Best Medical Alert Systems for Veterans

Our experts ranked the best medical alert systems for veterans. Now you can age with confidence and get the freedom and independence you deserve.



You served our country, now it’s time for peace of mind with the best medical alert system around. Bay Alarm Medical has earned the top spot for Veterans with their award-winning service and suite of innovative features.

System Features

  • Cellular & Landline Monitoring
  • In-Home & Mobile Monitoring
  • Fall Detection
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Low Monitoring Fees
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • No Contracts

Best For:

  • Elderly


We get it, Veterans appreciate variety. That’s why Medical Guardian alert systems made our list. From motion and contact sensors, to wearables and wall mounts — Medical Guardian delivers top value for Vets and their caregivers.

System Features

  • In-Home & Mobile Monitoring
  • Cellular & Landline Monitoring
  • Fall Detection
  • Excellent range
  • Nationwide Coverage

Best For:

  • Elderly

Top 4 Medical Alert Systems for Veterans in 2021

  • Bay Alarm Medical – Bay Alarm Medical has been in business for 70 years and is rated America’s #1 medical alert system because they only use industry-leading medical alert technology and U.S.-based call centers.
  • Medical Guardian– Medical Guardian offers state-of-the-art UL-certified 24/7 monitoring centers, uses the latest technology to provide the best possible services, as well as providing many of the features most people want for free.
  • GreatCall– GreatCall is best known for their Jitterbug phones, but have now added two dedicated medical alert products called GreatCall Lively to their lineup, and they come with a wide variety of helpful options such as MedCoach, Wellness Call, Daily Health Tips, and more.
  • LifeStation– LifeStation offers in-home and on-the-go products and services, as well as free equipment, free shipping, free activation, and is UL Listed, CSAA Five Diamond Certified with U.S.-based monitoring centers.
Travis Goodreau Best Medical Alert Systems for Veterans Our experts ranked the best medical alert systems for veterans. Now you can age with confidence and get the freedom and independence you deserve.

As a veteran, you offered your service and your life to protect our country and everyone in it. Now it’s time for you to relax and enjoy your life. That’s where a medical alert system comes in. There are so many benefits that come with finding the best medical alert systems for veterans. That includes not having to stress about what would happen if you encountered a medical situation and couldn’t get the help you needed quickly enough to save your life. It also includes freedom. The freedom and independence that comes from being able to live comfortably in your own home longer. So opt for freedom and independence just like you did back then!

1. Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and currently has an A+ rating. And, they have a 4.7-Star Google rating from over two thousand customers. They were also voted the Best Medical Alert Provider in 2018. Additionally, they are Consumer Affairs Accredited and make it their mission to give back to the community by supporting organizations such as Pets for the Elderly Foundation, Purple Heart Homes, American Cancer Society, Feeding America, and the Meals on Wheels Association of America. So they not only offer state-of-the-art life-saving equipment, but they also give back to the community. It doesn’t get much better than that!


  • 30-day free trial offer
  • Multi-lingual support for up to 170 languages
  • Three call centers (redundant call centers)
  • Automatic fall detection available and geofencing alerts
  • Mobile GPS help button and an in-car medical alert option
  • Two-way communication feature
  • Lifetime equipment warranty provided


  • Extra charge with cellular option (if you don’t have a landline)
  • Automatic fall detection costs extra (but this typical)

With Bay Alarm Medical, you might qualify for money-saving discounts through the American Seniors Association, AMAC, and the USAA member discount. And, Bay Alarm Medical now offers a 4G LTE Mobile GPS help button that wasn’t offered before. Not to mention their many awards and accolades.

Bay Alarm Medical is family owned and operated, and they offer four equipment packages. Additionally, all their equipment is proudly Made in America, so, as a veteran, you know you are using quality products that really stand for something.

Their equipment and service packages are as follows:

The In-Home Medical Alert which ranges from $19.95/mo. to $59.95/mo. And, there is a $10/mo. upcharge for their cellular option if you don’t have a landline. The 4G LTE GPS Help Button which ranges from $29.95/mo. to $49.95/mo. The In-Car Medical Alert which ranges from $29.95/mo. to $59.95/mo. And the Bundle & Save option which ranges from $59.95/mo. to $79.95/mo. The prices vary depending on the options you choose and/or if you decide to go with one of the Bundle & Save options.

2. Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian has been in business for 13 years and currently has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Medical Guardian has best-in-class customer service and is consistently rated as a top-quality provider by industry leaders. They offer 100% U.S.-based monitoring which helps aging vets remain in their homes longer because they will have access to constant care. Receiving help within the first hour of a fall or medical emergency increases the chances of returning to independence by 90% after a hospital visit. Additionally, Medical Guardian offers in-home and on-the-go products that come with one month of free service, a free lockbox, free activation, and more when you sign up for their service.


  • No contracts, no hidden fees, free activation
  • Free equipment, shower safe
  • Home unit has up to a 1,300-foot range
  • Fall detection ready
  • 120 hours of battery life
  • TMA Five Diamond Certification, ESA security, FM approved, UL listed
  • Two-way voice communication


  • Activity sensors not included with the two bottom tier packages
  • The cheapest package is a landline only option
  • Fall detection costs extra (but this is normal)

Medical Guardian has three in-home plans and three on-the-go plans which can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually with discounts offered with the annual option. The in-home plans are Classic Guardian (landline only) which is $29.95/mo., Home Guardian (cellular) which is $34.95/mo., and Family Guardian (cellular) which is $79.95/mo. The on-the-go plans are Mobile Guardian, which is $39.95/mo., Active Guardian, which is $49.95/mo., and Freedom Guardian which is $44.95/mo. They also offer fall detection for an additional $10/mo., as well as a variety of add-ons from which you can choose.

The good thing about Medical Guardian is they have three on-the-go options that are designed for active people which would be perfect for veterans who live an active lifestyle and two all-in-one options many vets prefer.

3. GreatCall

GreatCall has been in business for 14 years, and they are Consumer Affairs Accredited. Additionally, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have a plethora of awards and accolades. Not to mention being favorably viewed by consumers and industry leaders alike for their products and services which are designed specifically for seniors and aging veterans.


  • 5Star urgent response buttons on all devices
  • Patented GPS technology built-in
  • Urgent Care provides 24/7 medical advice
  • GreatCall Link free app for family/caregivers
  • Free shipping
  • A variety of helpful programs
  • Waterproof devices


  • Fall detection is an extra monthly charge (except on upper tier plan)
  • An activation fee is required
  • The basic plan has limited features
  • Lively Wearable only works with Android 4.4 or iPhone 8.0 or newer

The GreatCall emergency medical lineup is called GreatCall Lively which includes two different medical alert devices. One is a mobile device and the other one is a wearable smartwatch-like device. The Lively Mobile all-in-one device is $49.99 plus monthly service plan fee. The Lively Wearable is also $49.99 plus monthly service plan fee and works using your smartphone. They both come with a wide variety of features such as integrated cellular technology, GPS location tracking, are waterproof, and come with an available fall detection option.

The Lively Mobile Health & Safety service plans are the Basic which is $19.99/mo. and has limited features. The Preferred which is $24.99/mo., and the Ultimate which is $34.99/mo.

Either of these devices would be perfect for veterans because they are both mobile and all-in-one devices that are perfect for an active lifestyle. Additionally, the Lively Wearable doesn’t require any charging and a replaceable battery is included with your purchase.

4. LifeStation

LifeStation has been in business since 1977. They are Consumer Affairs Accredited and currently have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They are also trusted nationwide by the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Legion, and more. Additionally, LifeStation has an 8.5 out of 10 rating based on 779 reviews on Trustpilot. And, they frequently run special promotions, so don’t forget to ask about those.


  • Voice to voice communication
  • Waterproof help buttons
  • Automatic weekly test timer
  • 32 hours of standby power
  • Quick and easy setup (five minutes)
  • No long-term contracts, free equipment, free shipping and activation, and a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Monthly fee will never change (unless you add additional services) and a price-lock guarantee


  • Limited range from base station (500 feet)
  • Promotions marked as free are limited time offers
  • Extra monitoring fee for each person (only an extra $3.99/mo. for each additional help button)

LifeStation offers three plans which can be paid annually, quarterly, or monthly, and they have a price-lock guarantee. The In-Home Traditional plan which is a traditional landline only plan ranges from $19.95/mo. to $34.95/mo. The In-Home Plus plan which is their in-home plan without a landline requirement and it ranges from $26.95/mo. to $36.95/mo. And the Mobile with GPS is their on-the-go plan which ranges from $29.95/mo. to $39.95/mo. They also have a Fall Detection option and an Enhanced Location with GPS feature for an extra monthly fee. Additionally, they offer a few accessories which are a lockbox, bathroom and hallway buttons, and an additional user help button you can choose to add to your plan.

LifeStation might be fascinating to veterans because it’s trusted by the VFW and the American Legion. And because the American Legion offers their members additional discounts.

Features of Medical Alert Systems for Vets

The following features are of particular importance to veterans because they are the most popular and the most commonly used among vets and seniors alike.

24/7 Emergency Response

24/7 Emergency Response is a vital feature for medical alert systems for veterans. Thankfully, the feature comes standard with the devices showcased on our list. Whether it’s early afternoon or the middle of the night, just press the help button to get an emergency responder on the line in seconds. Vets benefit more than most, as PTSD symptoms can strike without warning.

Wireless Connectivity

Veterans value independence. That’s why wireless connectivity is a popular choice when it comes to selecting an emergency alert system. Unlike traditional landline systems, this option is powered by Wi-Fi or cellular signal. This means you’re able to roam and enjoy coverage wherever you are. In other words, when you choose wireless, you choose freedom.

Spouse Coverage

Some companies bundle this feature with the primary package, while other services charge a little extra monthly. Either way, Spouse Coverage is an excellent option and ideal for married veterans. If your spouse or family member desires an alert system of their own (it’s highly likely they will), this feature makes it fast, easy, and affordable to add them to your existing plan.

Fall Detection

Veterans face a unique set of challenges and physical disabilities. That’s why Fall Detection tops the list of helpful medical alert features for vets. Powered by advanced technology, Fall Detection will sense a fall and immediately contact the monitoring center on your behalf. Even today, this feature is saving lives with the simple push of a button. Don’t go without it.

Mobile Monitoring

Veterans go to great lengths to remain active. This is where Mobile Monitoring fits in as a wise choice for veterans. Devices powered by mobile monitoring are often outfitted with GPS tracking, allowing you to leave home with confidence. If you happen to experience a medical emergency, you’ll receive immediate assistance from expert responders. Mobility matters, get it with Mobile Monitoring.

Long Range

Go the distance with a Long Range medical alert system for veterans. Especially well-suited for the active vet, a long-range alert greatly extends the range and connectivity to your base station. Some units will keep you covered up to 1,200-1,500 feet from the central hub. Tap into total peace of mind virtually anywhere on your property with Long Range.

2-Way Voice

Emergencies happen, and clear communication makes all the difference. That’s why Two-Way Voice is a must-have medical alert feature for veterans. Two-Way Voice enables you to speak directly with emergency responders. You can talk and listen via the built-in microphone and speaker on the base station, and on the help button itself. Open lines of communication result in faster and more efficient assistance.

Nationwide Coverage

Nationwide Coverage is your go-anywhere solution for traveling vets. This feature works via cellular signal — so your medical alert system will function anywhere you receive a cell phone signal. Visit Tampa for Thanksgiving, California for Christmas, and New York for New Years. Wherever you go, help is always at hand with Nationwide Coverage.

GPS Location Services

Another fantastic feature for veterans, GPS Location Services is built-into select alert systems. GPS uses satellites to pinpoint your exact location, wherever you are, near or far. This is especially helpful (life-saving!) if you have an emergency and need immediate assistance. A caregiver or first responder will always know your whereabouts. GPS is especially helpful for active vets and seniors with dementia.

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