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The SimpliSafe home security system is a comprehensive, well-rounded system with a lot of features to it. The company has won over many people with its low-cost plan and the lack of a contract. It offers fast setup, wireless and cellular connectivity, and a number of security monitoring features. It is important to compare these features carefully to ensure you are buying the right product for your needs. There are a few key things to know about SimpliSafe monitoring.

Simplisafe Monitoring Plans

SimpliSafe offers two monitoring plans: the Standard plan and Interactive plan. The Standard plan costs $14.99 per month and provides you with basic home security monitoring. The Interactive plan costs $24.99 per month and provides you with monitoring plus unlimited camera recordings.

SimpliSafe monitoring plans start at $14.99 for the Standard plan. This includes 24/7 professional security monitoring, environmental monitoring, cellular connectivity and live video feeds on your SimpliCams. Your second options is the Interactive plan for $24.99 a month. This plan includes 24/7 professional security monitoring, environmental monitoring, cellular connectivity, live video feeds and recordings of your SimpliCams, remote security system control through the mobile app, app alerts, video verification of alarms and full smart home integration.

Professional Monitoring Services from SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe offers a number of key advantages. It provides indoor and outdoor cameras, app access to view your home in real time, and mobile alerts for security risks. However, the key value of this service comes from the professional monitoring service it offers.

Professional monitoring indicates that, while you still get alerts and real-time access to your home from your mobile app, there is also a professional organization capable of responding right away. For example, if someone breaks into your home, this triggers an alarm. That alarm notifies you instantly through a text message or another method. It also triggers an alarm at a professional monitoring service. They can link in and send emergency help to you – long before you can get home to fix the problem yourself.

SimpliSafe offers professional monitoring services. This 24/7 professional monitoring service is there to help you all of the time. And, what makes it particularly fantastic compared to other brands is that there is no contract for this service. You can stop it at any time you want to do so.

Breaking Down the SimpliSafe Monitoring Options

The company offers two options for users. The Standard and the Interactive monitoring. Here’s a closer look at how each one works for you so you can make the right decision for your property.

SimpliSafe Monitoring PlanMonthly Monitoring CostMore Details
Standard Monitoring$14.99See More
Interactive Monitoring$24.99See More

Standard Monitoring Plan

The Standard home monitoring service allows you to have a professional service monitor the home for things like break-ins. If something occurs, the company calls and then dispatches the authorities to the home. This service costs $14.99 per month. The features of this version include:

24/7 Monitoring and Dispatch

Live monitoring is always provided by specialists, and they have rapid cell connections built in to act fast. The company can dispatch police for suspected burglar alarms and call the fire department for CO or smoke alarms. It also provides courtesy calls – if you like – when water or temperature alerts occur.

Cellular Connection

The company offers a cellular connection that’s built-in. That is, SimpliSafe works with T-Mobile and Verizon to ensure it has a strong network for connection. It uses GSM technology for this. There are no additional costs necessary. Because the connection is built in, it does not require a landline or even internet connectivity at the property. What makes this unique is that most companies make you purchase monitoring and then pay cellular costs.

Environmental Protections

The Standard monitoring also provides for environmental protections. This includes detecting fires so it can alert the fire department. For this service to work, you need to purchase a SimpliSafe smoke detector. With the SimpliSafe Temperature Sensor, it can also detect instances when temperatures are going to change rapidly, perhaps helping you avoid a frozen pipe. With the SimpliSafe Water Sensor, you also get help for risks such as mold and flooding because it catches leaks before they worsen.

Interactive Monitoring Plan

SimpliSafe’s Interactive Monitoring service offers all three of those features. It also goes further. The Interactive monitoring service costs $24.99 per month. Here’s what you also get with this service.

Alerts and Alarming

A key feature for the Interactive monitoring service is that you can arm your system from any location using the app. You can also get alerts on your phone should something occur. It also offers secret alarms. These alerts allow you to know when a sensor – one you place in your home at any location – is triggered. This allows you to know when someone has entered a specific room or perhaps your safe.

Video Alarm Verification

With this feature, two things happen when an alarm occurs. First, the professional service taps into the video to make sure the alarm is accurate and a real threat. The system sends a short clip from the camera of the alarm event to the monitoring company. Then, when the monitoring center sees the alarm is real, the police are alerted to take immediate action.

There are a few other key benefits to this monitoring including allowing you to tap into unlimited recording, including storage of your footage for 30 days. You can record on demand or watch live, too. It also integrates into various smart home systems including Amazon Alexa, Apple Watch, August and Nest.

By comparison, the Standard monitoring service costs 50 cents per day while the Interactive Monitoring service costs 83 cents a day.