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Between these two security systems, our favorite is ADT.

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ADT and Guardian Protection have both been around for several decades and are well respected as leaders in the home security industry. Both companies offer equipment that are capable of providing effective home security for homeowners.

Overview: Guardian Protection vs ADT

ADT and Guardian Protection are comparable in terms of pricing and technology, but differ in terms of service areas and contract options. Both companies are better suited for homes instead of apartments because of the professional installation.

  1. Guardian Protection is only available in 16 states
  2. ADT and Guardian Protection require long-term commitments
  3. Guardian Protection sometimes offers discounts to offset the cost of startup and installation
  4. Guardian offers a 3-year and 6-year contract option
  5. ADT and Guardian both offer home automation and mobile apps for immediate access from almost anywhere

Similarities: ADT vs Guardian Protection

Companies are comparably priced both in terms of equipment and in monthly fees. Both ADT and Guardian Protection require professional installation and allow subscribers to add additional pieces of equipment as desired.

  • Professional installation
  • Home automation
  • Wireless and cellular service
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Indoor/outdoor video surveillance
  • Both offer mobile apps

Differences: ADT vs Guardian Protection

ADT offers coverage throughout the entire United States while Guardian Protection is limited to only a few large cities in 16 states. Contract terms and cancelation policies also differ.

  • Guardian Protection offers two contract terms, 3-year and 6-year
  • ADT offers a six-month, money back guarantee
  • Guardian Protection offers a “lowest price” guarantee
  • Moving is difficult with the Guardian Protection packages, especially if you move outside of their service area
  • ADT offers nationwide coverage and service


ADT features include home automation, environmental sensors, indoor/outdoor video surveillance with two-way voice recognition, medical alert pendants, and motion sensors that are pet-friendly. They also offer both landline and cellular options for connectivity.

Guardian Protection offers reliable cellular service, a free mobile app that can be used from anywhere, a wide selection of sensors, real-time weather alerts, and text message notifications. It also offers home automation and two-way voice communication.


ADT requires customers to commit to a 3-year contract, but will accept cancelations if they are made within the six-month time frame. If a customer cancels during that time, there will be no penalties and their money will be refunded.

Guardian Protection requires a 3-year or 5-year commitment. Additional devices can be added to your contract for an additional fee. It's important to read the contract carefully because cancelations fees can be extremely expensive.


ADT's packages have an upfront cost of $125. The Traditional package offers 24/7 monitoring and costs $28.99 a month. The ADT Control package includes 24/7 monitoring and home automation and costs $36.99 per month. The Video package is $55.99 a month and includes 24/7 monitoring, home automation, and video capabilities.

Guardian Protection packages include a $99 upfront fee. The Edge Essentials plan costs $34.95, Edge Control $44.95, Edge Plus $54.95, and the Edge Premium plan for $64.95. The Edge Premium plan includes all the features of the other packages as well as video.


All ADT packages include the basic equipment. This includes signage, control pain, three entry sensors, one infrared motion sensor, keychain remote, siren, and backup battery. More devices are included as the cost of the packages increase.

Devices that are standard with each Guardian Protection package include a touchscreen panel, three door/window sensors, a motion sensor, and signage. Other devices that can be added to packages include thermostat, light control, door lock, and a garage door alarm.


Both companies require their system to be installed by a professional. This ensures each device is put in place properly and is fully functional before the system is turned on.

Emergency Connections

ADT offers both cellular and landline connectivity. This allows for the system to contact both the individuals on the contact list, as well as the proper authorities immediately in the event of an emergency.

Guardian Protection offers emergency connectivity through the use of cellular service. The system is completely wireless and very reliable.

Summary: Guardian Protection vs ADT

ADT is one of the most popular home security systems among homeowners. Although it is somewhat expensive, the price does include quality equipment and reliable, 24/7 monitoring. It's a good choice for homeowners who want a quality system backed up by a solid reputation.

Guardian is also a good choice for homeowners who plan on remaining at the same location on a long-term basis. If you live in one of their 16 services areas, the quality of their service meets or exceeds the expectations of their customers.

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