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LifeFone Medical Alert Ratings

If you like choices, you’ll love LifeFone. With 40+ years under their belt, LifeFone delivers quality alert systems with loads of options. Daily Activity Assurance, check-in calls, and medication reminders are just a few of the available features. So customize your system to your heart’s content, and never pay activation or equipment fees. But if you’re easily overwhelmed, LifeFone’s seemingly endless options might not be the best fit for you. See what our experts say right here in our LifeFone review.

  • No long-term contracts
  • No activation fees
  • No equipment fees
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Spouses protected for free under basic plan
  • Lots of add-on and custom equipment choices
  • Fall detection
  • GPS tracking
  • Smoke/CO2 detection and monitoring
  • Customizable emergency response plans
  • Caregiver tools
  • Mobile and at-home options
  • Equipment range beats that of many competitors
  • Reputation going back to 1976

  • Add-on prices can really add up
  • Add-on costs make base prices look misleading
  • Customization options may overwhelm some
  • Response times sometimes lag behind competition
  • Speaker quality lags behind competition
  • System not ideal for the hard of hearing
  • Smoke/CO2 detectors require self-installation
  • Outdoor equipment range weaker than that of some competitors


LifeFone has a long history starting in 1976, and it’s earned itself an A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Their services receive many recommendations from health care providers and senior organizations throughout the United States, and they have thousands of customers enjoying an independent life thanks to their offerings.

LifeFone owns and operates its monitoring centers, with entirely US-based employees. They pride themselves on being leaders in the healthcare communications industry. They show this through many innovative features and add-on packages.

Features & Technology

Long Range Base Unit

LifeFone’s base unit has a range that reaches up to 1,300 feet, which is significantly larger than many other medical alarm at-home units. This range is ideal for larger houses or extensive yards.

Waterproof Help Button

You need help in many potential situations, and not all of them are in ideal conditions. You can take your help button in the shower with you so it’s always on hand.

Free Equipment Replacements

You don’t have to worry about going without a medical alert system if your equipment breaks. You get free replacements.

Battery Backup

If the power goes out, you’re still protected for approximately 32 hours following the outage.


Conveniently answer all incoming calls when you press the button on your pendant. You talk to the person on the other end through the base unit.

Activity Assurance – $6 per month

This added feature sets up an automated activity check-in every day. You press the base unit button to let the monitoring center know that you’re up and about. If you miss this check-in, 15 minutes later they’ll give you a call. Should you fail to respond at that point, LifeFone will put your emergency care plan into action.

Daily Check-in Call – $19 per month

You may also choose to have a daily check-in call directly from the monitoring center. They can remind you to take your medication, see whether you’ve gotten to an appointment or simply ask how you’re doing.

Medication Reminders – $6 per month

You get reminders on which medication you need to take and when you’re supposed to take it.

Location Service – $9 per month

This add-on feature allows caregivers and loved ones to see the subscriber’s location via the LifeFone mobile device. You get 30 location requests included with this service, and you can opt to add 30 more for $5 more per month. This service includes medication reminders and caregiver notifications.

LifeFone Caregiver Portal

Designated caregivers can see your location and other important information, so that they may assist you in living your best independent life. Notifications are sent via email or text.

LifeFone Mobile Alert for Smartphones – Starts at $5.95 per month

LifeFone offers a valuable mobile app for subscribers who use smartphones. You have three different types of alert buttons through this app: panic, concern and medical. The panic button is designed for fast assistance, and the operator will know to get someone to you as soon as possible. The concern button gets a monitoring operator on the line, and they talk with you until you’re somewhere that you feel safe. They can bring in assistance at any time, should you need it. Finally, the medical button indicates that you have a health-related emergency.

Personalized Care Plan

You can tell LifeFone exactly what you want to happen in a particular emergency situation. That way, they can make sure that you’re getting the type of care that you need, from the right people. In some cases, that’s your family, and in others, you need EMTs.

LifeFone Family Guard

You can set up a personal panic button on a cell phone through the app or to a family member. You can monitor the locations of up to three family members with this service, and you can upgrade this package so each of those people gets their own panic button. Additional family members can be added as needed.

LifeFone is working on several additional features for its service:

  • Geofencing: When a subscriber enters or leaves a GPS designated area, you get an alert.
  • Lead foot alerts: Worried about someone’s driving habits? This feature will let you know when they’re going too fast.

Ease of Use

You don’t have to worry about complicated controls or lengthy installation processes with LifeFone. Everything is user-friendly and you receive clear, concise directions on how you need to set everything up. You’ll be protected with your medical alert button within minutes of receiving it.

Customer Service

You can reach the specially trained emergency care agents 24/7, every day of the year. Once you press the button, the agent reviews the customized emergency plan that you set up in advance so they know the course of action that you prefer. If you don’t have a plan for a given situation, they leverage their expertise to get you the right kind of assistance. Every interaction is compassionate and helpful, whether you need assistance with getting back up after a fall, or you require immediate medical assistance.


LifeFone offers home and on the go versions of its medical alarm system. You don’t pay any activation or equipment fees, and the service has a 30-day money back guarantee. You also get a lifetime subscriber price guarantee and a lifetime equipment guarantee. Spouses are protected for free with the at-home service, which is an add-on that often requires additional payment with other medical alert companies.

No contracts are required and you can cancel at any time. You don’t have a lot of complicated refund policies to worry about in this situation. You get a refund based on the time that you haven’t used.

Automatic fall detection upgrades are available with all service tiers and cost $5 – $10 per month, depending on your selections.

At Home Landline

This at-home medical alarm system requires a landline to function. It has an impressive 1,300-foot range and the base unit has a 32-hour battery backup in the event of a power outage. The pendant is waterproof and can go wherever you need to go in the house. A temperature sensor monitors the environmental conditions in the home, as these also represent a risk factor for seniors living independently. The At Home Landline starts at $24.95 per month.

At Home Cellular

This option has the same functionality as the above service plan, but you don’t need a landline for it to work. The At Home Cellular starts at $30.95 per month.

At Home and On-the-Go

This combination at-home and mobile plan give you full medical alert coverage no matter where your journeys take you in the US. When you’re at home, your medical alarm button works within 600 feet of the base unit. When you’re mobile, you take a specialized mobile base unit with you and the button needs to stay within 350 feet from that. The base unit has a 30-hour battery backup and the mobile one is 24-hours. Both units work while charging. You don’t need a landline for this package. GPS location services help emergency medical professionals get to you. The At Home and On-the-Go starts at $36.95 per month.

At Home and On-the-Go Voice in Pendant System $42.95

If the idea of carrying around a mobile base unit seems a bit cumbersome, this package upgrades your medical alarm button so you can talk to the monitoring center directly through it. It’s a water-resistant unit that is sure to be a powerful tool in keeping you safe. The At Home and On-the-Go Voice in Pendant System starts at $42.95 per month.

LifeFone Complete Home Package $42.95 per month

This complete package expands beyond the at-home medical alert system and adds environmental monitoring and other features. This plan requires a one-year contract. In addition to the medical alarm system, you also get monitored fire, smoke, CO and gas detectors. A large wall mount help button goes in places where you might not have your medical alarm button on. If anything runs low on battery life, the system lets you know automatically. The Complete Home Package starts at $42.95 per month.


The basic equipment that you need for each medical alarm system is included, which is a package that typically includes the base station and the medical alert button.

Add-On Equipment

Additional Help Button

If you want to have more than one help button on-hand, you can add more with this one-off payment. You can add an additional help button for $39.95.

Hanging Master Lock Box

Give emergency responders easy access to your home without compromising your security with this lock box. You can add a lock box for $39.95.

Wall Mount Master Lock Box

If you prefer a wall mount lock box, then this option fits the bill. You can add a lock box for $39.95.

LifeFone Hanging Lock Box

Get a basic hanging lock box if you want a more affordable option than the other two selections. You can add a lock box for $29.95.

Leather Carrying Case for Mobile

Carry your mobile medical alert device in style with this leather carrying case. You can add a carrying case for $18.95.

Mobile Device Car Charger

Keep a full charge on your mobile medical alarm system with a car charger. It’s perfect if you take a lot of road trips. You can add a car charger for $19.95.

Mobile Device Charging Cradle

Get another charging cradle for your mobile medical alert button. You can add a charging cradle for $39.95.

Wall-Mounted Help Button

Put these handy buttons throughout your home, in high-risk locations where you might not have a medical alert button available. You can add a help button for $39.95.

Beaded Lanyard

Who says a medical alarm lanyard has to look dull? This beaded option adds to your sense of style. You can add a lanyard for $21.95.


LifeFone offers a variety of home and mobile medical alert systems, as well as a full environmental protection package. You can pick and choose between the right combination of equipment and add-on services to get the perfect medical monitoring plan for your needs.

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  1. Avatar Kathy says:

    This company didn’t detect several falls that my father had. When you try to call them with your concerns you get know answer. I have made several calls to them. I either get put on hold for a unreasonable time or no answer at all. I would not recommend this company at all.

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