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Medical Guardian and MobileHelp medical alarm systems are built to provide seniors who want to maintain their independence, options for living on their own. Each system provides security options for both inside and outside the home, as well as for traveling away from home. Both offer at home and away capabilities for maximum security and protection.

Overview: Medical Guardian vs MobileHelp

Medical Guardian and MobileHelp are placed at both ends of the spectrum in terms of equipment but are comparable in price, durability, and reliability. Each one offers packages and pricing to fit most individuals' needs.

  • Rapid emergency response is offered by both companies
  • Both companies offer wearable devices that have two-way communication
  • Neither company requires a long term contract
  • Medical Guardian requires a 90-day service agreement (commitment)
  • MobileHelp offers medication reminders

Similarities: MobileHelp vs Medical Guardian

The goal of both Medical Guardian and MobileHelp is to provide an immediate emergency response to individuals who want to maintain their independence for as long as possible. Both offer several options in terms of devices and base units for both at home and away.

  • Both companies offer equipment that are self installed
  • In-home devices from both companies are waterproof
  • Cellular service offered by the two companies allow for expanded coverage when the home is left
  • Wearables from both companies offer two-way communication
  • Neither company charges a cancellation fee

Differences: MobileHelp vs Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian and MobileHelp offer many of the same devices, but there are differences in their capabilities. MobileHelp, however, does offer other health monitoring options that other medical alert systems do not.

  • MobileHelp offers medication alerts
  • All of Medical Guardian's devices are waterproof
  • MobileHelp manufactures all of its own medical alert equipment
  • Medical Guardian has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Medical Guardian offers a Price Lock Guarantee


Medical Guardian is able to dispatch emergency personnel in a matter of minutes. Individuals can choose from pendants, belt clips, or bracelet type devices. The inside base unit has a range of over 1300 feet, while the on-the-go, the mobile feature has an unlimited range. A lock box and medical history card can also be added to each plan, allowing emergency responders access to the home in case of an emergency.

MobileHelp offers GPS-enabled equipment with a range of over 1000 feet in the home and 600 feet outside. The MobileHelp system is completely wireless and runs off of AT&T service that is included with each plan. All devices have two-way communication.


There are no long-term contracts. Each company does require a service agreement, but can be cancelled at anytime.


Medical Guardian offers a variety of monthly pricing/package options. They include the Classic Guardian at $29.95, the Home Guardian at $34.95, the Active Guardian at $49.95, and the Mobile Guardian at $39.95. They also offer a Family package option that starts at $79.95 per month.

MobileHelp offers four main options paid by the month. They include the Classic/At Home for $19.95, the Solo/On-the-go for $37.95, the Duo/Complete for $41.95, and the Smart/Wearable for $24.95. In addition to their monthly payment option, you can also pay quarterly, semi-annually or annually.


Medical Guardian offers several different device options that include the pendant, belt clips, and bracelets. All offer two-way communication. A base unit is also included.

Mobile Help equipment includes the smartwatch wearable, pendants, wristbands, base unit, and mobile base unit. Devices offer two-way communication. Home and mobile base units are also available.


Both systems are easily installed and do not require professional assistance.

Emergency Connections

Medical Guardian offers landline and cellular connectivity. Trained technicians at the monitoring centers will immediately dispatch emergency responders and contact individuals on the contact list by either phone or text.

MobileHelp is 100% wireless. Emergency response teams will be immediately dispatched if an alarm is triggered and no one responds. Phone calls or texts will be sent to everyone listed on the person's contact list in the event of an emergency.

Summary: Medical Guardian vs MobileHelp

Medical Guardian works best for individuals who are looking for a well-rounded medical alert system with several options. It's a little more expensive, but the value is there especially if you want a choice of devices.

MobileHelp and MobileHelp Solo are designed to provide fast emergency response and convenience. A little costly in terms of what they have to offer, but works well for individuals who are active and like to be on the go.

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