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The medical alert system for those who don’t want to wear a button

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GetSafe is a medical alert system that targets a specific subset of older adults — those who don’t want to wear a medical alert device all of the time, or at all.

Its central piece of equipment is a base unit with an amplified high fidelity speaker and ultra sensitive microphone, which enables clear two-way talk with the monitoring center.1 Based on the size of your home, you can select a package that includes additional help buttons that will adhere to walls in high-risk spots.

The idea is that you can move around your home safely without needing to wear a device that some people find cumbersome or forget to wear. You can basically forget that you have a medical alert system 一 unless or until you need it. We love this flexibility.

GetSafe Control Panel

GetSafe Control Panel

Recently, GetSafe expanded their menu of add-ons for those who might want to supplement this system through the use of a wearable, either at home or away. Fall detection can be added, too.

If you or a loved one primarily wants an at-home system that’s simple to use and doesn’t necessarily require wearing a device, GetSafe may be a great fit. For more details about GetSafe’s three packages, including pricing, read on.

FYI: Another great at-home alert system to take a peek at is Aloe Care Health. This system also operates around a high-functioning base station, but includes lots of extra features useful for older adults and caregivers alike.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • Two-way voice on base unit
  • Easy setup
  • Fall detection available
  • Low monitoring fees
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Caregiver tracking offered with on-the-go device
Unboxing GetSafe

Unboxing GetSafe

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GetSafe Packages and Pricing

GetSafe’s pricing model is simple and straightforward. They offer three different at-home packages based on the size of your home: Starter, Standard, and Select. Regardless of the package you choose, you will be charged the same low monthly monitoring fee of $24.95. Compared to other at-home systems, this is definitely a competitive price.

However, unlike many other at-home systems, you will be required to buy rather than rent the equipment, and the price is somewhat steep, depending on the package that you select. For an overview of GetSafe’s packages and pricing, take a look at the table below.

GetSafe Plans Starter Standard Select
24/7 Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Home Size 0-1 Bedrooms 2-3 Bedrooms 4-5 Bedrooms
Equipment Price $79 $149 $229
Monthly Price $24.95 $24.95 $24.95

Note that GetSafe offers a 30-day trial period. If not satisfied, you can return the product for a full refund within 30 days.

Pro Tip: If spending money upfront is not what you had in mind, a number of systems out there will rent rather than sell their systems. This eliminates an equipment fee. For more details, read our Medical Alert System Guide.

GetSafe Accessories

GetSafe has recently expanded their add-on offerings to allow customers an opportunity for greater customization. See offerings and prices below.

GetSafe Add-On Price Function
Fall Detection Monitoring $10 Per Month Sensors in Neck Pendant Detect Fall
Voice-Activated Wall Button $79 One-Time Charge Indoor Help Button
Wall Button Add On $35 One-Time Charge Indoor Help Button
Personal Help Button $25 One-Time Charge Wearable Button for Neck or Wrist
Lockbox $30 One-Time Charge Stores House Key for EMTs
Vial of Life $8.95 One-Time Charge Booklet for Emergency Medical Information
Warranty $5 Per Month Protects from Damage, Loss or Theft
GPS Help Button $79 One-Time Charge Wearable Button for On-the-Go
Caregiver Tracking for Mobile GPS $5 Per Month Tracks User’s Location on Cell Phone
Caregiver Tracking + Fall Detection for Mobile GPS $10 Per Month Tracking and Fall Detection for On-the-Go Device

Pro Tip: While we think the pricing of the various accessories from GetSafe are fair, it is always a good idea to compare the costs of other brands. A few other medical alert systems also offer a wide range of accessories. Check out the cost of Medical Guardian and LifeFone add ons.

Alert Systems and Packages

Starter Package

The starter package is best suited for older adults who live in smaller homes, such as a condo or a one-bedroom apartment. The system includes a base unit, voice-activated wall button, and wearable help button. At a one-time cost of $79, the equipment for this package is the most affordable of the three.

Best for: Older adults in small living spaces

GetSafe Starter System

GetSafe Starter System

Standard Package

This package is the mid-range model, both with price and equipment. It is recommended for individuals who live in a home with two to three bedrooms. The package includes a base unit, two voice-activated wall buttons, one standard wall button, and one wearable help button. The price for this equipment is $149.

Best for: Older adults living in a typical American home with up to three bedrooms and up to two bathrooms

GetSafe Standard System

GetSafe Standard System

Select Package

For those older adults living in more spacious homes with multiple floors or four bedrooms or more, GetSafe offers the Select package. It includes a base unit, three voice-activated wall buttons, two standard wall buttons, and a wearable help button. The cost for this high-tier package is $229.

FYI: Other at-home systems that might make sense for a person with a large home include MobileHelp and Bay Alarm Medical. Both have an extensive range between the base unit and wearable help button. You may like the cost of MobileHelp and Bay Alarm Medical packages, too.

Best for: Older adults living in large homes

GetSafe Select System

GetSafe Select System

Current Deal

At the time of this writing, GetSafe was just wrapping up their February Red Heart special, which included free shipping on all orders. We recommend checking out GetSafe’s website frequently to watch for sales. It is also a good idea to call customer service and ask if they have any upcoming specials.

One ongoing offer is GetSafe’s Refer-a-Friend program: When you refer someone to GetSafe and they purchase a system, both you and your referral will receive one month of service free.

Overall Value of GetSafe

If you or your loved one truly wants a system that offers equipment placed around your home (and includes a complimentary wearable help button, just in case), GetSafe provides a great value. At $24.99 per month, the system is very affordable.

But bear in mind two things.

First, while add-ons are great for customizing, the more options you tack on, the higher your monthly costs will be. At this point, you may want to check out a few other systems that may be a bit more expensive than GetSafe but may already include additional features.

Second, as mentioned, be prepared to pay for an upfront equipment charge. This cost seems reasonable for modest homes but gets pricey for large homes. It is important to point out that many other at-home systems do not include an equipment fee.

Overall though, GetSafe provides a great option for older adults who may be resistant to wearables, yet still want a measure of protection for themselves in their homes.

GetSafe Mini Console Installed in Bathroom

GetSafe Mini Console Installed in Bathroom

GetSafe Background

GetSafe was founded by home security veterans who wanted to provide an easy way for their customers to protect both their homes and their families. The company initially provided both home security and medical alert systems. However, these days GetSafe is focused exclusively on their medical alert systems. Their products are easy to install, affordable, and simple to use. See our full review of GetSafe to learn all about our hands-on experience with their systems.

GetSafe Packaging

GetSafe Packaging

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a landline or a cellular connection to use GetSafe?

Neither. A landline is not necessary as you will use a cellular connection. However, you will need to use GetSafe’s 4G LTE cellular connection rather than your own.

How does the voice-activated wall button work?

You can call for help by saying “Call 9-1-1” twice, then pressing the button or pulling the cord.

Can I wear the pendant in the bathtub or shower?

Yes, the pendant is waterproof. It also has a five-year battery life.

Where does GetSafe recommend that I place the wall buttons?

GetSafe recommends placing the buttons in high-risk areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and staircases.

What is the battery life for the wall buttons?

The wall buttons use non-rechargeable batteries. Use two C batteries for the voice-activated device and a CR-123 battery for the standard wall button.

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