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Looking to install premium, industry-grade security in or around your home? If you are, Lorex is a good choice. Lorex security camera systems boast up to 4K image quality, night vision, temperature sensors, and plenty more advanced technology. Their extensive security lineup includes indoor and outdoor cameras, and even baby monitors.

As you’d expect, these systems aren’t cheap. They range from between a couple hundred dollars all the way up to $5,000 and more! Which is why most security pros looking to build out their camera surveillance systems have got their eyes peeled for Cyber Monday, when just about every top security brand under the sun offers some kind of discount.

Lorex is no exception. We can definitely expect some hot Lorex deals in the pipeline. Exactly what they’ll look like and when they’ll come is another story. But here’s what we forecast Lorex will deliver on the biggest online shopping days of the year.

Lorex Cameras

Building a home security system with Lorex indoor cameras

What Will Lorex Cyber Monday Deals Look Like This Year?

We can’t say with absolute certainty what deals Lorex will be unveiling this Cyber Monday because we don’t have a crystal ball. But we have a theory about this: If you want a good idea of the deals to come, look at what a company has offered in past Cyber Monday sales.

Of course, sometimes we see surprises, and so far this year has been one for the record books as far as online shopping goes. So if anything, the deals we’re forecasting will probably be even better come November.

Pro Tip: Lorex might be pricier than other home security camera systems on the market, but it delivers the goods. Read more about how Lorex cameras performed in the field in our hands-on Lorex review.

Lorex Outdoor Packaging

Getting ready to unbox a Lorex wireless outdoor smart camera

What Cyber Monday Sales Did Lorex Offer in the Past?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen Lorex deals and discounts ranging between 10 percent to 36 percent off on Cyber Monday. (If 36 percent sounds dinky, just remember that the average Lorex security system costs over $1,000. That's a $360 savings.)

For example, on past Cyber Mondays we’ve seen Lorex slash their basic 1080p security surveillance camera system with four outdoor cameras (normally $499) by $180.66. That’s a total savings of 36 percent. But the deals didn’t stop there. Lorex also played Santa with their premium camera systems, discounting their 32-channel 4K Ultra HD Nocturnal IP NVR System by 28 percent. In other words, a security system that normally went for $4,999.99 was $1,410 off on Cyber Monday!

But don’t worry. If a $3,500 security system isn’t in the cards, Lorex typically offers plenty of deals in the mid-tier price range as well. And if you’re just looking for a camera or two, you can get out the door for under $200.

The one thing to remember if you have your sights set on a premium Lorex security camera is that they’ll likely switch up their Cyber Monday deals to keep you on our toes. So don’t expect the same deal twice. But that should at least give you a ballpark idea of the scope of those Cyber Monday savings.

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Lorex Outdoor Video Quality

Lorex wireless outdoor camera screen resolution

What Are Lorex Cyber Monday Promo Codes and Discount Codes?

In our experience, Lorex always doles out promo and discount codes as the big day nears. As with most companies, they’ll probably keep those codes a secret until just after Thanksgiving Day. But this is definitely a case of “last but not least.” Because when you add an additional 10 percent onto a 36 percent discount, you’re talking half off now.

What can you do to get those Lorex promotional codes? That’s easy. As Thanksgiving approaches, be on the lookout. The codes will look like this: SECURE10 or SECURE15. Once you find one, write it down or bookmark it because you’ll need it at checkout to enjoy the absolute lowest prices on Lorex security products available.

Speaking of bookmarking, make sure you bookmark this page, too! As soon as Lorex’s promo codes go live, we’ll show you how to find them right here on this page. Ditto for Lorex Black Friday Deals.

How to Get the Best Lorex Camera Cyber Monday Deals

You know what they say, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Those words are all too true for Cyber Monday shopping. With more people looking for the best Lorex Cyber Monday deals than ever before, the competition for a once-in-a-year deal will be stiff. But that’s ok. We’ve outlined a few tried-and-true tactics to use this Cyber Monday to find the lowest prices on Lorex cameras available. Here’s what you should do:

  • Check back here often for early bird deals and Cyber Monday discounts as they break. Lorex doesn’t advertise on social media as much as some of the other big names in the business, so finding deals on your own can be frustrating.
  • Have a Lorex security camera package in mind. The truth is, Lorex sells loads of camera and security packages, and finding the right one can be overwhelming. By eliminating Cyber Monday confusion with a little pre-Cyber Monday research, you’ll be sure to get the right products for your budget.
  • Compare prices and save. We’ve got the prices on this year’s Top-Rated Home Security Cameras right here. Comparison shopping is the best way to make a truly informed decision and get the best Cyber Monday deals available with no buyer’s remorse.

Did You Know? According to Adobe Analytics, 41 percent of 2020 Cyber Monday revenue came from smartphone sales.1

How to Stay Up to Date on Lorex Cyber Monday Deals

We already touched on this above, but if you’re looking to score a hot Lorex deal on Cyber Monday, then you need to know as soon as the offers hit the press. This couldn’t be truer if you’re looking for a premium Lorex security camera system that runs $500 or more.

The best way to stay up to date on the latest Lorex deals and discounts?

Easy. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently. From now until the big day, our security experts will be scouring the web for the best Cyber Monday deals, discounts, and special offers as they become available, and we’ll be reporting them all here.

In other words, if there’s a deal to be had on Lorex security camera equipment this Cyber Monday or Black Friday, you’ll find it here first.

How You Can Save Money on Lorex Today

Some shoppers love the idea of scoring the lowest price of the year. Other shoppers value convenience and immediate setup. If you’re in the second camp, you don’t have to wait until Cyber Monday to save money on Lorex, which usually has some deals running throughout the year.

After all, some things shouldn’t wait. Your home security is one of them. We honestly believe a safer home today is more important than a deal down the road.

But if you do choose to wait for Cyber Monday to purchase your Lorex security cameras, be sure to circle back to this page to find the best Lorex deals and discounts possible.