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Although it can seem like all home security systems are the same, you might be surprised to learn that many differences actually set them apart. And these distinctions are crucial when determining which security setup is right for you. No two systems are ever truly alike and (with a little digging), these differences are easy to uncover.

We’ve done some of the dirty work for you, and compared two excellent home security companies, SimpliSafe and Frontpoint, to see how they match up. Let’s go over some similarities, differences, features, and pricing to see which system will best fit you and your family’s needs.

SimpliSafe Equipment

SimpliSafe Equipment

Similarities Between SimpliSafe and Frontpoint

First things first: How do these two home security front-runners compare when it comes to similarities? After reviewing each system, we were impressed with how closely each company stacked up against the other.

For starters, SimpliSafe and Frontpoint are both wireless systems and come with wireless equipment that doesn’t have to be hardwired to your home. We saw this as a (huge!) plus because wireless systems are generally more adaptable to your space. They also make adding and integrating new equipment into your existing setup much easier.

Frontpoint Equipment

Frontpoint Equipment

FYI: You can complement your system with equipment from different home security providers. But before purchasing new equipment, it is essential that you verify it’s compatible with your system.

Both companies also offer DIY systems that are simple and easy to install. No professional installation is required, which can end up saving you quite a bit of cash up front (your bank account will thank you). If you’re not really the DIY-type and are worried about running into obstacles, try not to fret! Detailed in-app instructions are on hand to assist, along with plenty of additional resources online. Both brands make the grade when it comes to easy DIY installation.

Did You Know? Many other home security companies require professional installation? These other companies also charge for this service. It can be quite expensive, ranging from $99 to several hundred dollars, depending on the components you purchase. So we’re big fans of DIY installation.

Last but not least — and this wasn’t really much of a surprise — both SimpliSafe and Frontpoint offer high-quality indoor video cameras. Now, although we weren’t particularly shocked by this revelation, it’s worth noting that not all security companies have indoor cams. Indoor cameras are pretty handy in that they provide security and monitoring for high-traffic areas in the home and entry points. You can also take it one step further and use them to monitor pets and children. The cameras even serve as pretty solid baby monitors to boot. Now, if you’re interested in finding a really solid option for indoor security, check out our in-depth guide to the best indoor security cameras on the market.

Frontpoint Keypad Control Panel

Frontpoint Keypad Control Panel

Differences Between SimpliSafe and Frontpoint

While we weren’t necessarily surprised by the similarities shared between each system, we were, however, taken aback at a few of the differences that popped up.

First off, we recently tested and reviewed Frontpoint’s security system for ourselves and found them to be a little on the pricier side when compared with SimpliSafe. A saving grace, however, is that Frontpoint offers rolling deals throughout the year, ensuring that a security system is still attainable for those with a smaller budget to work with.

Pro Tip: If possible, you should always try to include monitoring services with your home security system. Professional monitoring allows you to be at peace by knowing that your home is under surveillance at all times. In the event of a break-in or other dangerous situation, a team will notify you and the authorities immediately. It’s unrealistic to think that you can monitor your system at all times on your own.

Another key difference you should note is that Frontpoint offers outdoor video equipment and is even ranked as having one of the best outdoor security systems on the market today. This might be a game-changer if you’re hoping to add cameras to monitor your home’s perimeter. Due to its design and materials, indoor cameras are typically not capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions (wind, rain, hail, and the like). You should always be sure the cameras you place outside are adequate for outdoor use, otherwise you’ll be replacing them often.

FYI: SimpliSafe does not sell outdoor cameras at this time, but they do offer the Outdoor Camera Kit, which provides weatherproof housing for the indoor SimpliCam. To learn more, see our full SimpliCam breakdown.

Finally, Frontpoint offers home automation features with their systems, whereas SimpliSafe does not (yet). Home automation integrates functions and appliances through a “hub” or app. This way, you can remotely control your smart-home and security system through your phone or tablet. A lot of people use home automation not only to monitor and control their security systems but to also control lighting, thermostats, and other functions in the home.

SimpliSafe Wireless Keypad Setup

SimpliSafe Wireless Keypad Setup

Overview of Features

SimpliSafe packages include key features like motion sensors, panic buttons, key fobs, entry sensors, and more. A full range of devices are also on hand to protect you and your loved ones from environmental dangers such as carbon monoxide and smoke.

On the flip side, Frontpoint home security systems offer all of the above and then some. Along with your typical array of cameras and sensors, they also feature basic home automation and geofencing — a technology that allows you to set up a virtual “fence” around your home using your smartphone’s GPS. Basically, whenever you cross that designated virtual barrier, your security system can perform a specific command, like arming the home (quite the convenience on those hectic mornings).

SimpliSafe Camera and Base Station

SimpliSafe Camera and Base Station


Alas, it’s time for the inevitable cost comparison. We did find affordable options with each company that won’t break the bank, ensuring home protection for even the lower-end budgets.

Overall, SimpliSafe is the cheaper option. You’ll have to pay month-to-month for the professional monitoring package; however, it does not require a long-term commitment. Their cheapest package — The Foundation — starts as low as $183 and includes all the basic components to get your home system started. Pricier packages range from roughly $200-$400 and include all the basics, as well as several additional perks. Packages can also be customized with add-on options galore.

Frontpoint’s costs can vary from $35, $45, or $50, depending upon which package you choose. The $35 option is the most basic and will include monitoring for break-ins and environmental threats. $45 will get you all this, along with their mobile app complete with many features (like home automation). The $50 option includes everything, plus the integration of indoor and outdoor cameras, digital door locks, and other home automation features.

Final Thoughts on SimpliSafe vs. Frontpoint

All things considered, SimpliSafe edges out Frontpoint in a few different categories. While Frontpoint is definitely the more feature-rich security system, SimpliSafe has lots to offer when it comes to user-friendliness, quick set up, modern aesthetics, and affordability. So in the end, SimpliSafe gets our vote. With this in mind, we recommend reading our hands-on SimpliSafe review to really get a sense of what it’s like living with the system.

Hopefully, you’ve found this comparison to be helpful in choosing the home security system that best fits your security needs. But, if you’re still indecisive, we’ve got an additional tip for you.

Frontpoint Hub

Frontpoint Hub

Make a list of your minimum must-haves, hopeful features, and max budget. Are outdoor cameras a priority to you? How much home automation do you expect to be able to integrate? Are you expecting a keypad entry or a doorbell camera? What is the absolute max you are willing to spend?

Finally, our handy Home Security Comparison Tool can help you compare this list to the top security systems currently on your radar. You may be surprised at how some compare more closely than others. If your budget is currently tight, be prepared to compromise. And keep in mind that some companies allow you to add on or upgrade packages at a later date.

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