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Between these two security systems, our favorite is ADT.

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ADT is a full-service home security system that offers many package options to choose from. is a white label service that you can use if you want to maintain maximum control over your system. offers a home security monitoring platform that is capable of allowing you to monitor your security system from practically anywhere.

Overview: ADT vs

ADT offers a comprehensive list of services and features for homeowners and renters who want an advanced home security system. is a cloud-based service and technology developer that ties together security equipment from various manufacturers.

  • ADT offers a comprehensive list of equipment
  • uses a mobile app to fully control the home security system
  • offers both do-it-yourself and professional installation, depending on the vendor you decide to work with
  • ADT requires a 3-year contract to start service

Similarities: vs ADT

Both companies provide home automation and 24/7 monitoring. Both systems offer cellular connectivity to allow for maximum control of the system through a mobile app or internet connection.

  • Offer 24/7 monitoring
  • Can be used by homeowners or renters
  • Offer live video streaming services

Differences: vs ADT

The main difference between ADT and is that one is a white label, home security monitoring service. Both are highly effective, but works with a number of home security companies across the nation to offer its services.

  • ADT requires a long-term contract
  • ADT offers a six-month guarantee
  • ADT offers several different environmental hazard sensors
  • Your contract, monitoring fee, and features will depend on which vendor you choose


ADT offers home automation, medical/panic buttons w/GPS, environmental disaster protection, a six-month guarantee and cellular service. All of the equipment is 100% wireless and easy to use. Motion sensors are pet-friendly. The video doorbell viewer is enabled with two-way, voice communication.

As a white label service, includes live video streaming, wellness options that can be monitored through a downloadable app, a video doorbell, and a smart thermostat. The system is also compatible with Google and Alexa platforms. also offers crash and bash protection, environmental hazard detection and motion-triggered sensors.

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ADT requires a 3-year contract that is backed up by a 6-month guarantee. If the customer is not completely satisfied, they will receive all their money back as long as the equipment is returned within the 60-day time frame. itself does require not a contract for the use of its services, but the service providers they partner with may require a contract.


ADT offers three basic packages. The Traditional ($29 a month, the Control ($37 a month), and the Video ($53 a month). Each package costs $125 upfront for installation and set up. They also offer monitoring services to home security equipment that is already installed. The charge for that service is $19 per month. service costs vary depending on the authorized service provider you decide to work with.


ADT's system must be professionally installed. This includes systems for both renters and homeowners.

The service providers that offer different types of equipment, but they typically require professional installation.

Emergency Connectivity

Both systems use cellular service and Wi-Fi connectivity. If an emergency occurs, each system has the capability of contacting both the local authorities as well as numbers on the customer's contact list.

Summary: ADT vs.

ADT is for the homeowner or renter who wants a professionally installed and monitored system with all the perks. It is a more expensive system, but well worth the cost for those who want the level of convenience they provide. ADT is one of the more convenient systems on the market. offers monitoring services and home automation services. They are a good option for those who are looking for the latest home security and automation features.

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Our pick is ADT
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