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Ring Alarm (2nd Gen) Equipment

Ring Alarm (2nd Gen) Equipment

Riding on the heels of the success of their Video Doorbell, Ring pivoted to whole-home security in 2018 with the Ring Alarm.1 Similar to the easy-to-install packages offered by SimpliSafe and Cove Home Security, Ring Alarm is a DIY home security system with affordable professional monitoring.

Today, Ring Alarm remains a top pick in DIY home security – especially when Amazon Prime Day rolls around. Ring is under the Amazon label, after all, so Amazon uses Prime Day to invite shoppers into its smart home security ecosystem. It’s a win-win situation; Amazon gets new customers, and shoppers enjoy massive discounts. But exactly how much are the discounts we are talking about? Let’s find out.

Ring Alarm (2nd Gen) Packaging

We covered our full Ring Alarm experience, including how the system’s hardware, features, and tech all worked together — and how well it protected our home — in our full review of Ring Alarm.

But today, I’d like to discuss a few ways you can take advantage of Prime Day savings on Ring Alarm. After all, there’s a reason we rated Ring Alarm tops on our best DIY home security systems roundup. Although it’s lacking some advanced features, it’s still a perennial favorite.

Here’s what we know so far:

Ring Alarm Prime Day 2023 Deals: All The Deals Available

The Ring Alarm security system and its more advanced cousin, the Ring Alarm Pro, are offered on Amazon in kits with five, eight, or 14 pieces of equipment. In the spirit of Prime Day, most of those kits are on sale right now.

Ring security system What’s included? Discounted price Savings
Ring Alarm 14-piece alarm kit $197.99 40%
Ring Alarm 8-piece alarm kit $149.99 40%
Ring Alarm 5-piece kit $119.99 40%
Ring Alarm Pro 14-piece kit $265.99 30%
Ring Alarm Pro 8-piece kit $209.99 30%

In addition to the discounted kits, however, there are also bundles. Bundles include a Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro kit plus one or more products from Ring, Amazon, or both. For example, there’s a discounted bundle that includes a Ring Alarm eight-piece kit, a Ring Video Doorbell, and a Ring Stick Up Cam for $249.99. That’s 44-percent off the regular price.

There are dozens of bundles available, but these are the best ones we found:

Ring Alarm kit Bundled items Bundle price Savings
Ring Alarm Pro eight-piece kit Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Echo Show 8 $419.97 33%
Ring Alarm Pro eight-piece kit Ring Stick Up Cam Battery and Echo Show 8 $329.97 38%
Ring Alarm 14-piece kit Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 and Ring Floodlight Cam Wired $439.99 44%
Ring Alarm eight-piece kit Ring Video Doorbell and Echo Show 8 $264.97 45%
Ring Alarm eight-piece kit Ring Video Doorbell Wired and Ring Stick Up Cam $229.99 45%

One of the best things about Ring is that it’s not a one-trick pony. It can protect your home using sensors like a traditional security system through Ring Alarm, watch over your front door with its doorbells, monitor your property through security cameras, and even smarten up your home with its Alexa integration. And since it’s part of the Amazon family, you can count on Ring to offer the best Prime Day discounts for all its products.

Ring Alarm and Prime Day: A Love Story

Ring - Equipment

Ring – Equipment

Since it joined the Amazon family in 2019, Ring has been a Prime Day best-seller. That year, the Ring Video Doorbell (about $100) sold for as low as $70, plus Prime members got a free Echo Dot, which was worth about $50 that time. That's an over 50-percent savings.

In 2020, Ring Alarm kits were discounted up to 49 percent, and additionally, the Ring Alarm 14-piece kit with Echo Dot package went on sale for $50 off the retail value.

In 2021, most of Ring’s security cameras and doorbells were sold at discounted prices. The biggest discount we saw was $15 on the wired Ring Video Doorbell.

During the most recent Prime Day in July 2022, the discounts shot up even higher. On the Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro kits, savings were between $60 and $130, with the 14-piece kit Ring Alarm receiving the highest price-slash. It cost only $199 during the sale, a $130 savings compared to its $330 retail price.

Aside from that, Amazon bundled the Ring Alarm with other Amazon products including the Echo Dot, Ring Video Doorbell, and eero routers for savings of up to $200. The eight-piece Ring Alarm Kit with a Ring Video Doorbell and Echo Show 5, for example, sold for only $224.98. If you buy all those pieces separately, it’ll cost you a cool $424.98.

FYI: The Ring Alarm system integrates with the Ring Doorbell, Ring Floodlight Cam, and other Ring cams, and can be controlled from the handy Ring mobile app.

Ring Alarm: Year-Round Equipment and Package Costs

Ring Alarm is squarely in the affordable category when it comes to the top home security systems in the industry. There is some light installation and setup as with any system, but just like Ring’s cameras, it’s important to remember that Ring Alarm is fully DIY. You’re not going to have to schedule an installation with purchase like you would with the classic Brinks security system, for example.

With Ring Alarm, you’ll also end up spending much less per month for monitoring than with Brinks. While these two systems are different in many ways, Ring Alarm is still a great pick for quality entryway protection. These are just a few things to keep in mind if you’re deciding between Ring Alarm and another kit; for more help choosing, visit our super-simple security system comparison tool.

Here’s a quick pricing breakdown on Ring Alarm. For a closer look at Ring Alarm costs, head over to our Ring Alarm pricing and package guide.

Package Components Price
Alarm Security Kit 14-Piece Base station, 2x Keypads, 8x Contact sensors, 2x Motion detectors, Range extender $329.99
Alarm Security Kit 5-piece Base station, Keypad, Contact sensor, Motion detector, Range extender $199.99
8-Piece Alarm Security Kit + Doorbell Base station, Keypad, 4x Contact sensors, Motion detector, Range extender, Video doorbell $339.99
Alarm Security Kit 10-Piece Base station, Keypad, 5x Contact sensors, 2x Motion detectors, Range extender $259.99

Final Thoughts: Ring Alarm and Prime Day

Ring - Motion Sensor

Ring – Motion Sensor

Any time of the year, Ring Alarm isn’t going to cost you big bucks, but during Prime Days, the savings are usually pretty appealing. Right now, you can buy an 8-piece Ring Alarm kit that retails for $249.99 for only $149.99. That’s a pretty great deal, if you ask us.

That said, be sure to explore your options. Prime Day 2023 is teeming with awesome discounts and bundles, so make a wish list and compare prices before buying. Also, keep in mind that there are other upcoming sales besides Prime Day, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’re not in a hurry to buy, and you don’t see a deal you like right now, check out our page on other Ring deals and discounts.