Best Affordable Medical Alert Systems

For those on fixed incomes, making an investment into a medical alert system can be financially stressful. Check out our list of the cheapest medical alert systems on the market.

SecureScore™: 9.4/10
With Bay Alarm Medical, there are no monthly contracts, hidden fees, or extra charges. They have something for everyone’s budget, and you can try them out risk free for 30 days. Choose between in-home, Mobile GPS, and In-Car Medical Alert Systems.
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Home Guardian from Medical Guardian
SecureScore™: 9.0/10
Medical Guardian offers affordable landline, cellular-based, and on-the-go medical monitoring systems. Prices start at just $29.95 per month and come with 24/7 professional monitoring, free self-installation, optional fall detection, and water-resistant buttons.
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GreatCall Lively Wearable 2 and Mobile Plus
SecureScore™: 7.8/10
Lively offers several medical alert systems. The Lively Mobile Medical Alert button is just $49.99 for activation plus the first month’s monitoring plan. Lively’s medical alert system includes cellular monitoring, GPS and fall detection. Most basic medical alert systems do not include all of these features.
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List of the Cheapest Medical Alert Systems

  • Bay Alarm Medical - Bay Alarm Medical Alert System Necklaces are great options for seniors who are on a limited budget. In-home medical alert systems from Bay Alarm start at just $21.95 a month. Bay Alarm Medical does not require monthly contracts. There are also no hidden fees or extra charges with Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems.
  • Medical Guardian - Medical Guardian is another very good low-cost medical alert system. For around $1 day, you can get a medical alert necklace or bracelet that can be worn at home.
  • Lively - Lively offers several medical alert systems. The Lively Mobile Medical Alert button is just $49.99 for activation plus the first month’s monitoring plan. Lively’s medical alert system includes cellular monitoring, GPS and fall detection. Most basic medical alert systems do not include all of these features.
  • LifeStation - LifeStation Medical Alert Systems are affordable. They offer free activation, free shipping and free equipment. LifeStation offers a variety of medical alert systems all with different features.

Are you looking for a low-cost medical alert system for you or your loved one? A medical alert system provides peace of mind to you or your loved one. It can help you reach help in case of a medical emergency. However, if you are on a limited income, you probably want one of that won’t break the bank.

Medical alert systems have a variety of options available. It pays to compare the options available. You can find affordable medical alert systems for both at-home and on-the-go use. Here are the best affordable medical alert systems.

  • 1 Bay Alarm Medical -

    SecureScore™ 9.4
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    Ease Of Use

    Bay Alarm Medical is an affordably-priced medical alert button. Bay Alarm offers medical alert monitoring starting at just $21.95 a month. You can choose in-home, Mobile GPS and In-Car Medical Alert Systems. Bay Alarm also offers a 360-Degree Protection Medical Alert System that includes both in-home and away from home protection at an affordable price. You can order additional buttons for just $1.95. Plus, Bay Alarm provides free monitoring for additional medical alert buttons.

    The Bay Alarm Medical button can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace. It is lightweight and easy-to-use. Bay Alarm’s systems offer pretty good range too at 1,000 feet, which is great because you will not need to spend extra money for an extender. Bay Alarm Medical devices all come with a 5-year warranty.

    • Above-average range
    • Excellent response time with emergency response center
    • Stylish appearance of smartwatch
    • Extra features on smartwatch, like step tracker
    • Extra layer of protection with dual system
    • No activation fee

    • Lengthy wait time with customer service
    • No fall detection with smartwatch
    • Somewhat high monthly payment

    The Bay Alarm Medical system is a great option for people who want to include their spouse or another family member on their plan as they offer additional medical alert buttons very cheaply and free monitoring for additional buttons.

    Bay Alarm Medical is also good for customers who need an extended range. This is great if you like to work in the garden, need to go outside to get the mail or take your pet outdoors.

  • 2 Medical Guardian -

    Home Guardian from Medical Guardian
    SecureScore™ 9.0
    How We Review
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    Medical Guardian systems are affordable and reliable. They offer two systems that are really cheap — the Classic Guardian, which is the lowest cost and the Home Guardian, which offers the best value. The Classic Guardian starts at $29.95 a month and works with a landline. The Home Guardian is $35.95 a month. This system is cellular-based.

    Medical Guardian also offers on-the-go medical alert systems at a reasonable price. These start at just $39.95 a month and include a variety of features, such as location tracking with GPS, clear-2-way communication and cellular backup.

    One of the advantages of Medical Guardian over other similarly-priced systems is the range. The Classic Guardian offers a range of  1,300 feet away from the base station. That makes this system great for customers who work outside in the yard or garden.

    • Streamlined System
    • No Equipment Charge
    • No Activation or Installation Charge
    • Provides Full Coverage at Home and While Away
    • Lots of A La Carte Options
    • TMA Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Center
    • Option to Wear Mobile Device on Lanyard or with Belt Clip

    • Blinking Lights on Mobile Device Could Be a Deterrent
    • Extra Cost for Fall Detection
    • No Option for Fall Detection on Mobile Guardian Device
    • Response Time Could Be More Consistent

    Medical Guardian’s medical alert systems are a great option for customers for customers who want an at-home personal alert system at an affordable price. They offer two different systems — one cellular based and one landline based — for you to choose from.

    The Mobile device from Medical Guardian is a slightly cheaper than similarly-priced systems from competitors, which makes these systems great for those who want on-the-go protection.

  • 3 Lively -

    GreatCall Lively Wearable 2 and Mobile Plus
    SecureScore™ 7.8
    How We Review
    Customer Service
    Features & Technology
    Ease Of Use

    Lively offers a variety of affordable medical alert systems from smartphones to buttons that you can wear as a necklace or pendant. The Lively Mobile device is a great deal. Although Lively charges a one-time $49.95 fee for the device, the medical alert has a number of features that make the fee worthwhile, such as GPS tracking, fall detection and waterproof technology. So, it is great system for customers who want more advanced features. Lively’s monthly monitoring is really affordable. It starts at just $24.99 per month.

    Another thing that sets Lively apart from the competitors are the 5Star Service and Lively Link App. Both of these features are free with the monthly monitoring. The 5Star Service connects you with agents who can assist you if you are in any kind of unsafe or uncertain situation. This service also includes linkage to urgent care, fitness tracking and more.

    There are never any long-term contracts or cancellation fees with Lively. You can cancel service at any time. Lively offers a Refer-A-Friend Program where you can get $25 for referring a friend.

    • Quick Response Time
    • No Equipment Costs
    • No Shipping Fee or Other Hidden Fees
    • Free App to Assist Caregivers
    • One-of-a-Kind Service that Connects With Doctors/Nurse Practitioners
    • Sleek and Contemporary Design
    • Location Detection for Both the Response Center and Caregivers

    • Two-Way Talk Not Included on Device
    • Design of Battery Case Could Be Better
    • Fall Detection Not Practical

    Lively offers affordable medical alert buttons for every need. The Lively Medical Alert System is a great deal for anyone on a budget. It is especially great for on-the-go use as it includes GPS and cellular monitoring.

  • 4 LifeStation -

    LifeStation At-Home Equipment
    SecureScore™ 8.1
    How We Review
    Customer Service
    Features & Technology
    Ease Of Use

    LifeStation is a very good system for anyone looking for a versatile, affordable medical alert. It features 24/7 medical monitoring. There are a variety of options available from LifeStation to fit any budget. You can choose the In-Home Traditional System if you are looking for basic, more affordable coverage. Monitoring on this system costs less than $1 per day. Or, you can choose a In-Home Plus or Mobile with GPS for cellular or GPS monitoring.

    LifeStation offers additional medical alert necklaces for just are $3.99 per month. LifeStation offers free shipping, activation and equipment on all medical alert systems. System repair and replacement is included free of charge. There are no contracts. Service is month-to-month and you can cancel at any time.

    • Location Detection Available for Caregivers and Monitoring Center
    • Fall Detection Available
    • Two-Way Talk
    • 5-Day Battery Life
    • Clear Voice Prompts
    • Ability to Integrate With Alexa
    • TMA Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Center

    • Appearance Could Be More Discreet
    • Inconsistent/Incomplete Information Available on Website and Through Customer Service

    The LifeStation medical alert system is a good option for most people. There are a variety of options available. Those who want something more affordable can choose the In-Home Traditional medical alert system. LifeStation systems are flexible and convenient. Service is month-to-month and you can cancel at any time.

Features of Affordable Medical Alert Systems

If you are looking for the absolute best medical alert system see our main ranked page here, but if you are looking for an affordable medical alert system, then you probably want the most bang for your buck. Before selecting a medical alert system, compare the various features available to determine which offers you the most features at the lowest price. Here are some things to look for when selecting an affordable medical alert system.

24/7 Emergency Response

Affordable medical alert system providers offer 24/7 Emergency Response. This feature is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. After all, what good would an alert system serve if the monitoring center closed at dinnertime? However, not all monitoring centers and emergency personnel are created equal. Look for a 5-star, award-winning company to service you or your loved one.

Lifetime Warranty

‘Cheap’ and ‘low-quality’ often go hand-in-hand — but not in the world of alert systems. The market abounds with high-quality, affordable systems that deliver reliable peace of mind for seniors. With that said, no system is perfect. That’s why some providers now offer a Lifetime Warranty. With this feature, you’ll get a free replacement should your alert system malfunction.

Low Monitoring Fees

Get 24/7 monitoring, without breaking the bank. That’s the promise of many alert system providers. And good thing! Most seniors live on a fixed income, so it’s nice to stretch your dollars and save where you can. Thankfully, there are several affordable alert systems on the market that offer rock-bottom monitoring fees — some starting at $1 a day or less.

Multi-Lingual Support

No English? No problem. You still have a range of affordable medical alerts to choose from. That’s right, Multi-Lingual Support is a feature that provides support in your mother tongue. Alert providers are outfitting their support departments with hundreds of languages — from German to Swahili, Italian, French, Spanish, Tagalog, you name it. Chances are you’ll find help in your native language.

Money-Back Guarantee

Affordable alert companies deliver the goods with this value-packed feature. A money-back guarantee takes 100% of the risk off of your back. It’s not uncommon to find 30-day, 60-day, and even 90-day money-back guarantees. If you don’t love your alert, just send it back for a full refund. Look for this feature to Protect your pocketbook and eliminate buyer’s remorse.

Spouse Coverage

Several medical alert providers make it easy and affordable to add coverage for your spouse. It happens all the time that a loved one sees the value and peace of mind that alert systems deliver, and suddenly they desire one of their own. So look for this feature — one that offers seamless integration of a family member into your plan.

Nationwide Coverage

Affordable coverage matters. That’s why Nationwide Coverage is an important feature for seniors who desire low-cost, on-the-go cellular monitoring. These affordable medical alert companies are constantly expanding their coverage area. From Florida to Minnesota, and California to Maine — look for this feature to get the nationwide coverage you need and deserve.

No Contracts

Is it possible to find a low-cost alert system with no strings attached? You bet it is. No-contract monitoring plans are incredibly popular among seniors on fixed incomes. These no-contract plans offer minimal commitment, month-to-month coverage for those who value flexibility. Remember, you’re not married to your alert system. Don’t like it? Try a different system.

Free Equipment

Don’t be too surprised if you come across a ‘free equipment’ offer. This feature is commonly advertised by the cheapest alert system providers. While these companies eat the upfront costs, they often make you pay for it in the long-term. Still, cash-on-hand today is better than cash-on-hand at some future point in time. And at the end of the day, free is free.

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