinet without drawing too much attention.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is the Look offers very few features beyond simple motion detection. If you’re looking for an indoor camera that will tell you exactly who just walked into the room, you might want to read our review of the Nest Cam — specifically its AI-driven Familiar Face feature.

Pro Tip: At just $34.99, the Geeni Look might seem like a steal, but there are plenty of other security cameras out there around that price point. If you’re looking to keep an eye out around your home without draining your bank account, check out our roundup of the most affordable security cameras on the market today.

There are a handful of other cameras we’ll list in our chart below, but we don’t want to give you the impression Geeni is a one-trick pony: The company also offers equipment that helps add a little panache to your domestic space, as well.

Smart Symphony RGBW Multicolor Strip Lights

Change the mood with the Smart Symphony light strip.

Change the mood with the Smart Symphony light strip.

Lights go on, lights go off. Dark. Light. It can get a little boring, right? If you’re sick of seeing the same spaces all the time, it’s easy to transform any room with Geeni’s light strips — the Smart Symphony, in particular. Change your bedroom ambiance from your phone based on your mood, or even the music you’re currently listening to, for just $17.99 per light strip.

So that’s a lot of fun, but maybe you’re looking for something a little more practical? Geeni has you covered there, too.

Automatic Pet Feeder and Water Fountains

The Geeni PetConnect Automatic Pet Feeder.

The Geeni PetConnect Automatic Pet Feeder.

The Geeni 2L Smart PetConnect water fountain will make sure Fluffy or Fido stays hydrated, and the PetConnect Automatic Feeder will help you keep your furry friends’ bellies full of nutritious food. The former will run you $69.99, while the latter costs $89.99. Each one syncs with the Geeni app to set schedules and will notify you when it’s time to refill them. You can even record a personal message for your pet to hear when it’s time to eat. If you upgrade to the $129.99 version, you’ll get a live video feed to make sure your four-legged family members are happy and healthy.

A Comprehensive Look at Geeni’s Offerings

We’ve highlighted some of Geeni’s more popular products here, but truth be told, we’ve barely scratched the surface. Let’s dive a little deeper and take a look at each one of their products by category to see how much they’ll cost you.

Geeni Camera Costs

Geeni Camera Price
Geeni Look $34.99
Geeni Hawk 3 $59.99
Geeni Freebird $89.99
Geeni Sentry $89.99
Geeni Doorpeek Doorbell $79.99
Geeni Glimpse $24.99
Geeni Scope $39.99
Geeni Aware $29.99
Geeni Sentinel $49.99
Geeni Baby $47.99

Geeni Lighting Costs

Geeni Lighting Price
Geeni Prisma 1050 Smart LED WiFi Light Bulb $16.99
Geeni Smart Retrofit LED Recessed Lighting $39.99
Geeni Prisma 800 Smart LED WiFi Light Bulb $15.99
Geeni LUX Edison Dimmable Bulbs (4 Pack) $39.99
Geeni Prisma Strip $24.99
Geeni Prisma Neoflex RGB LED Strip Light $39.99
Geeni Prisma Drop E26 $17.99

Power and Switches Costs

Geeni Power and Switches Price
Geeni Indoor/Outdoor Smart Plug $19.99
Geeni Tap Smart WiFi Light Switch $24.99
Geeni 6-Outlet Smart Extension Cord $29.99
Geeni Tap and Dim Smart WiFi Dimmer Switch $27.99
Geeni Current Smart WiFi Outlet $24.99

Geeni Lifestyle and Health Costs

Geeni Lifestyle and Health Price
Geeni Smart Garage Opener $34.99
Geeni 2L Smart PetConnect Water Fountain $59.99
GeeniPetConnect Automatic Pet Feeder $89.99
Geeni Breathe XL Smart Air Purifier $69.99
Geeni Soothe Smart WiFi Humidifier $47.99
Geeni Harmony Essence Smart WiFi Essential Oil Diffuser $34.99

Phew. That’s a lot of products that can all talk to each other and be controlled from your smartphone. Wait — there’s no hub required? Exactly right. That’s another one of Geeni’s selling points. Or so it would seem.

The Geeni App

So one of the really interesting things about Geeni is that they don’t require a hub to control any of their home automation products — it can all be done from your phone.

“Hey great – that’s one less piece of equipment I have to buy,” you might be saying to yourself. And you’re correct – sometimes these hubs can cost $100 or more like we saw in our review of Arlo’s security cameras. But the good thing about a hub is that it takes the strain off of your home wireless network. If you’re running a dozen pieces of home automation equipment without one, you might notice some significant slowdowns when you’re trying to check your email or watch Netflix. Especially if you have cameras in the mix, this can be pulling in gigs and gigs of data. Which brings us to our next point…

Geeni Storage Options

As we already mentioned, Geeni isn’t specifically focused on security cameras, but they certainly have quite a few in their arsenal of products. You might assume that they offer a way to handle all of the recordings, right? You might even expect to see them on our list of the best cloud subscription services. Well, let’s unpack this.

Geeni’s cameras are exclusively local storage only. Sure, you can record video and take snapshots with your phone, but if you want to capture video when your motion detectors trip, you’re going to need to use a microSD card.

Pro Tip: Some security camera manufacturers make you purchase a cloud subscription to activate all of the features their equipment offers, like AI-based package detection or facial recognition. Something to keep in mind when you’re budgeting, if those features are important to you.

Now, for some people, this might be a tick in the “pro” column, and for others, it might be a massive drawback. If you don’t really trust a third party to handle your data — and with the number of data breaches making headlines almost every day, who could blame you — this is a good thing. And as an added bonus, there’s no additional monthly fee to keep your cameras running at peak performance.

But make sure you think about the benefits and drawbacks of local storage. Sure, you’re in control of all your data, but what happens when an intruder absconds with the actual camera? Now you don’t have any record that they were there at all. Just something to keep in mind. Sometimes, off-site data storage offers more security in the long run.

So now that we’ve discussed all of Geeni’s offerings and their pricing, it’s time to make the final consideration.

Is Geeni Right for Me?

The answer to this question is an unsatisfying “it depends.” Sorry folks.

If you’re looking for high technology, then no, Geeni is probably not right for you. Geeni’s equipment is pretty basic, and there aren’t a whole lot of frills and flash to be found here. If you’re looking for affordable equipment that’s going to satisfy the basic requirements, though, then yes — absolutely. You can definitely realize a lot of cool home automation benefits and improve your security stature without having to take out a second mortgage.

If you’re not quite sure that Geeni is dialed into your needs, though, check out our guide to the best home security cameras of 2023. Regardless of your decision, just by nature of researching this — you’re on the right path. Stay safe out there!

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