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Medical Guardian and Philips Lifeline are medical alert systems that are designed to provide medical assistance if and when an emergency occurs. Both offer emergency connectivity to local agencies who can provide immediate care and contact loved ones to let them know what is going on.

Overview: Medical Guardian vs Philips Lifeline

Medical Guardian offers an extensive array of services, features, and packages that are designed to offer both protection and convenience at an affordable price. Lifeline is the oldest medical alert company in the United States. Now owned by Philips, Lifeline still provides 24/7 protection to its subscribers, although the range of the company's services are more limited than Medical Guardian.

  • Both systems support over 200 languages
  • Medical Guardian offers multiple packages/price points with multiple devices
  • Philips Lifeline offers optional professional installation
  • Medical Guardian does not charge an equipment or activation fee
  • Both systems offer both at home and on the go features

Similarities: Philips Lifeline vs Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian and Philips Lifeline offer many of the same features, including coverage both at home and while you are on the go. Both companies provide 24/7/365 professional monitoring and can have emergency personnel dispatched almost immediately to your location if an emergency does occur.

  • Professional monitoring 24/7/365
  • At home and on the go features that allow for complete protection
  • Wearable devices are waterproof
  • Both systems support over 200 languages
  • Both offer two-way communication with the monitoring center

Differences: Philips Lifeline vs Medical Guardian

The differences between Medical Guardian and Philips Lifeline include Lifeline's option for professional installation and the fact that fall detection is considered a standard feature. Medical Guardian offers several features and a variety of devices to choose from.

  • Fall detection is only an option with Medical Guardian
  • Philips Lifeline offers subscribers the choice between professional installation and self-installation
  • Philips Lifeline requires a $50 activation fee
  • Medical Guardian offers a price lock guarantee
  • Medical Guardian does not charge for equipment, shipping, or activation


Medical Guardian offers a variety of features including a lockbox w/medical history card, professional monitoring, an inside range of 1,300 feet from the main base, and several different devices to choose from.

Philips Lifeline offers a medical alert pendant that is waterproof and has an extended range due to its GPS geo-locating system. Fall detection is standard with Lifeline and provides immediate connectivity with emergency responders if an alert is received.


Medical Guardian does not require a contract. New subscribers are, however, must agree to sign a 90-day service agreement.

Philips Lifeline does not require a long-term contract or lengthy service agreement.


Medical Guardian has four main individual packages that are charged by the month. They include the Classic Guardian at $30/per month, the Home Guardian at $35/per month, the Active Guardian at $50/per month, and the Mobile Guardian at $40/per month. They also have a family package for just less than $80 a month.

The Philips Lifeline Home Safe package costs approximately $30 a month while the Go Safe 2 package costs $44.95 a month. There is also a $99.95 equipment fee. To start service, there is a $50 activation fee.


Medical Guardian offers several choices in terms of equipment. Packages can include a base station, pendant, bracelet, and clip-on device. All wearable devices offer two-way communication and are waterproof.

The Philips Lifeline system offers a base unit and a wearable pendant that comes standard with fall protection and two-way communication. The pendant is also waterproof.


Medical Guardian equipment is designed to be installed by the subscriber. There are no options for professional installation.

Philips Lifeline offers both do it yourself installation options as well as professional installation. If you request professional installation, there is an additional fee.

Emergency Connections

Medical Guardian uses both landline and cellular services for emergency connectivity. They can quickly and effectively dispatch emergency personnel to your location and also notify contacts on the list you provided to the monitoring center.

Philips Lifeline uses several different means to maintain connectivity with the subscriber. The wi-fi, cellular connections, and GPS geo-location technology to track your location and dispatch emergency personnel to wherever you are. They will also notify individuals on your contact list.

Summary: Medical Guardian vs Philips Lifeline

Medical Guardian is an ideal choice for individuals who want both convenience and a variety of packages and services. For the number of features and the choice of devices, Medical Guardian is well worth the price.

Philips Lifeline is somewhat pricey for the level of service that is offered. It's a good choice, however, for people who want the security of working with a trusted brand that has been around for many years.

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