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Samsung’s cameras provide basic features and are a nice addition to a Samsung smart home.

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What Sets Samsung Cameras Apart

Samsung SmartThings Cam

Being a massive name in electronics, Samsung’s foray into home security wasn’t entirely surprising. They’ve rebranded and renamed their security cameras a few times over the years, but nowadays, Samsung SmartThings security cameras are billed as a component to a larger smart home ecosystem.

This system of hubs, sensors, cameras, trackers, and smart plugs comprise a relatively simple option for building a smart home. Their cameras are available to purchase on their own, and they’re packaged as add-ons to some Samsung Galaxy smartphone plans, too.

SmartThings vs. Wisenet: What’s the Difference?

In addition to the SmartThings cam, you’ll typically find cameras branded as Samsung Wisenet. There’s a relatively complicated backstory associated with these cams, along with plenty of confusion among customers over this shared branding model, especially since you can’t buy Wisenet cameras through Samsung.

You also won’t get the same smart home automation features with Wisenet as you’d get with the SmartThings cam, so I generally don’t recommend Wisenet for smart home enthusiasts.

The bottom line, though, is that you can still get high-performing, reliable Samsung Wisenet cameras from third-party retailers. We’ll delve into a couple of those in just a moment. But first, let’s focus on the best features of Samsung SmartThings Cams.

  • Wi-Fi Enabled Cameras
  • Full HD Resolution
  • Night Vision
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Advanced Object Detection
  • Free Cloud Storage
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Works With Samsung SmartThings and Alexa for Voice Control
  • Custom Activity Zones

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Samsung Camera Pricing and Packages

Samsung SmartThings Cam

Samsung keeps it simple with the SmartThings Cam. It’s versatile, indoor-only, and costs anywhere from $19.99 to $33, depending on where you’re purchasing it. And, as I mentioned earlier, it’s a free add-on for selected Samsung Galaxy smartphone packages; but again, keep in mind that deals and packages vary depending on the carrier and other factors.

Samsung Wisenet SmartCams

Samsung Wisenet

Samsung Wisenet’s SmartCam series includes at least 17 camera models, which include the D1, a popular (not Ring Doorbell popular, but popular) doorbell camera, a number of high-resolution indoor cameras, a baby monitoring system, and a trio of weather-resistant outdoor cameras.

Among the many indoor cameras in Samsung Wisenet’s inventory, a cylindrical SmartCam A1 Indoor/Outdoor costs $85, which is only $5 more than the Ring Stick Up, a camera I recommend frequently as a low-cost and easy indoor option. Just something to keep in mind.

FYI: For more on how a Ring camera system might compare to Samsung, visit our full review of Ring cameras here.

Wisenet’s BabyView

Samsung BabyView

All-in-One Systems

Samsung Wisenet

Wisenet also offers all-in-one video surveillance systems that range from $159 for a four-camera wireless outdoor NVR system, to an eight-channel wired system for $300, all the way up to the thousands. It all depends on how many cameras you want, their video resolution and features, and how much storage you need. For more tips on choosing the right system, check out our complete security camera buying guide.

Here’s a breakdown of the latest pricing for Samsung Wisenet:

Samsung Wisenet Camera Options

Key Features Price
SmartCam N2 Indoor camera, facial recognition, unusual sound detection $199.99
SmartCam N1 Indoor camera, similar to N2 model but no unusual sound detection $149.99
SmartCam D1 Doorbell camera, live video, night vision, motion detection $229.99
SmartCam A1 Indoor/outdoor battery-operated cam $69.99
SmartCam A1 Indoor Indoor camera, detachable from hub $59.99
SmartCam A1 Outdoor Outdoor camera, event-based alerts $149.99
SmartCam PoE Outdoor Weatherproof outdoor camera, power-over-Ethernet( PoE) connection $169.99
SmartCam HD Plus Indoor camera, two-way talk, audio and motion detection $179.99
SmartCam HD Pro Indoor camera, 1080p HD video $189.99
SmartCam HD Outdoor Customizable outdoor camera, motion detection, motion zones N/A
SmartCam PT Indoor camera with pan & tilt feature $229.99
Wisenet BabyView Selection of baby monitors with basic-to-advanced features and tech Varies
Multichannel DVR Multichannel DVR kits for total home protection Varies

Features of Samsung Wisenet Cameras

Beyond pricing and package comparisons, it’s also helpful to know what types of features all of these Samsung Wisenet SmartCams have. For more details on what it’s like to own a Samsung security camera, check out our full review of Samsung cameras here. But for now, here’s a brief breakdown:

Mobile Alerts
Mobile Alerts

When an event occurs, customers will be sent a push notification on the smartphone and other registered devices so that they can view what is happening and respond accordingly.

Water resistance icon
Weather Resistant

All of Samsung Wisenet’s outdoor devices are weather resistant and approved for use outside.

Remote Control
Remote Control

By utilizing the free Smart Cam + App, customers can control and monitor their Samsung Wisenet devices remotely from anywhere.

Voice Response
2-Way Voice

Samsung Wisenet cameras with two-way voice capabilities allow users to speak to family members, pets, and visitors at home while away.

Power Outage Protection
Power Outage Protection

Battery power and backup help to keep a security system running and taking video even if the power goes out or is cut by potential intruders.

Sex Offender Registration
Night Vision

With night vision capabilities, the Samsung Wisenet security cameras can take crystal clear video footage as far as 16 feet away in complete darkness.

Surveillance Cameras
High Definition

Customers of Samsung Wisenet never have to fight to see what their security camera system has captured. The high definition video is clear and easy to see.

Motion Detection

Samsung Wisenet customers can customize as many as three motion zones to monitor and the system will notify them in the event that their camera detects motion.

Address Change Verification
Cloud Storage

Some Wisenet cameras are able to be used with Smart Cloud storage. With three levels of security, video footage is securely locked away where nobody other than the customer can get to it.

Social Media Monitoring
Live Streaming

Samsung Wisenet customers can watch what is happening on their property on a computer, smartphone, or tablet even if they are at work, on vacation, or anywhere else with a signal.

Samsung Camera Cloud Storage

Wisenet Life Cloud is the overhauled and rebranded version of Wisenet SmartCloud, which was discontinued. Wisenet Life Cloud provides a convenient way to store video footage from Wisenet cameras, with a handy time-lapse feature added to the mix.

Wisenet Life’s plans are a bit pricier than some monthly subscription plans I’ve encountered in packages included with a Blink camera system, for instance, but they’re still pretty reasonable. It’s important to note, too, that this subscription is not compatible with Samsung SmartThings products.

Basic Plan

  • $4.99 per month
  • 10 GB video storage
  • 30-day continuous recording

Advanced Plan

  • $14.99 per month
  • 50 GB storage
  • 30-day continuous recording

Premier Plan

  • $24.99 per month
  • 100 GB storage
  • 120-day continuous recording

Current Deals on Samsung Cameras

There are no clearance or sale prices – or any prices for that matter – for Samsung Wisenet’s security equipment. They do, however, offer a 15-day risk-free trial of their Smart Cloud Starter Plan.

In addition, customers who purchased a Smart Cam D1 before 2019 received six free months of the Smart Cloud Starter Plan. A careful internet search reveals that this type of deal – while only available for a limited time – reappears frequently throughout the year on the Wisenet website.

Final Thoughts: Are Samsung Cameras Worth It?

You’ll have to take the bad with the good with Samsung Wisenet. For instance, we think you’ll enjoy a wide selection of feature-rich cameras. And by “feature-rich,” we mean stacked with facial recognition technology, abnormal sound detection, motion and privacy zones, and more. And the price isn’t bad, either. While there’s room for improvement, I still think Samsung Wisenet cameras are a worthwhile purchase.

As for the other Samsung camera, the SmartThings Cam, you’re not getting anything fancy here, either in features or hardware, but for a starting price of $19.99, a SmartThings camera is nice to have around – especially for Samsung smart home users.

Overall, we do think Samsung Wisenet cameras are worth the money. But before you pull out the ol’ pocketbook, we recommend checking out our roundup of affordable security cameras that deliver similar or better value compared to Wisenet.

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