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Travis Goodreau

What Sets Samsung Wisenet Apart

Samsung is a huge name in electronics and has been for decades. This name recognition and established reputation help them stand out in a market flooded with competitors. They have many innovations security electronics under their belts and are constantly striving to push the industry to the next level.

Wisenet is the division of Samsung that is focused on providing exceptional security equipment for personal residences and small businesses alike. In addition to surveillance cameras, doorbell cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs), network video recorders (NVRs), and other security equipment Wisenet offers Samsung Wisenet Smart Cloud storage.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • Live View
  • Wireless or Hardwired
  • DIY Installation
  • Remote Control
  • Mobile Alerts
  • Local & Cloud Storage

Samsung Wisenet Price & Packages

The Samsung Wisenet website does not list prices for their items and their customer service representatives did not respond within the nine days allotted for this article. Reviews of online pricing for their equipment, systems, and accessories is comparable to that of similar companies within their industry and slightly higher than average. They offer a plethora of different security equipment from which to choose.

Smart Cam

There are 17 different Smart Cam options available on the Wisenet website. Strangely enough, not all of these cameras are available for purchase directly through their website. Rather, customers who click on their “buy now” button are redirected to retailers where it can be bought. Their most popular camera is the Smart Cam D1.

The Smart Cam D1 comes with three interchangeable faceplates in black, silver, and gold. It also includes a screwdriver, drill bit, power extender kit with cables and connectors, and a power stabilizing kit. The power stabilizer kit includes cables, connectors, and the power stabilizer box that ensures the camera receives the proper voltage and current from the outlet it is plugged into.

This camera also provides features such as:

  • Live feed on demand
  • Two-way talk
  • Push notifications
  • Motion Zone Select
  • Face Recognition: Customers can add pictures of regular visitors to the “Interested Group” in their Smart Cam + app to receive a push notification with their photo when they visit.
  • Human Detection: Eliminate false alarms triggered by dogs, cats, birds, and other small animals.
  • Abnormal sound detection: Customers are notified of sounds such as screaming, sirens, or glass breaking.

Baby View

Samsung Wisenet customers can keep an eye on their most valuable asset – their child – with Baby View. There are six to choose from with cameras and screens for viewing included. They come with a variety of features including things such as:

  • Built-in lullabies that can be remotely activated
  • Soft comforting nightlights
  • Two-way talk
  • Pan, Tilt, and Zoom
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Temperature, air quality, and humidity sensors
  • Night vision

All in One Systems

Customers of Samsung Wisenet can purchase an entire security system in one fell swoop. They come in 4, 8, and 16 channel varieties and include the cameras, DVR or NVR, and come in either wired or wireless versions. With 28 options to choose from, there is sure to be a system that is perfect to fit anyone’s needs.


In addition to camera systems, Samsung Wisenet offers consumers a couple of additional accessories to round out a security system. These include a BNC extension cable, power adaptor, and splitter. They also offer three different weather resistant infrared (IR) bullet cameras for outdoor protection that visibly deters intruders with its obviousness.

Smart Cloud

Wisenet Smart Cloud provides cloud storage for video footage. This storage uses bank level security, video encryption, and SSL encryption to provide a triple layer of protection for footage as it is transmitted to the cloud for storage. Once it is there, only the user can access it.

Only certain Wisenet cameras are able to take advantage of Smart Cloud storage. These include the Smart Cam Indoor, Smart Cam HD Plus, Smart Cam D1, and Smart Cam N1. It is also integrated into the Smart Cam + app to allow customers to manage and view footage remotely.

Smart Cloud Starter Plan

  • $4.99 per month or $49.99 annually
  • 30 days of doorbell footage
  • 5 days of camera footage

Smart Cloud Essential Plan

  • $7.99 per month or $79.99 annually
  • 60 days of doorbell footage
  • 7 days of camera footage with continuous recording

Smart Cloud Elite Plan

  • $19.99 per month or $199.99 annually
  • 180 days of doorbell footage
  • 21 days of camera footage with continuous recording

Current Deal

There are no clearance or sale prices – or any prices for that matter – for Samsung Wisenet’s security equipment. They do, however, offer a 15-day risk-free trial of their Smart Cloud Starter Plan.

In addition, customers who purchase a Smart Cam D1 by December 31, 2018, will get six free months of the Smart Cloud Starter Plan. A careful internet search reveals that this type of deal – while only available for a limited time – reappears frequently throughout the year on the Wisenet website.

About Samsung Wisenet Security

Established in 1969 as Samsung Electronics Industry Co Ltd, this worldwide electronics mega-giant has gone through many name changes throughout the years but their dedication to their industry has never wavered. In fact, they have won several awards throughout the years for their products and customer service. Today, they sell their products through their website. They can also be purchased at online retailers like Amazon as well as brick and mortar stores such as Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Costco, and many more. Check out the full review of Samsung here.

Mobile Alerts
Mobile Alerts

When an event occurs, customers will be sent a push notification on the smartphone and other registered devices so that they can view what is happening and respond accordingly.

Weather Resistant

All of Samsung Wisenet’s outdoor devices are weather resistant and approved for use outside.

Remote Control
Remote Control

By utilizing the free Smart Cam + App, customers can control and monitor their Samsung Wisenet devices remotely from anywhere.

Voice Response
2-Way Voice

Samsung Wisenet cameras with two-way voice capabilities allow users to speak to family members, pets, and visitors at home while away.

Power Outage Protection
Power Outage Protection

Battery power and backup help to keep a security system running and taking video even if the power goes out or is cut by potential intruders.

Sex Offender Registration
Night Vision

With night vision capabilities, the Samsung Wisenet security cameras can take crystal clear video footage as far as 16 feet away in complete darkness.

Surveillance Cameras
High Definition

Customers of Samsung Wisenet never have to fight to see what their security camera system has captured. The high definition video is clear and easy to see.

Motion Detection

Samsung Wisenet customers can customize as many as three motion zones to monitor and the system will notify them in the event that their camera detects motion.

Address Change Verification
Cloud Storage

Some Wisenet cameras are able to be used with Smart Cloud storage. With three levels of security, video footage is securely locked away where nobody other than the customer can get to it.

Social Media Monitoring
Live Streaming

Samsung Wisenet customers can watch what is happening on their property on a computer, smartphone, or tablet even if they are at work, on vacation, or anywhere else with a signal.

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