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SecureScore™: 7.8 /10
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7.8 SecureScore™
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IDnotify Ratings

When you get IDnotify, you get the credit-reporting giant Experian on your side. The service offers features like web surveillance, streamlined lost wallet protection, and $1 million in identity theft insurance. Not bad for packages that start at just $10/mo. Sure, IDnotify leaves customers wondering about more advanced features (there’s no mobile app, for instance). But overall, the plans and pricing are flexible and include plenty of protection. See what our experts say in our IDnotify review.

  • Backed by Experian
  • Flexible coverage levels with the plans
  • Covers a wide range of data sources
  • Straightforward setup and configuration

  • No mobile app
  • Difficult to justify the price of higher tier services given the lack of advanced features


IDnotify is part of Experian, one of the biggest credit reporting agencies in the world. Most of the focus of this service centers around data outside of a credit report. They report that only 17 percent of identity theft leads to credit report changes, so they’re making sure to look at other information to determine whether you’re at risk. They also have a goal of staying on top of the latest innovations that make it possible to discover identity theft as early as possible. When you hear about a new data breach every day, it’s important for your protection company to be on the cutting edge of detection methods.

The services they offer range from an affordable plan that covers the essentials to one that tracks many data sources for potential identity theft.

Features & Services

Credit Monitoring

Don’t let identity theft go unnoticed. Your credit report is one of the first places that you typically see signs of fraud. IDnotify gives you alerts if anything changes so you know what’s going on.

Credit Reports and Scores

You have access to credit reports and scores under certain service tiers. Not only is this information good for avoiding fraud, it’s also excellent for improving your financial health.

Up to $1 Million in Coverage

The losses incurred from an identity theft are distressing, but IDnotify helps you make things right with up to $1 million in identity theft insurance.

Internet Surveillance

If your information pops up on public or dark web websites, you’ll know it right away.

Lost Wallet Services

Don’t go through the process of replacing all of your cards yourself. Let IDnotify help streamline this process. You can quickly and easily protect yourself with their help.

Social Network Monitoring

Sometimes the signs that your identity was stolen happen through social networks. Many identity theft protection services overlook this area, so it’s nice to see that IDnotify has it covered.

Public Records Monitoring

If someone is using your identity, they may end up with public records such as an arrest. Discover this information before you run into problems with denied credit applications or even missing out on job opportunities.

Sex Offender Registry Monitoring

Another risk of someone using your identity is putting you on the sex offender registry. This monitoring feature allows you to fix this issue before it impacts your life significantly.

Ease of Use

This identity theft protection service has a straightforward interface that presents all of your information and important alerts front and center. You won’t have any problem using the functionality of the site and understanding each feature.

Customer Service

The US based staff have plenty of identity theft experts. If you think that your identity might be compromised, they’re available 24/7 every day of the year. The identity restoration specialists handle the heavy lifting necessary to clean up your credit report and reimburse you for your lost funds during an investigation.

The customer service personnel are friendly and happy to explain any identity theft or credit question that you might have. They know that the sheer amount of damage that someone can do with your identity is a scary thing, and they want to reassure you that they’re always going to be available to help.


IDnotify offers several plan tiers that have varying levels of identity protection features and credit monitoring options.

Essential Plan

You get your personal information monitored in several locations, including the public and dark web and social networks. Lost wallet services are available if you need to cancel and replace a large number of accounts at once. The identity restoration service makes you whole after identity theft causes a problem. The Essential Plan starts at $9.99 per month.

If you want to add child monitoring, you can do this with any account for an additional $5.99 per month.

Select Plan

This tier expands on the features in the base level plan by adding one bureau credit monitoring, report and scores. It also looks for change of address notifications, court records, court booking and social security numbers. The Select Plan starts at $17.99 per month.

Premier Plan

You get all three credit reporting agencies with the top tier plan along with a credit score from one bureau. You also receive notifications if someone tries to take over your financial accounts, attempts to open up non-financial institution loans, or are on the sex offender registry.

In the event that you suffer from identity loss, you are covered up to $1 million. Your lost wages and income, attorney and legal fees, childcare or elderly care, and expenses related to line of credit applications are covered. The Premier Plan starts at $25.99 per month.


IDnotify offers a basic range of services at a mid-range price. If you’re looking for a strong set of identity theft and credit monitoring, you can choose the exact level of service that you’re looking for. Otherwise, you can lower your costs while still keeping the essentials monitored.

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  1. Avatar Jim Biggs says:

    Terrible customer service. Waited 10 minutes+ for them to send password reset email then to find they sent wrong link. Got customer service on phone and they also sent incorrect link and blamed it on the browser (Chrome) I used. Unbelievable – I remain locked out.

  2. Avatar Lee Mac says:

    I get an email that states “IDnotify has found a match to your monitored information.” I login and it shows my main email address that I use for dozens of accounts and a password that is not visible. I use a different password for every account so without seeing the password, I have no idea which account was allegedly breached. So the notification is worthless.

  3. Avatar Beckyrog says:

    Not a good service. I received notice of a credit inquiry 2 days prior from credit karma and credit wise. Then almost 3 days later from IDnotify that I had a credit check to review. Too much can be done by then. For what has been released on our info we deserve better

  4. Avatar james Biggs says:

    Poor web site and agent response. Received one alert for the past two months and each time I called to confirm information was told their system was going through maintenance and had to call back at a later time. Unbelievable that a security service could not respond in a timely manner.

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