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Overview: SimpliSafe Original vs SimpliSafe New

SimpliSafe has been one of the most popular home security systems on the market for many years. The devices produced by the company are all manufactured in-house and designed by Harvard students who saw the need for a home security system that was both effective as well as affordable. While the original SimpliSafe security system was effective, there were many areas where improvement was needed. The New and Improved home security system corrects many of the original problems and adds a few new features bumping up the system's overall reliability.

Packages and Prices

SimpliSafe Original packages are still available and can be purchased at a 15% discount if the code ORIGINAL15 is used. In addition to what comes with each package, homeowners and renters can still add equipment in an a la carte fashion to customize their system. The packages include:

  • The Starter (6 pieces) for $244
  • The Standard (9 pieces) for $304
  • The Elite (11 pieces) for $334
  • The Beacon (13 pieces) for $299 (the system is regularly $519)

The 15% discount does not apply to the already discounted price of the Beacon.

SimpliSafe New packages offer newer, more advanced equipment options that offer enhanced features like better home automation and outdoor video surveillance. The New packages include:

  • The Foundation (4 pieces) for $196/$229
  • The Essentials (6 pieces) for $221/$259
  • The Hearth (9 pieces) for $319/$374
  • The Knox (13 pieces) for $383/$449
  • The Haven (14 pieces) for $417/$489

They also offer:

  • The Keep for $378/$443
  • The Stonefort for $413/$484
  • The Fortress for $443/509

The SimpliCam can be added for $99 and the Video Doorbell Pro for $169.

Both the SimpliSafe Original and SimpliSafe New systems allow owners to add new pieces of equipment depending on the size of their home and level of protection they are looking for. Additional sensors, cameras, and sirens can be purchased separately and included with almost any package.


The equipment offered with the SimpliSafe Original system includes the base unit, keypad, key fob, entry sensors, motion sensors, and environmental hazard detection. The SimpliCam is also available. The Siren is incredibly loud at 105 db. Motion sensors are designed to be pet-friendly. All of the equipment is wireless and no phone lines are needed.

The SimpliSafe New equipment includes the base station, keypad, key fob, panic button, entry sensors, motion sensors, 105 db siren, and environmental sensors. One of the biggest changes with New equipment is that the entry sensors are approximately half the size of those offered with the Original system. All of the equipment with the New system has been redesigned to provide a more effective level of protection without increasing the number of false alerts. All equipment is 100% wireless and uses a cellular network.


With SimpliSafe Original, the only camera offered is the indoor surveillance cam with night vision. The Original system offered at least partial home automation and could pair with items like the Nest thermostat but didn't have the capability to offer full home automation that was needed for smart locks and other technologically advanced pieces of equipment.

The technological advancements offered by the SimpliSafe New system include the “cloud” features associated with the Base station and the Keypad. This helps pair the system with other smart devices like smart locks, thermostats, and energy saving devices and allows for almost full home automation. You can also include the outdoor surveillance camera with night vision and the video doorbell viewer with two-way communication.

Summary: SimpliSafe Original vs SimpliSafe New

The SimpliSafe Original home security system is both effective and affordable and is a great system for individuals who aren't necessarily concerned with home automation or higher levels of technology. No contracts are needed.

The SimpliSafe New system offers a higher level of technology and the option for full home automation and extra convenience at an affordable price. You get everything you want without the hassle of a contract.

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