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Between these two security systems, our favorite is ADT.

SecureScore™: 8.7/10

ADT and Bay Alarm systems have been around for decades. Both alarm systems offer exceptional quality when it comes to equipment and installation. While both systems offer a comprehensive listing of services, Bay Alarm medical alert systems add extra protection for individuals who have life-threatening health problems.

Overview: Bay Alarm vs ADT

Both ADT and Bay Alarm home security systems use state of the art technology when it comes to monitoring and protecting your home. Their products and services are somewhat high priced, but both companies offer several services for the amount of money you spend.

  1. ADT and Bay Alarm require professional installation
  2. Bay Alarm will not allow you to lease or purchase equipment without sending someone to perform a home security review
  3. ADT and Bay Alarm offer doorbell cameras
  4. Bay Alarm is only available in California
  5. Bay Alarm medical alert systems offers immediate medical response for patients who subscribe to their medical alert service

Similarities: ADT vs Bay Alarm

ADT and Bay Alarm are similar when it comes to customer ratings. Both companies have state of the art alarm and home automation systems that enable the home or business owner to operate certain features using remote technology and a smartphone or tablet.

  • Both ADT and Bay Alarm require professional installation
  • Each offers 24/7 monitoring and immediate contact with authorities
  • Each system offers home automation and doorbell cameras
  • Each system offers fire and smoke detection
  • Both offer medical alarm systems with emergency connectivity with local authorities
  • 24/7 monitoring by local watch centers

Differences: ADT vs Bay Alarm

Even though they are alike in many ways, there are many differences that set ADT and Bay Alarm home security systems apart. Bay Alarm is much more expensive in terms of start-up fees and only serves California residents.

  • ADT serves homes and businesses across the country
  • ADT offers more equipment for a lower startup price
  • Bay Alarm requires a home security review before selling or leasing any equipment
  • Bay Alarm Medical offers discounts to USA, USAA, and AARP members
  • ADT offers a $500 theft protection guarantee


The ADT home security system offers more door and window sensors in their initial package as well as a full-line of components that can be used together to achieve full home automation. ADT offers a keychain remote.

Bay Alarm system is well known for its Medical Alert program as well as its home automation. Medical pendants offer GPS tracking and can be worn almost anywhere. Bay Alarm's remote capabilities include the use of a smartphone app.


ADT requires a 3-year contract that includes a 180-day money back guarantee. Contracts can be negotiated online or over the phone. The initial start-up fee is $99.

Bay Alarm system also requires a 3-year contract. Bay Alarm does not list a money back guarantee or a theft protection guarantee. The initial startup fee is $345. Bay Alarm does not accept contracts online or over the phone. They require a home security audit to be performed by one of their professionals so you get exactly what you need.


ADT has several pricing plans available as low as $37 a month and as high as $53 a month. If you have surveillance equipment that was previously installed, ADT will provide the monitoring for as little as $19.99 per month.

Bay Alarm's medical alert system has two plans. The in-home medical alert and the medical alert with GPS. The In-home option starts at $19.95 a month, while Mobile GPS starts at $29.95. There are quarterly and semi-annual payment options as well. The Bay Alarm home security system is $30 per month.


With ADT, the initial package includes 6 door/window sensors, one motion detector, and a keychain remote. Other equipment may be purchased depending on how extensive you want your security system to be.

Bay Alarm system offers 2 window/door sensors and motion detector. They don't use keychain remotes. Instead, they opt for a mobile app that is easily downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. The equipment you get with your initial offer will depend on the home security audit performed by the Bay Alarm technician.


Both ADT and Bay Alarm require professional installation.

Emergency Connections

Both companies offer landline, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity which allows for immediate emergency response in case of a burglary, fire, or health-related incident.

Summary: Bay Alarm vs ADT

ADT is an excellent choice for individuals who are looking for top of the line security with a price to match. They offer more perks than most which make the deal a fairly good bargain.

Bay Alarm is a good choice for a home or business owner in California who doesn't mind paying a little extra. Its Medical Alarm option is a great choice for individuals who have health concerns or are a fall risk.

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