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The name ADT probably conjures up images of blue lawn signs and professionally installed security systems. Those images are accurate, but did you know this security industry titan also offers some great options when it comes to security cameras? Some of their packages offer top-of-the-line equipment to help you keep an eye on things indoors and out.

For an in depth look, check out our hands-on review of ADT home security systems. They’re one of the best-known names in the business for a reason.

Pro Tip: ADT has gone through a lot of changes throughout the years, and they very recently made some significant updates to their pricing structure, as well as adding a more DIY-friendly package.

Of course, quality comes with a price tag. ADT systems aren’t the cheapest around. And smarting up your home isn’t a Sunday project with ADT. You’re going to need professional installation and hardwiring to get your cameras up and running (but don’t worry, ADT takes care of it for you).

But let’s get down to brass tacks. You want to know how these cameras perform in the field, and what plan you’ll need to purchase to make them effective. Don’t worry, we’ve got all of that information for you here and more.

Did You Know? For 30 years (1890-1920), ADT sent “roundsmen” door to door to physically check on ADT homes. Because they were a telegraph company (ADT stands for American District Telegraph), they could also offer messenger services and put customers in touch with taxis and doctors.1

What We’ll Be Looking At

The ADT security system consists of several pieces, but this page is dedicated to ADT’s security cameras, particularly their outdoor camera, indoor camera, and options from Google Nest.

We’ll talk about the key aspects that we look for in security cameras – video quality, security features, video storage options, smart A.I. features, and cost – and how ADT’s cameras perform in each category. We’ll also look at the big picture of how these ADT cameras help improve ADT security systems. After all, you’ll need a security system to use security cameras from ADT. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Breakdown of ADT Plans

First, if you’re going to take the plunge and secure your home with surveillance cameras, we recommend a package with live video streaming. When something suspicious is happening inside or around the homestead, even if it’s just your dog tripping the TV room sensor, you’re going to want to see what’s going on clearly in real time.

As it happens, with ADT, video features are only available with their top-tier package, which we priced at around $75 per month in our ADT buyer’s guide. So not exactly cheap.There’s a silver lining though, and it’s multifaceted.

First, that monthly fee includes the equipment cost paid in installments. You won’t pay a huge upfront fee to get an ADT system installed, unlike with DIY security systems like SimpliSafe or abode that require an equipment fee ($250 to $500 depending on equipment) on top of the monthly fee. Ultimately, you’ll end up paying more for an ADT system ($970 total for the Video package), but it’s easier on the wallet since it’s divided into monthly installments.

Second, with the Video package, smart home automation is baked in. That means you’re going to be getting a bunch of cool features like fire, flood, and CO sensors, garage door controllers, and smart locks, thermostats, lights, switches and plugs. Congratulations. Your house is now the Starship Enterprise.

Again, none of this is free. But neither is a Cadillac. If you’re looking for something a little more DIY with cheaper monthly bills, check out our SimpliSafe home security camera review.

FYI: ADT’s plans require a 24-, 36-, or 60-month contract, so before you sign on the dotted line you’ll want to study up and make sure it’s the system for you. Here’s a full breakdown of ADT’s contract options to help you out.

ADT Packages at a Glance

Secure Smart Home Video & Smart Home
24/7 Pro Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Safewatch CellGuard® Yes Yes Yes
ADT Mobile App Yes Yes Yes
Home Automation No Yes Yes
Video No No Yes

ADT Features Summary

The main advantage of ADT security cameras over DIY cameras is that they’re part of a complete home security system that comes with components working together to protect you from seen and unseen home dangers. That includes burglaries, invisible leaks, flooding, home fires, and so much more. In contrast, with security cameras from Lorex – one of the best security camera brands – for instance, you get excellent video coverage but without those added protections.

Did You Know? According to the latest stats from the FBI, 63 percent of 1,117,696 yearly burglaries in the U.S. happened in residential areas.2

So just keep that in mind as we move straight to ADT security cameras — they’re just one piece in the home security puzzle. In the meantime, here’s a bite-sized breakdown of what to expect from your total ADT security package.

Mobile app (iOS or Android) ADT’s app is your portable command center.
Digital wall panel The wall-mounted security panel is a stationary version of the app.
24/7 monitoring If something goes sideways, ADT will alert police and first responders for you.
Wireless/hardwired security The big question: To drill or not to drill? Keep in mind that some ADT home security features will require hardwiring, like their doorbell cam.
Surveillance cameras (inside, outdoor, and doorbell) Video surveillance is the beating heart of your home sec rig. ADT’s latest generation cameras are all 1080p.
White glove installation ADT sends professional technicians to your home for installations and repairs.
Smart home devices (thermostats, lighting, and sensors) You can save money (and time) when you program your lights and thermostat to turn on and off by themselves.
Remote control In addition to your mobile app, you get a keychain remote, which is lighter and simpler, with just four buttons.
Yard and window signs No ADT system would be complete without the blue lawn sign telling would-be home intruders to say clear.

Homeowner's Tip: How prepared is your home for the worst-case scenario? Test it with our home security quiz.

ADT Outdoor Cams

ADT’s outdoor video surveillance cameras can take a beating from a hose.

Back in the day, ADT’s equipment — especially their outdoor cameras — left us a little underwhelmed. Their 720p resolution was grainy at best, and the narrow field of vision made it so we were missing important details. They haven’t improved dramatically, but the improvements have been significant. The AI-powered alerts make it so you’re not constantly getting alerts, and the improved image quality will help you determine if that’s a thief or just your neighbor stopping by for a pop-in.

I can’t personally verify that your ADT camera won’t melt on the surface of the sun, but it can withstand a pretty significant blast from a garden hose. I sprayed mine to test its weatherproofing, and I’m happy to say it didn’t miss a beat.

So in terms of durability, my ADT surveillance system gets high marks, especially since the next-generation cameras have gotten a lot nicer-looking. I wasn’t expecting that elegant-looking white orb to withstand the battering I gave it.

Other Notable Features:

  • 1080p HD video quality
  • Two-way audio
  • AI detection for smarter alerts
  • Infrared night vision
  • Live video feeds via the Control app

I’d like to note that while those features are acceptable, the security market is moving on towards more advanced features, especially in outdoor cameras. For instance, the Ring Spotlight Cam features an integrated spotlight that can function as both a security lighting (it’s motion activated) and supplemental lighting to enable color night vision.

We’re also seeing more and more 2K and 4K outdoor cameras. An example is the Arlo Pro 4 (2K) and Arlo Ultra 2 (4K). Outdoor cameras cover a wider area, so it makes sense to raise their video resolution. Hopefully, ADT’s outdoor camera catches up soon.

FYI: ADT gives you 24 hours of cloud video storage for free. If you want more, that’ll cost you $3 per month for 60 days of storage.

ADT Indoor Cams

ADT’s indoor security cams are now all 1080p for crisper footage.

We don’t lump indoor and outdoor cameras together for a reason, and not just because of location. First, if you’re looking at footage of a stranger inside your home — as opposed to a stranger on your lawn or back porch — let’s hope you’re not inside, too. That footage, in the best-case scenario, will be for the police and the judge (it’s not just to have a visual record of your teenage kid sneaking back into the house at 2:00 in the morning).

Second, you really do want smart alerts inside your house because there’s a lot more traffic there than, say, at your back door. Too many pings that don’t matter would drive you nuts.

Did You Know? Indoor cameras work great to help keep service workers honest. Think home contractors, nannies, and the like.

How did ADT’s indoor video surveillance system perform in an actual home?

It did better than the last time we tested it, that’s for sure. First, the much crisper 1080p picture made a real difference, aesthetically and psychologically. As I mentioned up top, the last thing you want in a moment of panic is to be squinting at a Rorschach blot on your iPhone that may or may not be your mother-in-law dropping off cheesecake.

Second, after a little trial and error, I actually managed to rig my living room camera to ignore my two cats. All it took was setting up a custom movement zone, which turned out to be a lot easier than I anticipated. I was also happy to find that the new two-way audio feature let me shout at them when they jumped on the couch — not that it mattered, they just sat there obviously.

Other Notable Features:

  • 1080p HD video quality
  • Two-way audio
  • Crisp pictures even in low light
  • Custom zones and tripwires
  • Pet detection

Again, these are pretty standard features, but from our years of testing security cameras, we know that that’s exactly what most people want from an indoor camera. Very few people need indoor cameras with lots of bells and whistles.

Simple is practical, too. It might be overkill to, let’s say, add smart lights to an indoor camera or use a 4K resolution when all it’s monitoring is a 300-square-foot living room. A simple indoor camera suffices – especially with all the security features the ADT security system adds in – and in that regard, the indoor camera from ADT delivers.

FYI: The motion detection sensors we install in our homes aren’t actually detecting physical objects, per se. They’re picking up human (and sometimes pet) infrared energy, aka body heat.

Now that we’ve talked about these cameras individually, let’s see how they stack up side by side.

Feature ADT Indoor ADT Outdoor
Resolution 1080p 1080p
Two Way Audio Yes No
AI Alerts Yes Yes
Night Vision Yes Yes
Live Feed Yes Yes
Motion Zones Yes No
Pet Detection Yes No

Google Nest Cameras

No, your browser didn’t take you to a different page. This is still the review of ADT security cameras you clicked on. It’s just that ADT security systems and Google Nest Cameras work closely together now that you can pair select Google Nest Cam models with ADT and use them as parts of a single, seamlessly connected security system.

Google Nest security cameras are known for their smart features and quality build, which makes this partnership exciting. As it stands, ADT buyers can buy the Nest Cam (battery), Nest Cam (wired), Nest Cam with floodlight, and Google Nest Doorbell (battery) from ADT.

We’re not going into extreme detail, but to give you a taste of what Google Nest Cams offer, check out this sample platter of their features:

Nest Camera Breakdown

Nest Camera Best Feature Retail Price
Nest Cam Battery Familiar Face $179.99
Nest Cam Wired Intelligent Alerts $99.99
Nest Cam Floodlight Built In Spotlight $279.99
Nest Doorbell AI Alerts $179.99

Like what you see? Check out our Google Nest Cam review for a closer look. Also, know that you can also buy Google Nest Cam as part of ADT Self Setup security systems, which unlike traditional ADT systems, offers easy DIY installation but still backed by ADT’s top-notch professional monitoring service.

Homeowner's Tip: If you’re wondering if ADT sells doorbell cams, the answer is yes. We’ve conducted a full review of ADT doorbell cameras for you. You can also check out our top video doorbell camera picks.

ADT or Google Nest Cameras?

You’re presented with a choice here. If you’re buying an ADT Video package, should you go with the ADT cameras or spring for the Google Nest Cams? Here’s what we have to say:

Go with ADT cameras if you want a simple, practical, and affordable video security solution. ADT cameras don’t offer a lot of features, but they have all the basics down pat and they are reliable.

On the other hand, choose Google Nest if you want to make your home smarter. In our many years of reviewing security cameras, including products from top tech brands like Arlo and Ring, Google Nest stands out as one of the most smart home-friendly options. Google Nest can take your ADT system to the next level with features such as person detection and facial recognition, both of which are accessible through any of the three Nest Cam models.

ADT Pricing Snapshot

Even if we didn’t spell it out for you, I think you’ve got the picture by now. ADT isn’t the cheapest home security option on the market. While the typical home monitoring service we’ve tested runs about $20-$30 per month, ADT starts at about $45. In our experience, the real value kicks in when you combine premium monitoring, video streaming, and smart home automation.

Secure $9.98 per month
$45.99 per month for monitoring
Smart $14.15 per month
$49.99 per month for monitoring
Video and Smart $23.12 per month
$59.99 per month for monitoring
ADT Self Setup Packages start at $179.99
Starts at $24.99 for professional monitoring

Perks With ADT

  • As I mentioned, I got 24 hours of cloud storage with my ADT service. Additional storage cost $2.99 per month for 60 days — which is relatively cheap when you consider that Nest charges $6 — so I went for it.
  • In my case, professional installation meant more than quality electrical work (I know my way around home security installations). I also got the equivalent of interior design tips for camera and sensor placements. These are little things I wouldn’t have thought of by myself.
  • ADT’s six-month, money-back guarantee is generous, but terms and conditions apply. Make sure you review those carefully. While ADT got a score of 4.4 for monitoring in our own customer survey, customer service doesn’t always meet ADT’s A+ BBB rating (or so we’ve heard).
  • ADT’s Theft-Protection Guarantee is pretty neat, though I’ve never (knock on wood) had to take advantage of it. If my home ever did get burglarized — and my ADT system was armed at the time — ADT would give me $500 against my home insurance deductible. Not bad.
  • ADT’s Alarm Monitoring Certificate isn’t fluff, by the way. For most home insurance providers, a wired alarm connected to the local police is enough to knock percentage points off your premium.

The Mobile App

ADT’s newer Control app will probably be gradually phasing out the Pulse app.

I don’t spend much time on home security wall panels, except if I’m on the way out of the house and don’t feel like whipping out my app. Like me, plenty of our readers’ home security “screen time” happens on their mobile apps.

The ADT Control app — which has phased out its predecessor, the Pulse app — is a really solid platform to stay connected to your system whether you’re at home or out and about. There I could watch all of my video feeds and check in on smart home data like atmospheric conditions, how many lights I left on, and how many doors I left unlocked – doh.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between the two apps, Control does a few things that Pulse doesn’t, like geo-fencing. For example, say you don’t want to have to arm your alarm manually every time you leave your home (or you want a back-up in case you forget). All I had to do was program Control to switch the alarm on whenever I was 10 yards away from the front door. Very neat.

Just a word of warning to die hard Pulse users: According to my conversation with ADT, Pulse doesn’t work with the newer wall panels. So if you’ve been thinking about switching over but are happy with Pulse, now might be the time to finally do it.

Homeowner's Tip: Home security apps are great, but they’re not a substitute for law enforcement. So the first three buttons you press in the event of an emergency should always be 911. After that, you can hit your ADT panic button.

Final Thoughts

Home security has come a long way, and ADT has been there since the beginning. From turn-of-the-century roundsmen checking in to modern-day smart home automation, ADT’s done it all, and done it all well. They aren’t the cheapest option out there, but if you’re looking for complete, comprehensive control of your home’s security, you’re not going to find much better.

That said, my advice in that case would be to shop around. ADT isn’t for everyone, and we’ve reviewed plenty of user-friendly DIY home security systems, with monitoring and self-monitoring options. If at the end of your search, you’re thinking, “It’s time for a smart home, yes, but I don’t want to do this myself,” getting a quote from ADT might make sense.


Citations only uses high-quality sources to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.
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  2. FBI. (2019). Burglary.

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