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Is the prospect of a break-in or home burglary keeping you awake at night? One solution is to install a security system. However, shopping for a security system for your home can easily leave you feeling overwhelmed. That's because home security is a large category of products that includes everything from DIY, self-installed devices to elaborate home automation systems that can do much more than just protect your home. Choosing the right system depends on your needs.

Overview: SimpliSafe vs Link Interactive

To make the task of choosing a home security system less daunting, we will compare two popular home security systems in-depth: Link Interactive versus SimpliSafe. Continue on to see similarities and differences between the two but here are some quick tips to help you get started…

  1. SimpliSafe and Link Interactive both offer home security monitoring and equipment. Both companies provide professional 24/7 cellular monitoring.  You can remotely control your system via your smartphone with either system.
  2. Both Link Interactive and SimpliSafe feature easy DIY installation that nearly anyone can do.
  3. Whether you choose SimpliSafe or Link Interactive, you'll have a variety of security and safety equipment from wireless keypads to water sensors.
  4. With both SimpliSafe and Link Interactive, you select the individual pieces that you want for your system.The costs of the equipment will vary depending on what equipment you need. SimpliSafe offers refurbished systems starting at $188.96 and up. Link Interactive systems include the Control Panel & Cell Module. Then, you just add on the individual components. The cost varies depending on what you choose.
  5. Link Interactive and SimpliSafe both offer telephone and email customer support. Both companies have a variety of online resources like FAQs, tips and more. SimpliSafe also has an online forum where you can share your own concerns and questions with other users.

Similarities: SimpliSafe vs Link Interactive

SimpliSafe and Link Interactive have quite a few similarities. Details about these similarities are found in the following answers:

  1. What are the options for home security with SimpliSafe and Link Interactive? Both alarm companies provide a variety of home security options, including window sensors, broken glass sensors and video cameras.
  2. Does either company monitor for safety threats like fire or carbon monoxide? Both SimpliSafe and Link Interactive will alert you in the case of carbon monoxide, fire or smoke. SimpliSafe provides “Whole Home Protection,” which protects against smoke, fire and water damage. Link Interactive also offers monitoring for broken or frozen pipes, HVAC failures and flooding.
  3. What kind of smart home automation and control does Link Interactive and SimpliSafe offer? Both companies allow you to control your system from your smartphone. iTunes and Google Play apps are available for both systems.
  4. Which is more reliable? Link Interactive and Simplisafe both offer protection in the event of a internet or power failure. However SimpliSafe goes one step further and offers encryption. This means that your home security signals are encrypted. SimpliSafe's keypad is smashproof so if a burglar smashes it, SimpliSafe will still send the police.
  5. What contracts are required? Link Interactive requires a monthly contract. They offer one, two and three year contracts. SimpliSafe never makes you sign a long-term contract and you can cancel at any time. You can reactivate at any time, as well.

And here is a more easy bulleted list of the similarities that they both have.

  • A range of home security and safety equipment
  • Professional home security and environmental monitoring
  • Easy self-installation
  • Apps for both iPhone and Android available
  • Backup protection in case of a power or internet outage

SimpliSafe and Link Interactive both provide protection against intruders and both offer fire and smoke monitoring. Both services can monitor for environmental threats in your home like carbon monoxide or floods.

Differences: SimpliSafe vs Link Interactive

Link Interactive and SimpliSafe do have some differences. SimpliSafe is focused more on home security while Link Interactive offers both home security and home automation equipment. The two security companies have different types of equipment. SimpliSafe has its own proprietary equipment while Link Interactive uses GE equipment.  Another difference between the two companies is the service contract. When you choose Link Interactive, you must sign up for a one-year or longer contract. SimpliSafe does not require a contract. With SimpliSafe, you can return your equipment within 60 days for a full refund including your shipping. Link Interactive only offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Home automation equipment and monitoring
  • Type of equipment
  • Length of money-back guarantee
  • Cost of monthly monitoring
  • Service contract

Home Automation

SimpliSafe does not have home automation whereas Link Interactive offers a range of home automation equipment.

SimpliSafe does not offer home automation. Link Interactive has many home automation features that are easy to use. They have simple ones such as garage door doorbell thermostat, doorbell, camera and lights. You can control your thermostat with the system. You can also see who is it your doorbell with their doorbell feature. Link interactive also allows you to control lights within your home.

Monitoring Prices

Link Interactive and SimpliSafe offer professional wireless home monitoring. Link Interactive has three types of monthly monitoring plans.

  • Most Affordable Plans – The Standard Plan is the cheapest plan available from SimpliSafe. This plan starts at 50 cents per day or $14.99 per month. The standard plan for SimpliSafe includes 24-hour monitoring via a cellular connection to emergency services. With Link Interactive, the most affordable plan is the Standard plan, which is just over $30 per month. The Standard Plan from Link Interactive includes cellular two-way voice monitoring and support for intrusion, fire and crash alarms.
  • Top Plans– At $40.99 per month, the Elite plan is Link Interactive's top plan. This plan includes everything that the Standard plan includes plus you get life monitoring, home automation and video monitoring. SimpliSafe's top-of-the-line plan is the Interactive. It is 83 cents per day or $24.99 per month. It includes everything that the Standard plan has plus secret alerts, SMS and email messaging and the ability to arm and disarm from anywhere.


Sometimes referred to as money-back-guarantees, trial periods come in useful if you decide that you don't like the system.

SimpliSafe does not require a contract. With SimpliSafe you can cancel the service at any time. With Link Interactive, you are required to sign a monthly monitoring contract. Link Interactive offers three different contract lengths — one, two or three years long.

Trial Periods

Both link interactive and SimpliSafe offer guarantee on their equipment. SimpliSafe offers the longest money-back guarantee. It is 60 days long. With Link Interactive, you can return your equipment within 30-days for your money back. Both alarm companies offer free return shipping on the equipment.

Service Transfer and Equipment

  • Equipment – Link Interactive's equipment is made by GE. SimpliSafe designs all of its own equipment.
  • Service transfer – You can transfer your Link Interactive equipment to another company — as long as the equipment is compatible with that company. Because Simplisafe uses for proprietary equipment, it cannot be transferred to another company for monitoring.

Customer Service

SimpliSafe and Link Interactive offer a range of ways to get in touch with customer service and support. SimpliSafe offers customer service 7 days a week while Link Interactive has customer service available from Monday through Friday.

SimpliSafe and Link Interactive both have online resources. SimpliSafe also has an online forum where you can talk with other users.

Summary: SimpliSafe vs Link Interactive

Both Link Interactive and SimpliSafe offer similar security equipment and monitoring. They differ in terms of home automation capabilities. Link Interactive has a range of home automation features available, while SimpliSafe offers home security. Cellular monitoring is available 24/7 with either company. SimpliSafe monthly monitoring plans start at $14.99 per month while Link Interactive plans are $30.99 per month and up. Link Interactive requires a monthly monitoring plan whereas SimpliSafe is pay-as-you-go. If you are looking for home security plus home automation, then Link Interactive is a good choice. If you want home security at a low price and without a contract, then SimpliSafe would fit your needs better than Link Interactive.

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