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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Arlo.

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Both Arlo and Blink security systems are based around high-quality cameras. Each system offers high-quality images and video. Each system is easy to install and doesn't require expensive hardware or tools to complete the setup.

Overview: Arlo vs Blink

While the Arlo system is much more sophisticated in terms of home automation and technology, the Blink cameras offer adequate surveillance capabilities. Blink is an inexpensive, but effective option for homeowners who aren't interested in the more high-tech bells and whistles.

  1. The Blink camera is for indoor use only, while Blink XT2 has indoor/outdoor capabilities
  2. Arlo offers two-way communication, Blink does not
  3. Blink does not support home automation on its own
  4. Arlo and Blink offer motion sensors that are built into their cameras
  5. Both systems offer DIY installation

Similarities: Blink vs Arlo

As camera-based home security systems, Arlo and Blink are capable of recording video and providing quality images. Neither company requires a contract or subscription fees and can be installed in a relatively short period of time.

  • Both systems can sync several cameras to one hub
  • No long-term contracts
  • DIY installation and set-up
  • Ideal for individuals who own or rent their home
  • Both systems offer night vision capabilities (Blink XT2)

Differences: Blink vs Arlo

The main differences between the Arlo and Blink systems involve their price and 24/7 monitoring capabilities. Both are advanced in terms of the technology built into their cameras, but Blink doesn't offer the same features as many of the other, more popular home security systems.

  • Arlo is much more expensive but offers a wider range of features
  • Blink does allow its cameras to integrate with the Amazon Alexa platform
  • Arlo uses rechargeable batteries
  • Blink is 100% wireless


Blink's cameras offer a range of approximately 100-feet from the hub and allow for 10 cameras to be synced to one hub. Although video length and storage capabilities are limited, the quality of the video is sufficient to serve its purpose. For outdoor video, the Blink XT2 camera must be used. Cameras have built-in motion sensors.

Arlo offers both indoor and outdoor cameras and can be synced to other devices to offer 100% wireless service. Arlo also offers 24/7 monitoring services, while Blink does not. The Arlo cameras have built-in motion sensors built-in to detect unexpected movement both inside and outside the home.


Neither company requires lengthy contracts or a long-term subscription to a cloud storage service. Arlo does offer the option of month-to-month cloud storage capabilities, but it is not a requirement when you purchase the system.


The Blink camera system that includes the module starts at $79.99.

The Arlo system is more expensive with a starting price of $200 to $400. Arlo cameras cost close to $200 a piece when purchased as additions to the original system.


The Blink cameras are 720p that produce quality video with a built-in microphone. They also include built-in motion sensors. Although they don't offer two-way communication, cameras do have microphones that are built-in. Video recording time is less than 60 seconds.

Arlo's cameras include motion sensors and two-way communication. They also offer month-to-month cloud storage where you can keep up to 1000 hours of storage. You get 2 white cameras, wiring, and adjustable magnetic brackets as part of the Arlo starter package.


Both companies offer do-it-yourself installation. No tools are required and the systems can be easily removed and re-installed at a different location. Arlo and Blink systems come with detailed installation instructions.

Emergency Connections

Arlo can be paired with the SmartThings hub and allows for Wi-Fi, or cellular connectivity. Blink, on the other hand, depends completely on a Wi-Fi connection to be functional.

Summary: Arlo vs Blink

The Arlo home security system by Netgear offers one of the most advanced camera systems on the market. Ideal for both homeowners and renters, it's ideal for individuals who don't mind paying a little more for quality video and technology.

Blink and Blink XT2 are also camera-based home security systems that offer high-quality images. This is one of the better choices if you are looking for an inexpensive system that comes in under $200 and still provides quality images.

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