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Between these two security systems, our favorite is LifeLock.

SecureScore™: 9.2/10

LifeLock and ProtectMyID are specifically designed to monitor your personal information and protect you from identity theft and fraud. Both are effective but offer varying degrees of protection in terms of credit monitoring and recovery.

Overview: LifeLock vs ProtectMyID

LifeLock and ProtectMyID provide information on any new accounts that are found under your name as well as changes to your credit report. They are both effective at monitoring the internet and suspicious websites to locate your information on suspicious websites. They do, however, differ in terms of the alerts you receive and being able to connect to all of your financial accounts.

  • ProtectMyID is affiliated with Experian Credit Bureau
  • LifeLock offers copies of all three credit reports for free once a year
  • ProtectMyID cannot connect to your bank records or see large charges on your credit cards
  • LifeLock offers three primary coverage options with varying degrees of protection
  • Both companies scan the Dark Web and suspicious websites on a regular basis

Similarities: ProtectMyID vs LifeLock

Both LifeLock and ProtectMyID scan the internet and suspicious websites to detect where your information is being used. They offer surveillance alerts when most types of suspicious activity occur. They monitor address changes and provide effective lost wallet protection. Both companies offer child identity theft protection.

  • Both companies have the resources to solve any issues you may encounter if your identity is stolen
  • Each company offers protection against the misuse of your child's identity
  • Both companies watch for the creation of new accounts or the misuse of your social security number or address
  • Both provide access to your credit reports from all three bureaus in limited amounts
  • Each company provides alerts and notifications when different types of suspicious activity are detected

Differences: ProtectMyID vs LifeLock

LifeLock has the ability to connect to bank accounts and monitor credit card usage for almost any size purchase. ProtectMyID cannot connect to bank accounts but it can monitor large purchases. Because of its affiliation with Experian, ProtectMyID can provide monitoring for at least the Experian credit report and scores.

  • LifeLock offers sex offender notifications
  • ProtectMyID cannot connect to bank accounts or financial institutions
  • LifeLock can notify you of fraudulent account activity and when new accounts are opened
  • ProtectMyID does not offer court or criminal records monitoring
  • LifeLock provides month to month credit score tracking

Identity Monitoring

LifeLock offers several features that allow them to monitor any address changes, social security number sightings, and possible court records that are filed in your name. They also provide coverage for lost wallets or if your credit cards are lost, stolen, or compromised in any way. Their software constantly scans the internet to identify fraudulent or suspicious websites.

ProtectMyID also scans the web and carefully monitor suspicious websites and prevent your social security number and other personal information from being misused. They protect you from loss of your wallet is lost or stolen and watches for large purchases on your credit cards.

Financial & Credit Monitoring

LifeLock is capable of tracking your bank accounts and will identify you of major purchases and if any new accounts are opened in your name. LifeLock also monitors your credit to identify if any abuses of your credit have occurred. They also can protect you from potential payday loan scams and various types of financial fraud.

ProtectMyID is limited in its credit monitoring and cannot connect to your bank accounts. Although, it can identify large purchases through your credit report. Its affiliation with Experian allows you to obtain a copy of at least that bureau's credit report and score when you first sign up. After that, you can obtain all three credit reports, but you will have to pay for them separately.

Identity Restoration & Insurance Coverage

LifeLock offers restoration and recovery with every package they offer. The Million Dollar Protection Package**** is also offered as coverage for personal expenses incurred and money stolen as a result of identity theft. Coverage amounts vary depending on the plan chosen. Each package offers a different amount starting at $25,000****.

ProtectMyID also offers up to $1 million to help recover any funds that have been lost or stolen. They also offer a variety of resources to help uncover fraudulent activity and restore your identity if it has been used illegally.

Pricing & Plans

LifeLock has three primary plans. They are LifeLock Standard which is $9.99 a month for the first year ($11.99 after, terms apply), Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage which costs $19.99 a month for the first year ($24.99 after, terms apply), and Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus that costs $29.99 a month for the first year ($34.99 after, terms apply).

ProtectMyID offers a basic package that starts $15.95 a month. Credit reports can be purchased as desired. One report costs approximately $10, while all reports from all three bureaus will cost over $30 each time.

Summary: LifeLock vs ProtectMyID

LifeLock is designed for the person who wants to protect their entire family from both identity theft and credit fraud. Although not cost effective for a large family, it's a great choice for someone who wants comprehensive protection for an affordable price.

ProtectMyID is for someone who wants the barest of services. The price is affordable but the package isn't designed to be technologically advanced. It does offer effective protection if you want to monitor your credit reports.

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*LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.
**Terms apply to all LifeLock plans.
***The credit scores provided are VantageScore 3.0 credit scores based on data from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion respectively. Any one bureau VantageScore mentioned is based on Equifax data only. Third parties use many different types of credit scores and are likely to use a different type of credit score to assess your creditworthiness.
****Reimbursement and Expense Compensation, each with limits of up to $1 million for Ultimate Plus, up to $100,000 for Advantage and up to $25,000 for Select, when purchased in Norton 360 with LifeLock plans. And up to $1 million for coverage for lawyers and experts if needed, for all plans. Benefits under the Master Policy are issued and covered by United Specialty Insurance Company (State National Insurance Company, Inc. for NY State members). Policy terms, conditions and exclusions at: LifeLock.com/legal.