Travis Goodreau

ADT is known for its home security systems, and its doorbell camera is one of the ways it offers enhanced features and function. ADT has also now launched a new partnership with Ring, one of the best-known companies for doorbell cameras. Take a closer look at the options that the company’s doorbell cameras now offer.


For those who are looking for a new video doorbell, there are several options available through ADT. The company has offered the ADT Video Doorbell for some time. This is a quality camera with a good deal of features and a weather-resistant design. It offers crisp videos and images, two-way audio, and a seamless integration with your ADT system.

The company has also partnered with Ring, one of the more advanced doorbell video cameras in the market. That means that consumers who purchase the ADT Pulse home security system can choose to add a Ring Video Doorbell to the package. It costs a bit more but comes with many of the features consumers are after from a name brand they know. The Ring camera has a higher quality image.

In either case, you can download the ADT app to your smartphone to control all aspects of the video doorbell. This includes activating the two-way talk feature so you can talk to anyone outside of the door. You get real-time video that shows you everything you need to see even if no one actually presses the doorbell to contact you. That’s because the ADT Doorbell Camera features motion detection. Both cameras also offer night vision – even if there’s a pesky neighborhood kid ringing the doorbell and running, you’ll get a good image of them later on.

Features & Technology

The ADT Video Doorbell and the Ring Video Doorbell provide outstanding features and connectivity for the home. Here are some of the key features.

Two-Way Communication

Talk to those who come to your door without opening it. The two-way talk feature, which offers real-time communication through the ADT mobile app or the Ring app allows you to avoid having to open the door to anyone you don’t want to and still be able to communicate with them.

HD Quality Images

Both cameras offer high-quality images. These HD images – on wide-angle cameras – give you a higher quality video and photo. The Ring Video Doorbell’s camera is a bit higher quality at 1080p. If you are looking for the best quality of images, you’ll find the Ring is better, both the ADT Video Camera still offers excellent quality.

Motion Activation

The Ring Video Doorbell for ADT is motion activated. That means that if someone approaches the door, but doesn’t ring the bell, it will alert the system. The camera will send an alert, and you can get a real-time view of what’s happening. You can also use the two-way talk feature at this time.

Door Locking Features

The Ring Video Doorbell for ADT allows you to use your ADT mobile app or the Ring app to arm your home security system, turn on the lights, lock your door, and manage the entire system in one streamlined manner. You can use the Ring app to speak through your door to anyone who is on the other side.

Wireless Connectivity

You can set up your system in a moment using this system. It will sync with your system using the built-in, 2.4 GHz WiFi connection. Both models offer this feature.

Night Vision Technology

Both doorbell cameras from ADT provide you with night vision technology. This allows for crisp, clear images, even if it is dark outside.

Field of View

The ADT Video Doorbell provides a full 180-degree field of view. That provides you with the ability to monitor those visiting your doorbell even if they are not standing right in front of the camera.

Ease of Use

There are a few things that help to make these video doorbells easy to use. Both options are do-it-yourself installation. They work on any location, even if there is no doorbell currently in place. You can choose from several power options. Most people will want to replace their existing doorbell with the Ring or ADT doorbell camera. Or, you can use a rechargeable battery version.

Customer Service

ADT has solid customer service across the board. The company offers various options for getting help, including a website with chat features, a toll-free number, and on-app support.


The ADT Video Doorbell is available at $199 currently as its base price. If you want to purchase the ADT Pulse home security system from ADT, you can get Ring included in that at a cost of $229.  Both products are designed well and provide good quality, making this a good price overall. In addition to this, consumers may wish to consider purchasing their video camera as a part of a larger package for home security and automation through ADT. Professional monitoring makes this an even better deal.

Equipment & Accessories

The Ring Doorbell Camera features both wireless and wired options. It measures 4.98” x 2.43” x .87” and features 1080p HD. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery that’s built within it.

The ADT Video Doorbell measures 4.77” x 1.67”. It features 720p HD video quality with night vision and motion detection. It also offers two-way audio with noise reduction and is weather resistant. It’s hardwired into place.


The ADT video doorbells are an excellent addition to your home security and automation system. They are easy to integrate and designed to be simple to install. It features all of the latest connectivity and features that you need when trying to monitor what’s happening at your front door. Both cameras are excellent quality, and options are available for both battery and hardwired solutions.