Travis Goodreau

SimpliSafe has made home security easy with their easy set-up and dependable equipment, but the real benefit to SimpliSafe is their award-winning professional monitoring. This means that someone is always standing by if a sensor in your home gets triggered. Not only do you get notified, but so do the police and fire departments if necessary. With professional monitoring, you can breathe easy knowing that your home is always protected. And unlike many companies out there, there are no contracts for professional monitoring through SimpliSafe. You can cancel anytime.

SimpliSafe Interactive Monitoring Plan

SimpliSafe’s most comprehensive monitoring option is the Interactive plan. This plan is ideal for homeowners and renters who would like added control by receiving SMS notifications, remote control capability, video file storage, and special alerts. Thanks to SimpliSafe’s precision-engineered sensors, they detect the unique heat signature of humans, not pets, making this system great for pet owners, too. The Interactive monitoring plan offers you:

  • Mobile App – You can arm and disarm your alarm system from your smartphone, monitor temperatures while you’re away, and use the Event Log to see when children arrive home from school. You can see when the alarm was armed and disarmed by your child’s personal PIN.
  • Alert Customization – The ability to customize your alerts. Additionally, you decide who gets your customizable alerts so they reach the people who need them the most.
  • Secret Alerts – Let you know what’s happening anywhere in your home. These secret alerts tell you whenever a sensor is activated without triggering an alarm. This way you can keep close tabs on places like closets, safes, and liquor cabinets to make sure roommates, guests, or family members don’t wander into places where they shouldn’t be.
  • Video Alarm Verification – Sends a 60 second clip from your camera of the alarm event to the monitoring center. They’ll spot the intruder and then alert police to the in progress burglary. When cops know that the alarm is real and is in progress, studies show that this results in higher arrest rates.
  • Unlimited Camera Recording – No matter how many cameras you have installed, SimpliSafe Interactive monitoring will store the footage for 30 days. You can download this footage and share it anytime. You can also record on demand and watch live anytime to make sure your home is safe.
  • Smart Home Integrations – SimpliSafe is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant (with Nest thermostat integration), Apple Watch, and August, so you can speak to your system.

SimpliSafe Interactive monitoring is $24.99 per month, or 83 cents a day.

SimpliSafe Interactive vs Standard

The features listed above are only available with the Interactive plan. SimpliSafe, however, does offer another monitoring option known as Standard monitoring. This Standard monitoring plan comes with just the following three features. These three features also come  with the Interactive monitoring plan:

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring and Dispatch – With this feature, you receive round the clock protection by expert specialists, police dispatch for burglar alarms, firefighter dispatch for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and a courtesy call for water and temperature alerts.
  • Cellular Connection – Thanks to a partnership with Verizon and T-mobile, SimpliSafe has built a national cellular network that keeps you safe and gives you the convenience to monitor your home wherever you are. Using built-in GSM technology, you do not need a phone line or internet connection. And cellular connection is included for free with all monitoring plans. That makes SimpliSafe stand out, since so many other companies make you pay for cellular costs in addition to professional monitoring.
  • Environmental Monitoring – Enjoy peace of mind knowing that SimpliSafe lets you know about fires fast. Not only does it sound a full alarm so you can get your family out, it also alerts the fire department. The SimpliSafe smoke detector is required for this service. In addition to fire protection, SimpliSafe also protects you from water damage. Frozen pipes can be a pain when they burst, resulting in water damage to your home. With SimpliSafe you can set a lower temperature limit and SimpliSafe will warn you in advance. Set an upper limit and SimpliSafe will let you know if those temperatures start climbing to dangerous levels with the use of the SimpliSafe water sensor. This way, you can stop leaks from becoming floods and prevent dangerous mold from growing.

Standard monitoring is $14.99 per month, or 50 cents a day.

Standard MonitoringInteractive Monitoring
24/7 Live Monitoring24/7 Live Monitoring
Cellular ConnectionCellular Connection
Environmental MonitoringEnvironmental Monitoring
Not IncludedMobile App: Arm/Disarm from Anywhere
Not IncludedAlerts Right On Your Phone
Not IncludedSecret Alerts
Not IncludedVideo Alarm Verification
Not IncludedUnlimited Camera Recording
Not IncludedSmart Home Integrations