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7.0 SecureScore™
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MyIDCare Ratings

This multiple award-winning company delivers A+ identity protection and offers unlimited access to their experts. Along with standard features, you’ll get the added bonus of synthetic identity scanning a unique option that most other providers don’t offer. The affordable service boasts a 100% ID restoration rate. Not bad at all. Unfortunately, MyIDCare doesn’t have a mobile app, nor do they offer social monitoring. See what our experts say in our MyIDCare review.

  • Extensive list of monitoring features
  • One of the only companies looking for synthetic identities
  • Transparent pricing and services
  • Unlimited access to expert advice
  • 100% restoration rate

  • No social media monitoring
  • No file sharing monitoring
  • No mobile app


ID Experts has more than a decade of experience in the identity protection market. They serve large government organizations, healthcare companies, retail and individuals in the United States. The company has a customer base of 25 million and has been in operation since 2003.

Their philosophy for identity protection revolves around addressing the nine forms of identity theft. By monitoring these areas, they can help you act quickly to fix the problems caused by someone using your personal information fraudulently. MyIDCare has an A+ BBB rating and has received 10 awards for their high customer service standards.

One of their values is treating each customer’s identity as though it were their own. They use the same technology across the board, whether they’re working with a Fortune 500 company or an individual.

Features & Services

Credit Monitoring

One way that an identity theft protection service looks for unauthorized activity on your credit report. Whenever someone adds a new address, applies for a credit or loan account, or otherwise makes concerning changes to your credit profile, you receive a notification.


Identity thieves have to trade and sell your information somewhere. MyIDCare scans these websites and millions of data points to see whether this personal data is up for grabs on the marketplaces currently.

$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance

MyIDCare has a 100 percent recovery rate for getting people their identities back in the same shape that they started out with.

Annual Credit Report

Get a look at your credit report each year.

Lost Wallet Coverage

Don’t spend countless hours on the phone getting your cards canceled and replaced. Get assistance with this process from MyIDCare.

Unlimited Advice

Part of protecting your identity is understanding exactly what the risks are and what everything means. There are a lot of terms involved in personal finance that can be difficult to understand when you’re trying to get an identity theft issue resolved. You have unlimited access to MyIDCare experts, who are happy to help you learn about everything you need to know.

Monthly Recap of Account Activities

This feature is useful in the event that you missed a notification or you just like seeing a monthly report.

Scam Alerts and Protection Advice

Stay on top of the latest scams to hit the Internet with a frequently updated resource section.

Password Detective

Make sure that your current or prospective passwords aren’t already for sale on the dark web. This monitoring feature will notify you if you end up in this situation.

Change of Address Monitoring

Avoid your mail getting rerouted by learning about any change of address forms that get filled out with your information.

Court Record

Scammers may try to claim that your name is theirs whenever they get arrested and go to court. MyIDCare keeps a close eye on public records to start fixing this problem if it happens.

Payday Loan

Payday loans are tempting for criminals, due to the lack of a credit check and the instant access to money. MyIDCare has access to databases that give you notifications on these loans if they get taken out in your name.

Social Security Fraud

Social security numbers open up access to many types of accounts, but you can stop the harm before it reaches disastrous levels with the help of this monitoring.


Your children’s identities are another tempting target, since many people don’t pay a lot of attention to the credit reports of minors. This type of monitoring looks for signs that your kid’s information is getting used in a malicious way.


Medical identity monitoring is an unusual area for an identity theft protection company to offer, but the thieves can try to make claims on your insurance policy with your information. You could end up being at risk of losing your health insurance and have a lot of medical debt. Another risk is that your medical records receive inaccurate information. If you deal with a complex medical condition or life-threatening illnesses, you need this information to be correct.


Your bank accounts and other financial accounts are vulnerable to a takeover if someone steals your identity. Don’t let that happen without a fight!


Your social security number, address or name could be used to secure someone employment.

Driver’s License

Your driver’s license contains all of the information that an identity thief could want to cause havoc. Discover whether it’s compromised.


MyIDCare is one of the only identity theft protection services that can scan for synthetic identities. This type of stolen identity is put together using information from more than one person. The result looks like a complete person, but it’s actually an amalgamation of data.

Ease of Use

MyIDCare couldn’t be easier to sign up with and use. Most of the time, you simply interact with the service in the event that you receive an alert. You have an online panel that you can access from any Internet-connected device, which shows you the relevant changes as well as your monthly report. When you sign up for an account, the pricing is straightforward and clear about what you’re getting.

Customer Service

If your identity gets stolen, you get a recovery expert assigned to you. This single point of contact answers any and all questions that you might have about getting back to normal. This fully managed process takes place in US-based offices.

MyIDCare provides itself on customer service responsiveness. These representatives are professionally trained in identity protection, so they can tell you exactly what’s going on and what to expect. They do not place a time limit on how long it takes to resolve a case, and your case is kept on file for three years after everything is resolved in case you need additional help.


MyIDCare focuses on the nine primary types of identity theft, with both service tiers monitoring the same data sources. The biggest difference between the plans is with the credit monitoring part of the package. An individual plan that only has one bureau monitored, the Essentials, is $9.95 per month. If you want all three bureaus monitored, the Premier plan is $19.95 per month.

The family plan costs $19.95 per month for the essentials and $39.95 per month for the premier. This plan will monitor the personal information of two adults and five children.

The $1 million insurance coverage will reimburse you for stolen funds, legal fees and lost wages that occur as a result of identity theft. Since you can incur expenses that far exceed many savings accounts during an identity theft restoration process, this insurance makes sure that you have the financial resources to return to pre-theft status. Some examples of costs that are covered include funds stolen from your accounts, legal fees involved in restoring your identity and lost wages due to the time that you spend dealing with this problem.


MyIDCare is an affordable identity theft protection service with comprehensive monitoring solutions that keep you safe from nine forms of identity theft. You also receive monthly updates so you always have an idea of whether your information remains safe.

Reviewed By
Travis Goodreau
Safety and Security Advisor
Travis is a retired Burglary Detective, having tallied 5,000+ burglary and theft cases throughout his career. He also served as an Arson Investigator, where he cracked the case of a serial arsonist, and made the arrest and prosecuted the would-be bomber of ABC-7 Studio in LA. We couldn’t be happier to have him as a Safety and Security Advisor. Learn more about Travis here
Written By
Andrew Garcia
Lead Security Editor
As Lead Security Editor, Andrew strategically guides SafeHome and the resources we publish. He holds a BA in business, and has 10+ years of experience in content development. Today, Andrew edits and publishes articles, guides, and other resources to meet our rigorous standards. Learn more about Andrew here

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