Best Identity Theft Protection Services for Children

You may not expect this, but children are often targeted for identity theft. If you are looking to protect your child, take a look at the best child identity theft protection services below.

SecureScore™: 9.3/10


Choose from three family plans that protect the children living under your roof. The service leverages IBM’s AI technology, and comes stacked with impressive features like cyberbullying alerts and a $1 million insurance plan.

System Features

  • Financial Monitoring
  • Identity Restoration
  • Criminal Monitoring
  • SSN Monitoring
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring

Best For:

  • Individuals
  • Families
SecureScore™: 9.2/10


Lock fraudsters out with LifeLock Junior. This popular service for children is available alongside adult plans. Get a lineup of features including Norton Internet Security, a sleek mobile app, dark web monitoring, $1 million protection plan, and more.

System Features

  • SSN Monitoring
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Criminal Monitoring
  • Credit Monitoring & Alerts
  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • Identity Theft Restoration

Best For:

  • Individuals
  • Families
SecureScore™: 9.0/10


Children are 51 times more likely to have their identity stolen than adults. That’s 51 reasons to get IdentityForce ChildWatch. The service includes suspicious activity alerts, award-winning social monitoring, ID restoration, and the list goes on.

System Features

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • Criminal Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Restoration
  • Financial Monitoring

Best For:

  • Individuals
  • Families

Top 3 Children Identity Theft Protection Services for Children in 2019

  • Identity Guard –Identity Guard has partnered with IBM Watson (artificial intelligence) and by using predictive analysis, it can evaluate potential threats more accurately and provide state-of-the-art identity theft protection services.
  • LifeLock – LifeLock offers a variety of adult plans, as well as a LifeLock Junior plan option that can be purchased for a fraction of the adult plans but come with some of the same coverages.
  • IdentityForce – IdentityForce is one of the best-rated identity theft protection services on the market, and they offer a ChildWatch option you can add-on to any adult service protection plan.
Best Identity Theft Protection Services for Children You may not expect this, but children are often targeted for identity theft. If you are looking to protect your child, take a look at the best child identity theft protection services below.

Child identity theft is a growing problem in the U.S. In fact, according to CyLab, children are 51 times more likely to have their identity stolen than adults. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to protect your child’s identity just like you would your own. There are a variety of great identity theft protection services for children and many of them are available as add-ons to an adult policy and others can be purchased individually. So let’s talk about the best identity theft protection services for children in 2019.

1. Identity Guard

Identity Guard is a Delaware corporation that has been offering identity theft protection since 1996 and during that time they have protected more than 47 million customers throughout the U.S. They have partnered with some of the biggest names in the financial industry and have helped resolve more than 140 thousand cases of stolen identities and fraud. Additionally, they have been recognized in the Online Trust and Honor Roll for the last six consecutive years for implementing the best practices in data security and privacy. Identity Guard goes beyond the basic identity theft protection services. They also offer protection services for their customers’ financial and personal information, computer, privacy, and more


  • Family plan covers all adults and children living in the same household
  • Dark web monitoring
  • One million insurance w/stolen funds reimbursement
  • Internet protection included
  • IBM Watson (artificial intelligence)
  • Social security number monitoring
  • Social insight report and cyberbullying alerts (depending on your plan)


  • Child plans can only be purchased under family plan (not separately)
  • Credit reports only offered with upper tier package

Identity Guard offers three family plans that cover all adults and children who live in the same household. The Family Value plan is $14.99/mo., the Family Total plan is $29.99/mo., and the Family Premier plan is $34.99/mo.

All the following features are included depending on which plan you choose. Identity Guard offers IBM Watson (AI), up to $1 million insurance w/stolen funds reimbursement, U.S.-based dedicated case managers, your risk management score, an online identity dashboard, and a mobile app. You will also receive alerts for dark web exposure, possible threats detected by Watson AI, your monthly credit score, 3-bureau credit changes, bank takeovers, request to open a checking or savings account in your name, 3-bureau credit reports, your child’s information on the dark web, and potential social media cyberbullying. Identity Guard also provides you with protection tools such as an anti-phishing mobile app, safe browsing extension, and a social insight report.

2. LifeLock

LifeLock is one of the most recognized identity theft protection services in the industry and has been since 2005. They offer Norton internet security along with their other services, and they have thousands of 4.5-Star user reviews. LifeLock uses proprietary technology to scan hundreds of millions of data points to monitor for possible threats to your (and your child’s) identity. And, they offer a million dollar protection package. Additionally, they were named in the 2016 Online Trust Honor Roll while being recognized for their excellence in customer protection and data security, among other things.


  • Up to $1 million protection package
  • Norton Internet Security included at no charge
  • Proprietary technology for hundreds of millions of data points
  • Lawyers and experts provided when needed
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Comes with a mobile app
  • Dark web and privacy monitoring


  • Live member support only available on upper tier package
  • Additional family member coverage must be purchased separately which drives up the cost
  • LifeLock Junior only available with adult membership
  • Not accredited with the Better Business Bureau

LifeLock offers three protection plans and a LifeLock Junior plan for children. Each person is required to purchase a separate protection plan and the LifeLock Junior is only available with an adult protection plan. The plans include a Standard plan for $9.99/mo. plus tax, an Advantage plan for $19.99/mo. plus tax, an Ultimate Plus plan for $29.99/mo., and a LifeLock Junior plan (child plan) for $5.99/mo. or $65.99/yr.

The LifeLock plans come with up to a $1 million protection package, stolen funds reimbursement, personal expense compensation, coverage for lawyers and other identity theft protection experts, U.S.-based identity restoration experts, 24/7 live member support, reduced pre-approved credit card offers, lost wallet protection, reduced personal information exposure, the LifeLock Identity Alert system, scans for personal information for service and credit applications, dark web monitoring, USPS address change verifications, fake personal information related to your identity, scans for criminal arrest and court booking records, large-scale data breaches, cash withdrawals/transfers/large purchases from your credit/checking/savings accounts, and new bank account applications.

They also monitor your personal information for takeover or new names added to your bank accounts, investment/401(k) activity, and scan for your personal information on file-sharing networks. This is especially important because children frequently share music, pictures, and many other files. LifeLock Junior actively searches those networks for your child’s personal information. You will also receive an annual credit report and score, and credit monitoring for one to three bureaus.

All of the above is offered and the cost will depend on which protection plan you choose.

*LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.

**The credit scores provided are VantageScore 3.0 credit scores based on data from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion respectively. Any one bureau VantageScore mentioned is based on Equifax data only. Third parties use many different types of credit scores and are likely to use a different type of credit score to assess your creditworthiness.

3. IdentityForce

IdentityForce has been in business for more than 40 years and is highly respected in the industry. Additionally, IdentityForce has recently been acquired by EZShield, and they offer two identity theft protection plans with family plan options available.

They also offer an award-winning Social Media Identity Monitoring Suite, which is particularly important when you are talking about identity theft protection services for children in 2019. Criminals frequently use social media websites to target and befriend young users so they can get to know them, which makes it easier for them to steal your child’s personal information. This is because it gives them easy access to the security question answers.


  • Available as an add-on to an adult service
  • ChildWatch offered for free to businesses that provide IdentityForce as an employee benefit
  • Suspicious activity alerts
  • Identity monitoring
  • SSN tracker (different name, address, etc. associated with child’s SSN)
  • Award-winning Social Media Identity Monitoring Suite
  • Fully-managed restoration and recovery services
  • $1 million in identity theft protection insurance


  • Free trial period has to be manually canceled (it’s not automatic)
  • Services are slightly more expensive than others (but you get more services)

IdentityForce offers two protection packages and a ChildWatch option that can be added on to either of the following adult packages. The UltraSecure option is $17.99/mo. or $179.90/yr. and the UltraSecure+Credit option is $23.99/mo. or $239.90/yr.

IdentityForce has in recent years been named best-in-class by Javelin Strategy & Research outranking many other providers. Additionally, IdentityForce has some on the most comprehensive coverage in the industry. They offer credit monitoring, advanced fraud monitoring, court records monitoring, dark web monitoring, payday loan monitoring, sex offender monitoring, social media monitoring, medical ID fraud protection, two-factor authentication, up to $1 million in identity theft insurance, and fully-managed restoration. They also offer a variety of alerts such as a social security tracker, identity threat alerts, fraud alert reminders, and more if you subscribe to the upper tier plan which you can then add-on the ChildWatch option.

Why Are Children Often the Targets of Identity Theft?

When people think of identity theft, they usually associate it with adults and their social security numbers, credit card data, and other personal online database information. That all makes sense because adults are the ones with credit and other online information that can be used to steal their money and perform other fraudulent acts…right? Well, yes and no. Yes in that adults are the ones that use their credit and generally kids, especially young kids, don’t.

So why would a hacker be so interested in a child’s personal information if there’s nothing built on it? Yep. It looks like you just answered your own question without knowing it.

A child’s identity is actually preferred by hackers over an adult’s identity. Why?

Because while a child might have a social security number, they probably don’t have much of anything else. This in itself makes a child the perfect victim. When a hacker steals a child’s personal information, it’s easier for them to use it because it has never been used for financial purposes and there is not much identifying information on it other than a name. It’s basically a blank canvas ready to be used, without suspicion, for fraudulent purposes such as adding a false name, address, etc. to that social security number. Once they set that up, a thief can open credit cards, retail accounts, buy vehicles and other large purchases—pretty much anything and everything they want to do. And, since a child probably won’t be using their credit for their own purposes for many years, that gives the thief a big window of opportunity in which to perform a wide variety of crimes with it before the fraudulent activity is discovered.

That’s why it’s so important for parents to be hyper-vigilant when it comes to protecting their child’s identity just as much, if not more so than their own.

How Hackers Find and Steal a Child’s Personal Information?

Unfortunately, a child’s personal information is stored on many online databases, even if you didn’t put it there. For example, school databases, medical offices, clubs/extracurricular activities, etc. And even though many of these institutions don’t have to use a child’s social security number, they frequently do. Additionally, many kids (and adults) post personal information on their social media pages, which makes it even easier for a hacker to steal it.

Features of Identity Theft Services for Minors

Here are some of the most common identity theft services for minors:

SSN Monitoring

Keep an eye out for this feature when searching for ID theft protection for children. SSN Monitoring is powered by AI and other advanced technology. It scours the internet and online databases to see if your child’s SSN is being used, bought, sold, traded, etc. It also taps the USPS and other hotspots where your child’s identity might be at risk.

Black Market Surveillance

It might seem far-fetched that your child’s personal info would be sold on the Black Market. But the truth is, this is happening night and day. Black Market Surveillance searches illicit websites, forums, chat rooms, internet databases, and newly created sites for suspicious activity and the buying and/or selling of your child’s personal information.

Social Media Monitoring

Youth today are especially susceptible to fraud via social media. That’s why Social Media Monitoring has become a popular feature offered by ID theft companies. Social monitoring leverages AI and other sophisticated tech to search social media platforms, the dark web, hacker forums, and elsewhere. If your kid’s identity falls into the wrong hands, you’ll be the first to know.

Dark Web Monitoring

Children are at great risk of their personal information being dealt with diabolically. But Dark Web Monitoring can counteract the fraudsters’ most clever ploys. This form of cyber monitoring most often comes with alerts so that you can take immediate action if your child’s sensitive information makes it to the dark side of the web.

Identity Theft Insurance Coverage

Get peace of mind for the kiddos (and your pocketbook!) with ID theft insurance coverage. If your child’s identity becomes compromised, this feature covers the related costs. Identity theft happens, and it’s rarely cheap to fix. So it’s nice to know you’ll be reimbursed — sometimes up to a $1 million — for the steep price.

Identity Restoration

Not to be confused with ID theft insurance, this restoration feature actually restores your child’s identity in the aftermath of fraud. Identity restoration often includes full-service assistance from a dedicated investigator. The aim is to completely recover your child’s identity, and clear their name of any damage caused by fraudsters.

Lost Wallet Protection

If you’re a parent to a teenager, you know they often carry a purse or wallet -- sometimes with sensitive information inside. If this is your child, you’ll benefit from lost wallet protection. If for any reason their wallet grows legs, if you will, this feature helps to cancel or replace their bank cards, social security cards, driver’s license, etc.

Credit File Detection

Believe it or not, a kid’s credit is a prime target for criminals. So identity theft protection services offer a helpful feature that monitors significant changes to their credit file and credit activity. This value-packed option will send an alert the moment suspicious activity is detected, allowing you to take action before it’s too late.

File Sharing Network Searches

Protect your child against file sharing across a variety of networks and platforms. This feature offered by ID theft services for children searches file-sharing networks to ensure your child’s sensitive information isn’t being sold or traded for fraudulent purposes. This option is especially important for parents with teenagers in their household.

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