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You might not have heard of Lorex yet, but it’s a highly respected brand with a name for upmarket, top-of-the-line security cameras, systems, and accessories. The company doesn’t do as much marketing as some of its competitors, and that makes it a bit harder to learn about Lorex products.

But Lorex does run promos and discounts from time to time, especially on Black Friday. Or even before. Lorex has already begun to turn up the heat with a few “site crasher” deals. (We haven’t seen their website crash yet, but you never know). So if it’s time for some home security on the cheap, now’s the time to buy your equipment.

That doesn’t mean that on Cyber Monday you won’t walk away with even better deals on Lorex’s home security equipment. But now that they’re finally here, let’s check out what they’ve got running now.

Lorex Cameras

Lorex Cameras

What Are the Lorex Black Friday Deals This Year?

First, a little background. Lorex cameras usually come in bundles or packages, but you can also purchase individual accessories and put together your own custom system. It depends entirely on you.

Black Friday deals on Lorex equipment tend to offer savings in both of those areas. Here’s a little taste of what we saw on Black Friday:

  • 1080p HD Wire-Free Security System with 2 Battery-Operated Active Deterrence Cameras $149.99 (down from $349.99)
  • 2K Wire-Free, Battery-operated Security System $99.99 (down from $149.99)
  • Lorex Nocturnal 3 4K 16-Channel 4TB NVR System with Smart IP Bullet Security Cameras $1,364.99 (down from $2,099.99)
  • 2K Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera $69.99 (down from $99.99)

You can see those sales ran the gamut — and if you ask me, they were pretty sizzling already.

So if you were wondering when Lorex was finally going to take its horn out of storage and announce those Black Friday sales, now you know. They’re here. Is there anything better on the way now that Cyber Monday is finally here? That’s the question everybody is asking.

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Lorex Outdoor Camera Installed

Lorex Outdoor Camera Installed

When Is Lorex Going to Announce Its Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 Deals This Year?

It’s difficult to know for certain, but based on what we’ve seen practically every Black Friday weekend, we will see some steeply reduced merchandise from Lorex. How much and exactly when we never know until the deals are here. This may be frustrating for Black Friday deal seekers, but you’ve got to admit, they have a point. Keeping the big Black Friday specials under wraps keeps us on our toes!

One thing we know for sure — the real deals have already begun to stream in. So my best advice is to keep checking back here regularly for more site crashers. We’ll get them all up here as the drop. This means you don’t have to go hunting for those elusive Lorex discount sightings elsewhere. That said, if you’re curious about last year’s deals and steals, stick around because I’ve got those for you, too.

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Lorex Indoor Camera and Box

Lorex indoor security camera unboxed

What Were the Previous Black Friday Lorex Deals?

Like SimpliSafe and Vivint, two of our top-rated home security systems, Lorex upgrades its products all the time. That means practically every year you’ve got more and better choices when Black Friday rolls around. But here are a few past Lorex Black Friday promos we really loved.

In 2020, Lorex ran a sitewide sale that blew the socks off what they’d offered in previous years — with 50 percent off everything. I’m not talking about bottom-of-the-bin merchandise either. I’m talking half off whole security systems, plus an additional 25 percent off anything that wasn’t already marked down.

To make this real, Lorex knocked its Ultra HD Nocturnal IP NVR system down from $3,000 to $1,500. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking that’s a discount worth waiting for! And for the record, that’s just one (pretty high-priced) example. You don’t have to spend thousands to save substantially with Lorex on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Speaking of Cyber Monday…

What are Lorex’s Cyber Monday 2022 Deals?

Lorex does most of its sales online, which is why Cyber Monday is a great time to score additional savings on Lorex security products. If anything, Lorex Cyber Monday Deals have been even crazier than their Black Friday offers. In fact, there are so many different deals going on — and so many free gifts on offer — it’s tough to choose what to report. Here are our Cyber Monday must-sees:

  • Lorex 2K Wire-Free, Battery-Operated Security System with 2K Wi-Fi Video Doorbell and free Sensor Kit ($199.99 down from $359.98)
  • Lorex Smart Home Security Center with 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras ($199.99 down from $349.99)
  • 2K Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera 4 Pack ($139.99 down from $179.99)
  • Lorex 2K Wired Video Doorbell ($99 down from $149.99)
  • Lorex 1080p Full HD Smart Indoor Wi-Fi Pan-Tilt Security Camera ($34.99 down from $69.99)

And don’t forget Lorex is also running some substantial open box deals. These are usually returns on items that haven’t been used (or used much) and went back to Lorex. If you don’t mind, you could save up to 50 percent.

How to Save on Lorex’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Keep in mind that Lorex security systems are among the most sought after on the market. So if you don’t keep on top of the discounts as they make the rounds, you may lose out on the best opportunities. After all, deals always come in limited quantities.

How can you avoid missing out? Simple. Check back here often to get the latest Lorex Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as they break.

Another reason to bookmark this page? We’ll give you a rundown of all the Lorex discounts currently available so you’ll be sure to get the 66 percent-off deal (not the 50 percent-off deal) when it’s time to put your credit card down.

Which is another good point. Black Friday isn’t the only time of year when you can find discounts on Lorex’s products. The company nearly always has a hot promotion going on. In fact, if you scroll down, you can find out what’s happening on the Lorex deal scene at this very moment.

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How Can I Save on Lorex Cameras Right Now?

Actually, you’re in luck. If you didn’t see any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals you like yet, more site crashers could be on the way. And that’s really just scratching the surface of Lorex’s current deals, some of which run year round. So stay tuned and check back here when you can.