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When an ADT home security customer plans on moving, the customer likely has questions about the company’s moving policy, how to receive the same or upgraded ADT security in their new home, along with other questions. If you move into a home and discover ADT home security equipment already in the home, or want the peace of mind associated with having a new ADT home security system, you likely have questions.

ADT, with more than 145 years of making security a high priority for customers, is a leader in home and business security, and understands that customers sometimes move, and have questions or concerns. Receive information about common questions regarding ADT and moving, along with details about ADT moving specials.

Moving Out

Are you moving out, and are not sure what to do with your ADT equipment, or how to get it installed at your new home? The answers to these questions likely provide the information you need when moving out of your existing home.

What do I do with my ADT Security System when I move?

One of the primary concerns when moving is possibly what to do with your existing ADT home security system. Do not worry about moving the equipment yourself.

ADT does not require customers to remove their ADT security system when they move.

Can I take my ADT Security System with me when I move?

Although ADT does not require existing customers to take their security system with them when they move, some customers potentially want to move the security system with them anyway. ADT typically allows customers to leave the existing equipment at the old residence. The company arranges for completely new installation after a customer moves to a new home.

Call ADT in advance of moving, and follow the instructions of the company representative.

Can I cancel my ADT Security System when I move?

Some customers possibly consider canceling their current service when they move to a new home.

ADT representatives gladly answer any questions that you have about ADT servicing your new neighborhood, along with other questions or concerns. ADT does not want your family to go without the protections provided by your ADT security system.

ADT does not cancel home security online. When you call ADT, explain why you wish to cancel. Perhaps the representative has solutions that helps you stay protected without canceling your ADT home security.

What is the ADT moving policy?

The ADT moving policy has several elements. Some customers simply need their service activated at a new address.

When you move, the company allows you to maintain your existing service level, or modify your service. Some customers upgrade their ADT home security, allowing for changes in existing needs, or a new budget.

Whatever option you choose, an ADT service technician comes to your home, and installs the system for you at your new residence.

Moving In

Home security is likely a primary concern when you move. ADT points out that in one survey of burglars, 83 percent indicated that they try to determine whether there is an existing alarm system before attempting a burglary of the premises.

These are some common questions about obtaining ADT home security when you move.

I moved into a house with an ADT Security System. How can I use it?

When you move to a home with an existing ADT security system, ADT provides the opportunity for you to obtain home security with that equipment, even if you are not an existing customer. ADT has the capability to activate the existing equipment, and provide your family with 24-hour home security. This is often true even if the existing equipment is not an ADT system.

Activating an existing system potentially saves a customer hundreds of dollars over the cost of installing a new system. Call ADT and learn more about moving into a house with an existing security system.

I just moved and need a home security system. Should I get ADT?

ADT is often recognized as a top name in providing home security. There are several reasons that explain why ADT is potentially the ideal company for your home security system needs.

ADT offers a variety of products, solutions, and packages for nearly any home, including budget-friendly options. All ADT home security packages feature the standard digital panel, entryway contacts, motion detector, backup battery, wireless keychain remote, and high decibel alarm.

Receive 24-hour rapid response monitoring from professional agents. ADT operates 10 company-owned monitoring centers. This means that you do not have to wait for a response from a third party monitoring center.

If you are not completely satisfied with your home security package, the company offers a six-month money back guarantee. Remember that more than eight million total customers rely on ADT for their home security needs.

Customize your home security package to your needs, unlike options at some other companies.

Some customers choose the Traditional Package, while other customers opt for the Control Package. This option includes everything in the Traditional Package, along with the ADT mobile app. The mobile app allows you to control your ADT security system and smart devices from your phone or tablet. The Video Package allows you to view complete footage from your indoor or outdoor security cameras right from your phone or other mobile device.

The variety of packages, products, home security solutions, and other features potentially leads to recognizing that ADT is the right choice for a homeowner that wants home security.

Are there ADT moving specials?

ADT offers moving specials for customers that move their service, or that modify their home security package after moving. When you sign your new 36-month contract, you receive instant savings towards the installation of your new ADT system. Customers also receive a nice percentage off the cost of additional sensors, devices, and some other savings.

Your 36-month contract also includes 24-hour monitoring at a nominal daily cost.

Activate an existing system in your new home for a small charge, and receive significant savings off the cost of a new ADT security system.

Speak with your ADT representative about available moving specials, whether there are any new moving specials, and the amount of savings offered on each special.