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Last Updated On: June 18, 2019
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7.8 SecureScore™
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GetSafe Medical Alert Ratings

The name says it all. GetSafe is a popular choice in a crowded market. These medical alert systems deliver peace of mind with a modern design. You or a loved one can get started with plug-and-play ease, and never worry about contracts or hidden fees. GetSafe gets rave reviews for their superb customer service, and they offer landline or cellular service at refreshingly low prices. These systems are ideal for seniors at-home or on-the-go. See what our experts say in our GetSafe review.

  • No Contracts
  • No Upfront Fees
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Month-To-Month Payment Option
  • Price-Lock Guarantee
  • No Cancellation Fee
  • 30-Day Risk-Free Trial
  • Only Medical Alert Provider That Doesn’t Need To Be Worn

  • Extra Help Button Requires Additional Monthly Fee
  • Extra Wall Button Requires Additional Monthly Fee


GetSafe is a company with 30+ years of experience and offers the features people want the most, such as no contract, a free trial period, month to month payment options, a price-lock guarantee, and more. Additionally, GetSafe offers landline and 4G LTE cellular options with three different ways to pay. They have a 24/7 professional UL-Certified U.S. based CSAA Five Diamond Certified monitoring center. And, GetSafe uses the AT&T network for reliable connectivity in all 50 states.

Ease of Use

The GetSafe system is aesthetically pleasing and extremely easy to use. You simply unbox it, plug it in, then test it by pushing the medical alert button and connecting with a live operator and that’s it—you’re done! However, if you have opted to add one of GetSafe’s home security systems, which are a little more involved, there are plenty of online installation videos available and a top-notch customer service team who is there to help as well.

Customer Service

GetSafe offers 24/7 monitoring for their medical alert systems, as well as live customer support that is available Monday-Friday from 8 am – 5 pm PST. Additionally, GetSafe’s existing customers rave about the exceptional customer support they have received when contacting the company with questions or for any other type of assistance.


GetSafe offers At-Home, On-The-Go, or Both features each with monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual payment options.

  • Monthly – This option is $24.95/mo. and comes with a landline connection (cellular available for $10/mo.), one free standard help button, in-home monitoring, and a free Vial of Life which is an emergency medical information sheet for EMS reference when they are dispatched.
  • Quarterly – This option is $24.95/mo. which is $74.85 billed every three months. It is a landline option (cellular available for $10/mo. billed quarterly) that comes with free shipping, a landline connection, one free standard help button, in-home monitoring, and one free Vial of Life.
  • Semi-Annual – This option is $149.70 every six months. It comes with free shipping, a landline connection, one free standard help button, in-home monitoring, one free Vial of Life, and a free HD home video camera.

See equipment add-ons below for additional pricing on all available add-on features.


Communication Console

This small, aesthetically pleasing box serves as the central command center for your medical alert system. This console contains an amplified high fidelity speaker and an ultra-sensitive microphone with two-way voice so both parties can communicate during an emergency. Additionally, this console is equipped with 32 hours of battery backup so you’ll be covered if the power goes out.

Medical Alert Buttons

All GetSafe medical alert buttons are 100% waterproof, can be worn in the pool or shower, and have up to five years of battery life. These come as either a neck pendant or wristband. To operate you simply push the medical alert button and within seconds, a live operator will communicate with you over the line and offer whatever emergency medical assistance is required.

Add-On Equipment

There are a wide variety of optional add-ons available for a small monthly fee.

AT&T 4G LTE Cellular Console

If you don’t have a landline, or would just rather have a 4G LTE cellular console, you can add-on this feature for $10 per month. It has the same capabilities as the standard console other than it is cellular.

Standard Help Buttons

If you need additional help buttons, those can be added on to your plan for $2/mo. each.

Help Button with Automatic Fall Sensor

You can opt for a GetSafe neck pendant or wristband medical alert button that comes with an automatic fall detection feature. The automatic fall detection help buttons are $10/mo. each. If there is one feature that’s really necessary, it would definitely be the help button that has an automatic fall detection feature. If you or your loved one were to ever fall and become unconscious, a help button with an automatic fall sensor would be able to detect that you fell and automatically call for help if you were unable to. This is one of those features that could actually save your life, unless you don’t have one that has an automatic fall detection feature.

Standard Wall Buttons

If you don’t like wearing a help button, you have the option of installing some wall help buttons instead. You can place these around your home where accidents are most likely to occur. These are wireless, water-resistant, and available for only $2/mo. each.

Voice Activated Mini Consoles

With this option, you can place these wireless, water-resistant mini consoles around your home in high-risk areas. If needed, you can either push the button or simply say “call 911” and you will be connected to a live operator. These can be added on to your plan for $10/mo. each.

Monitored Smoke Detector

This monitored, battery-operated smoke detector automatically connects to the 24/7 monitoring center and will alert them if smoke is detected. This is a 24/7 feature that includes real-time alerts to your local fire station when smoke or fire is detected. Additionally, the alarm emits an 85 dBA blast of sound to make sure you hear the alarm when it goes off and can respond quickly.

This equipment also comes with some convenience features such as the smoke detector lights up to notify you of its status: a RED light = fire, a GREEN light means the power is on, a YELLOW light = a low battery. And since this smoke detector is battery-operated, that means you will still have coverage even if the power goes out. Not to mention, that it also has photoelectric technology, which makes it extremely accurate at detecting real alarms while reducing false alarms. These can be added on to your plan for $10/mo. each.

Lockbox Service

A lockbox service is a locking box with a door key in it that you can put on the door of your choice. With this service, the EMT’s are given an entry code to quickly and safely enter your home if needed. A lockbox also helps eliminate the need for forced entry which can cause extensive property damage resulting in expensive repairs. These can be added on to your plan for $2/mo. each.

Vial of Life

The Vial of Life feature is an emergency medical information sheet the EMS service can reference when dispatched. One of these is included free with your purchase. If you need additional Vial of Life sheets, they are available for $8.95 each. With this feature, you will never have to worry about not receiving the right treatment because the EMS service doesn’t know or have access to your medical history.

Indoor HD Camera

This feature is an ultra-small 1080p HD video camera that comes with night vision and has a two-way talk feature. This camera is included free with a semi-annual subscription. Having an HD live streaming video is a great way to make sure your loved ones are OK at all times. Additionally, the camera comes with a GetSafe video app you can use to access and monitor the live video stream any time.


GetSafe is a reputable security company with an affordable medical alert system option. With GetSafe, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a landline because they offer a 4G LTE cellular option. Additionally, all their services are available for an affordable monthly fee with no contract and they have a wide variety of add-ons from which you can choose. If you are looking for a top-notch medical alert service, GetSafe might be just what you’ve been looking for.

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