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Cellular-based medical alert systems with fast response times

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No landline? No problem. MobileHelp offers cellular-based medical alert systems for seniors. The 4G connection is linked with Rapid Response for round-the-clock monitoring. And the company boasts an impressive 17 second average response time. With dozens of options, you’re sure to find a plan tailored to your needs. While the add-ons may break the bank if you’re not careful, it’s still a safe bet. See what our experts say right here in our MobileHelp review.

  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Free Shipping
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • FDA Registered Company
  • Certifications—FCC, PTCRB, UL-1635, UL-1637, AT&T Network
  • Medication Reminder Service
  • Works with Nationwide Wireless Voice, Data, and GPS Technology
  • Real-Time Medical Monitoring and Location Tracking
  • Two-Way Communication
  • 17-Second Average Response Time
  • Two Redundant Monitoring Centers
  • Backup Battery (approximately 30 hours)
  • Waterproof Equipment (neck pendant, wrist, and fall buttons)

  • Range Is Only 600 Feet (base station to pendant/wrist button)
  • No Automatic Equipment Testing (manual testing only)
  • Additional Mobile Devices Not Available (a separate SOLO system has to be purchased instead)
  • Automatic Fall Detection is an Extra Charge ($10/mo.)


MobileHelp takes a different approach from traditional medical alert companies. Rather than requiring a landline for service, all of the MobileHelp devices use cellular connectivity to work in nearly every home. They are registered with the FDA and hold an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. MobileHelp devices are FCC, PTCRB and UL certified. This Boca Raton, Florida company uses mobile-personal emergency response system technology in their devices. They leverage the nationwide AT&T cellular network to ensure connectivity throughout the United States.

Features and Technology

Medication Reminders

You and your caregivers can schedule medication reminders with the MobileHelp Connect service. When it’s time to take your medicine, you receive notifications on your cellular base station. The cost of this is $5 per month.

Activity Tracking

This feature tracks your daily activity so you can see trends in your wellness. Caregivers can get alerts if you have unusual inactive periods. These updates get pushed via email or SMS, depending on the family’s preferences. You get reports generated weekly, monthly and yearly that can be useful for your overall health. The cost of this is $5 per month.

Mobile GPS

Both the wearable smart watch and the mobile medical alert devices use GPS technology to help emergency responders send help to the right location.

MobileHelp Connect

MobileHelp has a robust health and well-being platform that allows caregivers and family members to help their loved ones live their best life. MobileHelp Connect features are split between free and paid options. The free features include system status alerts, emergency alerts, non-emergency alerts and up to 30 location requests per month. If you need to locate your loved one more often than that, you pay $5 per 30 requests.

MobileHelp Connect Premium

This premium service offers several benefits for MobileHelp customers. You get protection against paying for damaged or lost equipment in most cases, or you only pay a small deductible. Compare this to paying $300 under the standard plan. The cost of this is $5 per month.

You also get a lifetime price guarantee. As long as you keep the Connect Premium service active, your MobileHelp service plan remains the same monthly fee. 30 location requests are also added per month.

Add-on services and equipment have discounted rates for Premium members. You save anywhere from 25 to 50 percent off the original price. If you want to upgrade or replace your equipment in the future, you no longer need to pay service fees.

Ease of Use

The equipment itself is easy to install and use, although you do have some configuration required through the MobileHelp Connect service to create your medical profile, list your caregivers and include their contact information. Once it’s all set up, however, it’s a breeze to use.

Customer Service

MobileHelp has a partnership with Rapid Response, an emergency response service company that has been in operation for 25 years. Their extensive experience and infrastructure results in an average response time of 17 seconds following a medical alert. They are based in Syracuse, NY and Corona, CA. If one of the call centers is unavailable for any reason, the other acts as a redundant backup so that you never go without coverage.

The emergency response operators have stringent requirements that they have to meet to be employed at Rapid Response. All of the operators have at least a two-year college degree or two years of military service. They go through a full drug screening and background check.

English and Spanish are the primary languages supported through MobileHelp, but they have interpreter assistance through LanguageLine, which opens up support for over 240 additional languages.


The monthly fees for the medical alert system are quite budget-friendly, and most of the equipment is included in the cost. The classic plan is $19.95 per month and covers in-home medical alert monitoring. You may pay a $49.95 one-time setup fee, although this is sometimes waived in promotions.

The Solo is an all-in-one mobile medical alert device that’s designed to be with you anywhere you go. IT costs $37.95 per month and acts as a mobile GPS unit to guide emergency responders to your exact location. You can also communicate with the operator through the unit itself.

The Duo plan is a bundle that includes the classic equipment and the Solo mobile medical alert device. It costs $41.95 per month to have both in-home and mobile devices.

The only piece of equipment you need to purchase upfront is for the wearable plan. The device itself costs $349.95, and the monthly plan is $24.95. It comes with a lot of smart watch features to balance out this cost, and the hardware is provided by Samsung.

MobileHelp offers a 30-day money back guarantee and you aren’t locked into any contracts. You get free shipping for equipment when you pay on an annual or quarterly basis. Activation is free for all plans.

Add-on equipment has a price that’s added on to your monthly bill. Much like the included equipment, you won’t pay upfront for most of these devices.


Cellular Base Station

The Cellular Base Station is an in-home unit that pairs up with a medical alert button. You can also use the unit itself to request help if needed. It has a 600-foot range, does not require a landline and can run up to 30 hours on its battery backup. The medical alarm button can be worn around your wrist or on a lanyard.

Mobile GPS Device

The mobile GPS device is not a standalone unit. It does require a small, mobile-friendly base station that you can bring in your pocket. As long as the GPS device is within 350 feet of this unit, it will operate properly. The waterproof device can stand up to the weather and your outdoor activities.

Wearable Smart Watch

The wearable smart watch is a fully stand-alone device and it fits right in with your wardrobe. GPS location tracking makes it possible for emergency responders to locate you when you need help, and a two-way communicator keeps the conversation crystal clear.

The Samsung Health app is built-in and monitors your activity, such as the number of steps you take in a day and your heart rate. You can set fitness and diet goals and have the device track it for you. A local weather forecast is also conveniently available on the watch.

MobileHelp Touch

The MobilHelp Touch is the latest and greatest medical alert technology on the market. This tablet looking device has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and also has 4G compatibility, making it a truly mobile medical alert solution. This device is loaded with features including, medication management, cognitive games, a picture gallery, telemedicine consultations and more! Although this device is on the pricy side at nearly $600 for the year, it truly is the best mobile medical alert solution out there.

Add-On Equipment

Mobile Fall Button

This upgraded medical alert button automatically detects and reports falls to a responder. The cost of this is $10 per month.

Charging Cradle

Get another charging option for your mobile devices. The cost of this is $2 per month.

Medication Reminders

Never miss a dose of medication with these convenient reminders. The cost of this is $5 per month.

Wall Mount Button

You may not want to wear a medical alert device in the shower or to bed. These wall mount buttons are easy to put on your walls in high-risk locations. The cost of this is $2 per month.

Lock Box

This lock box is a safe and secure way to give emergency responders and caregivers access to your home in the event that your doors are locked and you can’t let them in. The cost of this is $29.95.

LED Flashlight

This powerful flashlight is convenient to have on-hand and is sized to fit in your pocket. The cost of this is $14.95.

Leather Carrying Pouch

Carry your mobile GPS unit around in style with this leather carrying pouch. The cost of this is $9.95.

Beaded Lanyard

Add some fashion to your medical alert device with a beaded lanyard. The cost of this is $19.95.


MobileHelp focuses entirely on cellular-based medical alert devices and a robust online platform that keeps caregivers, family members and seniors connected. The affordable prices and ability to pick and choose the features that you want for your plan make this a solid choice, especially if you don’t have a landline.

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  1. Avatar Tom says:

    I was trying to get a general idea about costs on this system and their website made it seem like I could get this information by email or online. However as I’m trying to complete my online info request I get a call from them presenting me with their full sale package….after 15 minutes of the most boring scripted presentation I had to leave the call to take a different call. PLEASE DON’T STOP THAT!!!
    If I wanted to talk on the phone I would have called you.

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