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Did You Know? Lively was formerly known as GreatCall. However, in May of 2021, the company rebranded its name and products to Lively.

Overview of Lively

Lively isn’t your average medical alert brand. It’s both a cell phone provider and a medical alert company and offers unique solutions for reaching emergency responders. The company also provides exclusive concierge services like on-demand phone consultations with doctors.

The most popular Lively products are their mobile phones. The phones have big buttons and other senior-friendly features, and I like that they’re powered by Verizon, America’s fastest cellular network.1 The wearable help buttons also have much to offer, as I pointed out in my recent review of the Lively Wearable2. And similar to Bay Alarm Medical alert systems, all four of Lively’s products have access to a monitoring center with an impressively fast response time.

Wearing Lively

Wearing Lively

Did You Know: Lively cell phones can call for help from across the house when synced to a Lively pendant.

Sure, Lively is a leader in mobile phones and alert systems for seniors. But you’re probably wondering about costs and fees and whether Lively has a plan that will work for your budget and lifestyle. I’m going to take an in-depth look at their products, pricing, and services so that you can see how this brand compares to other popular options like the Medical Guardian medical alert system. Read below for a closer look.

Key Features

The best features of Lively include:

  • In-Home and Mobile Monitoring
  • Fall Detection
  • Enhanced GPS Location Tracking
  • Low Monitoring Fees
  • Exceptional Response Time
  • Caregivers’ App

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Lively Devices and Pricing

Lively Equipment

Lively is a brand with four distinct products along with lots of extra services and accessories that can be used to customize each one. I will start by pointing out that Lively charges separately for equipment and service (some companies only charge for service). Take a look below at the equipment and monthly fees for their phones and Lively wearables.

Lively Equipment Pricing

Jitterbug Smart4 Jitterbug Flip2 Lively Mobile Plus Lively Wearable2
Type of Device Smartphone Flip Phone All-in-One Watch
Equipment Fee $149.99 $99.99 $49.99 $49.99
Monthly Fees (Basic Package) $24.99 $24.99 $24.99 $24.99

I was disappointed to learn that both the Jitterbug Smart4 and Jitterbug Flip2 require a $35 activation fee. It’s probably not a deal breaker but just something to keep in mind as you do your own evaluation.

Lively Alert Systems and Packages

As you can see above, Lively currently sells four medical alert devices. Two of these are phones: the Jitterbug Flip2 and the Jitterbug Smart4. The others, the Lively Wearable2 and Lively Mobile Plus, are wearable devices. I think it’s a decent product lineup, as many brands only offer two or three options. Let’s dig into the details of Lively’s offerings to find out if the service makes sense for you or your loved one.

Lively Mobile Phones for Seniors

The Jitterbug Flip2

The Jitterbug Flip2 is a folding mobile phone made by Samsung. It’s easy to use and has a simple large-print menu and big keypad buttons, leaving room for a red emergency help button at the bottom of the number pad. Added perks, designed especially for older adults, include dialing and texting by voice, an 8MP camera, Brain Games for mental sharpness, and a reading light with a magnifier. The phone has 16 GB of storage, is available in red or gray, and costs $99.99.

Note that the Basic Health and Safety package includes an additional monthly charge for minutes and texts. Unlimited texts and minutes cost $20 per month. If you choose the Preferred or Ultimate package, this fee will be waived.

There’s also an option to pay only for talk and text (and avoid monthly payments for a health and safety package) with the option to upgrade at a later date. Unlimited talk and text costs $39.99 per month.

Best for: The Jitterbug Flip2 is best for seniors who prefer a simple mobile phone with around-the-clock protection.

Pro Tip: Want to learn about the best features of the latest alert systems? If so, check out our medical alert system buyer’s guide to get the scoop.

Jitterbug Smart4

As the bigger brother to the Jitterbug Flip2, the Jitterbug Smart4 is a Samsung Android phone with 16 GB of storage, a 5 ½-inch screen, and a choice of two setups. With the simple layout, apps appear in a list. With the advanced layout, apps show in the traditional way, with icons. (I like this one!) With either layout, a digital 5Star button shows at the bottom of the screen. Note that this button acts as your emergency helpline. Special features include voice dialing/texting, a 13 MP camera, Brain Games, video chat, and mobile internet access. The full price is $149.99, and service starts at $24.99 per month.

Jitterbug Smart4

Jitterbug Smart4

Unlike the Jitterbug Flip2, the Jitterbug Smart4 requires an additional charge for talk, text, and data regardless of the health and safety plan you choose. Unlimited talk and text is $20 per month, while unlimited talk, text, and data costs $40 per month.

An option to pay only for talk, text, and data is also available with the Lively.

Best For: The Jitterbug Smart4 is best for seniors who want a more advanced mobile phone experience with 24/7 emergency coverage.

FYI: In most cases, you can transfer your current mobile number to a Lively phone. We always recommend doing so to keep things simple.

Lively Wearable Alert Systems

Lively Wearable 2

Lively Watch

Lively Watch

This innovative button can upgrade your current smartphone with fall detection, 5Star emergency service, Urgent Care medical calls, and other Lively benefits. You can wear it around your wrist or neck, and it works within Bluetooth range. Pressing the button will connect you with the response center through your smart phone. Unlike some of the other best medical alert watches, all other functions (including two-way talk) are conducted through the phone, which will be paired to the Lively watch during setup.

I like how the watch is waterproof (approved for swimming) and works for about four months per battery. Also, it doubles as a pedometer with step counts displaying in the app. The full price for this handy device is $49.99. And the monitoring starts at $24.99 per month, contract-free.

Pro Tip: In order to use the Lively Wearable2, you will need to have either an Android 7.0 or iPhone iOS 11 or later. Not sure what you have? Lively’s customer service can help. Be sure to call them from the smartphone you will be using with the Lively Wearable2.

Best for: The Lively Wearable2 is best for folks who want advanced emergency alert coverage without investing in a new phone.

Lively App Dashboard

Lively App Dashboard

Lively Mobile Plus

While I think other Lively products are more unique, Lively Mobile Plus is similar to all-in-one GPS buttons from other medical alert brands. However, a big advantage is Lively’s average response time of under 19 seconds. In my experience, this is lightning-fast. Also, it offers two-way voice and uses advanced GPS for more precise location.

This device is rain-safe and can clip to your waistband, pocket, or purse. It can also be worn with a lanyard. It holds a charge for up to 80 hours. The full equipment price is $49.99, and 24/7 monitoring starts at $24.99 per month.

Best for: The Lively Mobile Plus is best for seniors who are seeking a convenient alert system with GPS along with an ultra-fast response time.

Did You Know?: If you call 911 from a regular cell phone, accurate GPS information isn’t necessarily relayed to dispatchers!2 Services like Lively can help pinpoint your location.

Lively Services

Special services, like Lively Rides, for instance, help set this brand apart from other cell phone and medical alert providers we’ve tested. Each of Lively’s four products comes with three different health and safety packages — basic, preferred, and ultimate — which include different services and prices.

For example, the basic package for the Lively Wearable2 includes only one service but is offered at the low price of $24.99 per month. The preferred package includes three services and costs $29.99, while the ultimate includes four services and costs $39.99. The nice thing is that you can choose as much or as little as you or your loved one wants or needs. And you can manage everything right in the Lively app.

Lively App

Lively App

Here’s a roundup of the special services you can expect with Lively.

Lively Service Options

Lively Service Service Description
Fall Detection A wearable add-on that sends an emergency signal if it detects a sudden fall
Urgent Care On-demand phone consultations with doctors and RNs plus an audio library on common health problems
Personal Operator Unlimited help with appointments, scheduling, and more
Lively Link A mobile app that allows caregivers to use location detection and receive alerts if the subscriber calls for help
Lively Rides Concierge service for arranging Lyft rides with drivers trained to work with seniors
Urgent Response Emergency response system that sends assistance when the help button is pressed
Brain Games Pre-loaded games from a leading provider of brain fitness exercises
Alexa Integration Technology that enables calling or texting by voice

Not all of the services listed above are available across all devices, packages, or plans. As a guide, I created the table below to summarize the availability of services for each Lively device. This should help you narrow down your choices to find an option that works for you or your loved one.

Lively Services by Device

Jitterbug Smart4 Jitterbug Flip2 Lively Mobile Plus Lively Wearable2
Urgent Response Yes Yes Yes Yes
Urgent Care Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lively Link Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brain Games Yes Yes No No
Lively Rides Yes Yes No No
Fall Detection No No Yes Yes
Personal Operator Yes Yes No No
Alexa Integration Yes Yes No No

Lively Accessories and Costs

If it’s an accessory that you are looking for, Lively has plenty of those — in fact, they offer more accessories, add-ons, and upgrades than any other brand. So accessorize away, but watch out for the price creep that comes with it!

Here’s a helpful pricing chart of Lively accessories available for each of Great Call’s products. As you will probably notice, Lively does not offer accessories with the Lively Wearable2.

Roundup of Lively Accessories

Product Description One-Time Cost Product Description
Jitterbug Smart4 Gel Phone Case $19.99 Protective wrap-around case/choice of red or blue
Jitterbug Smart4 Screen Protector $9.99 Thin, tempered glass that guards screen against scratches
Jitterbug Smart4 Car Charger $24.99 12V charger with 40″ coiled cable
Jitterbug Smart4 Extra Wall Charger $19.99 Includes a micro-USB cable
Jitterbug Smart4 Bluetooth Headset $29.99 Wireless headset for streaming music and answering calls
Jitterbug Smart4 Stereo Earphones $24.99 Headset for streaming music and answering calls
Jitterbug Smart4 Wallet Folio Case $24.99 Stylish protection for phone with functionality of wallet
Jitterbug Flip2 Extra Charging Dock $24.99 Additional dock for convenience
Jitterbug Flip2 Travel Wall Charger $19.99 Includes a 45″ cord and is compatible with 100-240 volt outlets
Jitterbug Flip2 Car Charger $24.99 Includes a 40″ coiled cable
Jitterbug Flip2 Case With Lanyard $19.99 Available in red or black
Jitterbug Flip2 Extra Battery $19.99 Replacement battery
Jitterbug Flip2 Bluetooth Headset $29.99 Wireless headset for streaming music and answering calls
Jitterbug Flip2 Stereo Earphones $24.99 Headset for streaming music and answering calls
Lively Mobile Plus Lanyard $14.99 Available in black
Lively Mobile Plus Belt Clip $9.99 Attaches to pocket, purse or keychain
Lively Mobile Plus Wristband $19.99 Adjustable and available in black
Lively Mobile Plus AC Charger $19.99 Easy to use

I know — it’s a lot to think about. Four cool products, different service plans, and loads of accessories. I recommend starting out by choosing the product that is the best fit for you. Follow that up by determining what services best fit your needs and choose a corresponding plan. A customer agent can help you with this. Finally, you should pick and choose accessories, balancing overall cost with need.

Lively Current Deal

Save 50 percent: For a limited time Lively Mobile Plus is selling for $24.99 on the company’s website. Another thing to consider is a longstanding Lively deal offered through AARP. If you’re an AARP member, you can save $5 per month on monitoring or cell service. Not bad.

Note that shipping is always free, and other discounts might be active on a rolling basis. See Lively’s website for the latest special promotions, deals, discounts, and savings.

Overall Value of Lively

Lively 5Star Urgent Response

5Star Urgent Response

Choosing a Lively alert system can be smart if you’re on a budget. If you or your loved one needs cell phone service anyway, then a Lively phone wouldn’t cost you any extra per month. Mind you, Lively’s lowest advertised rate of $24.99 doesn’t cover everything I typically look for in a medical alert system. And don’t forget that both phones require a $35 activation fee.

Pro Tip: If you upgrade with texting and data plans and concierge services, it’s still much cheaper than your typical mobile phone plan – with the added value of emergency alert coverage, a personal operator, and other senior-friendly features.

As for the wearables, Lively offers competitive rates, starting at $24.99 per month. It’s a bit disappointing that the equipment isn’t free, unlike with Bay Alarm Medical and some of my other favorite medical alert systems. But I think Lively wearables are superior to other systems out there in terms of response time; plus they have enhanced GPS.

All in all, you could spend slightly less per month with a home-only alternative from Bay Alarm Medical or a similar provider. But for some of the best plans, packages, and pricing, I have to say that Lively is indeed a “great call.”

Lively Company Background

Lively began in 2005, founded by a southern California couple already known for revolutionizing mobile communications. Arlene Harris developed game-changing code for pagers, and Martin Cooper is considered the father of the cell phone.3

In founding Lively, the couple intended to showcase Harris’ new code, called SOS, for emergency communications. The first Lively phones with this technology hit the market in 2006. Well designed and built by Samsung, they were well received from the start. Within a few years, Lively added services such as Urgent Care for on-demand medical calls and MedCoach for text-based pill reminders.

Today, Best Buy owns the company and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Lively FAQs

Citations only uses high-quality sources to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.
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