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Smart home and home security camera offerings from a global name in security.

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Travis Goodreau

What Sets Zmodo Apart

There are several things that set Zmodo apart from the competition. For one thing, they offer exceptional home security monitoring and surveillance at a very low price. You simply pay for the cost of the equipment and then monitor the cameras yourself via a smartphone or app or internet portal.

Zmodo has expanded its offerings and now includes more smart home devices and options. The company offers a Smart Sprinkler Controller to make lawn care a breeze.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • Home Automation
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Wi-Fi and 3G Cell Alerts
  • Wireless
  • Low Monitoring Fees
  • DIY Installation

Zmodo Price & Packages

Insider Tips: Zmodo offers several comprehensive security systems. These are all surveillance camera based. There is both indoor and outdoor monitoring via smart security cameras. You can add Zmodo’s smart doorbell, the “Greet Pro” and other smart devices to your system, as well.

Zmodo is a great option for customers who want camera-based home security without paying a monthly monitoring charge or signing a contract. All of Zmodo’s products can be self-monitored. The cameras all include 36 hours of video and audio storage for free. There are no contracts to sign with Zmodo. If you want additional cloud storage, you would simply pay a small monthly fee.

What’s Included: Zmodo includes the following with all of its security systems: motion detection alerts, flexible installation, 36 hours of secure cloud footage, 256-bit encryption and easy network setup.

Zmodo CameraCamera TypePrice
Snap ProIndoor Camera$169
Snap ProIndoor Camera$169
Pivot CloudIndoor Camera$149
PivotIndoor Camera$149
1080p Pan & TiltIndoor Camera$99
Sight 180Indoor Camera$79
Sight 180 CIndoor Camera$79
EZCamIndoor Camera$29
720p Mini CameraIndoor Camera$35
Sight 180 OutdoorOutdoor Camera$99
1080p Outdoor WiFi CameraOutdoor Camera$49
1080p Outdoor WiFi Camera ProOutdoor Camera$79
720p Outdoor CameraOutdoor Camera$39
Greet Pro Smart DoorbellDoorbell Camera$179
Greet Smart DoorbellDoorbell Camera$179
Greet HD Smart DoorbellDoorbell Camera$149
Greet Select Smart DoorbellDoorbell Camera$99

Current Deal

Zmodo is currently offering 15 percent off to new subscribers when you sign up for their email newsletter. The discount is available for select products in the Zmodo store. Zmodo’s home security camera equipment packages start at just $129 for the Zmodo Replay package, which includes 2 indoor and 2 outdoor home security cameras.




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  • 36 Hours of Alerts and Audio/Video Clip Storage
  • Custom




    View Cameras
    • 7 Days of Alerts and Audio/Video Clip Storage
    • 7 Days of Continuous Cloud Recording
    • Additional Camera Subscriptions at 50 Percent Off
    • Custom




      View Cameras
      • 30 Days of Alerts and Audio/Video Clip Storage
      • 30 Days of Continuous Cloud Recording
      • Additional Camera Subscriptions at 50 Percent Off
      • Custom

        About Zmodo Security

        Zmodo is a global provider of home security products. Founded in 2009, the company has sent about a strong reputation for delivering exceptional customer service and high-quality Home Security and video products. Zmodo just came out with a new line of home automation and connected video devices and is constantly adding more products to its line. Check out the full review of Zmodo here.

        Surveillance Cameras
        Surveillance Cameras

        Zmodo offers a variety of indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. The Zmodo Snap PT features 1080p HD quality wireless security. This camera is equipped with two-way audio and night vision. The Zmodo Sight 180 Outdoor Camera features 1080p HD video and motion alerts. Zmodo also has a doorbell camera called the Greet Pro. This 1080p doorbell camera has a 180-degree wide viewing angle. Cloud recording is available for all of Zmodo cameras.

        DIY Installation
        DIY Installation

        Zmodo’s products can all be self-installed. The company includes detailed installation instructions and resources online.

        Wireless Equipment
        Wireless Equipment

        All of Zmodo’s products are wireless. The cameras connect wirelessly to Wi-Fi.

        Mobile Alerts
        Mobile Alerts

        You can use the Zmodo app to receive mobile alerts. You can receive motion alerts, sensor alerts and monitor your home’s health on your mobile phone.

        Smart Home Options
        Smart Home Options

        Zmodo has been increasingly adding to its smart home options. Smart home equipment includes the Zmodo Smart Sprinkler, Tune Start Thermostat and more. You can use these devices to program and control your lawn watering schedules and your home’s temperature from anywhere.

        Power Outage Protection
        Power Outage Protection

        Camera footage is stored in the cloud with either of Zmodo’s paid plans. This provides backup in the case of a power outage. It also ensures that data is saved even if the network video recorder is stolen or damaged.

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        1. Avatar Jerry says:

          Horrible product even worse customer service I asked them 10 times how to put camera back on line they would not answer the simple question I hate this product have found better cheaper devices I would never ever recommend this company or their products

        2. Avatar Celena says:

          I’ve had 4 cameras set up outside now for a few months. No issues, very good quality image, affordable, and setup to my WiFi in minutes. I’ve recommended to others.

        3. Avatar Douglas Campbell says:

          Motion detection needs to be adjustable, I’m constantly plagued with motion detect alerts when I’m out, and when I have a look, if it’s not a leaf falling from a tree 50 metres away, then it’s not even something I can really see on the monitor..?!

          If that was rectified then I’d highly rate, as everything else is all good

        4. Avatar Jana cope says:

          I just upgraded to cloud service and I am having problems with setting up my android phone to the cameras.

        5. Avatar LOUIS C RODRIGUEZ says:

          I Installed 5 outside cameras at different vantage points around my home. I have not had any major problems with them, however they are very sensitive to movement from cobwebs, plant movements, flying insects and daytime sunshine shadow variations. Although a nuisance at times, I would rather get any type of motion recorded than be selective to bigger bulkier movement which might not be picked up by the sensors. It took a while of hit and miss to adjust the motion detection areas on the cameras but once set the nuisance alerts became less. To me, the reliability is worth the investment.

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