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Founded in 2018, Aloe Care Health is a relatively new player in the medical alert systems industry.1 But don’t be fooled by their youth. They have come a long way in a short time, creating a comprehensive system for seniors, and importantly, their caregivers, with unique features we haven’t seen elsewhere.

Understanding that each senior has unique health care needs and financial situations, Aloe Care Health has several package offerings for families to choose from. Our goal with this guide is to help you sort out the differences between the Aloe Care packages and understand the pricing. In the end, we think you will be able to confidently determine if this system is a good fit for you and your family and worth the slightly higher-than-average cost.

Key Features

Let’s begin by looking at several features that Aloe Care Health offers with their systems.

Best Features of Aloe Care Health:

  • 24/7 Emergency Call Center
  • 4G LTE Cellular Monitoring
  • At-Home & On-the-Go Coverage
  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • Mobile Companion App
  • Advanced Caregiver Tools

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A Close Look at Aloe Care Health Pricing

Aloe Care Health medical alert systems charge two fees for each of their three packages. The first is a one-time equipment cost. The second is a monthly fee. Note, however, that Aloe Care Health does not include any hidden costs such as installation or activation fees.

Aloe Care Health Packaging

Aloe Care Health Packaging

We have the price plans laid out for your comparison below.

Aloe Care Health Packages & Pricing

Aloe Care Package Monthly Plan Cost One-Time Equipment Cost
Essentials $29.99 $149.99
Essentials Plus $39.99 $249.99
Total Care $49.99 $349.99

Because the equipment cost is somewhat steep, we recommend giving the system your due diligence, just as we have done. If you decide you want to try out the system to determine if it is a good fit, Aloe Care offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which covers both the monitoring and equipment fees.

FYI: Some medical alert companies lease the equipment to their customers, the price being a part of the monthly fee; others sell the equipment at a one-time, up-front cost.

One way to exercise your due diligence is by testing the system to determine if it is a good fit for you and your loved one. Aloe Care Health does offer a 30-day trial period with a money-back guarantee.

Because Aloe Care Health provides advanced features that other at-home systems don’t, we think the equipment cost is worthwhile for some folks. However, if you prefer an at-home system without an equipment cost, you may want to take a look at our review of Medical Guardian alert systems. Overall, we found Medical Guardian to be reliable and reasonably priced — plus they provide a trial period with a money-back guarantee.

A Word About Add-Ons

Aloe Care Health has designed its three systems to be all-inclusive. In other words, while some providers offer extra products and services a la carte with an additional cost, Aloe Care Health offers tiered pricing, with everything included within three packages. We think this makes ordering simple and easy to understand.

The only exception is the Mobile Companion, which can be purchased separately. The cost is $24.99 per month with a one-time $99 equipment fee. Note that the Mobile Companion does come included with the Essentials Plus and Total Care packages.

The True Value of Aloe Care Health

Aloe Care Health offers a great depth of functionality to seniors. But, for caregivers, it provides one of the most beneficial – if not the most beneficial systems around.

Family caregivers are a growing population. Between 2015 and 2020 the number of these caregivers who reported having difficulty coordinating care grew from 19 to 26 percent.2

We know that not everyone is keen on hefty upfront equipment costs. But if you are willing to make this security investment, we think you will find it money well spent. An alert system like Aloe Care Health enables caregivers to receive real time feedback on the status of their loved ones and easily communicate with others in the care circle, which provides peace of mind. We think this justifies the cost.

Aloe Care Health Alert System Packages

As mentioned above, Aloe Care Health offers three packages. The packages progressively increase, both in price and in features offered. We want to take you a little deeper to understand the differences between the systems.

First, their basic package, Aloe Care Essentials, is an at-home system. Their middle-tier package, Aloe Care Essentials Plus, and their upper-tier package, Total Care, are both dual systems; they include on-the-go and at-home components.

Closeup of the Aloe Care Health Smart Hub

Closeup of the Aloe Care Health Smart Hub

Most importantly, each of the systems include the Smart Hub, Aloe Care’s centerpiece. This base unit is a smart speaker that enables you, through voice activation or the press of a button, to connect with the monitoring center or with caregivers. The hub includes two motion sensors, a temperature sensor and an air quality sensor, all of which provide real-time information to caregivers through the complementary Caregivers’ App. We typically don’t see these advanced features, even in the best alert systems available.

FYI: We were pleased to learn that all three packages include free shipping and handling. While this is becoming an industry standard, it is definitely not a given.

Read on for a breakdown of the differences between Aloe Care Health packages.

Aloe Care Health ‘Essentials’

In addition to the Smart Hub, the Essentials package includes the secure Caregivers’ App mentioned above. The app works in conjunction with the Hub, is available to an unlimited number of caregivers, and can provide integration with other smart devices in the home. To help you understand how this integration works, read our Home Automation Guide.

The package also includes one care button along with a watch and lanyard with which the button can be worn. The button enables a senior to contact the monitoring center in the case of an emergency if beyond the Hub’s 10-foot range of voice activation.

For $29.99 per month, this at-home-only system is offered at a competitive price, especially considering that it offers high-level features to caregivers that most other systems don’t.

We think that you will like Aloe Care Essentials, but if it is just a basic system at a low cost that you are looking for, take a look at our review of LifeStation alert systems.

Who It’s Best For: This at-home system is best for home-bound seniors or those who do not leave the house without a companion.

Aloe Care Health ‘Essentials Plus’

The Essentials Plus package includes everything in the Essentials package plus the Mobile Companion, a wearable device for when you are on the go. With this additional device comes a number of extra features such as fall detection and two-way talk (when out of range of the Smart Hub.) It also features GPS location detection, not just for the monitoring center, but for caregivers. Keep in mind that this invaluable feature for caregivers is not found in all medical alert systems.

Aloe Care Health Mobile System

Aloe Care Health Mobile System

Who It’s Best For: This middle-tier package is best for seniors who may have significant health challenges or are advanced in age but still leave their home independently.

Aloe Care Health ‘Total Care’

As its name implies, Total Care includes everything included in the other packages and then fills in a few missing gaps. For example, neither of the Essentials or Essentials Plus packages include in-home fall detection. Total Care includes a stand-alone smart fall sensor that maps your environment and monitors for situations indicative of a fall, sending an alert to caregivers and the monitoring center via the Smart Hub.

Total Care also includes two stand alone motion sensors. These sensors allow for the monitoring of movement in other rooms of the house in addition to the room where the Smart Hub is set up, providing even more real-time feedback to caregivers.

Who It’s Best For: This premier package is best suited for the senior who needs the highest level of monitoring because of a health condition or advanced age. Those at the highest risk of falling may also want to consider Total Care.

Aloe Care Health: One-of-a-Kind Features

Aloe Care Health goes above and beyond. The system offers distinct features that help keep older adults safe.

  • Ability of Caregivers to Call Hub Directly from Caregivers’ App
  • One-Touch Connection for User to Caregiver(s) from Hub
  • Ability for Caregiving Team to Collaborate through App Messaging
  • Temperature and Air Quality Monitor and Alert
  • Motion Sensors for Activity Monitoring
  • Real-Time Updates on Caregivers’ App
  • Location Detection Accessible to Caregivers
  • Elevated Check Ins (Emergency Connect with the Monitoring Center) Available for Caregivers
  • Emergency Call Cancellation Feature on Hub and Mobile Device
  • Ability to Integrate Other Smart Home Devices with the Caregivers’ App

For more details about these unique features, and to read about our full experience testing the system, we recommend checking out our in-depth Aloe Care Health review.

Our Verdict on Aloe Care Health

Aloe Care Health created its medical alert system with caregivers in mind. This includes employed caregivers and remote caregivers who may have an even greater need for caregiving assistance.

Aloe Care Health employees understand well these challenges. More than 70 percent of their team are caregivers of parents and grandparents.3 And in our opinion, any successful aging-in-place plan requires practical aids for the caregivers.

Aloe Care Health Check-in Call

Aloe Care Health Check-in Call

Depending upon whether your loved one is homebound or independently leaves the home, Aloe Care Health packages adeptly provide a web of communication that helps keep seniors safe. One of the biggest determining factors when deciding on this system is whether its advanced features are worth the cost.

In comparing Aloe Care Health’s packages to other systems that we have reviewed, the monthly fees range from reasonable to slightly high. The Essentials package is within range of what other providers charge for their at-home systems, and it is important to remember that it includes more advanced features. The Essentials Plus is really a bundled system as it includes both at-home and on-the-go functionality. The price for this package is right on the money and even a bit less expensive than some other bundled packages. On the other hand, the Total Care package is one of the more expensive systems that we have seen. But again, a higher-than-average monthly fee reflects its value.

The equipment fees are among the highest that we have seen, there is no getting around that. Most at-home systems do not charge an equipment fee一but Aloe Care Health is not like most at-home systems. It is a unique system that provides a higher level of function than does almost any other at-home system. And, as we pointed out, the Essentials Plus and Total Care packages are bundled packages, where it is a bit more common to find an equipment fee. In the end, you will need to evaluate the needs of yourself or your loved one in order to determine if the price is right for you.

Did You Know? A survey conducted by the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology found that 13 percent of falls in homes without stairways take place in the bathroom while 30 percent occur in the bedroom and another 31 percent occur in the living room.4

Overall, we think that Aloe Care Health has hit upon a great need in the market — that is, comprehensive assistance for caregivers. With that comes a critical safety net for seniors and peace of mind for everyone.

Aloe Care Health FAQs

Do I need to have a WiFi system in order to use Aloe Care’s medical alert system?

If you have WiFi in your home, it is encouraged that you connect your Smart Hub to it. If you do not have WiFi in your home or if your WiFi loses connectivity, no big deal. The Smart Hub does have a built-in SIM card, so the system will remain connected regardless of your circumstances.

Do I need a contract with a wireless company in order to use the Mobile Companion or the Smart Hub?

Aloe Care Health uses a 4G LTE cellular connection, but the cost is already covered in your monthly fee. You will not be charged additional fees or need to sign a contract.

What will I need in order to use the mobile version of the app?

If using an iPhone or iPad, the software requirement is iOS 10.0 and up. If using an Android, the software requirement is Android 5.0 and up. We think Aloe Care Health’s mobile app is one of the best apps in the industry.

What is the battery life of the Care Button and how will I know when it needs to be replaced?

The Care Button has a battery life of approximately three years. A red light will appear on the button when the battery is low.

How often does the Mobile Companion need to be charged?

Aloe Care Health recommends recharging the mobile device daily.

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