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What Sets IDnotify Apart?

One of the most outstanding features of IDnotify’s Identity Theft Protection services is that they are offered by Experian, one of the three credit bureaus. This provides a certainty that the company is able to understand and work with the most intricate aspects of identity protection and fraud. In addition, it adds Experian’s stellar customer service record to IDnotify’s products.

Another stand out aspect of IDnotify is the inclusion of their service with the popular software Turbo Tax. Used to file taxes and monitor financial records, this software is popular among professionals and amateurs alike.

Finally, IDnotify stands out because of their unique blend of Experian’s customer service products and the proprietary technological innovations of CSID’s identity protection platform. This allows them to be on the cutting edge of personal identifying information protection.

Key Features

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Financial Monitoring
  • SSN Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Restoration
  • Credit Monitoring & Reporting

IDnotify Price & Plans

IDnotify offers three different packages to fit every level of identity theft protection need. While their services are comparable to other companies, their prices tend to be at the high end of the spectrum. However, they are by no means the most expensive identity theft protection provider on the market.

IDnotify PlanMonthly CostMonthly Cost with Child Monitoring
Essential Plan$9.99$15.98
Select Plan$17.99$23.98
Premier Plan$25.99$31.98

Current Deal

There currently are no deals offered for IDnotify identity theft protection plans.

Lost Wallet ServicesLost Wallet ServicesLost Wallet Services
Social Media Profile MonitoringSocial Media Profile MonitoringSocial Media Profile Monitoring
Identity Restoration ServicesIdentity Restoration ServicesIdentity Restoration Services
Dark Web MonitoringDark Web MonitoringDark Web Monitoring
Social Security Number Trace Social Security Number Trace
$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
Single-Bureau Credit Monitoring and ReportingThree-Bureau Credit Monitoring and Reporting
Non-Credit Loan Monitoring
Sex Offender Monitoring
Financial Account Takeover Monitoring
Identity Theft Monitoring for Your ChildIdentity Theft Monitoring for Your ChildIdentity Theft Monitoring for Your Child

About IDnotify

Based in Austin Texas, IDnotify is a part of Experian, one of the three credit bureaus responsible for your credit score. It came about after Experian acquired CSID, a major player in the personal identity protection field, in 2016. This acquisition allowed them to combine their excellent customer service and understanding of the world of credit reporting and scores with the innovative technology of personally identifying information monitoring algorithms and processes.

While both Experian and CSID have A Better Business Bureau ratings, their Twitter feed and Facebook profile are full of complaints from customers. Most of these complaints seem to be about the notifications received and advice given.

Several customers report receiving emails about compromised email addresses with the less than helpful suggestion of changing your password and the password of all accounts associated with that email. The complaints state that these emails come as often as every couple of weeks and that constantly changing the email associated with all accounts is not a cost-effective suggestion or a permanent solution. Check out the full review of IDnotify here.

Black Market Surveillance
Black Market Surveillance

This service monitors thousands of websites and millions of data points to ensure that compromised data is spotted before it can be stolen.

Social Media Monitoring
Social Media Monitoring

With this service, IDnotify connects to your social media accounts — including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram — to monitor personal information exposure, content that may damage your reputation, and other risks.

Address Change Verification
Address Change Verification

By monitoring changes to your U.S. Postal Service official address, IDnotify can alert you whenever a change is made so action can be taken to avoid fraud.

Pay Day Loan Monitoring
Pay Day Loan Monitoring

These loans are obtainable without a social security number (SSN) and are thus a target for criminals looking to make some fast cash. By monitoring data from quick-cash and payday loan companies IDnotify can notify you of fraudulent activity.

Court Record Monitoring
Court Record Monitoring

IDnotify monitors law enforcement agencies and municipal courts for your date of birth and name to notify you of any crimes committed using your identity.

Sex Offender Registration
Sex Offender Registration

IDnotify will report on sex offenders living in or moving into your area as well as notifying you if a sex offender uses your name and/or address to register.

Bank Account Takeovers
Bank Account Takeovers

If your name and/or social security number are used to apply for new credit card or bank accounts, or if changes are made to your existing accounts, IDnotify will do as their name suggests and notify you.

Identity Restoration
Identity Restoration

Work with an Identity Restoration Specialist 25 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to restore your stolen identity. IDnotify provides both non-credit and credit restoration and carry certifications from multiple identity theft organizations.

Identity Theft Insurance Coverage
Identity Theft Insurance Coverage

If your identity is compromised, you may incur expenses in your attempt to restore your identity. IDnotify provides insurance coverage to reimburse you for covered expenses up to a maximum of one-million dollars.

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  1. Avatar murphy, s says:

    My free 1 year service (due to breach) is about to end. What r my options for continuing. I really like the ability to lock/unlock my credit info.

    1. Andrew Garcia Andrew Garcia says:

      Hi Murphy,
      If you like the service, you can pay for it to continue.

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