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With award-winning customer service and modern devices, Medical Care Alert has been working to give seniors back their independence since 2008. We really like their generous risk-free trial, guaranteed rates for life, and innovative features — it’s what sets them apart from the competition. But there are lots of things to consider when choosing a reliable medical alert system for yourself or a loved one. Don’t worry, we did the homework so that you don’t have to.

While trying out Medical Care Alert, we found that there were no hidden fees or contracts to worry about. They also use modern technologies to notify friends and family in the event of an emergency. But keep in mind that Medical Care Alert is priced higher than their competitors. That said, their bundled packages and tech-forward add-ons may be worth the price. Let’s have a closer look at the plans, packages, and pricing to see if Medical Care Alert is right for you.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • Cellular & Landline Monitoring
  • In-Home & Mobile Monitoring
  • Fall Detection
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Low Monitoring Fees
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • No Contracts

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Packages & Pricing

As you likely know, there are many different medical alert systems to choose from. But with Medical Care Alert, you’ll find solid device options for a variety of lifestyles, varying price points and package terms, and great add-ons that are included with every unit.

Depending on your needs, packages can start as low as $27.45 per month when you pay for the year in advance (a one-time payment of $329.40). Keep in mind that there are no long-term commitments, and in our experience, the best way to keep costs down is to prepay in larger installments.

Note that Medical Care Alert is one of the more expensive brands on the market, but thankfully there are several payment options — annual, semi-annual, and quarterly — that can work for varying budgets. And of course, there are several package options when it comes to products and pricing. Have a look at the snapshot below to see if Medical Care Alert makes sense for you or your loved one.

Package Pricing Snapshot for Medical Care Alert

Medical Care Alert Systems System Type Monthly Plan Cost
HOME Medical Alert System At-Home Landline $27.45 per month
HOME Medical Alert System At-Home Cellular $32.04 per month
HOME & YARD Medical Alert System At-Home Landline $32.04 per month
HOME & AWAY ULTRA Mobile Medical Alert System Cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi $36.32 per month

Equipment Upgrade Costs

One of the nice things about Medical Care Alert is that there’s really no need for add-on devices and accessories. Everything you might need is included with each package. This includes shower safe wrist and pendant-style buttons, voice pendants, chargers—some packages even come with a free EMS lockbox. And if you need an additional safety button to monitor a second person, they’re free, just ask for another button.

Unfortunately, none of their general packages come with auto-fall detection. That needs to be added on as a complete package upgrade. Also keep in mind that plans with auto-fall detection are pricier, $10 more per month, but they can save a life.1

Medical Care Alert Add-Ons Device Type Price
HOME Medical Alert System (With AutoFall Detection) At-Home Landline $36.62 per month
HOME Medical Alert System (With AutoFall Detection) At-Home Cellular $41.20 per month
HOME & AWAY ELITE (With AutoFall Detection) Cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi $45.79 per month

Overall, we appreciate that Medical Care Alert offers complete packages that come with everything you need for complete protection, without offering each button and accessory as an extra (and expensive!) add on.

Remember, there are several options available for varying budgets, but don’t forget to tack on that extra $10 per month if fall detection is something that you don’t want your loved one to live without. We think it’s well worth the added cost. Compared to other alert systems we’ve tried, Medical Care Alert certainly makes the grade when it comes to upgrades and accessories.

Alert Systems & Packages

While Medical Care Alert has great in-home options when it comes to alert systems, they really seem to focus on the independence and mobility of seniors. Two of their three main systems are geared toward seniors living a more active and mobile lifestyle. The HOME & YARD and HOME & AWAY systems are made specifically for this type of person.2 No complaints here, as we find that mobile units are more in-demand than landline-based units. That’s why Medical Guardian plans — which come with the best coverage for seniors we’ve seen — are growing in popularity.

While all of their devices offer professional, US-based, 24/7 monitoring, the mobile units do cost a bit more. But note that they also double as in-home units, so there’s no need to buy multiple devices to accommodate a more active lifestyle.

FYI: Simply pay for a service plan and Medical Care Alert provides the devices. There is no upfront equipment cost to worry about. The company also takes care of all service and repairs, as well as battery replacements. Plus there’s a 100-percent lifetime replacement warranty at no additional charge.

At-Home Alert Systems

HOME Medical Alert System

The Medical Care Alert HOME System comes in two variations, a landline and a cellular version. There’s a $5 per month difference in price, with the more expensive unit being the cellular-enabled device. The cellular system doesn’t require a landline, and we’ve found that cellular-based units tend to offer more reliable monitoring and slightly faster response times compared to landline alert systems. So that’s something to keep in mind.

Medical Care Alert HOME System

Medical Care Alert HOME System

This system includes a base station, a shower-safe button necklace and wrist pendant, and a second help button. If you prepay for the year, they also include a free lock box and a month of service for free which is a nice little bonus if you know you’ll be using it long term. We think it’s an easy-to-use, basic unit. And note that the cellular version includes a 72-hour battery backup so the system can still call for help during a power outage.

Who It’s Best For: The HOME Medical Alert System is best for seniors who spend most of their time at home.

Did You Know: Medical Care Alert works in all 50 states. For seniors using a cellular-based system, service is available anywhere AT&T has coverage.

HOME & YARD Medical Alert System

For seniors who live on a larger property and spend time outdoors (mowing the front yard, gardening out back, etc.), we think the HOME & YARD Medical Alert System is a great balance between a home unit and a mobile GPS unit. It offers a two-way voice pendant and has a range of up to 600 feet. So no matter where you are in your home, garden, or backyard, you should be covered.

Medical Care Alert HOME and YARD System

“Medical Care Alert HOME and YARD System

At its lowest price point of $32.04 per month (billed at $384.45 annually) Medical Care Alert includes a free lockbox, a month of free service, a breakaway lanyard, a belt clip, and a home base unit so you’re protected inside and out. From what we’ve seen, this is a pretty good deal. It even rivals Bay Alarm Medical plans and packages when it comes to senior-friendly freebies. And considering all that Bay Alarm has to offer, that’s no easy task!

Who It’s Best For: The HOME & YARD Medical Alert System is great for more active seniors who desire more range and flexibility to really enjoy their property.

Mobile Alert Systems

HOME & AWAY ULTRA/ELITE Medical Alert System

Doubling as an in-home and GPS unit, the HOME & AWAY ULTRA/ELITE Medical Alert System is great for seniors who are still active and often away from the house. GPS location services use GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular to pinpoint your location at all times. The device also separates into a shower-safe wearable pendant, sustains a three-day battery life per charge on standby, and includes reliable AT&T 4G LTE wireless. Not bad. With this system, a free “RemoteCare 24/7” smartphone app is available, which can display device location and status.

Medical Care Alert HOME and AWAY System

Medical Care Alert HOME and AWAY System

The cost for this alert package is significantly higher than other devices, especially if purchasing the Elite system with auto-fall detection. Pricing starts at $36.62 per month (or $439.40 billed annually—pretty expensive!). However, if you’re looking for something that will offer the most independence, this is a great little device. But we’d sooner recommend looking at our Lively alert system review for reliable mobile coverage.

Who It’s Best For: The HOME & AWAY ULTRA/ELITE Medical Alert System is ideal for seniors who are often away from their home traveling, shopping, or visiting relatives.

FYI: Medical Care Alert has monitoring centers in California and New York. Their dispatchers are EMT/EMD-certified and bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish.

Current Deal

While there are a number of varying price points at Medical Care Alert, keep in mind that they all need to be paid in advance, either quarterly, annually, or bi-annually. Pricing is higher than most, but if you’re looking for a solid system with bundles that have everything you need, we think Medical Care Alert is a reliable company.

Despite the higher costs, we like that there are no long-term contracts and you can cancel anytime without cancellation fees (and get a 100% refund if you’re unhappy). Check out the currently available Medical Care Alert deals below.

HomeHome & YardHome & Away
View PackagesView PackagesView Packages
24/7 Professional Monitoring24/7 Professional Monitoring24/7 Professional Monitoring
Landline Medical Alert SystemLandline Medical Alert SystemCellular Medical Alert System
“Shower-Safe” Wristband or Pendant“Shower-Safe” Wristband or 2-Way Voice Pendant“Shower-Safe” Wristband or 2-Way Voice Pendant
Belt Clip
Fall Detection PendantFall Detection PendantFall Detection Button
Home 3G Cellular SystemCellular Medical Alert SystemBedtime Buddy Button
Home & Away Primo Medical Alert System

The Value of Medical Care Alert

Seniors looking for a medical alert system might be well-served with a unit from Medical Care Alert. They offer quality devices, reliable monitoring, and award-winning customer service. Their price point is higher than some of their competitors, but we’ve tested many companies over the years, and we’ve found that it’s often worth spending a little extra for an easy-to-use, dependable system. Also we can’t help but appreciate that Medical Care Alert offers bilingual, EMT/ EMD-certified, award-winning operators.

Also keep in mind that while Medical Care Alert may be more expensive than other top brands, they try to make their service worth your money. They offer systems that are made for just about every lifestyle, and their alert units leverage the latest technologies to perform double-duty for you and your family. Add it up, and we think Medical Care Alert offers a good amount of value.

History of Medical Care Alert

What originally started as a self-install home security system company has grown into one of the most dependable names in medical alert and emergency services for seniors. Their devices are available in all 50 states and they are known as a family-owned company, dedicated to giving seniors back their independence.

Over the last 12 years, Medical Care Alert has won numerous awards and accolades for their services, including a “Monitoring Center Of The Year” Award from CSAA (TMA).3 Additionally, they have been awarded the “Super Service Award” by Angie’s List readers for seven years in a row, from 2012-2018.4

Medical Care Alert FAQs

  • Does the Home & Away Ultra come with a warranty?

    According to their website, Medical Care Alert includes a “100 percent lifetime replacement warranty” for all of their systems. This means that they will replace or repair any of their equipment that does not work properly due to normal wear and tear. Medical Care Alert offers an Extended Protection Plan (explained above) for equipment that is lost, stolen, or damaged.

  • Will the Medical Care Alert fall detection go off accidentally?

    Yes, this does occur with all fall detection systems. Sudden movement that appears like a fall can trigger the sensors. If this happens, follow the voice prompts to cancel the call, or simply tell the monitoring center associate that it is a false alarm.

  • Will my monthly fees increase annually?

    Medical Care alert provides a price lock guarantee with all of its medical alert systems. This means that once you make your first payment, the monthly fee will never increase.

  • Is the Home & Away Ultra waterproof?

    The device is water-resistant. It can be worn in the shower but should not be submerged in water.

  • Do I need to have a cell phone to use the Home & Away Ultra?

    No, cellular service is built into your plan. Medical Care Alert uses AT&T 4G LTE wireless cellular network.

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