Best Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection

Fall detection is an important feature of medical alert systems. See which medical alert systems with fall detection made the top of our list.

SecureScore™: 8.7/10


Bay Alarm Medical’s medical alert system with added fall protection comes backed by a 24-hour medical alarm emergency center. It puts a call in for you if you aren’t able to, ensuring help gets to you as quickly as possible.

System Features

  • Cellular & Landline Monitoring
  • In-Home & Mobile Monitoring
  • Fall Detection
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Low Monitoring Fees
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • No Contracts

Best For:

  • Elderly
SecureScore™: 8.3/10


Active seniors who still want fall detection should consider MobileHelp. The MobileHelp Smart wristwatch is compatible with fall detection services, relies on the AT&T network, and offers GPS monitoring for on-the-go use.

System Features

  • In-Home & Mobile Monitoring
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • No Contracts
  • Fall Detection

Best For:

  • Elderly
SecureScore™: 8.1/10


Whether you frequently jog or prefer to stay home and read, Medical Guardian offers a medical alert system with fall detection that will suit your lifestyle. Every system gives you around-the-clock protection and clear two-way communication.

System Features

  • In-Home & Mobile Monitoring
  • Cellular & Landline Monitoring
  • Fall Detection
  • Low Monitoring Fees
  • Nationwide Coverage

Best For:

  • Elderly

Top 5 Medical Alert Systems
with Fall Detection in 2019

  1. Bay Alarm Medical – The Bay Alarm Medical Alert System with Fall Detection is an affordable, no-contract medical alert system that is easy-to-install and use. Response times are quick and the fall detection automatically places a call if you are not able to.
  2. MobileHelp – The MobileHelp Medical Alert System is an easy-to-install, comprehensive mobile alert system that offers fall detection to prevent falls. GPS location services ensure that you can get help no matter where you are located.
  3. Medical Guardian – Medical Guardian’s Medical Alert System with Fall Detection provides secure and reliable fall detection.
  4. GreatCall – GreatCall Medical Alert Systems offer multiple ways to get help in an emergency, including fall detection. With GreatCall’s Fall Detection devices, you can get the help you need if you fall.
  5. LifeStation – LifeStation Medical Alert Systems With Fall Detection provide help at-home and on-the-go. Fall detection is an available add-on service with LifeStation. Mobile GPS service ensures that you can get help even if you are unable to tell the operator where you are at.
Best Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection Fall detection is an important feature of medical alert systems. See which medical alert systems with fall detection made the top of our list.

Medical alert systems can help you or your loved one summon help in an emergency. These provide reassure for seniors and their loved ones. Fall detection is ideal for seniors who are concerned about falling or a health problem when alone. This feature automatically alerts medical responders if a person falls — even if the medical alert button isn’t pushed. There are many options available when it comes to medical alert systems with fall detection. Here’s a look at the many options available.

1. Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical provides one of the most reliable and affordable life-saving medical alert systems with fall detection available on the market today. These systems are backed by a reliable, 24-hour medical alarm emergency center that is based in the USA.

You can choose an In-Home System, GPS Alert System, In-Home + GPS Bundle, In-Car Medical Alert and Fall Detection. Optional accessories include a wall button, lockbox and additional buttons for a spouse or another family member.

The Automatic Fall Detection Alarm System from Bay Alarm Medical automatically calls for help when you are unable to do so. It is compatible with both their Cellular and In-Home and medical alert systems.


  • A portable emergency response system
  • The base station can be used to answer calls
  • Landline and cellular options available
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Easy to install and use
  • Reliable, 2-way communication
  • 32-hour battery backup
  • Optional GPS located-based medical alert for in-car use
  • Reliable fall detection technology
  • Pendants are 100 percent waterproof
  • Up to 1,000 feet range
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Additional pendants cost extra
  • The reset button is tiny

Bay Alarm Medical Alert System with Fall Detection is easy-to-install and offers reliable 24-hour emergency coverage. The system  is portable and versatile. There are a variety of options available for monitoring from landline monitoring to AT&T cellular.

2. MobileHelp

MobileHelp is one of the nation’s premier emergency response systems with fall detection. They offer both at-home and on-the-go-help. There is a choice of four systems available through MobileHelp: MobileHelp Duo, MobileHelp Classic, Mobile Help Solo and Mobile Help Smart.

One of the more unique offerings from MobileHelp is the MobileHelp SmartWatch. MobileHelp partnered with Samsung to offer help in the form of a stylish smartwatch. This is a discrete device that helps shake the stigma of traditional medical alert devices.


  • US-based 24/7 emergency response call center
  • GPS monitoring available
  • AT&T cellular coverage
  • No landline required
  • No long-term contracts
  • Flexible plans
  • Free activation
  • Waterproof wrist pendant or necklace available
  • Optional Samsung medical alert smartwatch


  • Large portable device
  • Only works in AT&T cellular network areas

MobileHelp Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection include state-of-the-art technology and monitoring. MobileHelp is ideal for seniors who are active and embrace an active lifestyle. The MobileHelp Smart from Samsung offers weather tracking, heart rate monitoring and 24/7 medical monitoring. This watch is a unique offering among medical alert systems.

3. Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian medical alert systems with fall detection offer a choice of two different types of protection: on-the-go and at-home. The in-home medical alert system is ideal for seniors who spend the majority of their time at home. It can help you stay safe as you cook, read or go about your daily routine. The on-the-go system provides 24/7 monitoring for seniors who spend their time outside jogging, volunteering or gardening. If you are unsure of the right system for your needs, Medical Guardian offers a free online risk assessment to help you find the right system.

One of the most interesting options available is the Freedom Guardian, this smart watch provides users with a variety of features, such as advanced location tracking, reminders and alerts and text-to-speech messaging. Plus, this smart watch is simple, sleek and discreet.


  • Around-the-clock protection
  • Clear 2-way communication
  • Simple setup and activation
  • Power outage protection (32-hour battery backup)
  • Choice of landline or AT&T cellular monitoring
  • Waterproof medical alert buttons
  • 100 percent US-based monitoring
  • Weatherproof lockbox available
  • Voice-activated wall button
  • Protection plan against lost, stolen or damaged devices
  • A large LED display screen on the base station
  • 600 to 1,300 square feet range
  • Convenient customer care web portal
  • Fall detection is available on all systems


  • Pricey optional equipment and plans
  • The systems are not GPS-enabled

Medical Guardian offers comprehensive medical alert services and equipment. They have everything from in-home fall alert systems to all-in-one medical alert systems. These systems are ideal for a variety of lifestyles.

4. GreatCall

GreatCall offers safety and health devices and solutions for older adults and their family caregivers. GreatCall offers an array of simple-to-use mobile products that are ideal for active seniors.

GreatCall’s services and products include Jitterbug Smart2, Jitterbug Flip, Lively Home, Lively Mobile and the Lively Wearable. GreatCall also offers an array of health, wellness and safety services including and 5Star Urgent Response and GreatCall Link.  5Star Urgent Response includes access to highly-trained agents that are available to help seniors anytime. The agents help assess the situation and provide assistance in the form of linkage to urgent care and more.

The fall detection feature from GreatCall works with the 5Star Service to detect a fall. When a 5Star Fall Detection device is worn, advanced technology senses any sudden movement. If the event that a fall is detected, then the device will automatically notify a Response Agent who will evaluate the situation and get you the help you need.


  • 100 percent US-based customer service
  • Choose from a range of devices
  • No annual contracts
  • No cancellation fees
  • Highly-trained agents available to help anytime
  • 24/7 access to registered nurses and board-certified doctors
  • Medication and refill reminders
  • Access to wellness experts and daily health tips
  • Fitness tracker available
  • Free product replacement


  • Pricey device fees and monitoring
  • Devices can be complicated to use

GreatCall offers several different medical alert products. You are not limited to an emergency pendant or necklace. Options include smartphones with emergency alert apps, a mobile alert device and a wearable. So, you can choose the option best for your lifestyle. These options are great for active, independent seniors. GreatCall’s and award-winning approach to customer care helps seniors live more active and independent lives.

5. LifeStation

LifeStation medical alert system with fall detection provides 24/7 medical monitoring for seniors living at home alone. This service provides seniors with independence and their caregivers with peace-of-mind — all for less than $1 per day.

LifeStation offers a choice of systems: In-Home Traditional, In-Home Plus, Mobile with GPS and Fall Detection. The In-Home Traditional is great for seniors who want a basic system that works with their home telephone. While the Mobile with GPS plus offers help away from home. Fall detection is available with this system.  Additional users are just $3.99 per month.

LifeStation’s Medical Alert Systems all come with free shipping, free activation and free equipment. There is no long-term contracts, hidden fees or taxes.


  • A UL-listed 24-hour monitoring center
  • Landline, cellular and GPS monitoring available
  • Two-way audio
  • Simple 5-minute equipment setup
  • Waterproof help button
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Up to 32 hours of backup battery power
  • Automatic weekly system tests
  • System repair and replacement included
  • Optional bathroom and hallway button available
  • Lockbox available
  • No long-term contract
  • No charge for equipment
  • Low monitoring costs
  • Free shipping


  • No mobile app
  • Short portable help button range
  • Small help button

LifeStation offers a variety of Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection for both on-the-go and at-home. These systems are affordable and trustworthy.

If you or a family member are in need of an in-home medical alert system, LifeStation’s Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection are a good bet. With the basic systems, all you have to do is plug the system in and request help when needed. If you cannot answer, then the agent will notify your contacts and then emergency responders.

The system offers solid response times and a reliable connection. Its portable help button does have a limited outdoor range. So, if the pendant range is important to you, then you might take this into consideration.

Features of Medical Alert Systems For Seniors

If you are shopping for medical alert systems for seniors, you might be wondering what features are the most important. With everything available from wearable smartwatch technology that tracks steps and detects falls to GPS devices that can summon medical help in the event of an emergency, it can be hard to decide what features are the best.

Fortunately, we can help you narrow down what features are important to look for when shopping for a medical alert system with fall detection.

24/7 Emergency Response

Around-the-clock emergency response is a critical feature of medical alert systems because an accident or illness can happen anytime day or night. Look for a system that has 24-hour US-based call centers with trained personnel.

Water Resistance

A waterproof medical alert button or pendant is important so that it can be worn all the time. Bathrooms and showers are common areas where seniors fall. Look for a device that can be worn in the bath or shower.

Cellular Monitoring

Cellular monitoring is ideal for seniors who do not have a landline. With cellular monitoring, you can get reliable monitoring through a cellular network. Make sure that you have strong cellular service in your area.

Multi-Lingual Support

Multi-lingual support is ideal for non-English speakers. Medical alert systems offer support in a variety of languages from Spanish to Swahili. Each service varies so if this is important to you, be sure to check what languages are available.

2-Way Voice

A powerful 2-way speaker will allow emergency operators to hear and talk with you from remote areas in your home. This allows you to be heard without having to shout or scream for help. Many 2-way voice units also function as a speakerphone allowing you to receive calls without having to get up to answer the phone.

Long Range Coverage

The range of coverage varies with medical alert systems. You want to choose a large enough range so that you are covered whether you are reading in your backyard or getting your mail. Basic systems provide a 600+ foot range. This easily covers most yards and homes. It is about two football fields placed end-to-end. If you need a longer range, then some systems allow you to add an extender to increase the coverage distance.

GPS Location Services

GPS mobile location services can help you summon help when you are away from your home. Whether you are hiking in the woods near your home or driving to town, GPS location services helps you summon help if there is an emergency. This service uses GPS tracking to pinpoint your location and get help.

Spouse Coverage

A good feature for couples is spousal coverage. This allows you to add your spouse or other people in your home to your plan for little to no extra money.

Redundant Cell Centers

A medical alert system with fall detection is only about as reliable as the call center. Redundant call centers provide backup coverage in case one area of the country is impacted by a natural disaster or another event.

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