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When it comes to medical alert systems both Medical Guardian and Medical Care Alert offer a comprehensive list of features. Each company offers different packages with similar features. Emergency connectivity is in line with industry standards and with varying degrees of protection depending on the device chosen.

Overview: Medical Guardian vs Medical Care Alert

Medical Guardian and Medical Care Alert systems offer customers reliable access to emergency response teams. Each offers multiple packages and a comprehensive list of services. Prices vary from company to company and may be the determining factor when choosing a system.

  • Both companies offer in-home and on-the-go options
  • Professional monitoring services can be found with each system
  • Lifetime warranties are included with each company's system
  • Medical Guardian has no upfront or activation costs
  • Medical Care Alert has multiple contract options

Similarities: Medical Care Alert vs Medical Guardian

Both Medical Guardian and Medical Care Alert systems offer at home and mobile coverage. Multiple packages are offered that allow customers to choose the level of protection they want at a price point they can afford. Each company has also been awarded an A+ rating with the BBB.

  • Each company has achieved an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau
  • 24/7/365 professional monitoring services are offered by both companies
  • Each medical alert device company offers multiple plans and features to fit your needs
  • Emergency connectivity through cellular service is offered by each company
  • Lifetime warranties are included with equipment from each company

Differences: Medical Care Alert vs Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian and Medical Care Alert differ the most in terms of contracts and pricing. Their devices are also slightly different when it comes to range and setting up the system, with Medical Care Alert being more user-friendly. Each has a money back guarantee, but time limits vary.

  • Medical Care Alert has a range of 1000 feet
  • Medical Guardian offers two different ranges: Basic – 1300 feet and Mobile – Unlimited
  • Medical Care Alert connects to a landline and uses cellular service from AT&T
  • Medical Guardian's system can communicate in 200 different languages
  • Medical Care Alert's Yard device extends 600 feet from the base


Medical Guardian offers independence on several levels allowing a person to move about easily both at home and out in public. Professionals at the monitoring centers are able to handle many different crisis situations. MG offers rapid response times in dispatching paramedics, law enforcement, and family members. In addition to pendants and bracelets, they also offer a lockbox and a medical history card.

Medical Care Alert features include offers 24/7/365 professional monitoring. Call centers send SMS text messages and will call numbers on the call list provided by the customer. The base station allows for 1,000 feet of coverage with the Yard extender adding an additional 600 feet. Fall detection is available for an additional monthly charge of $10.


Medical Guardian does not require a contract, but does require a 90-day service agreement.

Medical Care Alert does not require a contract. Instead, it offers quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscription rates that are based on monthly charges. If you cancel your service within the first 14-days, a full refund will be offered.


Medical Guardian offers multiple packages. The Classic Guardian package starts at $29.95 per month. The Home Guardian package starts at $34.95 a month. The Active Guardian package is $49.95. The Mobile Guardian package is $39.95 a month.

Medical Care Alert offers quarterly, semi-annual, and annual pricing for each of their main packages. The Home package pricing starts at $29.95 a month for both quarterly and semi-annual, and $27.45 for annual. The Home & Yard packages start at $34.95 a month for both quarterly and semi-annual, and $32.04 for annual. The Home & Away Elite packages are as follows, $39.95 a month for quarterly and semi-annual, and $36.62 for annual. If you want to add fall detection, it is an additional $10 per month.


Medical Guardian's equipment includes a base unit that has the ability to detect extreme changes in temperature (fire response). Accessories include necklaces, pendants, and clip-on devices. There are several models of each to choose from. Some have two-communication options, others do not. Pendants and bracelets are waterproof.

Medical Care Alert's equipment includes a base unit, necklace, pendant, and clip-on devices. Buttons are easy to manage. Pendants and bracelets are waterproof. Pendant offers a break-away feature that disengages the clasp to prevent you from choking if you fall or roll over in your sleep.


Medical Guardian equipment can be installed by the customer. Instructions can be confusing, but devices are easy to manipulate once the buttons are figured out.

Medical Care Alert offers simple, do-it-yourself installation.

Emergency Connections

Medical Guardian's base unit uses a landline connection, but devices use cellular service. Mobile units are GPS capable. Cellular service allows for rapid response times and communication between the monitoring center and individuals on the subscriber's contact list. Both phone calls and texts are available.

Medical Care Alert uses a landline connection for the base unit and yard extender and cellular connection for the devices. Connections are made to emergency response teams and individuals listed on the subscriber's contact list.

Summary: Medical Guardian vs Medical Care Alert

Medical Guardian offers a more comprehensive list of features for the price. This system works well for individuals who want the best features at an affordable price without the contractual obligations.

Medical Care Alert systems are also worth the value. This is a great package for individuals who want to pay or subscribe on something other than a monthly basis. With quarterly, semi-annual, and annual options, it's ideal for someone who doesn't want to make monthly payments.

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