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What Sets MyIDCare Apart?

One of the most outstanding features of MyIDCare is the wide range of identity theft types that it protects against. These include all nine commonly known forms of identity theft including some of the lesser known/cover ones like:

  • Employment Fraud – Gaining employment by using another person’s identifying information is used to avoid taxes, pass background checks, and for insider access to a company’s assets in order to commit another crime. This can cause problems with the IRS as well as criminal problems.
  • Medical Fraud – This form of identity theft is used to receive free medical services. The problems this poses can include fees being racked up in your name and even changes in a medical record that could threaten lives. MyIDCare monitors medical records and alerts clients to any suspicious activity.
  • Insurance Fraud – By using stolen information, criminals can make fraudulent claims, benefit requests, and reimbursement claims on insurance companies which can affect deductibles, eligibility, and costs in the future. MyIDCare promises to make sure this never becomes a problem.

Another feature that makes MyIDCare stand out from their competitors is their reimbursement policy. This covers expenses up to the maximum of $1 million, which is the average for identity theft protection companies. However, unlike many other companies, MyIDCare also covers losses and expenditures that include stolen funds as well as the service fees covered by other companies.

The A+ rating MyIDCare’s parent company, IDExperts, has received from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is also outstanding. However, the reviews and customer comments throw that grade into question. For example, out of ten customer reviews of their service, IDExperts had eight one-star reviews (the lowest possible) with the remaining two reviews garnering only three stars. This seems to contradict the high grade and call its validity into question.

Key Features

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Criminal Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • Credit Monitoring & Alerts
  • SSN Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Restoration

MyIDCare Pricing & Plans

MyIDCare offers two plans, the MyIDCare ESSENTIALS plan and MyIDCare PREMIER. They are available as individual plans that only protect the holder and family plans that cover 2 adults and up to 5 minors under the age of 18. The family plans cost $19.95 per month and $39.95 per month respectively.

MyIDCare PlanMonthly CostMonthly Cost with Family Plan
MyIDCare Essentials$9.95$19.95
MyIDCare Premier$19.95$39.95

Current Deal

At the time this was written, MyIDCare had no deals available on their identity theft protection plans.

MyIDCare EssentialsMyIDCare Premier
Single Credit Bureau MonitoringThree Bureau Credit Monitoring
Dark Web MonitoringDark Web Monitoring
Change of Address MonitoringChange of Address Monitoring
Court Record MonitoringCourt Record Monitoring
Payday Loan MonitoringPayday Loan Monitoring
Social Security Fraud MonitoringSocial Security Fraud Monitoring
Lost Wallet CoverageLost Wallet Coverage
Identity RecoveryIdentity Recovery
$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
Family CoverageFamily Coverage

About MyIDCare

In 2003, the Portland company IDExperts developed MyIDCare as its flagship identity theft protection offering. Since then they have provided identity theft services to thousands of customers nationwide. Check out the full review of MyIDCare here.

Social Security Monitoring
Social Security Monitoring

One of the most targeted pieces of personally identifying information is a person’s social security number. MyIDCare will monitor the activity of yours for signs of identity theft.

Black Market Surveillance
Black Market Surveillance

MyIDCare offers their trademarked CyberScan service. This is a surveillance engine designed to proactively search the dark web and internet for compromised personally identifying information and sends out an alert if any breach is detected.

Address Change Verification
Address Change Verification

Criminals will often change the legal address associated with a stolen identity to gain access to the target’s mail. They do this both to cover their tracks as well as to gain access to additional financial account information. If this activity is detected, an alert is triggered allowing for immediate action.

Pay Day Loan Monitoring
Pay Day Loan Monitoring

You may open a new account for a payday or quick-cash loan, but so can an identity thief. MyIDCare will alert you of any new accounts to allow you to verify valid ones and stop invalid ones before the fraud gets out of control.

Court Record Monitoring
Court Record Monitoring

It is not surprising that somebody who would steal another person’s identity might get into trouble with the law. If they are pretending to be you when that happens, it will go on your record, not theirs. By monitoring arresting agency and municipal records for your personal info to stop this form of identity theft before it becomes a bigger problem.

Bank and Credit Card Activity Alerts
Bank and Credit Card Activity Alerts

Credit card and bank account numbers in the wrong hands can be disastrous, MyIDCare monitors this most generic form of identity theft and alerts you so you can stop it before it becomes a huge headache.

Credit Score Monitoring
Credit Score Monitoring

When a criminal steals your identity, the damage can snowball rapidly. Via constant monitoring of our clients’ credit files, MyIDCare can catch fraud as soon as possible.

Identity Restoration
Identity Restoration

From the first moment identity theft happens, your assigned recovery expert will act as your dedicated point of contact and learn all the details of your unique situation. MyIDCare will employ a Limited Power of Attorney to act on your behalf to facilitate the resolution of your identity theft. Best of all, it is 100% guaranteed.

Identity Theft Insurance Coverage
Identity Theft Insurance Coverage

MyIDCare will reimburse clients for a maximum of one million dollars of out of pocket expenses incurred while attempting to restore their identity.

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