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Between these two security systems, our favorite is SimpliSafe.

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In general, SimpliSafe is great affordable and versatile security solution where Ring simply monitors your door. SimpliSafe could be a great fit for a small house, condo or townhome, where Ring could make sense for those in apartment buildings. However, we strongly recommend you read our full comparison below and make a decision for yourself based on your own home security wants and needs.

Overview: Ring vs SimpliSafe

Ring and SimpliSafe are wireless systems that offer adequate protection against unwanted visitors in your home. Both offer indoor and outdoor surveillance that can be monitored in the home or through a 24/7, third-party surveillance system. Each company offers several devices that can be purchased as part of a package or on their own.

  1. Both systems are primarily DIY
  2. No lengthy contracts are required for either Ring or SimpliSafe
  3. Both companies offer indoor and outdoor camera systems
  4. Both companies allow you to connect to smartphones and tablets
  5. Ring is significantly cheaper
  6. Ring also offers paired services with ADT
  7. Ring offers the doorbell video option

Similarities: SimpliSafe vs Ring

There is a nice handful of similarities that these two have. Here is a quick overview list of those items.

  • A corresponding app makes both systems mobile friendly
  • 24/7 monitoring is available (offsite)
  • Pay by the month or by the year for contract options
  • No contracts are required for self-monitoring
  • Smoke, Freeze, Flood, and CO sensors are available
  • DIY installation
  • Blends with most types of home décor
  • Most devices can be purchased separately

Differences: SimpliSafe vs Ring

SimpliSafe and Ring both offer month to month and yearly options, but their overall pricing is dramatically different. Ring costs approximately half as much as the basic SimpliSafe package. Ring has also agreed to pair with ADT when it comes to the doorbell video viewer.

  • SimpliSafe has multiple package options and different price points
  • Ring has paired with ADT for their doorbell video feature
  • Ring can be professionally installed by third-party installation providers


Ring offers the doorbell video viewer, as well as indoor/outdoor video cameras. Both SimpliSafe and Ring allow connections to smart devices so you can monitor your home from a mobile app. The smart connect features also allow you to interact with your home security system.

Each company offers devices that are available for sale outside the purchase of a basic or premium package. The Basic Package for both Ring and SimpliSafe include a base unit, keypad, and at least one door/window sensor, and one motion sensor. SimpliSafe's package includes 2 of each type of sensor.


Neither SimpliSafe nor Ring requires long-term contracts. Once a package has been purchased, the system can be self-monitored, or you can choose to purchase a month to month contract or by the year. There are no obligations and the equipment is yours to keep.


SimpliSafe is more costly than Ring, especially when it comes to the Basic Package and individual pieces of equipment. SimpliSafe's packages start at $250 and range in price up to $480. The month to month charge for offsite monitoring is $14.99. Customers can finance the basic system with payments ranging from $50 to $60 a month.

The Ring basic package costs $199. For offsite monitoring, you can purchase basic month to month for $3 or a year for $30 per camera. The premium monitoring package is $10 per month or $100 per year per home. Devices range in price from $20 to $50 with the keypad being the most expensive.


Both SimpliSafe and Ring offer basic packages that include the keypad, base unit, and at least one motion sensor and one door/window sensor. SimpliSafe's package includes two of each type of sensor. Both companies sell keypads, base units, door/window sensors, motion detectors and indoor/outdoor video cameras. Ring offers the doorbell video viewer and a range extender as well.


SimpliSafe offers professional installation for those who don't want to install the unit on their own. Ring does not offer professional installation through their company, but it can be professionally installed by ADT service technicians or other third party home security specialists. Ring and ADT are working together with homeowners who have purchased the doorbell video viewer.

Emergency Connects

Both Ring and SimpliSafe offer Emergency connections with both fire and law enforcement agencies. Alarm security systems can detect movement through the motion detectors the door/window sensors and notify the authorities as needed. Third-party monitoring can also notify the proper authorities if a situation arises. Both systems also detect abnormal CO, fire, water, and freeze emergencies.

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Summary: Ring vs SimpliSafe

Both SimpliSafe and Ring offer similar services, however, the cost is much different for each one. Ring also has the advantage of partnering with ADT when it comes to its new doorbell video viewer. Ring is also designed more for the do-it-yourself homeowner who likes to do things on their own. Both SimpliSafe and Ring are well worth the money, but you will need to take a close look at your budget to determine which one you can afford.

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