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SimpliSafe and Ring are two of the most well-known home security solutions providers available today. They work for users who do want an affordable option for monitoring their home and do not want to enter into long term contracts. The companies offer a variety of products and want to protect homeowners, along with some nice home automation to go with it. For those who are trying to decide between the two, consider both of these options based on where you need protection and what your goals are.

Home Security Systems – SimpliSafe vs Ring Alarm

When it comes to home security systems, both Ring and SimpliSafe offer comprehensive, modern solutions. Unlike other companies, these are more affordable options, and they are super accessible. You do not have to enter into a contract to start protecting your home.

Keep in mind that Ring products can be used as standalone solutions, as can some of SimpliSafe’s products. That means you do not have to purchase a subscription service to get the benefits that these companies can offer. More on those products in a moment, but for right now, consider the home security solutions these companies offer.

Ring Alarm Security System

The Ring Alarm system provides a way for you to safeguard your home from the inside out with a variety of customizable features. That is, you can choose from a wide range of setups to fit your specific risks and goals.

Ring Alarm is available (most cost-effectively) through kits. You choose the size and style of kit for your home. The base model is the Alarm Security Kit, which includes 10 pieces. There’s also a 14-piece and a 5-piece version. They contain the essentials such as a base station, keypad, contact sensors, motion detectors, and range extenders. This system is a plug-in solution that does not require any hardwiring (making it instantly beneficial to owners). It is all managed through the Ring App.

Aside from the main components, you can then add onto the system to include additional protection options. Here are some of those options:

  • Alarm Window and Door Contact Sensors: The main systems include these, but you may want to add more. They help detect when a door or a window opens that shouldn’t. They also alert if you forget to close them when leaving the home.
  • Alarm Motion Detector: Some of the kits include a motion detector. It is designed to detect any type of motion in the home, but it is not likely to alarm for things like pets.
  • Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor: This specialized sensor works well to detect water and low temperatures in the home, perfect for those very cold winter nights.
  • Alarm Smoke & CO Listener: This is an excellent way to automate your home’s environmental protections with carbon monoxide and smoke detection that’s linked to an audible siren as well as your app.
  • Panic Button: Just press and hold this button to send an audible alarm to get help.
  • Ring Alarm Slim Magnet: This magnet fits into narrow door and window frames, allowing more protection for unique frame sizes.

You’ll purchase the kit you like and then pay a monthly subscription price for the monitoring service. The Ring Alarm system features optional 24/7 support, optional cell backup, 24-hour battery backup, and real-time alerts.


SimpliSafe operates much like a traditional home security system with some added features. It is just as modern and fully featured. The company’s home security solutions include professional monitoring, guaranteed police alerted as needed, no contracts, and is easy to set up.

SimpliSafe offers several packages you can select from, based on whether you are protecting a large or small home, apartment, or other area. All packages include a base station where you’ll control most of the features and a keypad. These packages are all very different, providing various features such as the following:

  • Entry sensors for doors and windows to detect whenever they are opened
  • Motion sensors (most packages include these) to detect motion inside the home.
  • Water sensors for picking up the presence of moisture that could indicate a flooding basement
  • Smoke detectors for traditional smoke detection but with a loud siren and app notifications
  • Freeze sensors to pick up on significant drops in temperature that could put pipes at risk for bursting
  • Key fobs to turn the system on and off from just the push of a button.
  • Panic button for use when you are in an emergency.

The biggest difference between the packages is that they are designed based on the size of the home, the number of exits, and other risks.

Which Is Better Ring Alarm or SimpliSafe?

For home security, both products are very similar. SimpliSafe offers a larger variety of packages to give you more protection for your home at a lower cost. Yet, both offer competitive monthly rates and product pricing. SimpliSafe has fewer home automation features than Ring Alarm, which can be a concern for some people. In either case, you’re getting a quality product.

Doorbell Cameras – SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro vs Ring Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras have become some of the most sought-after of all of the base line home security solutions available today – and with good reason. They are inexpensive and easy to install. Both SimpliSafe and Ring offer them, with Ring getting more of the attention overall due to the company’s association with Amazon. However, both are worth a closer look.

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro

SimpliSafe offers a single option in video doorbells (but really, do you need anything more?) The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro offers 1080p HD and has a wide field of view. It works with just about any type of doorbell you have, just replacing it with this connected version. You can see what’s happening right through the app on your phone. The wide-angle HDR video captures clear images day and night.

It also includes two-way audio, which means you can talk to someone outside of your door before you actually open it up (or choose not to do so at all). The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro also features:

  • Dual-sensor triggers
  • Thoughtful motion alerts (you are not going to get a ding every time the tree blows in the window)
  • No motion alerts for cars driving down the street
  • It works with 8-24VAC
  • Set it up on shingles, corners, or frames with ease
  • Works on Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 162-degree field of view
  • Pan and zoom features from your app

Another nice feature is that it does more than just monitor the front door. When one of the sensors in your home goes off, it will begin to recording from the camera. This can help you to capture evidence of people who may be in the home or allows you another view to see what’s happening. Because it is recording, you can look back.

Ring Doorbell Cameras

Ring offers a number of different options, all of which are designed for specific needs. For example, the Peephole Cam gives you all of the protection you want from a video doorbell, but it does so with a compatible peephole, in case you don’t have a doorbell. This is great for apartments.

Aside from that version, Ring has the Video Doorbell, Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell Pro, and the Video Doorbell Elite. The base Ring Video Doorbell is battery-powered and provides motion-activated alerts, 720p video, and two-way talk (with noise cancellation to improve sound quality). You can set up custom motion zones, theft protection support, and use the infrared night vision. Installation is simple, too.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 provides instant mobile alerts and upgrades the visual quality to 1080HD video. It also offers a wide-angle lens to capture more and has built-in speakers and microphones. Motion sensors are adjustable, live view on-demand video and audio is also onboard.

Video Doorbell Pro is a hardwired version. It includes many of the same features, including 1080HD video, but is powered through the doorbell electricity, which means fewer batteries to worry about. It includes built-in motion sensors, video on demand with live view, and offers four interchangeable faceplates.

The Video Doorbell Elite, which is the most expensive option, is a flush-mounted smart doorbell. It’s also hardwired in using power over Ethernet. You’ll need to hire a professional to install this in most cases. It offers a more professional look, with instant alerts, and most of the same features as the previous version.

Which Is Better Ring Doorbells or SimpliSafe?

Both products are worthy of consideration, with Ring offering far more flexibility in their product lineups. You will find each one offers reliable images and overall easy use on a mobile app.

Security Cameras – SimpliCam vs Ring Cameras

When it comes to security, your protection really comes down to how good your cameras are. Both SimpiSafe and Ring offer cameras that can provide you with a lot of the protection you need.


SimpliSafe’s option for security is the SimpliCam. This security camera offers 24/7 HD video quality and provides you with intruder and motion alerts. It’s a good option for those who want to monitor an area for specific concerns, such as the front door or living space. There are a few key standout features with the SimpliCam such as:

  • Watch live from any internet connect 24/7. This includes providing you with both video images and audio.
  • Motion detection picks up any type of motion present and alerts you through the app.
  • Smart motion detection means it will detect the unique heat signature of people, minimizing the number of false alarms you receive.
  • It features 30-day storage of video that’s captured so you can go back to see what’s happening.
  • You can also turn on the record feature at any time from the app – allowing you to capture whatever is occurring at that moment.
  • The camera offers 120-degree field of vision, providing a good level of viewing ability from a single camera.
  • It includes night vision – a reliable quality – to detect what’s occurring in the dark.
  • The SimpliCam requires Wi-Fi connectivity to work.
  • It comes with 156-bit bank-level encryption to protect your live camera feed and not worry about hacking.

The camera itself is durable and designed to be hard to notice. The biggest drawback of the SimpliCam is that it can only be used indoors. Because it is not waterproof and weather resistant, you’ll need to detect what’s happening from inside the home.

Ring Cameras

Once again, when it comes to options, Ring does it best. There is a line of camera options available, including the Indoor Cam, Stick-Up Cam, Spotlight Cam, and Floodlight Cam. Each is a bit different. Let’s break down the features for them.

The Ring Indoor Cam is perhaps the most comparable to the SimpliCam in terms of its function. It is designed for indoor use. It is a plug-in style system that is easy to use in even the smallest area. Another nice feature is that you can purchase a two, three, or four-pack to add more protection for less. This camera provides night vision, motion-activated notifications, plug-in power, two-way talk, and HD video. It does virtually everything the SimpliCam does.

The Stick Up Cam is available in battery, solar, and plug-in design.  It’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It also includes HD video and two-way talk, motion-activated notifications, night vision, and a removable battery. Because it’s small, you can place it anywhere with ease.

The Spotlight Cam (also available in all three power options) is a more robust option. It offers a better quality video with 1080HD, has a wide-angle camera lens, and includes a microphone and speaker. It also offers customizable motion detection, with motion activated zones you can change as you need to, scheduling of monitoring, and real-time motion-activated alerts.

The Floodlight Cam is a hardwired version that has an ultra-bright LED floodlight on it, with a built-in siren. If you are serious about outdoor protection, this is the Ring camera to choose. It also offers a 140-degree field of view (one of the largest) and has app-controlled lights, camera, and sirens.

Which Is Best the Ring Cameras or SimpliCam?

Without a doubt, Ring offers far more customization options, but the SimpliCam works well for those who want a basic product that’s reliable and cost-effective.

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