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How We Review
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We spent a lot of time with MyIDCare, and we found it to be a solid identity monitoring option. We liked the monitoring and recovery services that MyIDCare gave us, but we had a few minor complaints about the apps and customization options. We’ll explain everything in our review below.

  • Credit monitoring for up to three bureaus
  • Social security number monitoring
  • Identity theft recovery services
  • $1 million in identity theft insurance coverage
  • Public records monitoring
  • Financial account monitoring
  • Lost wallet services
  • Identity theft resources

  • Mixed user experience
  • Limited customization options for alerts

What Is MyIDCare?

MyIDCare is an identity monitoring product. We sometimes call these sorts of services “identity protection services,” but we don’t want you to overestimate the “protection” involved. You should always do what you can to limit your risk of identity theft, but we can’t promise that you’ll never be hurt by an identity crime. No matter how careful you are, you could still become a victim.

FYI: While you can control certain risk factors like shredding important documents, you can’t control the actions of the many organizations and companies that have your data. Even though companies spend more than $124 billion on cybersecurity, breaches still happen, and crooks still get away with stealing user data from credit card companies, banks, credit bureaus, and even the government.1

But that doesn’t mean you should wave the white flag and do nothing to protect yourself. In fact, you are far less likely to get scammed or robbed of your identity if you take smart steps like shredding private documents and using strong passwords. Though we must say, nothing replaces a comprehensive monitoring plan. You’ll be better protected from serious losses if you subscribe to a service like MyIDCare. And we’ll show you why.

MyIDCare - Main Screen Overview

MyIDCare – Main Screen Overview

With services like MyIDCare, we always have experts on the lookout for fishy activity. Again, we can’t stop our bank from getting hacked and a crook high-tailing it with our personal information. It happens. But if (or when!) it happens, we want to find out fast. Early detection allows us to take steps like reporting the incident to authorities and freezing our credit, so that we can limit the damage.

Identity monitoring services like MyIDCare also offer us help after we’ve been put through the wringer, so-to-speak, by a fraudster or identity thief. A recovery team helps to lighten the load as we tackle chores like freezing credit files, getting new identification cards, and they even provide insurance coverage.

Did You Know: The average identity theft loss is north of $1,300, but your actual losses could be a lot higher or lower depending on the choice you make now.2 That’s why we recommend that you put some sort of protection in place.

In our experience, MyIDCare is an identity monitoring service with a fresh, tech-savvy feel. It’s stylishly branded and well designed, but it still covers the classic, tried-and-true aspects of identity monitoring. So let’s check out the features and tech to see how it measures up to the best identity theft monitoring services available.

Services and Features

We’ve researched and tested countless identity monitoring services, so we know what to expect in terms of features. Note that you should expect to get monitoring, especially credit and social security number monitoring (the one-two punch of any monitoring service). You should also expect fast and effective alerts when suspicious activity is detected. And finally, you should get recovery assistance and an insurance policy payout if a bad guy gets away with your “goods.” Let’s take a look at how MyIDCare handles these basics.

MyIDCare Monitoring

Thankfully, we found that MyIDCare had the basics covered. We enjoyed both social security number monitoring and credit monitoring with our subscription. But really, this is almost a non-negotiable for us. We typically recommend steering clear of brands that don’t offer both features — with one exception being Zander insurance.

We were happy to see that MyIDCare offers three-bureau monitoring with its higher-end package (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion), whereas many other services only offer monitoring from one bureau. The reality is that things slip through the cracks. So to feel more confident and secure, we really value having all three bureaus covered by our monitoring service. And we think you will, too.

Did You Know: The three major credit bureaus determine your credit score based on factors like the amount of debt you have; how much credit you have; how much of that credit you’re using; how frequently you pay down debt, credit, and bills; and how far back your credit history goes. How do they learn these details? They rely on lenders to report them. Lenders don’t have to report these things (there’s no law mandating it), but many do.3

As far as social security number monitoring goes, MyIDCare offers that feature as well. However, you should know that monitoring a social security number isn’t as simple as monitoring credit. We’ve found that this type of monitoring means looking for our social security number floating around in places that it definitely shouldn’t be — like the internet and the Dark Web.

With MyIDCare, we were covered with internet scans and Dark Web scans. The Dark Web is a deep and secretive part of the internet that is notorious for shady websites full of crooks buying and selling illegal stuff — stuff like innocent people’s private data. And of course, we don’t want that innocent person to be you. Note that not all of the Dark Web is sketchy, as certain Dark Web sites and users are law-abiding.4

We don’t know exactly how big the Dark Web is, but we think MyIDCare does its best to scan everything it can get its hands on. And lo and behold, they found at least as much as other top services we’ve tested. Overall, we felt good about the coverage we had with MyIDCare’s “Cyberscan” service.

MyIDCare also covered us with other peripheral monitoring features. For instance, we had the service looking out for our sensitive information in public records, including court records, change-of-address requests, and more. This is a nice touch, but it’s something that many other companies offer these days.

MyIDCare - Add Financial Data

MyIDCare – Add Financial Data

On top of the basics, we were able to customize our plan by adding additional information to be monitored. This included financial account monitoring (a nifty feature we always like to see). And we could also add medical data to be monitored, but we didn’t test this one out.

MyIDCare also offers something called “SocialSentry,” a monitoring service for social media accounts. We don’t consider this a must-have, but we do think it’s a nice bonus. Social media monitoring will alert you if you’ve “overshared” and put yourself at risk. It also helps to keep you in check to ensure your posts don’t turn off potential employers (or current employer!) and other folks you want to stay in good graces with (like your mother-in-law).

MyIDCare Alerts

We liked that MyIDCare was there to spot any problems with our identity. But early detection is one thing, and notifications are a whole other animal. Thankfully, we were glad to see that MyIDCare offers a pretty decent setup for instant alerts and notifications. After all, “knowing” is the other half of the battle.

Pro Tip: There’s no reason to panic when you get an alert from your identity monitoring service. That’s why you have it! Some alerts will be false alarms, like a social security number alert that turns out to be from your old apartment lease in a different city. Other alerts will be smaller issues that you can quickly fix, like a data breach that forces you to change passwords again (which you should be doing frequently anyway). Fraud and other ID theft problems can be more upsetting, but they aren’t a reason to panic when you’re protected. Just call your identity monitoring service right away to minimize the damage and begin the recovery process.

We found that MyIDCare was quite reliable about alerting us to issues and threats. In fact, our subscription started with a flurry of alerts about past breaches, which we really liked. Some services only look for future threats, but this brand made sure that we were caught up on existing threats. So another point for MyIDCare.

MyIDCare - Potential Breach Alerts

MyIDCare – Potential Breach Alerts

We weren’t so thrilled with MyIDCare’s customization options, though. We like the ability to switch-up alert preferences so that we can receive alerts by text, email, push notification, or some convenient combination of these. But alas, with MyIDCare, we were stuck with the defaults: we received our alerts in the app and by email. We were also able to get mobile notifications through the MyIDCare app.

Recovery and Insurance

As mentioned, you’ll want to limit your risk of identity theft, and we have lots of advice to help you in this endeavor. But remember, you can’t completely protect yourself from identity theft. That’s exactly why we recommend services that offer recovery assistance and an insurance policy of some kind (preferably to the tune of $1 million or more).

FYI: We usually say that identity monitoring can’t prevent identity theft and that they’re just (very important) safety nets. But there are times when an identity theft service can help you be more proactive. For instance, you should already be changing your passwords frequently (experts recommend once a month!).5 But if it has been a while and you get an identity alert about a data breach, you might have time to change your passwords before the criminals strike.

With MyIDCare, you can turn to trained experts for help after an identity theft incident. We liked that MyIDCare uses U.S.-based recovery experts. We also appreciate that the service promised us “unlimited access” to their pros if we should ever need them. Like most competitors, their recovery team will take the lead in getting you back to pre-fraud status. Trust us, hand-holding is a good thing when it comes to getting your ducks in a row again.

With that said, we do wish that MyIDCare’s recovery team had been available around the clock. As it stands, you’ll only be able to contact the recovery pros on weekdays during working hours. Don’t worry, we’ll talk more about this in our section on customer experience.

Our subscription also included an insurance policy to cover us in the wake of an identity crime. We were glad to see coverage up to $1 million (that’s the total number, but keep in mind that the policy has caps on individual categories). We’ve found that a $1 million insurance policy is actually standard for the industry. So you can expect almost identical insurance coverage no matter which brand you choose. For instance, AllClear ID and IDWatchdog both offer a cool million dollars in coverage.

Other Features

By now we’ve established that identity and credit monitoring, alerts, recovery, and insurance are the core features of MyIDCare. Remember, these are hands down the most important elements you’ll get with any plan. But what about extra features and perks that companies throw in to sweeten the deal? Well, these are also important! In fact, these bells and whistles really help us to compare two otherwise similar plans.

Like many other services that we’ve reviewed, MyIDCare offers “lost wallet protection.” This feature allowed us to give MyIDCare information about what’s in our wallet (credit cards, ID cards, and so on) and then have their recovery pros help us to quickly cancel and replace things if our wallet were ever lost or stolen. We think you’ll find that this is a nice little perk.

We also appreciated that MyIDCare offered us tips on preventing identity theft. This “education” might seem elementary — especially if you’re a regular reader — but it never hurts to refresh your skills and sharpen your awareness. Also, if you go with the Premier plan, you’ll get a nifty credit lock feature via TransUnion, too.

Finally, MyIDCare also has a helpful feature called Password Detective, allowing you to see if your password(s) have been compromised. We didn’t mind having it, but we don’t think you should rely on it.

Pro Tip: Being proactive is the name of the game when it comes to identity protection. So if you rely on a tool like Password Detective so that you can continue using an old password as long as possible, then you’re already making a security mistake.

The Value We See in MyIDCare

From our experience, we think that MyIDCare measures up pretty well to the competition. But it can be hard to find much difference between the best identity monitoring services. Since they’re all somewhat similar with overlapping features, we put a lot of weight into the overall value they deliver. In other words, we take a close look at the costs and fees!

MyIDCare gave us a choice of two packages: “MyIDCare ESSENTIALS” and “MyIDCare PREMIER.” The main difference between the two plans is in the credit monitoring. With the Premier plan, we enjoyed three-bureau monitoring. With the Essentials plan, we would have only had one bureau covered.

MyIDCare Package

Individual planFamily plan
MyIDCare ESSENTIALS$9.95 per month$19.95 per month
MyIDCare PREMIER$19.95 per month$39.95 per month

Aside from the one- versus three-bureau credit monitoring, there were a few other differences between the two plans that we found to be important. Here’s what you’ll get with each plan:


  • Credit monitoring (one bureau)
  • Dark Web Cyberscan monitoring
  • $1 million in identity theft insurance
  • 100% recovery guarantee
  • Fully-managed, U.S.-based recovery
  • Annual credit report (one bureau)
  • Lost wallet services
  • Password Detective
  • Public records monitoring
  • Social security number monitoring


  • Everything included with the Essentials plan, plus:
  • Credit monitoring for all three bureaus
  • Annual credit reports from all three bureaus

As for the family plan, you’ll have access to all of the MyIDCare features, but for two adults, plus monitoring for up to five minors in your household.

All in all, MyIDCare looks like a fairly standard value to us. We think that the individual Essentials plan seems like a particularly good value for a full suite of monitoring and recovery services. But we usually recommend that you go with three-bureau monitoring, and the Premier plan just doesn’t offer top value compared to other services we’ve tried. We also think the family plan is overpriced compared to the competition.

We also didn’t get a free trial with MyIDCare, but note that the service does offer a money-back guarantee. We also liked that MyIDCare offers a free Cyberscan. It’s not quite a full free trial, but it’s a useful starting point for new customers and folks looking to dip their toes in the identity theft monitoring waters.

Our Experience With MyIDCare

As mentioned, we typically find that the features and prices of services like this are pretty similar. So we also look at how easy, intuitive, and enjoyable the service is to use. If you become a MyIDCare customer, let’s have a look at what you can expect when it comes to user experience.

MyIDCare - Main Notifications Screen

MyIDCare – Main Notifications Screen

We think the MyIDCare user experience is fine, but it’s nothing to write home about. The web app looks and feels pretty good. It does have a large-print approach, though, which made the website feel like a mobile webpage even when we were using a laptop. And while it was easy to use, we do think the layout and organization of features can be improved in some places.

MyIDCare - Mobile App Alerts

MyIDCare – Mobile App Alerts

MyIDCare also offers a mobile app, which also left a lot to be desired. Sure enough, it was easy to use, but it wasn’t loaded with helpful features like so many of the other apps we’ve used. So we would like to see a bit more substance within the MyIDCare mobile app, even if it means sacrificing on simplicity or user-friendliness.

MyIDCare - Mobile App Tools

MyIDCare – Mobile App Tools

With that said, we did like that MyIDCare allowed us to set up two-factor authentication. We strongly recommend that you use two-factor authentication whenever you can (and not just with services like this). It’s simple to setup and offers an extra layer of security.

MyIDCare - Enhanced Security Settings

MyIDCare – Enhanced Security Settings

Pro Tip: We recommend using two-factor authentication to protect your accounts. Two-factor authentication adds an extra step to your login process, but the little hassle is well worth the security upgrade. Two-factor authentication isn’t foolproof, but experts agree that it’s significantly more secure than relying on a typical username and password alone.6

We wish there had been more ways to customize our MyIDCare experience, though. There didn’t seem to be any option to change how we received alerts. Some identity theft monitoring services allow you to turn emails and text messages on and off, and some even let you change settings on individual categories of alerts. We think you’ll find that MyIDCare is a bit less flexible in this way than some competitors.

As far as our experience with their recovery services, well, we liked that MyIDCare staffs U.S.-based recovery specialists. But unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information about their hours on their website. So we contacted MyIDCare ourselves, and they told us that we could call recovery pros between 6 am and 6 pm, Monday through Friday. Some other brands we’ve tried are available around the clock, so we weren’t so impressed with MyIDCare in this department.

MyIDCare - Subscriptions and Billing

MyIDCare – Subscriptions and Billing

We also appreciated that MyIDCare let us cancel at any time, but we didn’t enjoy jumping through their hoops to leave the plan. We could change our plan in MyIDCare’s app, but we couldn’t cancel — to do that, we had to get on the phone or send an email. When we did call, we found that the cancellation process had to go to another department and would take up to two business days to go through. If you’re anything like us, you’ll find this frustrating if/when you choose to cancel.

Our Verdict and Recommendations

It’s hard to go wrong with an identity monitoring service — as even basic protection is better than no protection. We think that MyIDCare will do a good job of monitoring your identity and providing you with peace of mind, and it’ll do it at a reasonable price.

In our experience using the product, we found MyIDCare to be a solid option to cover your bases. But the truth is, there are a lot of solid options on the market today. And we just don’t think MyIDCare separates itself from the pack like we were hoping it would.

While there was a lot to like about MyIDCare, we had a few issues with the user experience and the lack of customization. Our biggest gripes were pretty minor, but in a space as competitive as this one, we think that’s enough to rank MyIDCare in the middle of the pack and behind leaders like Identity Guard, LifeLock, and IdentityForce.

SafeHome only uses high-quality sources to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.
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