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Canary Packaging

Canary Packaging

The Canary unit is a Wi-Fi camera billed as an all-in-one home security system that is always watching. Although at first this Big Brother-esque HD eye might sound discomforting, you’ll be relieved to know that it only records activity it finds suspicious. These images go directly to a timeline on your mobile device, along with an instant alert to check out the situation immediately.

The Canary security camera system has proven to be an ideal option for the average homeowner looking for a simple, “easy as pie” security setup, offering an array of features from two-way communication devices to climate sensors. But how do they compare against other leaders of the home security industry?

Canary Pro

Canary Pro

After thoroughly reviewing Canary for ourselves, we decided to test out similar systems on the market today to see how they match up, comparing them side by side to help you find that home security setup that makes sense for your lifestyle and budget.

Canary vs. SimpliSafe Home Security Systems

SimpliCam with sleeve

SimpliCam with sleeve

To start, we took a closer look at SimpliSafe, which is our top-rated DIY home security system. As with Canary, SimpliSafe offers user-friendly installation and high quality products that serve to keep you safe. But, how do they truly compare in terms of price, features, and overall simplicity? Let’s dive right in!

Did You Know? Canary and SimpliSafe are two simple security options, but there’s a key difference between them: Canary is just a camera setup, while SimpliSafe is a full-on home security system.

Similarities Between Canary and Simplisafe

After testing and reviewing SimpliSafe for several days (and nights), we did uncover some similarities to Canary worth noting.

First, both offer do-it-yourself installation requiring no tools and about 30 minutes of your day. As self-proclaimed “techies,” we’re fans of DIY-style setups, but should you fall into the not-so-good-around-the-home group, don’t feel too intimidated. Each company provides step-by-step instructions, and additional resources are available online to guide you through the entire setup process.

To round things out, both Canary and SimpliSafe offer quality products designed to make you feel safe and secure. From HD cameras with night vision, to environmental sensors and motion detection devices, you can rest assured that investing in either company will grant you and your family peace of mind while home or away.

SimpliSafe Equipment

SimpliSafe Equipment

Canary vs. SimpliSafe: Notable Differences

Unfortunately, this is where Canary and SimpliSafe part ways, as there are a few distinct differences between the two when it comes to features and price.

Although Canary will alert you to suspicious activity, ultimately the responsibility falls on you and you alone to call for help. While the lack of professional monitoring is a bummer, it’s worth noting that they do offer an innovative Safety Button — a virtual “bodyguard” accessed via Canary’s mobile app. So help is just a click away!

Another key difference is that the options and features available with the Canary system are limited to what's enclosed within the device (sorry, no add-on toys to be found here). As far as price goes, you can expect to pay around $169 for the Canary Pro, which includes two cameras, a loud siren, and a monthly payment as low as $9.99.

FYI: The Canary is a camera-based system and doesn’t offer professional monitoring services. Meanwhile, SimpliSafe offers customers 24/7 professional monitoring with their setups.

On the flip side, SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring provides you with 24/7 home protection and will immediately alert the authorities should an emergency occur. They also offer a broad range of features with their monitoring systems including:

  • Entry sensors
  • Keypads
  • Motion sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • And optional add-ons

Unfortunately, all these added benefits come at an additional cost. SimpliSafe’s packages start at about $230, but can also jump to more than $480, with monitoring plans as low as $15/month. Although this price tag may come as a shock, keep in mind that SimpliSafe offers deals and promotions throughout the year to help ease the financial burden.

Overall, if you’re looking for a straightforward, simple, and affordable plan, Canary works! But you'd have to be able to get help by yourself in an emergency, which can prove difficult depending on the situation. SimpliSafe, on the other hand, has got your back with their professional monitoring.

All things considered, SimpliSafe is better all-around when compared to Canary.

Canary vs. Frontpoint Home Security Systems

Frontpoint Equipment

Frontpoint Equipment

Next up in the ring, we have Frontpoint — a long-standing, well-known home security business that has earned a reputation for trust and reliability. If Canary is seen as the “new kid on the block,” Frontpoint can be regarded as the “old- school” neighbor next door with years of experience (and loyalty) behind them.

As the new guy, Canary offers innovative ideas and a fresh approach. But a Frontpoint home security system is backed with smart home automation services and high-quality equipment, keeping them in the running as one of the best home security systems of the year. Let’s take a look at how else these two match up in terms of similarities, differences, and more.

Did You Know? Signing up with Canary will grant you benefits like desktop streaming, Incident Support services, and a two-year extended device warranty. You’ll also have the ability to cancel your membership at any time.

Frontpoint - Outdoor Camera

Frontpoint – Outdoor Camera

Similarities Between Canary and Frontpoint Security

As with the previous contenders, we managed to get our hands on a Frontpoint kit, and after thoroughly testing and reviewing our Frontpoint system over several days, we were surprised at the amount of overlap uncovered.

You may be pleased to learn that Frontpoint also offers DIY installation. The overall setup was not quite the walk in the park we expected, but step-by-step instructions were included and tech support was on hand to guide us across the finish line.

Additionally, both Canary and Frontpoint offer flexible pricing and bonus perks depending on your membership/contract plan (more on that later).

And lastly, each company offers popular features like two-way talk, environmental detectors, mobile alerts, and powerful HD cameras with night vision capabilities.

Frontpoint - Premium Indoor Camera

Frontpoint – Premium Indoor Camera

Canary and Frontpoint: Key Differences

So how exactly do these two industry players differ? As mentioned before, both Canary and Frontpoint offer flexible pricing. But, if you’re looking to procure those aforementioned perks, you’re going to pay for it. Frontpoint is about twice the price as Canary (but well worth it in our book).

Did You Know? Frontpoint now offers a contract-free, month-to-month option. Read more about it in our Frontpoint Contracts guide.

Also, similar to SimpliSafe, Frontpoint offers whole home security with entryway sensors, motion sensors, indoor and outdoor cameras, and the list goes on. Compare that to Canary’s camera-only system, and you can see how your home will remain more secure with Frontpoint.

Also, Frontpoint’s customization features are seemingly endless. You can set custom actions, dial in the geofencing feature, and generally set up your system to your exact preferences. With Canary, you can’t really make it your own in this way.

With this in mind, Frontpoint is the hands-down winner in this home security face-off. But Canary can hold its own and might be the preferred choice for those on a tight budget.

Canary vs. Brinks Home Security Systems

Brinks Equipment

Brinks Equipment

For our final showdown, we bring you Brinks — a leader in the country with a strong reputation as a trustworthy home security provider. Although Canary might have their hands full going up against an industry front-runner like Brinks, they do have some key advantages like innovation on their side. But, will this be enough?

Recently, we checked out and reviewed a Brinks home security system for ourselves in an effort to find out just how closely they compare to their rivals in the field. Let’s see how Canary holds their own when paired up with this industry icon.

Noteworthy Similarities Between Canary and Brinks

Like the other Canary alternatives, Brinks is also DIY-friendly, offering both personal or professional installation with every package. No tools are required, and installation instructions are always included. And if you’d rather save money and install it yourself, but feel intimidated by the process, don’t fret! There are plenty of resources available online to assist you, including our very own guide on how to install security cameras.

Another similarity we’re excited to share is that both Canary and Brinks are Alexa-compatible, which is pretty convenient if she’s already an established member of your household. Additionally, both systems can be accessed via your mobile device, with each app allowing for two-way audio communication.

Unboxing Brinks Cameras

Unboxing Brinks Cameras

Differences Between Canary and Brinks Home Security Systems

Canary and Brinks might have a few shared similarities, but on the whole we found them to be vastly different from one another.

For starters, Canary offers a simplistic, plain, user-friendly system designed to protect your home and maintain a safe environment without all the bells and whistles. The Brinks home security system proved to be much more complicated than that. Not only do they provide add-ons galore, but also full-service monitoring and smart home automation features.

Unlike Canary, most Brinks packages and plans require a long-term contract commitment, which is less than ideal. On the plus side, they do offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee, allowing you to test-drive the system for yourself. While there is no “official” contract with Canary, remember they do encourage one- or two-year memberships in exchange for some freebies.

Last but not least, another key difference to consider is history. Brinks has been around since the days of the Wild West and — needless to say — has several years of experience to back their game. In comparison, Canary is fresh to the field, offering no elaborate history and limited exposure.

Although it’s easy to assume that Brinks has the upper-hand in this face-off, don’t be too quick to jump on their bandwagon. What Canary lacks in experience, they make up for in fresh and innovative ideas, acting as the spunky newcomer who’s unafraid of going up against the very best.

FYI: Canary is a fresh, modern approach to security with a simple, user-friendly, and adaptable technology that is ready to evolve into the future. Brinks is a long-established company that provides advanced smart home technology.

Canary Cameras

Canary Cameras

Canary Alternatives: Who Wins the Day?

Right about now, you’re probably wondering how you can possibly choose the right home security system given so many reputable companies to choose from. Well, we’ve hopefully been able to shed some light on a few potential options, especially if Canary is on your radar.

SimpliSafe, Frontpoint, and Brinks are each outstanding candidates with a lot to offer in terms of features and home automation. They’ve earned top spots in many of our “best of” lists and have earned strong reputations within the home security industry. But this doesn’t mean Canary should be counted out of the running! They are quickly progressing, bringing a “no frills” approach to home security that is grabbing the attention of many (ourselves included).

Canary Flex Mounted on Wall

Canary Flex Mounted on Wall

If you’re still stuck and unsure of which path to take, try out our handy Comparison Tool — a filter you can utilize to refine results to fit you and your family’s specific home security needs. Also, never hesitate to reach out to us with any concerns or questions. It’s our mission to help you secure your home and family for years to come.

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